Annabelle: Creation
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
David F. Sandberg
Brad Greenquist as Victor Palmeri
Lou Lou Safran as Tierney
Talitha Bateman as Janice (as Talitha Bateman)
Stephanie Sigman as Sister Charlotte
Samara Lee as Bee
Lulu Wilson as Linda
Tayler Buck as Kate
Alicia Vela-Bailey as Evil Mullins / Demon Hands
Joseph Bishara as Annabelle Demon
Mark Bramhall as Father Massey
Grace Fulton as Carol
Miranda Otto as Esther Mullins
Anthony LaPaglia as Samuel Mullins
Storyline: 12 years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, where they soon become the target of the dollmaker's possessed creation, Annabelle.
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Make up your own mind...
Aight... so finally got around to watching Annabelle- Creation...

Pros - Acting was pretty well done ( even for the younger ones ) Camera work was fine Sound was good, as well as the "tension" music Set was very believable ( for early/mid-ish 1900's )

Cons - FX in general were poor Use every cliché possible from previous horror movies ( ie, not very original ) Throw so many "jump scare attempts" that they are no long "jump scares"

So... I'm conflicted on how I would rate this...

The two young girls both did awesome jobs in the movie... although I suspect they are older than whatever they acted in the flick... by having them as the main characters... I think it did a great job of adding tension / suspense... ie, "yes, a little girl would run into a closest and hide..." etc... I tend to get more sympathetic about kids having to deal with this stuff over adults, so yeah, the idea worked... I enjoyed the movie...

The downside is, the effects were for the most part were really kinda cheesy and predictable... and the plot falls into the same category...

I'll let you guys make up your own mind... but for a $15M budget... I've seen better with a LOT less...
A story about non-living reality having the chance to greet and be friendly to itself
No distance is the inability to behave. Distance is the ability to behave. The ability to behave fears the inability to behave.

The ability to behave is fear, ergo terror. The inability to behave is peace. Terror fears peace.

Terror is destruction. Peace is not destruction. Destruction fears no destruction. No destruction doesn't fear destruction. No destruction fears no destruction.

No destruction fears itself. Peace fears itself. Peace is the non- living, and the non-living fears the non-living.

Peace wants to accept peace. Peace wants to accept what it fears - peace can accept what it fears by not accepting what it doesn't fear.

Non-living forces can accept non-living forces, if non-living forces terrorize living forces.

In Annabelle Creation, living forces try to scare other living forces but fail. At the same time though, living forces in Annabelle Creation are consistently afraid of non-living forces, and the reason for this motif is to illustrate the reunion between non- living forces.

Non-living objects reunite with other non-living objects - when the Annabelle doll is kept in Bee's closet by Sam Mullins, the actuality is that the Annabelle doll is enjoying being reunited with the closet and the contents within the closet.

When the Annabelle doll is dropped down the well, the doll is once again getting to reunite with physical reality, including the well and the field between the well and the farmhouse. When Janice is tormented, when using the stairlift, the stairlift is getting to enjoy being reunited with all parts of the staircase.

When Janice is pushed into the barn, during the day, her wheelchair is getting the chance to greet the barn itself.

By the time Sam Mullins is killed by the demon, the Annabelle doll has had the chance to greet the Mullins dinner table.

Annabelle Creation is about non-living reality being given the opportunity to say hello to itself
Good transitions an creepy scenes help give this movie the scary edge
Annabelle: Creation, which is a prequel to Annabelle, can appeal to many horror fans because of its use of suspenseful jump scares and skin crawling scenes.

With that being said, it does have its downsides, including some of the children's acting and occasional slow points.

This movie has some great moments and uses the first act well at building the characters and why we should feel for them.

When it comes down to it, Annabelle: Creation is a solid horror movie that you should definitely watch if you have the time. I highly suggest you watch the original Annabelle beforehand, as it will make Creation all the more better.
How Low Can We Go?
"Why? Where are we going?

Where are the good screenwriters? Where are the good directors? Where are the good actors?

Where is meaning? Where is understanding? How low can we go?"

Throughout this crap movie I was asking myself such questions as above. Where is The Exorcist (1973)? That movie still gives me the creeps after knowing every inch of it and you know why? Because it has meaning. It has feeling. It has understanding. And above all, because it respects the audience as intelligent.

Annabelle Creation gives you thrills but only with cheap tricks and a ridiculous scenario that has so many holes in it. It disrespects your understanding and considers you a stupid person.

Where are the days of The Exorcist? Is there any hope?

Only 2 stars because of good acting by Talitha Eliana Bateman as Janice.
In some way it better than the first
I enjoy the first Annabelle it not that good but also not that bad like many people say.When they announce the sequel will be directed by David F. Sandberg i get very curious because his movie Lights out came out last year surprise the hell out of me.The movie itself still heavily rely on loud noise,false scare and jumpscare but i find this one very enjoyable.The cinematography definitely better when it provide many place to supernatural things to happen.The characters full of clichés with two stand out performance by Lulu Wilson and Talitha Bateman.The final moment is bloody with a ending tie neatly with the first one make a good summer horror movie.There also a brief appearance of a character make me exited for the next movie in James Wan cinematic universe so highly recommended
Chucky got nothing on you girl. This movie works on so many levels !
What helps this installment In the wan series is its clever suspense. As a horror movie it definitely works on so many levels. The location the acting the pacing the camera angles and offcourse the story are undoubtedly great.

If I had to rack up my top horror movies this entry is right up there with the exorcist. Another standout is the fact that in a year with lackluster horror movies it's good to be able to count on wan to deliver scares, thrills and good story telling.

As an addition to the Conjuring franchise it holds on its own while also adding to the overall background of the Conjuring. As a sequel it surpasses the origin in every level.

Chucky got nothing on you girl ! James Wan remains King in Psychological Torture. And now the most important questions remains ...when do we get the next installment?

Final Grade A+
Worst movie ever
This movie was totally disgusting, and not in the good way, the scares are cheap stupid music and loud noise jump scare, the story is mind numbing, performances are totally unbelievable, again, not in the good way, they are really bad performances, there were moments in the movie where i literally said, what time is this low budget preview going to end and actually show a movie, caution to all who's reading this AVOID THIS MOVIE AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON IT, NOT WORTH IT AT ALL, all those 5 star reviews MUST be paid

anyway, total garbage, go out with your dog or just stay home watching at the doorknob, it's way more entertaining than Annabelle 2
Finally a real scary movie that gives you the chills
I just watched this with my 14 year old daughter, I had no expectations and WOW we thought its was great, very scary and more sinister than I thought it would be, it ties everything together with a great ending. My daughter loves scary movies but there hasn't been much out lately, lots of let downs but this one gave you the chills and my daughter was covering her head during many scenes which I found very cute cuz she hasn't done that in years, this was a breath of fresh air to be actually scared, lots of OMG's and if you seen all the movies you will love the end..

Anyone who doesn't love this movies is just a cranky old bah humbug CRITIC... Im not a critic, Im an average guy looking for some good scares... Acting from all the cast was excellent
A prequel of a prequel has no business being this good. 
A prequel of Annabelle, which was the prequel of The Conjuring. Absolutely nobody asked for this. Nobody wanted this. No one. But, thankfully (surprising, right?) we got it. 

Annabelle: Creation has no business being this good. Funny enough, the same can be said about 2016's Ouija: Origins of Evil. It is strange that these two bizarrely similar films were released within a year of each other. Both follow up on terrible first films. Both are prequels of those terrible first films. Both shouldn't have been made. Both are extremely effective horror films. Oh, and both star the excellent child-actor Lulu Wilson. The similarities don't even end there. 

After the film ended and I saw who directed this, everything made more sense. David F. Sandberg has the reins here–who you might remember from directing Lights Out, another surprisingly great 2016 horror flick. The work done in that movie with the use of lighting and repetition is just as suspenseful here (if not more so, in some scenes). Sandberg thankfully stamps what could have been run-of-the- mill horror scenes with his signature creativity. Horror largely relies on the talent of the director, and this is a case of the direction only elevating the film. 

While Lulu Wilson is a definitely a standout in her second straight horror movie role, her counterpart Talitha Bateman also gives a great performance. As in most horror movies, most of the scares are seen through the eyes of the children in the film. Luckily, the two youngest actresses here–Wilson and Bateman–practically act circles around the rest of the cast. In fact, there were quite a few moments when I felt as though these two actresses deserved a better script. The pair definitely do the best they can with what they are given however, adding a great deal of character to this film. 

The bar is low when it comes to horror film scripts. Even the best of the genre still have the occasional cringe-worthy line or plot hole (The Conjuring 2, I'm looking at you). All this to say, I'm going to go easy on the faults of Annabelle: Creation's script. The writing here is not bad by any means. There are cringy lines here and there, but that is to be expected. The characters make extremely poor choices, but even that is to be expected. The problem rests almost solely in the dull first 30 minutes of this film.

Look, I'm all for slow burn horror movies. But when the star of your horror film is an inanimate object, you just can't afford to have a slow opening act. However, once this film starts picking up with the scares in the latter half of the film, much of that first act can be forgiven. The film goes in some unexpected directions towards the end of the film which adds some surprising creativity.

No spoilers of course, but the way the first Annabelle is tied in to this film is outstanding. So outstanding that it almost makes up for the 90 minutes I wasted sitting through the garbage that was that first film. Almost. 

Credit to director David F. Sandberg for rescuing this franchise from a tedious first film. Annabelle: Creation is legitimately scary, which is all you can really ask for from a horror film.
They took all of the worst things available and made a sequel out of it
Annabelle w had a lot of potential and I was really looking forward to it as I love the Conjouring movies. But it was a huge disappointment.

Why do we need to see everything, why don't you let room to our fantasy and only work with subtle visuals? This would give much more tension and would make it much more scarier.

But instead, here we see the "Devil" who looks like he borrowed his leather-fetish- costume from a weird porno-movie or we see a ripped body and ridiculous scenes where we see the devil-thing which looks like a gremlin who got water after 12. (The SFX didn't look better than back in the 80s. Not to speak about the urge of the makers to show me how every single finger was broken by the demon. Come on! Why can't we go back to subtle and atmospheric horror instead of trying to be as disgusting as possible?

Anyway, I had to laugh at a lot of scenes as they were just too ridiculous. It's obvious that the makers tried to fit everyone's taste instead of transforming the story's' heritage into something special. I'm more than disappointed.
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