About a Boy
USA, UK, Germany, France
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Hugh Grant as Will
Nicholas Hoult as Marcus
Sharon Small as Christine
Madison Cook as Imogen
Jordan Cook as Imogen
Ryan Speechley as Barney
Toni Collette as Fiona
Natalia Tena as Ellie (as Nat Gastiain Tena)
Laura Kennington as Ellie's Friend
Tanika Swaby as Ellie's Friend
Peter McNicholl as Ellie's Friend
Christopher Webster as Ellie's Friend
Storyline: Twelve year old Marcus Brewer lives with his chronically depressed single mother, Fiona Brewer. Both Fiona and Marcus beat to their own respective drummers. Marcus will do whatever he can to make his depressed mother happy, even if it causes himself grief. As such, he realizes that he is perceived as different than most kids, as even the self-professed weird kids don't want to hang out with him as he is the target of bullying. Part of the taunts against him are the fact that he sings and speaks to himself without even realizing that he is doing it. Meanwhile, thirty-eight year old Will Freeman is a slacker who has lived comfortably off the royalties of a song written by his deceased father, and as such has never had to work a day in his life. He is a solitary man who places himself as the first and only priority in life. He comes across the idea that dating single moms meets his selfish carnal needs. It is in this capacity that Will meets Marcus, as one of Will's single mother ...
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"About a Boy" is about two boys who both don't fit in with society. One is a twelve-year-old trying to fit in at a new school, and the other is a 38-year-old man-child who has never worked, never married and never had children, and never plans to.

Hugh Grant is funny and vulnerable as Will, a bachelor who decides to date single mothers. Through one of his attempts, he meets Marcus (played excellently by Nicholas Hoult), who struggles with bullies and has to take care of his suicidal mother.

I found the film to be very funny and poignant, keeping a good balance between comedy and drama. The acting is very underrated with flawless performances by Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, and Toni Collette. The only thing that I would have changed would have been to reference Nirvana and their song, "About a Girl", which gave the movie its title. Overall I would recommend this to fans of Hugh Grant and coming-of-age tales.
Isle Of Hugh
Sometimes a rut can feel like a hammock when we get stuck in one.

"About A Boy" is about a Londoner who was apparently born into one, imprisoned as it were by his father's legacy as author of one of the world's most popular and annoying Christmas songs. After years of feckless unemployed upper-middle-class living, Will views himself as an island, and sees his lack of long-term relationships as a plus. Even offered the simple honor of being an infant's godfather, Will begs off, saying he'd be "crap" at it and probably just "try and shag" the girl the moment she turned 18.

"I always thought you had hidden depths," the mother says.

"No, you've always had that wrong," Will cheerfully replies. "I really am this shallow."

But of course Will does have depths, and as played by Hugh Grant in a role that gives this smooth comedic actor a chance to showcase some previously-unguessed-at depths of his own, we find ourselves rooting for Will to find them as he finds himself attached unwillingly to a 12-year-old named Marcus, played with welcome non-cuteness by Nicholas Hoult. Marcus, an abuse magnet at school, is alternately worried for his unstable mother and searching for a pal. Will, a 12-year-old at heart, is a perfect if unknowing candidate.

Based on the great Nick Hornby novel, "About A Boy" walks a fine line, doling out easy laughs and real pathos with deceptive ease. Like Hornby's book, the movie depicts Will's perverse detachment from the world as both delightful and pathetic. Life is a full plate of pain for those who participate, but the benefits, as Marcus tries to tell Will, beat all else.

Of course, most of us don't have the luxury for "island living," and the potential of resenting Will, especially as played by that handsome devil Grant, might have been the film's biggest danger. But Grant defuses things with a subtle characterization that downshifts on the smugness and draws on the lost boy within.

For example, when Will tries to infiltrate a single-mothers' club as a way of bagging some commitment-free sex, we watch him tell the mothers about his own non-existent two-year-old boy Ned telling him "you hang in there, Dad," then reacting with uncertain fear when the mothers enthuse about how remarkable that is for such a young child.

But we also see the pain Will pretends isn't there, in brief flashes as he reflects on the hard-drinking failure his father became after his one-hit wonder, and especially in one great scene where Will finds himself with a woman he really cares about, unable to break out of his artifice at a critical moment. During that scene, and a later, angry one with Marcus, Grant's acting really demands consideration from those who dismiss him as a dandy glamor boy.

The directors, Chris and Paul Weitz of "American Pie"-fame, prove they can make a film that delivers intelligence as well as laughter, and with writer Peter Hedges, fashion a script that takes some clever and daring liberties with Hornby's solid story. I especially liked the one near the end of the movie, but if I revealed anything I'd probably get some Flack for it, so say no more.

The very last scene of the movie is a mistake, though, the kind of tidy resolution Hornby's novel and life itself rightly rejects. It's the one bum note in this film, but enough of one to dock it a point with me. Otherwise, I'd have to rate this above even the other cinematic Hornby adaptation, the classic "High Fidelity." But this is a very entertaining film, with great set design, a terrific "Rubber Soul"-style Britpop title song by Badly Drawn Boy, tight editing, and subtle, crafty camera work. Also some great supporting performances, especially Toni Collette as Marcus' mother, who has the film's toughest role (she must be funny and suicidal) and manages to not only pull it off but gives "About A Boy" a wonderfully unstable center. As "About A Boy" makes clear, instability is a good thing when it shakes us from our ruts.
A Great 'Guy Flick'
Really loved this film. Only just saw it now late on USA Network, and gotta say, if there's a film it's OK for a guy to cry on, this is it (and 'Brian's Song', of course). It's the perfect Hugh Grant role, a 'guy' belatedly becoming a 'man' by meeting his own inner child, and this time really thru a child. It's a place most of us guys either grudgingly or not at all like to see or even admit exists, that vulnerable and mysterious place only other humans can discover/touch/hurt/reach. A great film beautifully done. And a truly touching and expert job by Mr. Grant....again. And I only just discovered he shares my Birthday, explaining his great talent. Aloha...
a sterling comic gem
I think I smiled all the way through `About a Boy,' a comic near-masterpiece derived from the best-selling novel by Nick Hornby. For the sake of accuracy, both the novel and the film should more rightly be titled `About TWO Boys,' since the story focuses not only on 12-year old Marcus, but on 38-year old Will, a man totally dedicated to the proposition that any man who so desires can live quite happily on his own private little urban island, thank you very much. Will's `island' is his own London flat, which he has equipped with all the accoutrements of comfort and diversion that modern technology – in the form of computers, big screen TV's and DVD players - can afford. Who needs people when you have so much `stuff' to keep you content and occupied? Will thrives in his environment, much to the chagrin of his married couple friends who keep insisting that he must certainly be miserable without a wife and family to give his life meaning. But Will loves being shallow – a fact of his personality he is more than willing to declare right up front – and the last thing he needs – or thinks he needs – is people to clutter it up. Yet, island dwellers have a tendency not to remain marooned for long, and, before he knows it, Will finds himself striking up a relationship with a lonely, backward boy named Marcus, whose mother suffers from serious bouts of suicidal depression.

More than any comedy in recent memory, `About a Boy' establishes a tone and sticks with it to the end. The screenplay by Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz (the latter two function as the film's directors as well) manages to take a potentially clichéd and predictable story and invest it with a warmth, wit and tenderness that are all-enveloping. The voice-over narration by both Will and Marcus, which introduces us to their characters and keeps us informed as to their mental progress throughout the film, is remarkably clever and droll. Yet, the characters never come across as smug, smart-alecky or flippant. Rather, they speak and behave in ways that are both believable and realistic. Hugh Grant gives his richest performance to date as Will, the man who refuses to grow up and assume the role of responsible adult, blithely unaware of the emotional depths that lie hidden under a surface of apathy and indifference. The superb Grant is more than matched by relative newcomer Nicholas Hoult, an extraordinarily gifted young actor who doesn't look like the average `adorable' screen kid, and who makes Marcus into a very real, very likable and very sensitive young man. The remainder of the large cast is outstanding as well. Moreover, the film is very astute in its observation about just how easy technology has made it for us to isolate ourselves from one another. Admittedly, a little of the sharpness does go out of the screenplay in its closing stretches, but not enough to diminish one's pleasure appreciably.

In many ways, `About a Boy' is a movie that needs to be experienced first hand, since mere words fail to convey the very special charm and spell it manages to cast over the viewer. Rush to see it. Comic gems like this one don't come around very often!
About Two Boys
The Weitz brothers (of 'American Pie' fame) surprised me with this intelligent comedy. They do a commendable job of bringing Nick Hornby's modern British comedy to screen. Peter Hedges takes up the challenge to adapt Hornby's novel and he does a fine job. I liked that it wasn't Americanized. The quirkiness and humour is well balanced, witty and clever while amusing. The film is mainly about growth of the characters especially Will, Fiona and Marcus and I loved how it was portrayed in a gradually subtle way. The situations are easy to relate to. Even though the characters live under unusual circumstances: like Will choosing not to work because he does not need to, the suicidal Fiona or Marcus regularly visiting Will in order to fix him up with his mom, they are easy to identify with. Hugh Grant is great as the shallow Will. He's cast against type and this is perhaps the role that allows him to stretch his acting further. Nicholas Hoult delivers a natural performance. He's certainly not those movie kids who are made to look cute because the director can't get them to act (so credit does go to the Weitzs). Toni Collette is superb as always. Rachel Weisz makes the best of a small role. The rest of the cast do a good enough job. The soundtrack is gentle and whimsical at times, flowing smoothly with the steady pace. I liked the songs of Badly Drawn Boy. Some of the deleted scenes on the DVD are worth a watch. In a nutshell, 'About A Boy' is a simple, delightful and funny movie about growing up.
a nice straightforward story
On my roommate's recommendation, I got a hold of this film and watched it on a night where I hadn't a whole lot to do otherwise. And... it wasn't bad.

When I saw Hugh Grant on the cover, I was a bit skeptical that I would be wandering into another romantic comedy. But then I saw that it was based on a novel by Nick Hornby, who wrote the novel High Fidelity, upon which the movie by the same name is based and I liked High Fidelity plenty, especially considering that it's a romantic comedy. So I let down my guard.

And I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't just another run-of-the-mill story, but rather, it was about... a boy. And a man. Or is the man a boy? No science fiction here, it's just a story about a older man learning what it means to be a human being through an expected mentor/friend relationship with a kid 1/3 his age. The characters are interesting and developed, even if the story is as clear as plastic wrap and the plotting obvious. But I like the story anyway, even if during the film, I still had doubts now and again.

I did have one little qualm with the film, and that is that it's directed like every mainstream British comedy that I've seen, complete with the sad-montage sequence with some pop tune coursing through the film. But at least the characters were so well done, it didn't bother me too much that the film didn't really have much of a personality, at least artistically.

So, it's essentially, a nice very straightforward story, with well developed characters and a very predictable (almost boring) style. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night alone. Or with the people you love. 7/10.
About a Boy — What it means to be an island and what relationships are for
About a Boy is a charming movie about responsibilities or the lack thereof. It's a low key narrative where a boy has to deal with some realities of life he's not ready for, and where a man is confronted by reality and must connect with it.

Hugh Grant, as usual, has its way with words, but his volume is pretty moderate this time around. Opposite him is Nicholas Hoult as the boy. Their character are very disparate if not entirely opposite, and they play this duality pretty well, one strengthening and helping the other finding some basic truths of life.

All the acting is solid, to the point where you want to slap some sense into Toni Collette's depressive persona. The editing gives us a great pacing, and the story is engrossing and, even if it stays pretty simple, brings a couple of new things to the table, as well as some well worn out ideas. The "lie" makes an apparition, but is dealt with in an incredibly mature way. The environment is rich, the important characters deep, the soundtrack sensible, and you'll chuckle a good number of times.

I highly recommend, except if you're looking for action or if you want to avoid sentimentality.
me just a boy as well
the book must have been written with hugh grant in mind because he is just perfect.he was so good in NOTTING HILL and ,who cares, he is so good in this.so who cares if he's playing hugh grant, if he's this good so what!the storyline is all of our fantasies basically..good looking guy,financially substansable,need i go on???but redemption(redemption who needs redemption),is at hand in the shape of marcus a clever but inneffectual young boy who ,i think, resembles the boy will actually wanted to be.will missed out out on the vital things in life and in his own words wants "bite sized chunks".through marcus he sees another way,albeit unwillingly,to see another life.hence is use as an apropos son to seduce rahel weizz.the ending is rather chunkily put together! THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.but in keeping with the film's feel it sort of fitted.
A wonderfully poignant film; it's one of those sleepers that end up delighting you
I finally gave in and decided to give this film a look. This movie had heaps of praise, and now I see why! It's perceptively funny and refreshingly sincere in its approach. Movies like this are why I still believe in the magic of movie making. About a Boy could have easily gone the pretentious route, but it strayed away from it completely. It takes a considerable amount of skill to make a pathetic womanizer like Will (Hugh Grant) as likable as he was, and also a lot of charisma on Hugh Grant's part. It shows you how stale life manages to get sometimes, and how nothing can seem to get you out of that funk, and all it takes is finding treasure in the strangest of places. Grant and Nicholas Hoult's chemistry is uncannily good. It was an absolute joy to watch them evolve together and balance each other out; I thank you gentlemen. Both are fantastic. He may be grown up now, but I dare you to find a child that can pull off a performance like Hoult did. You won't find many. Toni Collette is excellent as the suicidal mother with a heart of gold. Her actions are questionable, but her heart is there. She is very vital to this film's success. Any complaints? Not really. The finale got a wee bit silly for my liking, but it was so charming with the way it was done, I really didn't care. It had heart and that's all I cared about in the long run.

Final Thoughts: Seeing gems like this one makes me weep in ways when I see Adam Sandler making millions off of garbage like Jack & Jill or Grown Ups. Don't take so long to see this movie like I did. See it as soon as you possibly can. It'll warm even the coldest of hearts

Everything you did expect
Hugh Grant doesn't have a huge register, but he knows his job and knows what he's doing. The story is made to make you feel good, not surprising of course, but the people are slightly different from what they would be in American movies. Especially Toni Collette, who are doing fine here.

Watch it, like it, forget it. That's it really.
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