About a Boy
USA, UK, Germany, France
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Hugh Grant as Will
Nicholas Hoult as Marcus
Sharon Small as Christine
Madison Cook as Imogen
Jordan Cook as Imogen
Ryan Speechley as Barney
Toni Collette as Fiona
Natalia Tena as Ellie (as Nat Gastiain Tena)
Laura Kennington as Ellie's Friend
Tanika Swaby as Ellie's Friend
Peter McNicholl as Ellie's Friend
Christopher Webster as Ellie's Friend
Storyline: Twelve year old Marcus Brewer lives with his chronically depressed single mother, Fiona Brewer. Both Fiona and Marcus beat to their own respective drummers. Marcus will do whatever he can to make his depressed mother happy, even if it causes himself grief. As such, he realizes that he is perceived as different than most kids, as even the self-professed weird kids don't want to hang out with him as he is the target of bullying. Part of the taunts against him are the fact that he sings and speaks to himself without even realizing that he is doing it. Meanwhile, thirty-eight year old Will Freeman is a slacker who has lived comfortably off the royalties of a song written by his deceased father, and as such has never had to work a day in his life. He is a solitary man who places himself as the first and only priority in life. He comes across the idea that dating single moms meets his selfish carnal needs. It is in this capacity that Will meets Marcus, as one of Will's single mother ...
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Brilliance, Fun for the whole family
I just watched this yesterday again :)

i was at my grandmothers and we all watched my DVD it 3 generations of us all watched it

all loved it from my little cousin 10 - my grandparents 70s With a steady stream of laughs, masterful & quite original plot line and includes a very intriguing character ensemble.

This movie follows the tradition of Hugh Grant playing the villain extremely well inkeeping with his debut in Bridget Jones' Diary as a villainous character.

I personally liked this slightly better then Bridget it was a little more suspenseful and serious, but all lovers of the Bridget jones' series should go an buy this. guaranteed enjoyment.

but about a boy is timeless, if you enjoy it the second time you will enjoy it forever. I mention second time as the humor is a fairly conservative and educated so you need to pay attention. Or you will definitely miss the hilarity of Hugh Grants character as it isn't directly implied like skit comedies such as Road Trip and Old School. which are boring after 2 views.

don't leave the store with a copy or two of this.

rating 8.2/10

*Arghhh I've wounded his soul:'( **ohhh SHUT UP your wounding my soul!!
I found it dumb, but everybody else seemed to like it...
Again I have to disagree, only this time I differ not only with the critics, but also with the wider public. So, it's either the usual excuse that I am simply too stupid to understand such an artistic masterpiece, or I must try to figure out what it was that most viewers found to be so appealing about this otherwise boring and ridiculous motion picture. As much as I tried, I couldn't see it, until my wife made a comment that suddenly made it all clear for me. She said:

'The viewers are happy because now Will has also become a loser like everybody else...'

Of course, that's it, Will is hated by the viewers because he personifies all that they always wanted to be but couldn't. The viewers are jealous. So when by some mystic force he discovers that being 'normal' is the essence of life and happiness and transforms himself from being charming and successful into a regular everyday loser, people love it! He comes down from his pedestal and becomes like them! We have therefore been served yet another pathetic lecture in morality from Hollywood and the likes, but I mustn't complain, the general public seems to need it, and likes it too. How sad.
Uncomfortable relationships.
What I liked about this film was that it didn't "guild the lily" with any of its characters. In particular, Marcus's mother, who is clinically depressed, is presented correctly as emotionally numb and pretty much oblivious to those around her. This is quite different from the usual (erroneous) Hollywood version of effusive, and usually loquacious, sadness. Even the boy, who is the real hero of the story, is allowed to be not-all-that-likable. Beyond the movie itself, I really enjoyed the interview with High Grant that was included on the DVD. He was honest enough to admit that he genuinely does not much care for children, and so the discomfort and emotional distance between Will and Marcus is not fake. I think he mentioned insisting that they not cast a kid who was going to want to hug him or something similar, and that comes across clearly in the film, adding to rather than detracting from the texture of the story.
Pleasantly Surprised
If you're looking to get away from the big-budget-ultra-hyped movies of the past few years, you definitely can't overlook About a Boy. Hugh Grant as always lights up the screen with yet another quirky character. Somehow though, you just won't tire of his portrayal as Will. He's real. Most movies in this genre leave you saying, yeah right. That's plausible 'eye roll'; Not this time though. Nicholas Hoult is a wonderful addition as Marcus the "different" 12 year old boy who changes Will's life forever, teaching us a few things about life along the way. It's not a sappy cry your eyes out chick flick, so even you guys can get a kick out of this one.
A very charming comedy
*About A Boy*

I just got back from seeing About a Boy, and I am happy to say it was an enjoying experience. It was hillarious and heart-warming at the saem time. It had witty dialouge and likeable charactors.

It follows the story of shallow yuppie Will (Grant). He's basicly just the regular sometimes cliched selfish man until he meets Marcus (Hoult), a young quiet young boy. Marcus isn't popular at school and doesn't really have any friends other than his mom, Fiona (Collette). After a lot of scamming and lying to women, Will finally starts realizing what a cynical jerk he is, with the help of Marcus. The funny thing about thier situation is the happier Marcus gets (once he gets friends and recognition, with the help of Will) the more depressed Will gets. In the end they need to help each other to all be happy.

The acting is delightful. Grant gives the performance of his lifetime (sorry to say it doesn't mean much). Toni Collette is fabulous (is she really British?). And Hoult is also good (was he wearing lipstick?). All in all this movie is charming and funny. I would recomend it to anyone with a heart and sense of humor.

I saw "About a Boy" as part of a double feature with another movie that I actually wanted to see, and I was not enthusiastic about "About a Boy". I can't remember what the other movie was, but I remember "About a boy". It was surprisingly fantastic. It had a very suiting soundtrack and a good plot. It was quite heavy in narration, which is usually a bad sign, but it was done masterfully. The narration did an excellent job of supporting the flow of the film, kept it very real, and added a great deal to the humor. A great blend of drama and humor that quickly became one of my favorite films. "About a Boy" is a movie I think you could be surprised by.
Sweet and Charming
Grade:Higher 8/10

About a Boy is a charming Comedy (and a little romance) which shows a sweet story played out excellently. With some great acting from the best when it comes to this type of movie and also many great contributing factors, this is one big film which really is excellent. The script is tight, direction superb and even the setting is good too make this, in my opinion a just about great film and one that even has room to grow.

The story is one that can touch the heart yet also find your funny bone and by the end you should feel well… very pleasant. It is well timed all the way through and when the romantic areas are explored it holds it's ground making this better than the majority of Romcoms out there. I felt it could have been maybe slightly more laugh out loud but in any case it makes you giggle.

Hugh Grant is excellent in the lead role and his relationship with Nicholas Holt is one to be savoured for the future generation of film lovers. Going on to Holt well his talent is plainly seen, not the best actor here but his work with Grant makes both of them shine so much that awards could have been won big time. People like Toni Collette and Rachel Weisz pitch in perfectly and they don't go understated when your done here.

Many say this is one film which eclipses it's novel that it's based on and you can see why with such a strong script adapted beautifully and given so much rich depth that you finish the movie feeling you've seen the best of British cinema. I think Chris and Paul Weitz do a good job in directing and are part of the reason why Grant and Holt work so well, the two seem to be able to mould them to each other and get the best out of them.

I think the main negativity comes from well very little, yes it lacks substantial comedy but then again, when are many films like this crying with laughter affairs. I felt Nicholas Holt can be poor(yes I know he's a child actor), I just felt he can seem to much like he is being directed and not portraying his true quality as an actor, but other than that very little is wrong with the film.

If you like good old romps and a fun old adventure then this is for you as it really spans over a good year to show you truly everything about each main characters life. If your looking to be heart wrenched well I don't think it will make you cry but no doubt it has it's sadder moment but in any case, tissues should not be needed whilst viewing.

Overall I give this a high 8/10 and think it was Just About an excellent comedy and one that will be remembered for a long time. The chemistry of the leads is truly the stand out point from this movie and without not just the characters but the two actors, this would have been greatly at a disadvantage. Love it or hate it and it be slightly soppy, this movie is sure to have some feeling warm and fuzzy but I accept some others will feel slightly more not annoyed but maybe cheesy seeing as the majority of this movie is very one liner orientated, but they all come out well.
a funny yet powerful movie i urge you to watch it
About a boy based on the book "Nick Hornby" what else's can i say other than it's a fantastic film. Will freeman other wises known as Hugh Grant defiantly the best man for the job performed an amazing show the director's Paul & Chris Weitz's own Best British film of the year award but should of one more. it is about a man Will and a 12 year old boy Marcus who turns wills life upside down a funny yet powerful movie which you can be assured of a laugh or two from. the BEST film of all time i urge you to watch it P.S. watch the deleted scenes on the DVD which just fills in the movie all the bits missed on the film you can find them on the bonus material a well put together film i would give this film 5/5 CRACKING
Slight character-driven piece, but very well performed.
Hugh Grant is a rich London lay-about who - through his pursuit of single mothers - finds himself in a relationship with a troubled teenager and her rather off-beat depressive mother.

Another Nic Hornby book adaptation and another Hugh Grant vehicle, which brings about a load of pro's as well as minuses to any project.

The author is actually a middle class, elite college (Cambridge) educated, ex-teacher pretending - for fashion purposes - to be a North London football roustabout complete with mock accent. So he must know a few things about living life as a fake.

While a fine writer, able to write well about small things, he is also light and throwaway. More like superior journalism than great novel writing, although always entertaining and down-to-earth.

Grant can't really act, merely do variations on himself. Here he is a bit more like the real person, no stumbling and bumbling and tripping over his own feet, but somewhat languid. While pleasant company he makes a lot of his nice face, foppish hair (here cut short and spiky) and upper class accent.

(Most English actors have come from the stage and have a range of tricks: while Grant has - somehow - grown up on film. Nearly always cast as himself.)

This is a film of small jokes and situation comedy. Running gags about the one song from which he lives (Santa's Magic Slay) and the empty tedium of his life abound, but I don't believe him. People don't volunteer to tell other people that they do nothing, they create professions (such as "investor") which they don't spend many hours doing. Equally the idle rich are not islands, they hang around with other members of the idle rich.

The film tries to not to go down the road of the obvious, the child who he befriends (or more accurately befriends him) is ordinary. If this was an American film the kid would be blonde haired and blue eyed, not so here. Naturally we are on a journey, if only towards fashion headgear and a better haircut.

Where is the Grant character on a journey to? That there is a life beyond daytime TV? Did he need to meet a child to learn that? Surely not. And where does the character go after this film ends? A slightly modified version of the same?

The film goes beyond the book in having a school concert in which Grant tries to save the day. Is this the best they could come up with? Character pieces are hard to end, but this is just an unpleasant pile-on-the-agony experience for everyone.

Overall, hard to dislike this film because everyone is working hard (and the music - from Badly Drawn Boy - is good too), but the sights are so low that it is barely a TV movie and I am not surprised they are making this in to a TV series. There is a lots of little jokes that could be rung and so many extra avenues they could wander down...
Hugh Grant shines; great coming-of-age movie; bloody hilarious and touching at the same time
In the wonderfully entertaining "About A Boy," Hugh Grant shucks everything that made him famous nearly a decade earlier in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (the floppy hair, the stuttering, etc.) and ends up giving his best performance to date. He plays Will, a wealthy, happily unemployed, commitment-phobic cad (slightly less insidious than Daniel Cleaver of "Bridget Jones's Diary") whose newest ploy is to date single mothers because they are easier to dump. However, he meets Marcus (Nicholas Hoult), the son of a somewhat suicidal mother (Toni Colette), and realizes that he cannot continue living his life so shallowly.

This film was based on Nick Hornby's wonderful book of the same name and retains much of the wit and touching humor. The early scenes depicting Will's "full," but spiritually empty, life are particularly amusing, with Will dividing the day up into units of time and spending these units on "web-based research" (finding pics of supermodels with see-through tops), "exercise" (shooting pool), grooming, and the like. Grant makes his character irresponsible, but remains enormously likable throughout the film. This is important because we start to identify with him, and understand his fears of commitment and helplessness behind his outward superficiality. His mannerisms—Grant's specialty, I think—are v. entertaining to watch; the selfishness, hurt, anger, recognition and more pass across his face effortlessly. The other cast members– Nicholas Hoult, Toni Colette, and Rachel Weisz – are also v. good in their supporting roles and play off each other well.

The film doesn't follow the book too closely, however, but does one-up on the book by wisely emphasizing some parts that the book downplays. For example, Rachel (played by Rachel Weisz) only appears for a few pages in the book, but has much more presence in the movie. Through the Rachel character, we see how Will's relationship with her is different from his past shallow ones, and we realize that he is growing up. Also, the movie is filled with great one-liners and sharp, witty dialogue that never feels forced. The movie also employs voice-over function (Will's) very nicely; for example, in one serious scene, Will follows the ambulance to the hospital, looking rather serious, but in his voice-over he says. "It was all terrible, just terrible. But driving fast behind the ambulance was fantastic." The character would never say that out loud, but it provides comic relief and the assurance that he is, indeed, very shallow.

The strength of "About a Boy" is in the simplicity and power of its scenes. Not one scene is wasted; each one tells us a wealth about the characters and leads to Will's self-discovery. That, along with Hugh Grant's delightful performance, and backed by a great score from Badly Drawn Boy, make "About A Boy" one of the most delightful, entertaining, and touching movies I've seen. It's a great feel-good movie. Highly recommended, especially to Hugh Grant fans, or anyone who has ever empathized or sympathized with Will and his situation. One of my favorites. 10/10.
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