Assassin's Creed
USA, UK, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Malta
Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Justin Kurzel
Jeremy Irons as Rikkin
Callum Turner as Nathan
Matias Padin as Emir
Javier Gutiérrez as Tomas de Torquemada
Ariane Labed as Maria
Denis Menochet as McGowen (as Denis Menochet)
Carlos Bardem as Benedicto
Michael Fassbender as Cal Lynch / Aguilar
Essie Davis as Mary Lynch
Khalid Abdalla as Sultan Muhammad XII
Michael K. Williams as Moussa (as Michael K. Williams)
Charlotte Rampling as Ellen Kaye
Brendan Gleeson as Joseph Lynch
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A leap of faith that left me disappointed
Assassins Creed is a movie based on the computer game of the same name, although it is a unique story set in that universe. It focuses on the search for the Apple of Eden, the key to mankind's free will and the source of a struggle between the assassins and the Templars.

I found the story presented in this movie to be extremely erratic and bizarre, the characters one dimensional and forgettable. There was no depth or reason to care about any of the characters, and there was so much unexplained that I was frequently left wondering if I had missed something (I hadn't). And the end of the movie... well I can say i was left wanting more, but that's only because the final scene was so underwhelming I couldn't believe it was the end

Not even worth it if you are a fan of the games..
Hard to creed
We don't need case studies anymore to know that video game to film adaptations are dead on arrival.

Fresh out of a somewhat successful adaptation of Macbeth, the powers- that-be pulled Kurzel, Fassbender and Cotillard for another adaptation with the hopes of a similar result. The overwhelming negative backlash seems to prove it hasn't paid off. What feels unfair in this whole process is that we've all come to blame this genre as cheesy, uninspired, shallow and uncommitted and while Kurzel fought against that in every aspect the result completely backfired. Ultimately confusing, bland and disjointed, Assassin's Creed pulls you away at every narrative turn. Halfway through you'll be lost, counting the minutes passed and most of all wondering what made such acting talent - backed by underused and visibly lost Irons and Rampling - take part in this mess. While Kurzel's brother Jed's score manages to provide the right feel, Justin swerves from interesting cinematic and beautiful shots, to muddled and hazy cgi shots that become tiring after 5 minutes, let alone the whole duration.
Who writes these reviews?
First off, who the hell writes these reviews. No one who actually played all of the games can even say that this was a good adaptation of them. It followed no story that the game universe set up, nor did actually have character set up at all. They just through some dialogue in there that his ancestor was an assassin and was the last one seen with the Apple of Eden. How did it end up in the hands of a sultan. Last place it was in was in the hands of Ezio at that time in his vault under his house locked behind a door that only Assassins could get through. They never even explained how the whole fight started nor did they explain who Al'tair was and why the Templars are the way they are. Plus the father created the animus not his made up daughter that they through into the story line for some odd reason. Also they never explained what the Apple was, they just said it holds the seed to free will, but its actually a very powerful weapon against the Templars and if they would of activated it at the end they all would of died and the three assassins would of still been standing.
you are about to enter the Animus..
Assassin's Creed

No man, no, come on Fassbender, not from you. I didn't see this coming at all. And I am disappointed with Marion too. Why would she do such a movie? Bad script with bad direction, i mean the audience is much smarter than some silly fights or stunts and even the visual effects weren't good too. There is not a single moment or a thread of the story that you might wanna hold onto so, basically a four-year kid wrote the script. A disaster, a nightmare, a tragedy; basically a glimpse of 2017.

Does not do right by the game
I guess my first clue that I wasn't going to like this movie would have been that the trailers did nothing to peak my interest. I'm a huge fan of the games, and I also have no problems with movies made from video games, but this movie crashed, and hard.

My first problem with this movie is the lack of character development. It's almost as if they gave up developing a character half way through. You get a little sense of who they are, but they never give you much of anything to go on. It's hard to feel anything for any of the characters. You don't know who they are, so you don't care if they live or die.

Another problem I had with this movie is the useless information they give to you throughout. Again, it's like they started with something, and then stopped before it was finished; or, like they want you to keep guessing. Even if you're a fan of the games, it's hard to piece together what they're trying to tell you.

The last issue I have with this movie is the lack of time spent in the past. I understand that part of the game takes place in the present, but a majority of it takes place in the past. I may be speaking only for myself here, but that's the best part of the game for me. When they do take you to the past, they plop you down in the middle of something that's already going on, so nothing is built up, and again, no character development for those characters either.

What the movie did right was the graphics. That deserves a gold star in my book. I also must say that the 'Leap of Faith' was pretty amazing as well. Other than that, this movie brings nothing to the successful game franchise that it's based upon.
All in all pretty good
Assassins Creed is by no means perfect, but I did enjoy it. The film has the classic setting from Assassins Creed games, a modern day protagonist enters the Animus to relive the memories of his ancestor. The film does a pretty good job explaining the series mythos to those unfamiliar with the games. Sadly, we don't spend as much time with the ancestor Aquilar as we do with the present day Cal, and Aquilar feels under developed as a character. The movie also felt a bit short. It really could have benefited from a longer run time, to give more character development to the ancestors, and explain some of the characters motivations better. The action in this movie is great, the story is solid, and the characters (that are properly developed) are interesting. Both Fassbender and Irons play their roles well. Overall a decent movie any Assassins Creed fan would enjoy. The critics like to bash it because it's a video game movie, and it's cool to hate video game movies, but it's not bad at all. 8/10
Very poor
I haven't Play the video game, I only saw the movie, but honestly, I think It was a very poor movie. The story was inconsistent, it had very boring scenes, the acting wasn't good enough and the plot... It just doesn't work out. Nothing is explained. And what to say about the characters? They didn't developed any characters, so the viewer can't empathize with any of them... At the end of the movie, it leaves you a sour taste in your mouth... because it looks like there's going to be another movie. In conclusion, don't waste your money. This is my personal opinion, from a person that saw the film without having play the game.
Very Enjoyable
I have not played the Assassin's Creed games. However, this movie did not make me feel as though I needed to have played them in order to understand or enjoy the film.

The cinematography was great, and there were some magnificent aerial views of 15th century Spain along with modern day. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard both gave excellent performances, managing to deliver the occasional corny, melodramatic dialogue with poise, and the supporting cast were equally great in their roles. Despite the occasional cheese, this film had some excellent dialogue that were thoughtful and poignant - unexpected in a fantasy action movie! Speaking of action - this was the best part of the movie. Gorgeous choreography, and I loved all the various weaponry and free running.

This is by no means an award winning film, but overall it was incredibly enjoyable, and I don't think it quite deserves the negativity critics and fans of the games are giving it.
So the new year has kicked off and many were hyped to see the video game turned movie.

Let me just say save your money this flat movie is designed to get the gamers' to the movies and then be bored for the entire time.

Save your money for something else that won't have you checking for the exits within 30 minutes and kicking yourself at 50 minutes for not running to the nearest exit.

The actors and director have done well with a script that should have been better and is more about trying to set up a franchise rather than providing the movie goers with a action packed movie.
Not as good as i was hoping
Me and my Friend went to see Assassin's Creed really looking forward to it but unfortunately we were both disappointed by it as it wasn't as good as we hoped it would be, I mean the action sequences were good but were hoping for better, hopefully the sequel might be better. Let's Hope So.
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