Crime, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Steven C. Miller
Nicolas Cage as Eddie King
Tamara Belous as Janet
Abbie Gayle as Alexis
Christopher Coppola as Buddy King
Jared Bankens as Skittish Man
Kelton DuMont as Young JP
Todd Jenkins as Pawn Shop Owner
Lydia Hull as Lizzie
Sean Paul Braud as Mr. Kuchar
Catherine Ashton as Bartender
Abbie Gayle as Alexis
Storyline: A powerful action thriller, ARSENAL tells the intertwining stories of the Lindel brothers, Mikey (Johnathon Schaech) and JP (Adrian Grenier), who had only each other to rely on growing up. As adults, JP found success as the owner of a construction company, while Mikey became a small-time mobster, mired in a life of petty crime. When Mikey is kidnapped and held for a ransom by ruthless crime boss Eddie King (Nicolas Cage), JP turns to the brothers' old pal Sal (John Cusack), a plain clothes detective for help. In order to rescue his brother, JP must risk everything and unleash his vengeance against King's relentless army of gangsters.
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Very rude of you to rate these movies so low
Arsenal (2017) surprisingly got a theatrical release in my home country of Poland. I was very happy to get a chance to see Nic Cage on the big screen again after a long break. At the other hand, I was a little worried by such a low rating on this website.

Gotta admit, the movie was not great but I got involved in the story and I enjoyed a couple of Mr. Cage's freak-outs. By the time I left the theater, the rating here dropped to 3,9 which made me really mad!

Seriously, you guys!? I mean, did this movie hurt anybody? It's just that some people got a relatively small amount of money to put on a show for your enjoyment. Mr. Cage does all the stuff that he does only to make you smile and all of you think that you're so smart but you just don't get it! I'm very sorry for you.

Was it the violence maybe? Well, there's a section for that here on IMDb so if you don't wanna watch it, you don't have to. Normally, I'd give this film a 6/10 rating, maybe +1 solely for Mr. Cage's appearance. I'm giving it a 10, though, just to even things out.
Bland Action That Is Mildly Entertaining
Arsenal (2017)

** (out of 4)

JP (Adrian Grenier) is a successful construction owner but his older brother Mikey (Johnathon Schaech) has been a loser most of his life. First there was a failed cocaine deal, which left Mikey beaten up and broken. Then Mikey finds himself kidnapped and being held for ransom. JP decides to go and get his brother back from Eddie King (Nicolas Cage), a notorious gangster.

Steven C. Miller's ARSENAL is a mildly entertaining action movie that is one of those films that might be worth watching if you can catch it free on television or perhaps a $1.50 Redbox rental. There are some entertaining things about this movie but at the same time there are some really lame and cheap moments that keep it from being as good as it could have been. The film has gained some publicity for its graphic violence and wild performance from Cage and that almost makes it worth sitting through.

The biggest problem is that the film is simply a "B" movie so one should be expecting a quality picture like you'd see in a real theatrical production. The movie has a very cheap feel to it and the screenplay just isn't as good as one would hope. It pretty much follows every generic twist and turn that you might expect and various plot points are on hand here including various issues with the loser brother. As I said, the film tries to stand out with its graphic violence and there are some pretty interesting kill scenes here but the non-stop slow motion just adds more cheapness to the film.

The cast, for the most part, are good, although I'd argue that Grenier isn't quite strong enough to really carry the picture. The screenplay didn't do his character much justice either to be fair. I did think Schaech was good in the role of the loser brother and we also got a nice performance by John Cusack as a mysterious cop. Then, there's Cage who gets to have some fun playing the bad guy. Is this a great, over-the-top and wacky performance or a really bad one? Who knows? It's a Cage performance. It's certainly an interesting take on the character but it's wildness keeps it mildly interesting.

ARSENAL should have been a much better movie but as it stands it's pretty much a decent time killer but nothing else.
So. What can i say. If you like shaky camera work ANY time anyone moves. this is the film for you. Atmosphere. Grit. South. these are the three things that move this movie. I love John Cusak, and Nicholas cage. cage gets 10 minutes (maybe less) Cusak gets 5 minutes. "entourage guy" nice acting! all the rest is just, Meh.... Good movie to pass the time (1.5 speed on VLC) Some shots are WAY too long (kid walking in arcade????) but... making movies is hard......
Pretty bad
I really didn't know anything about the movie and so I didn't have any high expectations. Not like people who actually looked at the cast and saw John Cusack and Nicholas Cage there. Yet it still disappointed, with the slow boring script and the pointless scenes.

This should have been the side story in a police procedural episode, not a standalone film. There were interesting shots, especially at the end, so I can't fault the director too much. The acting was OKish, mostly from Adrian Grenier and Johnathon Schaech (man, when did he get so massively ripped?!). Nicholas Cage played one of his wacky roles, but he wasn't interesting, threatening or amusing, simply weird. And Cusack is a supporting role, just as Cage, to get people to watch the film in the first place.

Bottom line: the subject alone has been done to death, so the film needed something extra to make it interesting. They tried with the cast, but without a good script, it is just a waste.
Really bad Nicholas Cage time
Let Me start by saying that I like good shoot em up violent crime movies, but this was not one of them by any stretch. It's going to be hard to comment on anything other than how BAD Nicholas Cage was in this movie. I will start with the false nose. I had trouble figuring out if I was watching Pinocchio or Cyrano De Bergerac or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. And to make matters worse, the wig He was wearing was almost as bad. You would think that the costumer could have at least TRIED to make it work. I don't know if his moustache is fake or not, but it looked dumb also and don't even get me started on that bad accent. The acting was really horrible as well, I mean this guy won an Oscar for keerists sake! And a well deserved Oscar it was too. This makes the second terrible film I have seen Cage in over a couple of months. The other movie was Dog Eat Dog with another actor I used to really like Willem Dafoe. I turned that one off before it was over also. I went back and finished this one just to see if it could get any worse. I like John Cusack quite a bit too, but he is a non starter in this one and we don't see much of him in it anyway. He looks kind of silly saying F bombs like he is some kind of tough guy. I'm all for foul language used appropriately, which in this movie it is NOT. The movie sound was pretty good, if the movie was not involved and I liked some of the slo-mo gunshots and carnage. Finally, the two brothers can't throw a baseball for shiite :-) Bad Movie, Bad Nicholas Cage, BAD!
Except for Cage, nothing to watch
This is a watchable movie, mainly in favor of Nicolas Cage acting.

Nevertheless, the plot is superficial and degrades the movie.

If I would not have liked Cage, I would not watch it to the end.

If you like plain action, try it. If you are looking for a little more, don't.
A family black-sheep almost destroys his good brother and his family.
This is a totally stupid and disgusting and cynical movie. Stupid because the plot is so childishly contrived and derivative you'd have to be a moron to believe it. Disgusting not for the ridiculously over-the-top violence and gore, or Nicholas Cage's terrible acting, but how it insults your intelligence. And derivative because it sets a new standard for use of clichés and crap we've seen a million times before.

It is also disgusting that impressionable and ignorant kids might see this movie, which is one big lie about life, about the effects of beating and brutality on its victims, etc. It is pure sadism for the sake of sadism, and there is nothing else in this movie to redeem it. Miller is the ultimate cynical panderer to the lowest taste level. He should be drummed out of the business.
Not groundbreaking
This film tells the story of two brothers who had a difficult childhood, witnessing the violent death of their father. They depend and rely on each other since, and help each other out in times of trouble. One day, the trouble with mobsters gets too big, and a brother decides to take matters into his own hands.

"Arsenal" has two big names playing supporting roles, but these two big names have not been associated with good films lately. Indeed, "Arsenal" is just an action thriller wannabe. It has over the top violent and gory scenes, which is augmented by visual effects that make blood and bullets fly in slow motion. Though this visual effect made "The Matrix" an instant classic, it does not quite work here because it is simply too gory. The ending is a little puzzling, as the brother could have ended the whole thing way earlier because it turns out that he knows the location of the other brother! "Arsenal" is an alright film to pass time, but don't expect anything groundbreaking or memorable.
A enjoying crime film
Arsenal or southern fury is a surprising adrenaline crime and betrayal film that is much better than you think.

Mickey and his brother JP have not had the best start in life but along the way the 2 brothers picked different paths with JP becoming a successful construction owner and Mikey a life of drugs and quick buck.

Despite their differences a brothers love is unbreakable with JP always looking out for his troubled older brother Mikey, throw in a erratic local mobster (Nicholas Cage) and detective and family friend (John Cusack) and you have the ingredients of a great film.

Gotta say the plot as basic as it is it's put together really well with some brutal scenes and a story that's told between the characters Arsenal is a great film, with great acting from JP (Adrian Grenier) and (Johnathan schaech) who plays Mikey, with a great supporting role from Nicholas Cage and John Cusack. yes you did read that right Cage and Cusack are great in this film.
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