6 Balloons
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Marja Lewis Ryan
Dave Franco as Seth
Pierce Minor as Intake Nurse
Jen Tullock as Bianca
Jordan Borges as Bartender
Zouhair Elghazi as Party Guest
Vesna Saal as Security Guard
Felicia Dupuch as Intake Nurse
Lisa Berman as Woman
Lindsay Rae Haun as Meditation Podcast (voice) (as Lindsay Haun)
Ray Ray Chase as Homeless Biker
Darrell Keith Harris as Rehab drug addict
Heidi Sulzman as Pharmacist
Tim Matheson as Gary
Tahmus Rounds as Dealer
Emily Peck as Girl on Bike
Dawan Owens as Jack
Maya Erskine as Cameron
Abbi Jacobson as Katie
Storyline: A woman (Jacobson) learns her brother (Franco) has relapsed on heroin.
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