Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Elliott Lester
Ted Williams as Prisoner
Logan Fry as HAZMAT Tech / Crash Site Mourner
Brian Gallagher as Crash Site Worker #2
Hannah Ware as Tessa
Michael Lowry as Roman's Lawyer
Mariana Klaveno as Eve Sander
Scoot McNairy as Jake Bonaos
Larry Sullivan as James Gullick
Christopher Darga as Andrew / Corpulent Man
Martin Donovan as Robert
Kevin Zegers as John Gullick
Maggie Grace as Christina
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Arnold Schwarzenegger can be a truly phenomenal actor.
one of these films it's not much to say because it's a 1h 34min minutes film it's not movie released on theaters in Australia it's not a BIG action movie don't expect him like you think he is going to be Army of one of 100 men like in commando or like get to the chopper people comment on this movie he's character should have put his family in chopper instead rather then plane.great performance from (Arnold Schwarzenegger) we all know who he is going to be back it's thrilling and it's intense story very strong heart breaking type of movie it's based on true story based on 2 characters Arnold plays character of real person named Vitaly Kaloyev but in movie Arnold character is Roman well trying to make it different and you have another character Jacob "Jake" Bonanos (Scoot McNairy)who star in Non Stop (2014), Killing them Softly, Sleepless,Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Jacob was character based on Peter Nielsen in real life, story follows Roman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a a construction worker, is allowed to leave work early, for the arrival of his wife and daughter, Nadiya and Olena he goes to Airport to wait for his family soon later he found out news that AX 112, with his wife and daughter on board, had been in an accident. From this point, Roman is devastated and blames the air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy) Jacob "Jake" Bonanos was person Air traffic controller he saw on screen where these 2 planes were going he tryed to reach in contact to pilot these 2 planes crashed into each another. Jacob was Responsible for Accident that happened the deaths of Roman family. everyone calls Jacob Murder killer but he wasn't guilty for that but everyone calls him murder for these 2 planes crashed each another It is reported that all 271 passengers were killed in the mid air collision. you have strong scene of movie Roman goes to the crash site and, posing as a normal volunteer, recovers his daughter's bracelet and the bodies of his wife and daughter. most hurting scene is when Arnold character finds Airplane seat his wife is sitting hanging on tree Arnold Character breaks down crying sitting next to their bodies crying that was strong thing about movie. into scene it gets thrilling and intense like what Arnold is going to do ?? but it's really great strong performance for Arnold Schwarzenegger his performance is a slow-paced heavy drama of tragedy and revenge based on the Überlingen mid-air collision in 2002 and the aftermath. The film has great direction and performances it doesn't have to be Oscar award winning film. the film is based on true story it did happen but film doesn't tell where it takes place in that's thing is really missing On 1 July (2002) though the names, places and incidents were changed. it's a movie you watch not for time waster but its a film you watch not just for Arnold Schwarzenegger its the story was it's very interesting film it's thrilling like you never know whats going to happen it's really good but it's not much to say it goes for 1h 34min minutes i never wanted to spoil this movie at all go and see it please it's not a long boring 2 hour long film it's slaright forward it's really good it's not really of action film he has done a lot of Action, Comedy, Thrillers but not something like this it's not going to feel like you cheated of your time and money check it out if you love Arnold and your interest in true story movies there you go if you looking for Arnold action film this is not the film for you then if you looking for action if you want to see something new for Arnold if you haven't seen anything new of Arnold Schwarzenegger films like this give it look.
True remorse should last forever
My sympathy for this motive.

Maybe overcoming a trauma is healthy and natural, but true pain lasts forever. Unless it is not true enough.

One should pay for his mistake, and try to put himself in the shoes of those who suffer a great deal more.

Schwarzenegger turned out to be a fine actor...

Of course, there are better movies of this type out there, but this one is definitely worth watching.
A surprsing and satisfying experience
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Roman Mclynk (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a construction worker who's looking forward to spending Christmas with his family. He travels to the airport to pick them up, only to find himself ushered into a private waiting room where he's told they've all been killed in an in air collision. Meanwhile, Jake (Scott McNairy), the air traffic controller on duty during the tragedy, is publicly vilified and suspended from his job. As these two inextricably linked men struggle to deal with their trauma, they are placed on a collision course with devastating consequences.

Following on from 2015's slow, tender zombie drama Maggie, here Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in another more independent, cheap looking effort, which adds to the sense of eeriness and isolation it's trying to convey. Twenty or thirty years ago, the plot to Aftermath would have been the standard, go to formula for an Arnie movie, where he would have strapped on an uzi and gone looking for the killer of his family, most likely a Columbian drug lord or former adversary with a grudge. But in his later years, it's simply a fallible, everyday human being who's made a terrible mistake, and he himself is an average man whose life has been plunged into turmoil.

The main reason Arnie's managed to endure over the years is his attachment to established franchises, in particular one established franchise, and his appearance in the pretty certain Terminator 6 is fairly set in stone (if the little plastic model of him in those bizarre PPI deadline ads isn't enough for you!) In the meantime, he seems keen to showcase his development as an actor, handling more sensitive, mature material such as this. It's tough to accept him, but it's certainly encouraging, and this is an admirable examination of guilt, loss and grief.

You're only left to wonder what he'll try his hand at next. ****
Possibly Schwarzeneggers Best Performance
Arnie is back in possibly the best performance of his career.

Plot In A Paragraph: Two strangers' lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash.

I really enjoyed it. I'd go so far as to say it's safe as to say it's the best Arnie led movie since his return for politics. It's certainly his best performance. It's a performance lots of people doubted he had in him. I love the big guy, but I've often thought he never really had any acting talent, and he got by on his charisma and surrounding himself with top talented directors. I think it says something that I thought his best performance was in Terminator 2, as a non human. Here he absolutely knocks it out of the park, he is superb and utterly heartbreaking! Scott McNairy is equally as good as The air traffic controller Jake Baonos. He certainly is not the villain of the peace. There was only one bad guy in the movie as far as I'm concerned and he was a smarmy lawyer played by to arrogant perfection by Kevin Zegers without an ounce of empathy in him.

If I have once complaint, it's about the movies ending, which I one ruin here. All in all a compelling, well acted, well made movie. Give me thanks like this over yet another Fast & Furious or Transformers movie any day!! I hope this leads to more dramatic work for Arnie, as he shows here he has it in his locker to surprise people. I hope they take notice.
Emotional and thought-provoking, but that's mostly all
A film about the aftermath of a tragedy. It portrays the blame culture in our world, and the primary focus is on two men coping with grief. One spiralling down into self-pity and mental instability, while the other descends into a dark anger-fuelled desire for revenge.

Good acting, but not so good filmography. The pacing is off and the script isn't great. All in all, not remotely close to Oscar material, but the story is certainly thought-provoking and emotional, bumping it up a couple stars. It is a decent movie that had potential to be amazing but failed in some areas, including the ending.

This isn't an easy watch, it's dark, and might bring out some uneasiness, frustration, along with sympathy at moments, making it quite difficult to review this movie in an objective fashion for some.

I disagree that this is an unrealistic story-line. Scapegoating and the egotistical culture is certainly not over-exaggerated in this movie. Some unrealistic scenes, but overall quite plausible.

Unreservidly Poor and Tedious
Directed by Elliott Lester with actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Grace and Kevin Zegers. Telling the story about Roman, a loving husband, who loses his wife and daughter in an aeroplane crash. The accident was caused by the mitigated negligence of John Gullick, also a husband and father.

The first half of the film portrays events leading to an aeroplane crash and paints a picture of Schwarzenegger's devotion to his family as he goes to meet them at the airport. As events unfold, an emotional shadow is cast over the main characters in the film.

Half way through the film, at the "One Year Later" caption, I realised that it felt like this was a statement as to the length of time that the film had been running. To say that this film is tedious is an understatement. Hoping for the introduction of a new perspective on the subject matter, I was left disappointed.

The director got lost in over indulgence, scenes dragged on and dialogue remained sparse. It is better to have loved and lost than to watch this film.

In summary, the director describes that "time" is a part of the healing process relating to personal loss due to tragedy. However, the director continues, when this process takes too long, the enactment of revenge is then acceptable. Not a great moral statement to TV viewers!
Boring movie
Arnold is not good at drama, but other actors were good. The production is cheap. Overall a very boring movie that I didn't like. I kept watching hoping that some interesting things would happen at the end but unfortunately end was boring also with no surprise. Conclusion: You better miss this one.
Emotional film with good message
This initially appeared to be a poor film as the opening scene with Arnold S contained some pretty cardboard acting. But persevere with it because it does develop into a well directed film.

I like the focus on the victims, both the relative of the killed passengers and the air traffic controller, without the often ubiquitous hyperbole of camera crews and journalist phone calls to add to the drama. It was artistically shot and I felt the emotion was built well with the use of well choreographed music.

The film illustrated the terrible consequences of scapegoating and the blame culture we live in, which is such a relevant subject at the moment. And also delivered the positive message that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

Not DA's best, but good.
Arnold's dive into drama is a welcomed effort, but to be perfectly honest it's still not the level of performance that can capture audience like his more bombastic roles.
There's a luxury earned by a handful of actors which ensures adoration whenever they grace silver screen. After lustrous career for decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely has that privilege, and it's nice to see him translated it into an emotional drama than his usual action flick. However, the pure grinding drama is a tall leap, and it doesn't have any thriller aspect like the previous Maggie and while the movie is presentable, there are a few bumps on the pace.

Story offers the perspectives of two men; Roman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Jake (Kevin Zegers) as they cope with the incident that ruins their lives in different manners. Both leads give their own take on misery, Roman looks stern although the wear and tear visibly gnaw at him. Arnold has the air of someone who is gentle but with imposing nature one would not easily ignore.

Jake, on the other hand, is more vulnerable. He deals with the tragedy poorly and the actor conveys such fall of grace amiably. Unfortunately, the story moves especially slowly at the mid-point, perhaps to set the somber tone, but it dwells and stretches too much before jumping to third act.

The core story is rather straightforward, so it may feel stagnant and predictable as the pain oozes through. The deliberate slow pace shows on the visual as well. Most of the shots pan out to desolate environment, wintry outdoor or bland interior, which generously complements the bleak nature of the story.

Aftermath is not a bad movie by any means, it's lumbering yet not without its compelling moments. Arnold's dive into drama is a welcomed effort, but to be perfectly honest it's still not the level of performance that can capture audience like his more bombastic roles.
Yes, Arnie can act, in case you hadn't noticed
AFTERMATH is the latest Schwarzenegger movie and quite unlike anything he's done previously. This is essentially a slow-burning two-hander in which Schwarzenegger's construction worker is devastated by the loss of his family when their flight crashes. It transpires that an air traffic controller is culpable and the story subsequently charts Arnie's grief, sense of loss, and eventual need for revenge. Like MAGGIE before it, this isn't an action film at all, and it's very dark and depressing for the most part. Arnie is excellent in it, giving a performance layered with depth, but that's no surprise for those of us who have seen his cinematic merits ever since his glory days of '80s excess. Scoot McNairy also does well with a difficult and complex part, and the film successfully builds to a powerful climax.
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