USA, Australia
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Paul Currie
Teresa Palmer as Sarah
Carma Sharon as Restaurant Patron
Angie Tricker as Commuter
Katie McConnell as School Teacher
Remy Hii as Benny
Marisa Lamonica as Commuter
Zara Michales as Ellie
Michael-Anthony Taylor as Ticket Attendant - Grand Central Station
Dean Kyrwood as Jeff Eggby
Mitchell Butel as Howard Pace
John Waters as Bill
Simone Kessell as Serena
Kerry Armstrong as Catherine
Maeve Dermody as Sandy
Sam Reid as Jonas
Jessica Clarke as Evelyn
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Waste of time
Waste of time waste of eye sight I wish I watched a different movie the name is really bad low budget the actors weren't that great I WANT TO WARN YOU Don't WATCH 2:22 IT IS A WASTE OF MY PERSONAL TIME Don't watch it is really confusing You can thank me later.the scenes get confusing in the movie and they really get you thinking
This is a Nice Film
Ignore the haters and the bad reviews. This is a very well acted and a very well shot movie.

An air-traffic controller who is good at seeing patterns begins noticing subtle repetitions in his daily routine and starts to think he's going crazy. I can't say more than this without giving too much information away but this is a love story wrapped up nicely in a subtle supernatural mystery. The story begins quite slowly, builds well, and doesn't disappoint.

It's not the kind of movie I'd normally go for but I watched it all the way through and I didn't get bored, so I can comfortably recommend this. If this sounds like it may be your kind of movie you won't be disappointed. I've given this a realistic 6/10 from my perspective, but there will many others who will give it a 7 or even an 8. Anyone who rates this below a 6 is just a bonehead.
Avoid at all cost
I like cars, dogs and computers. To be or no to be, that's the question I ask myself all the time. Did you know, that the other day I had a cold beer at home?

Like the previous lines, this movie made no sense. Jumped from one thing to another. Wait, then actor who looks like he's in his mid 40s, informs us that he will be 30. That was the first sign.

4 words: This movie is awful.
Unique and nice Story but could be more better
It is very nice movie.The story and idea is unique but at some places the either the movie is chopped off or direction missed some places in the story,it could be about 2 hours movie if the missing parts are included. I would recommend it because of its originality and the lead cast. giving 9 out of 10 is just because of the originality and the lead cast and yes very well directed too. must watch , don't bother about missing points, if you are intelligent viewer, you can guess it well.
Not worth watching
We didn't have high expectations before we watched this movie, but still it was worse than expected. There are plenty of movies about reliving the same day over and over or similar circumstances and they are usually appealing (albeit unoriginal). This was not the case. The actors and the filming were good. No budget problem in this movie. But the story just doesn't add up, it isn't meaningful. You just get to the end and feel like it was a waste of time. Not a good science fiction film and not a good love story either.
Absolutely Compelling!
Before I watched this movie 2.22 I knew absolutely nothing about it, hasn't seen any trailers and didn't know who the director or cast were

In fact I like watching some movies that way especially at the cinema where many times I have been very pleasantly surprised. Even with close friends with similar movie tastes I still let myself be the judge as everyone is different

I was only intrigued by the title 2.22

Upon watching it I became totally captivated by it.

A fairly unique concept similar in subtle ways to some of my other favourite movies such as Edge Of Tomorrow, Frequency, 12 Monkeys with a really excellent climatic ending

For me the best ending of every movie I have ever seen is Michael Douglas in The Game

Being an avid movie buff liking most genres my favourite being Science Fiction with a sub genre of Time Travel, 2.22 has become one of the best movies I've sat through this year!

Excellent script and direction by Paul Currie and a beautiful relationship with excellent acting from the stunning Teresa Palmer who plays Sarah and the multiple layered character Dylan played by Michiel Huisman

Awesome song titles chosen where I kept finding myself using Shazam to find what they are all g with a very complementary soundtrack written by

As the story unfolded and I began to figure out what was happening I was totally glued to the screen

As a chef by trade I compare really good movies I like to amazing tasty food where you just want to savour the flavour in your mouth and memory

This is what it was like for me watching this movie…

I was shocked to see it had so low rating scores on movie critique sites except for a Google audience score of 77% thumbs up that liked this movie

I also loved the genuinely acted romance that developed between Dylan and Sarah

I've watched thousands and thousands of movies over my life and own way over 1000 original DVD, Blu Ray and 4K, this has now become one of my favourites

So please don't listen to what all the negative reviews say about it, I highly recommend you watch 2.22 with an open slate and let yourself be the judge

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did giving it a 10/10 score!
Great movie
This IMDb rating does not mean anything compared to the movie, which in my opinion was great! The film captured my full attention from the beginning to the end. With excellent performances and the direction, the pace, the tension were very well executed by the excellent director. Great movie to see and make a good word of mouth.
Keeps you engaged throughout - Good story
Loved the way the movie started and the climax, although was understood after a point of time, had some suspense.

I will recommend this movie. Loved the scene where 2 airplanes misses each other by a whisker( for viewing experience). The actress is portrayed as a beautiful professional lady. The series of pattern is also quite interesting.
Captivating plot and superb performance of all actors and actresses
The story itself is not the thing; it's how the story is told which keeps the audience both entertained and challenged. I enjoyed everything in this movie; the plot, the lead actors and actress, the scenery, the music, the sound and visual effects and the way all these come into play to create this amazing movie. I know that some may think I am exaggerating, but to my way of thinking, I am not! I could not take my eyes off any part of the movie at all. I was all overtaken by unmatched feelings the gradual unfolding of the movie stirred in me. It's very rare to get such feelings when watching a movie these days. I give five stars to the full cast of this movie; the actors, the actresses, the producer, the director, the camera people, the engineers, the costume designers, the music composers and all other people who contributed to the success of this movie. Thank you all for this great masterpiece.
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