Hong Kong
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Derek Ting
Thomas Vu as Soldier Seto
Joyce Yung as Soldier
Stephen Dunford as Soldier
Carole Weyers as Dr. Victoria Jansen
Tim Garris as Soldier Ross
Eric Keitel as Seth
Anthony Oh as Soldier
Urs Inauen as Tourist
Joe Fidler as Captain Linden
Marikah Cunningham as Dr. Angela Porter
Danny Lopes as Bill
Storyline: A group of friends go to the desert for a gun instruction course and accidentally unleash a power so great it overwhelms them where they must choose between family and friends versus the fate of the world.
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Full of adventure
The movie takes time to set up the characters, especially Jim Yung who is down and out when he meets his friends and goes on a gun instruction course. The group accidentally shoots a meteor letting out a strange Alien dust that takes over its host. From there it breaks into a military style action adventure where it never lets up until the end. Surprise ending, I thought they would have saved Seth somehow, but instead it's a tragic ending which is well done. I want to see more of what's to come!
A Must Watch For Sci Fi Lovers!
The movie's protagonist tries to get into the CIA as an agent, yet ended up becoming a different kind of agent instead. Tasked with unlocking the mysteries of ancient powers unknown to man and fighting for humankind's existence. A promising beginning to what could be a great series of a subject we have all been curious about; the possibility of an alien invasion, a hostile takeover of our very own existence, will we succumbed or will we survive?
Good indie film
Refreshing to watch a movie that doesn't exploit a genre. If you are looking for sex scenes and flashes of nudity, the film is not for you. It was a classy film, even classier than Alien covenant, for all of its Holly "wood"'s had a gratuitous shower scene.

The film's entertaining and unpredictable. It introduces some cool new perspectives and the story is well put together. Acting is solid, though stronger in certain areas and weaker than others. I really liked the Kara character and was sad to see her die in the movie. Give this little indie film a try.
They tried ...
Watched the trailer and wasn't very impressed but curiosity got the better of me.

It's not a complete disaster after all if you, just like me expect a C-List movie. This is more of a B-list and to be honest I have definitely seen much worse.

The acting came across as stale and forced but at least they tried.

The story line is as fresh as fresh fish, but if there is nothing else to watch & you have some time to kill, or need something to run in the background while you cook, this is for you.

Let's hope the next Derek Ting film is better.
Awful ''movie''
This is not eve a movie.... it's some tragi-comedy... worst ever. I think the crew and the actors rated it above 2.. LOL Don't loose time on this.... Do not even bother to play 5 minutes of this, you will suffer very bad, believe me!!!! The actors are under any level the operator is using some smartphone with good camera for this i guess.. absolutely bad bad bad performance, play, story line, everything is terrible!!!
Doesn't feel like Christmas to me
The film opens with a wild commentary about "swarm intelligence" and how these ant-like qualities were needed to build ancient monuments. All controlled by "they." Jim Yung (Derek Ting) has migraines. His recent termination allows him to go out into the desert shooting with his two old Chicago University friends and not a set up, Kara (Olivia Hultgren) a personable young woman with a U-Tube following. She feels she needs to apologize when she doesn't make a daily upload. Oddly, she doesn't own a selfie stick. While shooting they release a red CG vapor and things happen to tie into the opening commentary. Jim is immune to the effects because he wrote, directed, and produced the film...and also gets migraines.

The first 20-30 minutes is character build-up followed by some shooting and then Jim being on the screen in a combative role saving the planet from "they" for much of the rest of the feature . I had two issues with the film. First off the plot was silly. I am not an ancient astronaut guy and only tolerate the theory when accompanied by high-tech special effects and major league stars or Kurt Russell. The second problem is that Derek Ting can't act well enough to carry a film. His film presence is weak. On the plus side, he was able to direct scenes. He managed to get fairly good camera angles and appropriate close ups for much of the film placing it above the found footage genre and early Polonia Brothers productions in the nuts and bolts area.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity
Don't expect to be blown away.
Interesting premise,lots of filler,very slow fight scenes. Kind of paint by numbers movie,one that someone might throw in the DVD and have playing in the background. Just texting or playing game, every once in awhile look over at screen but basically white noise in background. Easily replaced by something you enjoy seeing again.
Rare Gem
I flip around on all the different movie services nowadays, looking for new content and always seem to find a lot of the same.

Agent is a rare gem in that I don't think it follows any real genre. I guess I would call it a sci-fi because it starts out very edgy and calm, almost painfully slow, and then ramps up real fast. Suddenly you are in a military style alien invasion film!

Seldom do we find movies that don't follow the norm and come up with a story that's simple but original in it's own right. Action is realistic and the way it's shot is visually stunning.
GoPro made me a cinematographer
A GoPro, a drone, and some guns spent a weekend in Joshua Tree and this is the result. A plodding, plot less pastiche of random sci fi tropes linked only by triple threat Ting's ambition and love of gadgets, this drone wreck of a video never gets off the ground. There is no plot, just 59 minutes of ultra high definition landscapes, clouds, bushes, ants and lots and lots of guns. The remains 21 min have some decent fight scenes and steadi-cam shots, but are unmoored to anything interesting, plot wise. When the camera isn't strapped to a drone shooting empty landscape, it is usually sitting motionless on another rock, facing a bush. Ting clearly watched enough films to want to make one, but doesn't seem to grasp the niceties of visual storytelling, or editing, or human emotion, the things that make films (as opposed to this 80 minute string of video clips) compelling to humans to watch. There is no alien threat, just red CGI dust, and instead of telling a story everyone shoots everyone else. The actors generate no tension, dramatic, sexual or any other sort, while the video camera lustily devours other gadgets. Slow mo cartridges fly out of the steaming orifices of hot, hot guns, and creosote bushes languish in the hot, hot sun, while ants scurry and aquariums snails gaping maws nibble sea weed. Visually exquisite and as emotionally barren as the infertile protagonist, this video at 80 minutes feels as endless as the desert it was shot in.
Excellent story, great cast
This is a good film because it was directed well, had an excellent story and a great cast. All the characters had a great rapport.

It was full of action and there is always something going on, even during the subtle parts of the beginning.

The camera-work is impressive and I enjoyed the music. I really liked the coloring of the film too.
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