A Dog's Purpose
Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Lasse Hallström
Brittany Robertson as Teen Hannah
Bryce Gheisar as Ethan - 8 Years Old
Juliet Rylance as Ethan's Mom
Logan Miller as Todd
Michael Bofshever as Grandpa Bill
Luke Kirby as Ethan's Dad
Peggy Lipton as Adult Hannah
Josh Gad as Bailey / Buddy / Tino / Ellie (voice)
Dennis Quaid as Adult Ethan
Gabrielle Rose as Grandma Fran
John Ortiz as Carlos
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A Great Family Film for Children of all ages!
We saw the movie A DOG'S PURPOSE on Thursday January 26 at the Riverside AMC. This is a great family film for children of all ages. The film has so many LAUGH OUT LOAD moments interspersed with TEARS FLOWING moments. Dog lovers will especially relate to all the comic and heartfelt moments of owning a dog. We look forward to seeing it again and reading the books written by W. BRUCE CAMERON!

Now you may have heard that there are several moments in the movie where the dog's die. Yes, this movie's theme is that one dog is reincarnated many times and those transitions, though heartbreaking and sad, are done tastefully with a simple blurring of the image into a kaleidoscope of colors that blends into the next scene. Adults will understand this as "transitioning" and young children will just get a sense we are on to the next story. The only disturbing image was of the Police German Shepard Dog who was shot...again nothing that hasn't already been shown over and over again on television or in other movies.

Audiences are loving the movie and the site CINEMASCORE, which hands cards to moviegoers to rate the movie, announced the average of all those attending the movie is a grade of "A." If we had to grade the movie we would have given it an "A+"
A Dog's Purpose is a really good drama for the beginning of 2017
This movie seemed up director Lasse Hallstrom's alley since he previously directed something called My Life as a Dog. This one tells of Bailey who is introed as the pet of a boy named Ethan and...well, a lot happens between that and the end and I don't want to reveal any more. I'll just now say that me and my movie theatre-working friend really enjoyed this one as we found some scenes funny and many touching. Based on the trailers, you may or may not be surprised by the revelations that happen near the end. Really, I don't want to reveal anymore, just that it's really good. So on that note, A Dog's Purpose is very much worth seeing.
great heartwarming film
those who have read this book will not be disappointed, as always the book is still better than the movie, but for a movie based on a great book, they did a really good job. the story is heartwarming, and has a few tearful moments, but all in all, it was a happy ending. as someone who almost always cries at the sad movies, i give this a 3 tissue warning. i truly enjoyed this book, and all W. Bruce Cameron's books, and the idea of making a movie from such a great book is always troubling, but the process here was well done. the actors representing the characters did a great job of embodying the personalities, and no one can complain about Josh Gad voicing the many lives of the dog. bravo to the producers and the director for doing such a good job with the story,
Amazing Movie
Great movie! Had some great life lessons in it. Whole family enjoyed it, and everyone left happy! Dennis Quaid did a great job as usual.

I think that it gives some great perspectives on life. A dog's point of view definitely simplifies things. I feel that the point of the movie is to remember to enjoy the little things in life. While life can be hard, one must remember to enjoy the little things. If not, what's the point?

I also like how it shows different people's lives and their way of life.

If you are a dog person, you'll love it, go see it!
A must see for the whole family
Excellent movie, almost as good as the book, very well done and great for the whole family. It will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, especially if you have ever loved and lost a furry best friend, but the story is awesome and the cast was perfect! Even if you haven't read the book yet you can still go see the movie first then read the book, it was made in such a way that it keeps true to the book but necessarily leaves out plenty to keep the future reader intrigued. Just go see it, you won't be disappointed. Bring your kids, just be prepared to hear them beg you for a dog on the way home. Okay, I was done a while ago but for the review to get posted I had to make it 10 lines long,
Spiritual and Loving
Last night after seeing A Dog's Purpose I awoke this morning realizing I had a myriad of dreams. All of which were filled with love. I realized that seeing this movie was why I had these beautiful dreams. Because for me the movie was about LOVE. Love of a boy and his first dog, love that the dog had for his boy , young love, falling in love, lost love, love of enjoying life, love of having fun, family love, dog's love for another dog, finding an old love, and the ongoing love Bailey had throughout all his lives for his Ethan. Yes I cried throughout the movie, but I laughed as well. I enjoyed hearing what Bailey felt throughout each of his lives and the people he shared them with. Yes I applauded loudly with the rest of the movie goers when the movie ended (by the way the movie was sold out and they had to turn down people that wanted to see it last night) and yes I will definitely see it again. My friends who knew how much I love book told me to watch it with an open mind. I did.

After seeing it, I can tell you in all honesty that this movie was awe-inspiring and my heart was filled with LOVE. After all, what is the purpose of life....
A good movie if you are looking for something different.
This is a great movie. I know most people are put off from seeing the behind the scene clip of people forcing a dog into water, and that makes them hate this movie, but this website is not here to talk about what goes on behind the scenes, it is for the movie itself. This movie is on of the best movies I have watched. Everything about it is so different from all the other movies out there and I recommend you watch it.
If you're a dog lover, this film is for you.
This movie got off to a rocky star, with supposedly leaked footage of a dog being abused on set by being forced into roaring rapids flooding the internet. The fact that the footage was deliberately edited to make the dog look like it was being overly distressed, and that no dogs were actually harmed in the making of this film, is less public knowledge.

I'm really glad I watched this movie ALONE versus in the theaters or with others. I cried pretty much from start to finish, and I found it incredibly heart-warming. It's been a long time since I've been touched by a film in the way that 'Marley and Me' hit me, but the incredible, gentle but emotive voice-acting, the editing, the lovable characters and sweet plot-line got me in the heart each and every step of the way.

I will be coming back to this movie over and over again when I want to feel uplifted and warmed in the chest. If you love dogs, want something cute and wholesome (but not mind-numbingly boring) to watch with your family, or you're looking for something that will cheer you up, I strongly encourage you to IGNORE THE RATING, and watch this movie.
A great family movie
I saw the movie last night after having finished reading the book the previous day - it is quite a bit different than the book but that's okay - I just enjoyed the movie on it's own merits - it's a great movie - bring your tissues with you, you are going to cry!

The movie takes you through several lifetimes of the soul of a dog named Bailey - and that's why you need the tissues - for the several times that he dies - because each time is quite poignant.

The film is poignant and shot beautifully, and the dogs are also beautiful - it's a good movie to take your children to because there's no violence or bad words and there's a happy ending that everyone will love - I highly recommend it!
A Feel good movie w/ wet eyes
The choice was Moonlight or A dogs perspective. The dog won.

Without giving spoilers, anyone who has owned a dog, and has seen his life end, and then another one, and another one, this movie will touch you. My wife told me I was not allowed to cry, well its not the first time I have not listened to her. Have your man-card stamped for showing emotion, and have your napkin ready.

Its nice to see a story with a happy ending, and a good movie period.
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