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These are the movies we consider to be Perfect!. They are masterpieces to say the least. Actually, words just don t do them justice in trying to describe the movies in this category. They are those films ( Check new releases ) you just have to see. If you have a collection of movies these have to be in it. These are the next generation of Classic Movies.

Adventure Movies These movies are all about exploration. Not always in a jungle, strange land, or a distant galaxy, but maybe even the exploration of the heart, mind, or soul. This category of movies is for those with curious minds, high spirits, intellectually motivated, and... well... "Adventurous!".

Animated Movies The movies here aren t like Tom & Jerry s Outragous Adventure, or anything of the sort. These movies are top of the line Animated Films. They have meaningful stories, wonderful messages of the heart and soul, and are not just for children. They are those films which touch everyone s heart.

Brilliant Criminals The movies you will find in this category are not your typical Hollywood films. These movies have you questioning your own morality and values. Why? Because these movies get you cheering on the criminals in the film. You are sitting on the edge of your seat because you think the crook is going to get caught.

The Classics Ah! The Classics! That s right, these are those movies that will be copied and re-made. These are the movies that every film producer, director, and actor want to create. These are the movies that will never die. The films that people are shocked when you haven t seen it.

Comedies Everyone loves a great laugh, and these are the movies that will give it to you. If your cheeks aren t hurting, your side not aching, or tears rolling down your cheeks after watching these movies, you should really question your sense of humor.

Family Movies There s nothing better than sitting down with the whole family to enjoy a good movie together. These are the movies that have a little bit of something for everyone, but most importantly, they have great stories and a wonderful way of telling them.

Love/Romance Movies Here they are, the heart pounders, the movies that either leave you dreaming, cause you to happily look into your love s eyes, ask yourself why can t my boyfriend/husband be like that?, or leave you crying your eyes out. They are the ones that are all about what everyone craves the most... TRUE LOVE!

Horror Movies These are the movies that you lock all the doors and windows in your house after watching them. The ones that cause you to jump when the phone rings, or to lie perfectly still in the bed at night because you heard a wierd sound. The films that leave you in desparate need of a manicure.

SCI-FI Movies Space! The final frontier. These are the movies that are technologically more advanced and take place somewhere in the vastness of space. Either in the year 2010 right here on earth, or a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away mp3 music download. The films here aren t listed just because of their outstanding special effects but mainly because of the story and the message within the movie.

Twist Endings The films in this category leave you almost speechless or cause you to talk about them for days. The films here are those movies in which you are absolutely sure you know exactly what happened and how it all is going to end and then all of a sudden... your jaw hits the floor because you would have never guessed it would end this way.

War Movies The movies you will find in this category definitely take place during a time of turmoil, troubles, and not so wonderful surroundings. They will all take place during or within a war. The thing that separates these films from all the rest is that these have feelings, emotions, joyous moments of love, or deeper meanings aside from the usual hate, anger, and destruction.

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