A Cowgirl's Story
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Timothy Armstrong
Alicia Coppola as Lieutenant Helen Rhodes
Jake Davidson as Blake
Corey Carr as Cop #1
Aidan Alexander as Trevor
Chappell Bunch as Girl In Hallway
Jade Bender as Rasha
Chloe Lukasiak as Savannah Stocker
Pat Boone as Grandpa
Rob Arbogast as Pete Janson
Bailee Madison as Dusty Rhodes
Storyline: Seventeen-year-old Dusty Rhodes (Bailee Madison) goes to live with her grandfather (Pat Boone) because both of her Army parents are fighting in the Afghanistan war. Dusty attends a new high school where she makes friends with a group that includes Savanah (Chloe Lukasiak), a girl whose father also served in the Army. Dusty convinces her new friends into forming an equestrian drill team that allows them to perform at rodeos and parades. Dusty's world is turned upside down by the war when her mother's helicopter is shot down in action and she goes missing. To cope with her fear and helplessness, Dusty enlists the help of her grandfather and friends to put on a special riding performance for her parents and all of the soldiers fighting overseas. The entire town turns out in support of the event, and it becomes an unforgettable experience for everyone.
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All in all an interesting story. With a lot of errors
I am Retired Army. I am a big fan of Pat Boone and I have enjoyed Bailee's work. The Storyline is sound. As a Retired member of the military I can appreciate the story that was trying to be told. However, the inaccuracies in Military Appearance and Uniform were egregious. Addressing someone as an LT when they are wearing Captains Rank and referring to another as a LT when they are wearing Major Rank, it was just totally screwed up. Rangers wear Tan Berets Not Black currently. Mr. Boone's Uniform was TOTALLY JACKED UP. Army Chaplains are Officers. It is evident that their was no Military Adviser or a technical adviser with any military knowledge or back ground. Also as one who has served as a Combat Medic and Senior Medical NCO Casualties are not MEDEVACED to a Veterans Administration Hospital. I enjoyed the story that was trying to be presented the inaccuracies ruined the enjoyment of the movie. Wish you could go back a do a do over. I would gladly serve as a Military Technical Adviser.
Refreshing look at teen friendship, military families, and faith in God
A thoughtful script, well-detailed atmosphere, and the drive to honor our active duty military provide the backdrop for this believable, worthy film.

Bailee Madison's Dusty Rhodes, full of action and optimism, is a peacemaker, wanting to make friends in her new high school. Somewhat inexplicably, she doesn't find other students like herself but seemingly becomes determined to win over a group of girls who drink and don't even like her at first. Dusty is resilient, determined, earnest, hard-working, and protective of others, with a strong faith in God, but she is growing up and finding that life isn't always fair or good. How could a loving God allow these things to happen? Why are good people allowed to suffer? How do we maintain our hope and keep our faith strong in today's world? These are tough questions, and Dusty finds her faith shaken.

Luckily, Dusty has a grandfather, played with warmth and gentleness by Pat Boone, and his wise counsel holds Dusty together. His scenes were my favorites, as his character had the strength to put things right and step up for the people who needed him. His gallant charm is the heart of the movie. As a bonus, older audience members will remember his teen idol years with fondness and enjoy his character in this.

The third lead character, Savannah, adds a touch of grit and realism to Dusty's life. Savannah, unlike Dusty, doesn't have a stable, loving family: her father was killed in the war three years earlier, and she can no longer make ends meet. As a result, they are losing their home. Bitter, yet drawn to Dusty's welcoming friendliness in spite of herself, Savannah throws herself into the equestrian drill team that Dusty wants to form, and the two become good friends, along with Savannah's clique and a boy who works at the ranch. Chloe Lukasiak (of TV's "Dance Moms") plays Savannah with just the right nuances, providing a necessary sharpness to a movie that is almost too sweet at times. As Dusty becomes intrigued with Savannah and wants to know her better, we see a complicated girl who has her guard up, tough one moment with a fragile smile the next as she tries to cope with her problems. Her bitterness, we learn, is justified, and there are a few unexpected twists as her story-line pays out. I was impressed with the fearless way Lukasiak, a relative newcomer to acting, was capable of showing multiple layers and subtext, sometime with just her eyes or small movements.

The ranch scenes lend a beautiful setting and atmosphere as we see the teens bonding into a tight pack while working together on their common goal. Dusty's relationship with her horse provides an outlet for her anxiety and grief about her parents' deployment. Filmed on a real working ranch in Southern California, the scenes provide a backdrop as a sweet romantic relationship begins for one of the girls, while the other one finds a mutual attraction almost derailed by thoughtless banter. The neighs of the horses and open skies make the viewer feel like we've actually been to this place, and we can easily see how its charm and beauty worked magic on this group of teens.

Another favorite scene of mine was the school dance, as we see the group together in a social setting...and realizing that it's cool to be nice, too.

The script, as well as the movie itself, should have premiered and found a home on the Hallmark Channel, OWN, Disney, or any inspirational/ family-friendly network. Church youth groups would get a lot from it. Best of all, it is appropriate for all ages from children to senior citizens - without being overly sappy or predictable. It is rare these days to find a film in which God and faith are so openly discussed, and I found it refreshing.
How inaccurate and awful could one moment be? Very
Oh my lord, everything about this movie was inaccurate. From the medical issues with the horse that died, how the rode (which literally made me walk away), how cliché and unrealistic the way the teenagers interact with one another, and the use of inaccurate military jargon, situations, uniforms, and actions were that I almost couldn't finish this movie. They didn't spend much if any time on research on military, equestrian, or on how actual teenagers act. Do not waste your time on this movie, the story is cheesy, the lines cliché, and the message predictable. Whoever thought to let this movie be released needs to be fired. My friend who did drill team and won nationals 3 times in a row, I've owned, ridden and shown horses for 14 years and with my military grandfather watched this movie and all we did was laugh and groan at how awful and inaccurate it was.
A movie for kids
This movie is made for girls 8-14 years of age. After that I don't think most people will enjoy it. Besides being unrealistic, which is fine for a kid's movie, it is also full of overused clichés that can work only for people who are young and didn't have enough time in life to have seen all those clichés before.

The acting is bad. Well for the most part Bailee Madison was just awful. She was literally acting making stupid exaggerated reactions and faces. As well as her voice tone wasn't working for it. I see on IMDb that she has a pretty long list of roles. I guess now is the time where she will either learn acting or change professions because what works for child actors will not be accepted from adults.

I thought horse riding would be the main theme of the movie but it was barely mentioned or shown. The main issue was kids with parents in the army and bullying. Personally I think it is a good theme. With some people trying hard to kill patriotism and love for one's country it is nice to have a movie for the kids supporting it. Adding the Muslim girl was a good idea as well to show that patriotism shouldn't include bullying and hating those who are different and that they can be very much American and fight for the country as well.
Very disappointed
I really like Baillee Madison's work, so I was really looking forward to this. But this movie is genuinely the worst movie I have ever seen. And I know that is very harsh, but it is undeniably true. The script is very dry and cheesy, and the acting is incredibly stiff. In general I feel as though the actors are talented, but they just have a really awful script to work with. I don't know if it was because she was the only other lead besides Bailee Madison, but the girl who played Savannah was very stiff and unnatural. There were times when the scenes with her would be flat out cringe worthy, because of her stiffness. She seems like she has a lot of potential, so I hope she works on her acting. And that also goes with the other girls. And honestly everyone. Also the "bad girls" were just girls that wore put together outfits and heavy makeup, and acting out a little bit???? And the "good girls" wore minimal makeup and lighter clothing. I get that there trying to show an obvious difference between the "good" and "bad" girls, but did they really need to use makeup and clothes to distinguish the characters??? I also feel like there were a lot of could lessons that good have saved the movie, but they just flat out fell through. At least they have pretty good diversity?????
Excellent Family Movie
Great movie with great moral under tones. Very much enjoyed the military appreciation aspect to the movie and the point of being your own person. So many young people today feel like they have to conform with everyone around them this movie does a great job of explaining that being yourself can be of great appeal to everyone around you. Movies with a good moral message will certainly attract some audiences more than others but overall this movie was well done even though some aspects of military uniform accuracy within the movie could've been better. As with many low-budget films there are somethings you have to just overlook. Great family movie should be enjoyed by all ages.
same old boring story
so the movie was kinda boring with a bit of over showing the emotion just to the attention of the audience with the emotion trigger but I didn't work out much. It was the same old story and everything was so predictable. I think if you are wasting money and time on the production of a movie get some good script from a good writer .there will be plenty waiting for an opportunity
Had high hopes
I really wanted to like it because I am a Bailee Madison fan, and I think she is a great actress. But I don't understand why she surrounds herself with actors that just aren't that great. The one that played her friend Savannah needs work and it was a pretty big role for someone that just isn't ready for a role that big. Is it just as case of not having the money to hire professional actors. The idea of the story was good but the "actors" ruined it.
Excellent Video
It saddens me to see Dance Moms trolls writing negative reviews on here. The fact that they called out the Character of Savannah says it is nothing more than a dance moms troll. There should be a way to sue these people for what they do to others works just because they hate on an innocent teenager. ALL of the young people in this movie did an excellent job acting. All of them. So ignore haters who cant stand to see someone do better than their favorite little reality star and buy this movie. You will not be sorry. Some people wont like movies that show morals and sound judgements by teens but good people will. This movie had a good story line and shows how true friends stand by each other and help each other out unlike most of Hollywood showing how they stab each other to get to the top. Buy this movie you will not regret it.
Family movie-3***
I watched this movie, found it to be lighthearted. You don't need to know about uniforms,rank etc. It's a family movie not meant heavy in drama. In my opinion, just an enjoyable film to give an audience a few hours hours reprieve from whats going around us. Therefore, view it as what I seen as Bailee, lead actor captured her character with emotion.
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