Hong Kong
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Derek Ting
Thomas Vu as Soldier Seto
Joyce Yung as Soldier
Stephen Dunford as Soldier
Carole Weyers as Dr. Victoria Jansen
Tim Garris as Soldier Ross
Eric Keitel as Seth
Anthony Oh as Soldier
Urs Inauen as Tourist
Joe Fidler as Captain Linden
Marikah Cunningham as Dr. Angela Porter
Danny Lopes as Bill
Storyline: A group of friends go to the desert for a gun instruction course and accidentally unleash a power so great it overwhelms them where they must choose between family and friends versus the fate of the world.
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Full of adventure
The movie takes time to set up the characters, especially Jim Yung who is down and out when he meets his friends and goes on a gun instruction course. The group accidentally shoots a meteor letting out a strange Alien dust that takes over its host. From there it breaks into a military style action adventure where it never lets up until the end. Surprise ending, I thought they would have saved Seth somehow, but instead it's a tragic ending which is well done. I want to see more of what's to come!
Finally, a movie that goes back to the basics
This is an indie movie, because of its low budget, doesn't have the luxury of throwing money at special effects to cover up a bad monotonous story.

Everything about the characters, the wardrobe, the setting, and the acting feels grounded in reality. The acting is superb as you feels Jim's struggle and conflict with his friends.

I miss movies nowadays where you root for the main character and also care about the other characters too. Yes, those types of movies were in the 70's, 80's, and 90's without Hollywood tampering with the creativity. Finally, someone who appreciates all the movies I grew up on, and did something about it!
Fun to watch
The main character's is having a real bad day with ambitions to join the CIA, but with some sort of headache/ailment holding him back from making any progress. When he joins his friends who are visiting, things pick up and they go on a trip to fire off guns and rifles in the desert, which I've done when I visited Arizona. The action really picks up and I have to say the cinematography, sound and music are really top notch. Everything comes together and flows really well. Impressive filmmaking. I'd say in some areas were a little forced, or at least I didn't like the character's decisions, but that happens all the time. LOL. Definitely fun to watch.
Excellent story, great cast
This is a good film because it was directed well, had an excellent story and a great cast. All the characters had a great rapport.

It was full of action and there is always something going on, even during the subtle parts of the beginning.

The camera-work is impressive and I enjoyed the music. I really liked the coloring of the film too.
unique take on sci fi.
great to see the clips form social media come to fruition in the film. awesome camera-work, acting and story. did a great job of tackling a big idea and keeping it intimate within a small group of characters rather than the story being a global, world ending, city destroying cliché that is much too saturated. this lends itself to keeping the info conspiratorial and privy. I believe this angle is why the characters are relatable. IN addition, a good use of the power punch. you see too often a super strong character punching an opponent across the room and it just looks like they are on wires. Agent accomplished this technique while making it not overdone and much more believable. cheers to the cast and crew, cant wait for the follow up!!
Let's get real, this movie is rubbish
It is obvious Agent is not a real film. It is a kiddie project. Some people might tolerate the bad writing, acting, and story line. But, anyone saying overly nice things is being paid, or being polite. I get it. You don't tell a mother her baby is ugly. And this film is ugly.

To the people getting paid to write fake good comments about this film: STOP. You are helping the filmmakers scam people into buying/renting this bad film. Read the candid comments from disappointed viewers who feel ripped off. That's not cool.

To the filmmakers, if you continue down this path of deception, no one will take you seriously and you will be forgotten.

I'm not here to bash this film. I'm here to tell the truth.
Doesn't feel like Christmas to me
The film opens with a wild commentary about "swarm intelligence" and how these ant-like qualities were needed to build ancient monuments. All controlled by "they." Jim Yung (Derek Ting) has migraines. His recent termination allows him to go out into the desert shooting with his two old Chicago University friends and not a set up, Kara (Olivia Hultgren) a personable young woman with a U-Tube following. She feels she needs to apologize when she doesn't make a daily upload. Oddly, she doesn't own a selfie stick. While shooting they release a red CG vapor and things happen to tie into the opening commentary. Jim is immune to the effects because he wrote, directed, and produced the film...and also gets migraines.

The first 20-30 minutes is character build-up followed by some shooting and then Jim being on the screen in a combative role saving the planet from "they" for much of the rest of the feature . I had two issues with the film. First off the plot was silly. I am not an ancient astronaut guy and only tolerate the theory when accompanied by high-tech special effects and major league stars or Kurt Russell. The second problem is that Derek Ting can't act well enough to carry a film. His film presence is weak. On the plus side, he was able to direct scenes. He managed to get fairly good camera angles and appropriate close ups for much of the film placing it above the found footage genre and early Polonia Brothers productions in the nuts and bolts area.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity
Like a video game in a good way...
I caught this flipping around Xbox movies after I just played a marathon of Call of Duty. The movie's got a good mix of guns from handguns to sniper rifles.

I really enjoyed the military aspect, the action, and the story.

I hope they make a video game out of it! I think it'd be really fun!
Good indie film
Refreshing to watch a movie that doesn't exploit a genre. If you are looking for sex scenes and flashes of nudity, the film is not for you. It was a classy film, even classier than Alien covenant, for all of its Holly "wood"'s had a gratuitous shower scene.

The film's entertaining and unpredictable. It introduces some cool new perspectives and the story is well put together. Acting is solid, though stronger in certain areas and weaker than others. I really liked the Kara character and was sad to see her die in the movie. Give this little indie film a try.
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