Amityville Exorcism
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Mark Polonia
Steve Diasparra as Father Jonas
Samantha Young as Daughter
Yolie Canales as Mrs. Humes
Marie DeLorenzo as Amy Dukane
Titus Himmelberger as Photographer
Kathryn Sue Young as Bonnie Dukane
Jeff Kirkendall as Father Benna
Ken Van Sant as Charles Humes
James Carolus as Jeremy Dukane
Todd Carpenter as Burglar
Claire Young as Daughter
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Just wrong!
Even low budget movies can be scary. but this one was just aggravation to watch, God help the future, for ideas of new films. get off all these reincarnated off-shoots. Amityville horror was a perfect low budget creation based on actual events. But this warmed over irrelevant nonsensical garbage is just wrong.
Ummm i feel like I need an exorcism after that
I can't think of any reason that anyone would like this.I tried. The camera work was terrible, the acting was disturbing. The plot.....really?..... haunted wood? I know its low budget and I shouldn't expect too much but honestly $20 could of made a better movie. I would have given them money not to make this. Once again being a huge horror film fan I am let down- there doesn't seem to be many good ones out there at the moment.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Amityville Exorcism
So yeah, director Mark Polonia has now lent his name to a low budget horror pic with fake, CGI flies. His latest being Amityville Exorcism, qualifies as one of 2017's most amateur offerings. Polonia is anxious here. He's always cutting away from telling his story. He'd rather show random images of ghastly figures, he'd rather channel rock gods White Zombie, and he'd rather get his Nine Inch Nails video fix. It's all so confusing, atmospheric-free, and totally hackneyed.

Anyway, "Exorcism" (my latest review) is the 18th installment in the Amityville franchise. I haven't seen most of these films but I know for a fact that Amityville Exorcism is so far gone from being tied to 1979's original (titled The Amityville Horror). You don't even get a glimpse of "Horror's" famed house on 112 Ocean Lane (in Long Island, NY). I mean yeah it's featured on the movie poster but that's about it (I'm thinking the filmmakers and producers had no pull and no reliable permits).

Made with troupers who obviously won the Hollywood lottery, green- lit with the tone of blackmailing, featuring an implausible binge drinking scene, and giving off a whiff of a rejected student film, "Exorcism" has a plot element that's as old as dirt. A young woman gets possessed and a priest must thrust the demons out of her. There's horrid acting, an opening credits sequence that feels like an 80's porno, some over-stylized direction, and a vibe of unintentional buffoonery. As far as the scare factor goes, well you'd have to be under some serious narcotics to get that effect (for the record, I don't endorse this).

In terms of originality, man Amityville Exorcism copies off movies good and bad. It's like a slack version of The Evil Dead with its roving camera movement, its evil cheesy soundtrack, and its demonic speak. It's also like 1981's Saturday the 14th with its creatures looking like their donning tacky Halloween costumes. Finally, "Exorcism" kinda rips off the final scene in The Exorcist. That was an actual masterpiece with a sense of foreboding. This is clearly not.

All in all, some might say that there's always room for another Amityville flick. After witnessing "Exorcism" with its straight to DVD release, its director who might have fell asleep at film school, and its neophyte cast who may never see their SAG pensions, I say go for it... NOT! Rating: 1 and a half stars.
Who are these people?
This movie couldn't even be rated as "B" movie, a low "Z" at tops. WOW can't believe someone even came up with this idea and then even had to balls to get "actors" (and I use that very loosely) to spend time on making it. Worst movie and acting EVER!!! I would not waste my time on watching this train wreck unless you need a good laugh. Movie looks like it was filmed on a Iphone at best. I think I need to go drink some bleach after watching this. How can someone even take credit for this and to think that Amazon charges for you to watch it? Maybe the video will end up in a bin at the Dollar Tree for fifty cents. I have lost all hope in humanity and anyone that would think this was a good idea.
Suffered from lack of budget
The dead horse that is the "Amtiyville Saga" is flogged once more and this entry makes last years effort, "The Amityville Terror" (2016) look like "Citizen Kane" by comparison.

To be charitable, this movie might have been a decent B-horror flick with a better budget and thus better actors and script revisions.
Next Time Go to Home Depot
Amityville Exorcism (2017)

* (out of 4)

A man brutally murders three members of his family with a hammer. Flash-forward to Amy (Marie DeLorenzo) and her alcoholic father moving into a home in Amityville. Pretty soon Amy begins to witness some strange things and Father Benna begins to think there's a connection to the murders.

AMITYVILLE EXORCISM is yet another cheap rip-off that uses the "Amityville" name to try and cash in on the popular book and film series. It's amazing how many of these movies are out there as they've pretty much became a sub-genre all on their own. This one here, as the title clearly gives away, is an attempt to add demonic possession to the story-line.

In fact, there's very little here that connects this to the actual Amityville house. The plot here has the current owner's living in a separate house but the maniac with the hammer took lumber out of the Amityville house and put into theirs. Just about the only good thing I can say about this is that it at least looks like a professional movie as the director at least managed to make a film without countless errors. It looks like an actual film, which is something a lot of recent low-budget horror films can't say.

As far as the rest goes, there's really not too much here to recommend for a number of reasons. The story is just downright weak. There's one memorable gore scene but that's about it. The performances are mostly bad and I also had a hard time believing that the lead actress was a teen living with her father. She looked way too old for this and you could say that this happens in most horror movies. That's true but here it was almost laughable at them trying to pass her off as a teen.

AMITYVILLE EXORCISM is a pretty lousy movie that's sadly not bad enough to where you could get some cheap laughs out of it. The movie is pretty bland from start to finish and it's pretty bad even for this series.
Terrible movie asusal in the name of Amityville
The Amityville Exorcism (2017):

I hate all the Amityville B Grade movies.All of them are so terrible except Amityville Asylum which is also a bad movie but better than others.So I gave this exorcism a try.So how is it?

Plot: Terrible

Plus Points: Whaaaattttttttttt....No Way......

Minus Points: In every Possible Way..

So,Amityville Asylum is awful at all levels and simply a terrible watch.

My rating 1/10 (Please allow 0 option too)
The worst movie of 2017, awful, cheap and lazy.
The (dis)honorary title of "The worst movie of 2017" no longer belongs to "Charlie Charlie" it belongs to "The Amityville Exorcism", a horrible film directed by Mark Polonia, known for working with his brother John Polonia (R.I.P) in many horror movies, their movies are cheap, lazy and awful. "The Amityville Exorcism" its the perfect example of how not to make a horror movie, or any other kind of movie for that matter.

The film tries to cash in on the success of the famous Amityville story, like many other cheap horror movies did, but this one manages to be among the worst. Its lazy, cheap, and awful, every aspect of this film fails miserably, its bad, but not the kind of bad that becomes funny, its barely watchable.

Horrible directing, acting, effects and writing, one of the worst movies in the last 10 years. Its one of those modern SOV horror movies, the worst kind of cheap movie, without the atmospheric graininess of the 70's, and without the campy cheesiness of the 80's, just plain awful.

Avoid it at any cost, don't watch it, not even if you are looking for a bad film to watch, its boring and dull, don't even bother.
Demonic lumber?
Someone kills a family with a hammer. Years later this same person confesses to a priest and asks the priest to go to a house to exorcise it. So because of demonic transference, some lumber ended up demonized and the house he's referring to was made with pieces of that lumber and it was the cause for him killing his family.

At the house live Amy and her alcoholic dad. The priest makes it over there and as luck would have it around that time Amy start becoming possessed herself when a guy dressed in red appear, so the priest will have to perform an exorcism and the house and then Amy.

Yup, Amityville Exorcism is a zero budget horror movie combining the fashionable exorcism sub-genre with the deceptive Amityville title. It has nothing to do with the Amityville franchise. It has that cheap camera look, weird synth sounds, cheesy visual effects, poor acting, etc. It seems to be a two-man operation. Yet there is actually some skill involved. The director seems to have an idea what to do. I was actually going to rate this higher because I thought that the crew didn't have a whole lot of experience, but it turns out the director has directed 39 movies in three decades. The first thing a filmcrew should know is when it's feasible to make a movie and when to put a project on hold. If you've been directing movies for 30 years, why come out at this point with a no-budget movie?
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