Austin Found
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Will Raée
Craig Robinson as Jebidiah
Kyla Deaver as Taylor Collins
Ursula Parker as Patricia
Gary Teague as Search Party Member
Kari Coleman as Talk Show Host
Karen Strassman as Carolyn Clark
Skeet Ulrich as Billy
Jaime Pressly as Crystal Clemens
Chris Parnell as Alan Dickinson
Patrick Warburton as Chief Williams
Storyline: A woman who is fed up with her mundane lifestyle hatches a scheme to make her family instant celebrities, but not everything goes as planned as her wild tempered ex-boyfriend starts to lose it.
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Surprisingly good! Not the silly-stupid comedy I expected!
I chose this show thinking it would be one of those "don't think too hard about it", silly comedies, especially with the cast (Linda Cardellini from Another Period, Kristin Schaall from Last Man on Earth, Craig Robinson from The Office, Make a Porno, anyway - you get the idea).

Yet, I was pleasantly surprised. While still having it's funny moments, the story was actually pretty unique and did have a deeper message. At the end, it did leave you thinking...
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