Asylum of Darkness
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Jay Woelfel
Tim Thomerson as Det. Kesler
Richard Hatch as Dr. Shaker
Frank Jones Jr. as van Gogh
Scott Summitt as Oscar Werner
Nick Baldasare as Dwight
Storyline: After awakening in a mental asylum, a patient plans an escape to freedom, but finds an even more disturbing, supernatural world on the outside, one that threatens to keep him trapped in madness forever.
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Love, Blood, and Redemption
Some will not like this movie. It's allegorical in nature and requires a lot of patience. But if you're in the right frame of mind, what you end up with is a lot to chew on. My girlfriend and I had a two hour discussion on the various merits and flaws of this film. We agreed that the performances were outstanding. We thought the direction was solid as well. It kept our interest and the movie flowed in a sort of dream logic that made it a surreal experience. I've pretty much decided it's a low budget masterpiece. My girlfriend agrees, though she thinks it's flawed because of budgetary limitations. She loves the ending wherein the hero finds redemption and chooses love over madness. I just think it's a helluva interesting ride. Not sure what it means but it leaves a lot to ponder.
Strange But Interesting
This Has A Very Love-Craftian Taste To It (Although There Is No Reference) But I Thought This Was A Bit Of A Good Surprise ... An Escaped Patient Tries To Make Sense Of The World Outside The Asylum As Everyone Sees Him As Someone He Isn't ... As The Truth Of What Is Going On Unravels Itself He Finds That To Make Things Right He Must Delve Deeper Into The Insanity ... The Acting Is Not Top Notch But The Story Is Interesting And Captivating ... Fans Of H.P Lovecraft Would Enjoy This One ...
A boring, scattershot mess
I decided to watch this because it stars Tim Thomerson and the late Richard Hatch, both sci-fi stars of yesteryear (Trancers and Battlestar Galactica respectively). The six reviews as of this writing were also above average, praising the twisty, innovative, and unpredictable plot. Well, apparently I watched a different film. This thing is a boring unfocused mess. It jumps from scene to scene with no discernible pattern or purpose, let alone character development. People are slashed, tentacled monsters crawl into orifices, and all to absolutely zero purpose. The excuse (as stated in the IMDb summary) is that the main character is committed to an asylum and therefore insane. But this proves nothing and is no reason to abandon screenplay logic. It is also childishly easy to predict which episodes aren't real. If the six critics listed call this stew "unpredictable", then I recommend viewing 1990's "Brain Dead", starring Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton. Now THAT is a disorienting and effective asylum chiller. Or if it's inspired gore you're after, try the blood-spattered "Insanitarium" from 2008 instead. Either one is preferable to "AOD".

Now for the acting. As I said above, it was Thomerson and Hatch that initially drew me in. Somehow I think both of them knew exactly what they were signing up for, and totally mailed it in. I've seen boards that are less wooden. As for the main star (Nick Baldasare), the less said about his sleepy zombie-like acting, the better.

Were I forced to praise something (anything?) about this film, it would be the gore and monster effects, which are fine. Blood is blood, and a gouged eyeball is a gouged eyeball. But there are far better asylum films to choose from. I strongly suggest you do so.
Breaks the Weird Barrier
I haven't seen a film this strange in a while and appreciate it's attempting to be different. Does it succeed as a good movie though? Depends on what your looking for. Positives: the lead performances were all convincing for a low budget genre title. Nick Baldasare had the arduous task of portraying a person on the edge of sanity. His performance could have warped into a lot of cliché "crazy" type acting, but he made it believable. Richard Hatch also delivers the goods in one of his final roles. I thought the look of the film was also a plus and the effects, while old school, had a nice retro feel that added to the fun. The only negative was the film's length. I thought it could have been cut by 20 minutes and been a little better experience. All in all, you will like this movie if you don't need details and plot points spoon-fed to you. Expect the unexpected and enjoy!
It is beyond anything normal
Okay I am not sure what I watched and don't know if I am giving away plot spoilers. I felt like the first time I watched "Naked Lunch" after watching "Twin Peaks." Dwight Stroud (Nick Baldasare) is in an institute for the criminally insane, a patient of Dr. Shaker (Richard Hatch). We are informed Dwight used the insanity plea, but Dwight claims he is innocent while not remembering anything. He has hallucinations and is aware of the fact. He also is friends with a fellow inmate, Van Gogh (Frank Jones Jr.) who paints the future. Dwight manages to escape and oddly finds his conscientiousness in a new body, that of Artemis Finch, also someone who was committed. We are given clues, the soul is like water taking the shape of its vessel.

We are told "being insane allows us to see the true reality." May take a second viewing. Not for everyone.

Guide: F-word. Obscured shower sex. No nudity.
Really problematic but still somewhat enjoyable
After awakening in a mental asylum, a patient plans his escape to freedom and manages to successfully enter modern society only for his constant visions and psychological problems to continually manifest themselves in order to drag him back to the asylum and forces him to find out why.

For the most part, this one wasn't all that bad of an effort. One of the strongest aspects here is the fact that this one generates a really impressive and somewhat disorienting atmosphere that's really engaging and appealing. The fact that majority of the first half concerns the ability to make it nearly impossible to tell what's going on here, as the atmosphere found within this section of whether or not he's really going through the insanity of the situation with his weird visions of people with distorted faces following his dreams gives the film quite an odd start. As well, the rather odd manner in which this is jokingly referred to as a normal situation by the staff despite the obvious discomfort of the visions makes for a chilling setup here. The way in which he continually experiences the strange faceless beings and creatures coming after him, from the hallucinatory chase in the house, his encounter in the cemetery or the continued visions he has with the strange creatures while being around his wife which gives this some solid work to build off of. The second half gets the creatures to interact with him a little more vigorously, letting the hospital encounter, a stellar hallucination sequence where he cuts up the members of a boardroom meeting as well as the finale in the underground bunker that resolves this nicely all giving it a solid amount of gore and solid creature make-up for the different demonic creatures here. However, none of these factors can overcome the fact that there's just no reason for anything that happens here. It just goes from one seemingly unconnected sequence to another that all supposedly feature his deteriorating mental state yet nothing is really done about making sure it all relates to anything. The fact that he's insane and supposedly living a different person's life is no excuse for why nothing here makes sense, why it goes from him in the asylum to suddenly now a husband and living with the wife despite being two different people as none of this is explained. The chance to explain it all never comes as to why they believe he's the dead person and is able to suddenly become a different person as the flimsy nature it occurs here is begging for more of an explanation yet it never occurs. Likewise, the fact that the film is so bland and lifeless doesn't really do it many favors either, taking far too long to get the switch going and featuring way too much downtime to really be of much interest. The endless scenes of him at the book-signing, trying to appeal to his wife's good side to get her to trust him following the behavior switch and in general just going around trying to uncover his true identity make this one so dreary and dull that it sloughs along at a bland clip, and with a nearly two-hour running time it really could've been put to far better use moving the pace of this one along. These two issues here are in fact so crippling that they manage to overcome much of what good this film accomplishes.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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