Alien: Covenant
USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Nathaniel Dean as Hallett
Benjamin Rigby as Ledward
Callie Hernandez as Upworth
Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal
Amy Seimetz as Faris
Lorelei King as Voice of 'Mother' (voice)
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
Carmen Ejogo as Karine
Danny McBride as Tennessee
Billy Crudup as Oram
Storyline: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape
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A Great Ride .
Having followed the Alien story , in real time since 1979 , I remember coming home from Prometheus disappointed . Laughing about how a bunch of highly trained and intelligent scientists could make so many poor decisions . A geologist , who came across more like a 19th century possum hunter , not interested in discovering a new planet . When they started the spaceship with a "magic flute" I thought ... They have got to be kidding . I have seen Prometheus a few times since then and overlooked it's irritations . I mean , it does look fantastic and does manage to tune you out for a couple of hours . So with Alien : Covenant I approached it knowing it would be weak in certain areas , like most Hollywood sci-fi is these days . And it was as expected . Outside of Fassbender there are not any really engaging characters .There is a lack of any real science or detail and you do have to question the actions of another bunch of dumb scientists at times . But it looks even better than its predecessor and delivers plenty of excitement . The score is great and the sound design spectacular . Kudos to those who think it wasn't good enough. I totally understand why you would be disappointed , but lets face it , we are never going to get another film like the original Alien . Nothing much really happens in the original film for the first half an hour but it sets up first contact and the rest of the film brilliantly . Film studios have a tendency to sell it's customers short in the new millennium. I think they just assume today's audiences will struggle to concentrate for a whole two hours in a row . To the detriment of film making they may be right in some part . When it comes to big Hollywood films I can't see things changing anytime soon . At least we didn't get any Abba tracks appear out of nowhere . We have to be thankful for that ! Overall , I think Alien : Covenant delivers in spades and I really liked it .
Better than Prometheus and a worthy Alien film!
I was hesitant to go and see this film based on all the negative reviews and after seeing it I can't understand why people dislike this movie! It has a great story, a cast of characters you begin to care about, and several wonderful set pieces. Everything from the space ship to the planet is a site to behold! If I didn't know that this was a horror film I would have wanted to be transported into the story to be a part of it! Please don't let all the haters keep you from seeing this awesome action, sci-fi thriller! If you are a fan of Alien, Aliens, and/or Prometheus I highly recommend you go and see it so that you can judge it for yourself!
Alien? Meet Annoying Android with Daddy Issues
I don't really know what to say. I am such a fan of Alien, this movie truly offends me. It's intellectually offensive and insults the audience - especially fans familiar with Alien/Aliens. I really just want to vote and bring the score down for this horrible movie.

Others have already said it. The biggest problem is that the plot is idiotic. Worst writing ever. Prometheus had problems, and instead of addressing those problems in sensible ways that take us back to the meat and potatoes of the Alien narrative, which is, you know, THE ALIEN, it does the opposite, and leaves all those problems in place and then makes them even worse.

Did Alien3 make you mad? Alien4? This movie will make you even madder! It's not about a personal preference that things be changed here or there, from beginning to end the movie is a confused mess. The writers are trying to do way too much. The writers also think the audience is stupid and can't figure certain things out for themselves. But then the writers also don't bother trying to fill in some logic huge holes that deserve some answers. Without spoilers it's difficult to get into specifics.

The thing that is really bad is that this movie is a prequel. So we're supposed to be filling in story gaps that lead into the movies we already know and love, Alien/Aliens. This movie creates a narrative that is insulting to those films. The origin of this awesome Alien character? I'm not sure why that is something which needs to be answered to begin with, but, oh, turns out, some jackass that didn't get enough hugs as a child decided to create it out of boredom. Yep, that's it. Oh, well thanks for making a whole movie to tell the story of this stupid idea.

This movie takes the great "xenomorph" character and basically neuters it. Nothing special. Just the invention of a lunatic. What was Scott thinking, seriously? Here is our alpha character, the scariest science fiction villain of all time, chop off the testes, replace it with an annoying android/robot with daddy issues that won't shut up and then give it the dumbest/cheesiest dialog ever.

And then of course the movie then also has the characters doing things that defy logic/common sense. Similar to Prometheus where Charlize Theron is running away from a huge wheel in a straight line rather than, I don't know, turning left or right or something. Or morons marooned in a cave that decide it's a good idea to play with an alien snake. Except worse. Situation after situation things like this happen that insult you. Nobody, even the dumbest of the dumb, would act like this. Much less professionals who are elite members of a crew traveling across the galaxy to colonize another planet. Everything that happens is easily avoided.

Beside insulting you in every way imaginable with the completely stupid plot, the movie is just boring. There isn't much action at all. If you are hoping to see the Alien doing what it does best, kick butt, forget it. And instead of giving us the alien we know and love, which is scary and realistic, they come up with a variety of other CGI aliens which look very different, fake, and not scary. And there is no rhyme or reason for any of it. I'm not interested in DNA experiments and the creation of these other spin off aliens... I want THE ALIEN.

I'm shocked to be honest. I don't understand how Ridley Scott can possibly be so detached from reality. Is the man sub intelligent? I'm serious. Whoever wrote this is a literal idiot. I don't know how else to say it. If the Alien franchise didn't already exist, nobody would watch this movie. It's nonsense from beginning to end. This isn't even an Alien movie. What is it? I don't know. It was nothing but confusion. A wannabe Blade Runner/android/robot movie?
Waste of time
I really like Alien movies, so could not wait to see it. And such a big disappointment. Writers were forced to connect the Prometeus movie with the rest of Alien story and it did not worked well. Lots of pseudo science, lack of logic! Do not waste your money! Fassbender was good as an android, lack of emotions.
Seriously good & not nearly as bad as some would have you think
The awakened crew members are shaken, demoralized and still far from their destination, so when they hear a distress signal coming from a nearby planet that seems habitable, they decide to take a leap of faith and head there rather than go back into hyper-sleep and risk death again. And they all live happily ever after in a land of rainbows and unicorns. Just kidding! They end up trapped on a rainy planet filled with creatures that want to eat or impregnate them.

They're momentarily rescued by David (Fassbender again), who settled there after the bloody climax of the first film and now has long hair, a Jedi robe with hood, a sullen and a grandiose demeanor, and lives in a spectacular ruin of an old city that was originally colonized by the Engineers from "Prometheus." Daniels, who is determined to realize her late husband's dream of building a cabin by the edge of a lake, went along with Oram's plan to detour to this new world, and now feels trapped and hopeless. So do the other colonists, several of whom ingested spores that will gestate into the creatures.

This one has a lot of nifty variations, most revolving around Fassbender's dual performance. The film starts with a flashback prologue showing the android David in conversation with his creator, technology magnate Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce, who acted the role in old age makeup in "Prometheus"). Alert viewers will realize that the movie wouldn't start with a flashback to David's creation unless it intended to bring him back in later. His entrance is delayed (perhaps too long, though your mileage will vary), but once he's in the story, saving the wrecked colonists from an unrelenting, expertly choreographed attack by aliens in a field of tall grass, Fassbender is given numerous chances to act against himself, via digital com-positing that's so subtle that we forget we're seeing effects. And it's in these scenes, thoughtfully written by John Logan and Dante Harper and gracefully acted by Fassbender, that we realize that this movie is not merely a bridge between the "Alien" films and "Prometheus," but between the "Alien" films and "Blade Runner" as well.

The David-Walter relationship differentiates "Covenant" from all other "Alien" films. It gives it a beating heart as well as an endless source of humor that's often dry and occasionally self-aware, verging on campy. The highlight is a marvelous scene, done with a laterally moving camera and no cuts, where David suggestively teaches Walter how to play the flute. It's charged with hilariously amp ed-up homoerotic energy, but it's also a dandy joke on actor narcissism: this is a rare movie where the star gets to seduce himself.

As in all of the "Alien" films, characters do tremendously stupid things with such regularity that you pretty much have to stop judging the movie by real-world logic. Instead you have to judge it by the standards of a fever dream or nightmare, a Freudian-Jungian narrative where the thing you fear most is what happens to you, and where you're doing stuff like going to work naked or trying to climb across the face of a skyscraper or accepting someone's invitation to look into, say, the sticky maw of an alien egg that just opened (the latter actually happens in "Covenant").

The atmosphere inside David's city of the dead encourages that sort of engagement. It's one of the great sets in horror movie history, right up there with the refinery vessel in the first film and the infested colony in the second. The medieval look of the place (it seems to have been carved from volcanic rock by laser) drives home that "Covenant" only looks like a hard sci-fi film about technology and rational thought. In its heart it's more of a dark fairy tale about destruction and creation, death and birth, parent and children (biological and figurative) and sexual violation and monogamous love (many of the crew members are married, including a crowd-pleasing couple played by Danny McBride and Amy Seimetz).

The necropolis is where David tries to devise new life forms and tantalizes Walter by insinuating that he's missing out by failing to evolve, as David has been able to do. He's a Frankenstein's monster who has, over time, become a version of Dr. Frankenstein (in effect becoming his own "father," Weyland), and his dubious achievements include delusions of godhood. But there's much more of Shakepeare's exiled sorcerer Prospero in the character, as well as echoes of Caliban, the hideous and jealous son who, like David, is obsessed with impregnating the humans he despises so much. (In Shakespeare's play, Caliban declares, "Thou didst prevent me; I had peopled else. This isle with Calibans.")

This is one of Scott's best-directed movies and one of his most entertaining overall, partly because he's working in a genre, the science fiction spectacle, that he does better than anyone since Stanley Kubrick, but also because he seems to be approaching it almost entirely in terms of visceral impact and emotion—as symphony of fire and blood, poetry and schlock. The best sequences (in particular the spore infestation that brings us inside an ear canal, the first attack in the grass, the flute scene, the flashback revealing the city's destruction, and the escape from the planet) put nearly everything else being done in science fiction or fantasy at this budget level to shame. It's rare to see such a combination of technical mastery and wicked joy in a film by a director who's been working as long as Scott. This is the third best "Alien" movie after the first two, but don't be surprised if repeat viewings kick it up a notch.
I Am Not A Film Student
...Nor am I a wannabe film critic.

Therefore this review will not be written from a smug, supercilious point of view, sneering at a piece of work by a renowned director and able cast, the kind of project that I will never hope to exceed or even participate in because once outside the bubble of my ego I will discover the big bad world cares not a jot for my pretensions and self-satisfied viewpoint that makes me popular in student bars and probably on my own youtube channel where I will inevitably end up after my narcissistic ambitions are thwarted and eventually scorched, like the burgers I end up flipping through tears of petulant frustration.

What I am is a middle-aged film fan who managed, nearly 40 years ago - jeez... - to sneak into a late-night screening of 'Alien' with a cadre of gormless teenage youths thanks to the culpability of a friend's usher-employee older brother.

I say 'culpability' because - in the good old days, kids - that fermenting spine-chilling two hours of celluloid darkness haunted me for years. All very well sniffing at the xenomorph through decades of cultural saturation on little-to-medium screens but at its cinematic big-screen birth? - primordially terrifying.

And now Ridley proves relentless as his ouevre, storming the theatres again through his old-age. Four decades on, what does yer scary old English uncle do to twist his spine-tingling tales to keep those wizened children of the age on edge? Well, there was Prometheus - and you really should have seen it in order to gain the most from Covenant. To be honest, I left the cinema after Prometheus very disappointed. Confused in the main about what the main thrust of its themes were. Upon revision and repeated viewings, its irritating mishaps are outweighed by its grander narrative and the big ideas it explores.

The Gestalt factor - THE principle that good movie producers understand can elevate a film from its perceived failings; that the whole is other than the sum of its parts. And Prometheus, for me, ultimately fitted that theory.

So to Covenant with anticipation. And what I got was a solid thriller to add to the canon, sitting nicely behind the first two and again vindicating ol' Gestalt.

It's about 80% what I hoped for, and what I'd expected to find regarding the overriding theme...

MINOR SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW (But i'll try to keep it opaque): Fassbender - owns it; about the only living actor who could pull of that dual role convincingly, with tremendous malevolent threat and excoriatingly disturbing execution. Completely brilliant.

Xenomorph - maximised its threat and power beyond what I had expected - genuinely menacing again, and along with the Neomorph, formidable kings of the sci-fi baddies catalog once again; You CAN breathe new life into the familiar.

Cast - fine. What's not to like? Everyone carries their part with conviction and leaves nothing off the celluloid.

Dialogue/Script - 90% fine with me. Sure there's the few creaky lines that might not survive real scrutiny but a perfect script? There's always something someone will add/alter/replace subjectively; it doesn't exist. And doesn't need to be here, because...

The Action - sorry, but the naysayers are talking out their arses; the sequences are perfectly balanced. There's NO overkill or overt gratuity in the violence or the gore; I was surprised at the satisfying gravity and screen time allotted to both - each sequence felt authentic and 'realistically' pitched in terms of timescale, combat authenticity and outcome. Great, to be honest, with a thrilling finale as well.

Innovations/Reveals (PROPER SPOILERS, skip if necessary) - Personally, I liked the fleeting xenomorph POV; a wry smile accompanied this 'distorted' HUD, "ahhh, they can see to an extent..." As far as the big reveal - David the destroyer/creator - I'd 'guessed it/hypothesised it beforehand, when in conversation or thought about the forthcoming sequels. It made it no less satisfying/interesting/frustrating to see it portrayed in the actual narrative and lit the imagination as to the promise of the third and final prequel/sequel. I will have no hesitation is attending asap to see where Ridley Scott will take us next in the inevitable ascent/descent towards the origin.

Other points of note springing to mind - the nods towards the first, with the nodding bird and the bleeping tracker; lovely. Not trite, just neat.

OVERALL - if you have anything more than a mild appreciation or interest in the Alien universe this film will not disappoint. Even for the diehards, it offers a very admirable chapter in the huge backstory Ridley Scott and his writers are creating; they melded the philosophical, the physical and the fantastical well here, allowing for intellectual musings and savage sci-fi horror to sit contemporaneously.

After Prometheus I was a little detached from Ridley's ideology. After Alien: Covenant I'm fully engaged again. Mishaps forgiven, grand themes absorbed and I'm happily strapped into the drop-ship for the next badass ride to hell in space. (Bill P RIP).

A solid 7.5/10 from me. Will watch again.
utter garbage
a very bad boring and uninventive rehash of the previous films, all the same beats, scenes and utterly stupid, boring characters, prometheus was bad this is worse, so called scientists and explorers get a distress call, and divert to a planet they did not know existed, landing there, yet again they take no precautions against any form hazard, and start to do the most ridiculously stupid things, resulting in a typical slasher movie, where they all die one by one. at least prometheus had some decent cast, here there is no one apart from Fassbender of any note, so they give you two Fassbenders to make up. as usual there have been a bunch of critics to give this rubbish good reviews, the same sheep that seem to like any old tripe that comes out of Hollywood these days, avoid this at all costs.
Insulting Piece of Idiocy
How in God's name did Scott make a worse movie than "Alien 3"? And then Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gives it a Fresh rating to boot. Any skepticism I've had for that rating site being an accurate barometer has imploded.

This movie is a masterful mess. The worse thing Scott has ever done. I won't step too much into the plot, as others have already given the best parts of comical nonsense away. Only to say this, the movie begins with a captain of the ship, a free rock climber...who takes a selfie video with one hand on the rock...nearly falling. This is the man they initially send to guide a ship with "terraformers" to set up a society. Then the second in charge...he answers a random beacon and decides it is a better course of action to follow up on that rather than stay the course. Dumb beyond belief.

I am through with Scott. I've been a fan for decades, but the slide is real. Like painfully real. He is treading not only over similar material, he is gutting it and leaving the fans to rot in the sun. This is the worse of the series and everyone involved should be ashamed. A true crime of a movie.
You canceled Blomkamp's Alien 5 for THIS?!!!
After the amazing Alien and Aliens, (and I believe the hard done by Alien 3), we had a string of utter tripe from this franchise, and this is no better.

Character development is almost non existent, with the vast majority of people there simply to die.

Danny Mcbride might as well have had a leash on him, for all the acting he was allowed to do, and James Franco showed more charisma than anyone else in the movie...and he died before even having a speaking role.

The film has gone down this ancient feel/setting, which didn't work in AVP, or Prometheus, and just flat out bores to death in this film.

And the "twist" at the end was so obvious that there was an audible "DUH" and "NO SH*T" from onlookers in the cinema during the reveal.

Ridley Scott's last two films have led me to believe a couple of things.

1. He can't do jack without a GREAT script 2. His movies look good, but are boring as hell 3. Alien was a fluke! It was a mess of ideas that all came together and somehow worked, but that was by accident and not design...or at least not by Scott's design.

Unless Cameron, or possibly Blomkamp (hell even give David Fincher another go) get involved, or perhaps someone equally as talented, we're just going to see Ridley Scott spew his old man, self indulgent philosophical man juice all over our faces for the foreseeable future

It was an OK by film standards...but by an Alien film standards it was pure muck.

And a final note. A TWIN ANDROID FIST FIGHT AKIN TO X-MEN belongs nowhere near an Alien move.
One of the worst movies I've seen in 30 years
This is my first review on IMDb and I'm going to keep this one brief. It boggles my mind with the budget of this film that they would make something so horrific. I went to the 7pm IMAX showing and the hard drive arrived late, so it was canceled. I then went and had some beverages at a nearby pub and waited for the 10pm showing, I was that excited to see this movie. Started off great, kind of pulled you in, then it was empty for almost 2 hours. A series of absolute ridiculous events (that my 5 year old could do a better job of writing) happen and decision making that only someone with a true death wish and unbelievable lack of common sense would make, we see over and over. As a matter of fact, the only film I've seen worse than this in my entire lifetime is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. The only good thing about this epic failure, is the tremendous previews before it starts. Anyone associated with the making of this boondoggle should consider other avenues to make a living. How did this clown show make it out of the cutting room? Bad story, ridiculous acting, no sense of direction, no fear factor, no scare factor, only offensive bloodletting that you would see in a slasher film (which consequently there's hundreds of......and all better than this movie)'s an abomination. I'll end with this note, this experience was so dreadful, that I actually went out of my way to put a review on here so hopefully save someone else from the 4 hours of my life that I will never have back.
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