Baby Driver
Crime, Thriller, Action, Music
IMDB rating:
Edgar Wright
Lance Palmer as Baby's Dad
Eiza González as Darling
Micah Howard as Barista
Morgan Brown as Street Preacher
Hudson Meek as Young Baby
Sky Ferreira as Baby's Mom
Viviana Chavez as Diner Waitress
Ansel Elgort as Baby
Lily James as Debora
C.J. Jones as Joseph
Jon Bernthal as Griff
Jon Hamm as Buddy
Storyline: Baby is a young and partially hearing impaired getaway driver who can make any wild move while in motion with the right track playing. It's a critical talent he needs to survive his indentured servitude to the crime boss, Doc, who values his role in his meticulously planned robberies. However, just when Baby thinks he is finally free and clear to have his own life with his new girlfriend, Deborah, Doc coerces him back for another job. Now saddled with a crew of thugs too violently unstable to keep to Doc's plans, Baby finds himself and everything he cares for in terrible danger. To survive and escape the coming maelstrom, it will take all of Baby's skill, wits and daring, but even on the best track, can he make it when life is forcing him to face the music?
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One of the misfits of the Year
Baby Driver, a cool music designed film that starts of with a bang. But after a while the film seems to get into a slip of the casual ''hollywood'' same old, same old. Comparing this to a film like ''Overdriver'' or ''Transformers'' Baby Driver just doesn't keep up. It was a good try from Edgar Wright but hopefully he can get his game right with the next instalment.
Tries Hard To Be Stylish With Its Unorganic Indulgence.
I hate to be the guy who gives 5/10 stars to everything that looks nice but lacks in substance, but it would be tough to rate it any better or any worse, so I'm truly stuck in the middle.

I can certainly see why this movie has received praise from the audience it's meant for, but as some other reviews here have remarked, it's kind of a boring affair overall.

I can't deny the soundtrack, though, which is more enjoyable to me than the way Guardians of the Galaxy pt 2 seems to force its soundtrack in our faces. The way the music is used is impressive and fits naturally with events on screen, regardless of many of those events not being engaging enough to keep me from daydreaming about my personal life while the film plays on before me. The music hitting at the right time was really the only thing ripping me out of my own thoughts and back into the narrative.

Those who are excited by car chases, sunglasses, trendy styles & simple dialogue need apply. If you aren't into that stuff, then maybe the music will save you too.

5/10; will expect multiple sequels.
Baby Driver Can't Completely Get Away from the Action Movie Clichés.
I am typically a tough reviewer when it comes to the action genre. Not because I don't enjoy films of this genre, I really am entertained; but, when I regularly speak to myself in my head while watching the movie saying: "Hey, I was right!", then the level of predictability has definitely taken a toll on my viewing.

Don't expect Baby Driver to appear on the "Oscar Nominees" list of this upcoming award season, but don't restrict yourself from watching it due to that fact. It's a blast. You're constantly cheering Baby (Ansel Elgort) on as he drifts around the "bad guys" (who are actually the good guys) despite the fact that you know he's going to win, because, well why would they have him arrested within the first twenty minutes? That's the kind of predictability I am witnessing when watching Baby Driver. It isn't necessarily a BAD film, quite the contrary actually. But the level of "fresh" I receive from this movie is no more mind boggling than that of the new Wonder Woman. It is a fresh character feat within a typical car chase movie. Don't I sound harsh? It's odd hearing this even from myself because if a friend came to me and said: "Hey you see that new movie that's getting' all the rage from Rotten Tomatoes, Baby Driver?" I will still answer " Yes I did, and it was a fun a** movie, go see it". I enjoyed Baby Driver, I just wished it drifted (ha) away from the action clichés. The director, Edgar Wright, may have just produced his greatest movie to this date, (sorry Shaun of the Dead fans) but it still needs a bit more to be a "two thumbs up" movie. I respect the effort of the director, trying to revive a genre so suffocated by clichés. Oh and the cast was pretty fantastic. Ansel Elgort played the shy hero well enough to earn my recognition for his future roles, Jamie Foxx always entertains, even the deaf room mate Joseph tugged the heartstrings of the audiences with his selfless generosity. You deserve better Joseph. And of course, Kevin Spacey delivers a solid performance again. That's pretty self explanatory. I just wish his character, was written with the same effort as Ansel's character was. Baby Driver: It was great in all the right places, but just "good" in too many places.

The Coolest & Most Unique Film This Year
Edgar Wright remains one of my all-time favourite directors. Why? Because each and every film he crafts reeks of originality, he takes a few similar traits, throws them together, delves down a completely unexpected route and forms something unique, something masterful. From 'Shaun of the Dead' to 'Hot Fuzz' and so on and so forth, each film feels like something you think you've witnessed before, but on a whole new level, something fresh, something alluring, packed with adrenaline... and of course, 'Baby Driver' followed suit.

'Baby Driver' is an utterly engrossing caper-comedy that is (in my personal opinion) the finest film to face 2017 so far, I couldn't help but smile throughout, from the stunningly executed action scenes and stunts, through to the soundtrack (with an abundance of classic rock and soul tracks) and finally the heavily relatable characters. The lack of disappointment in Edgar Wright's work continues with this masterful film, which is ultimately also one of the coolest films of the past decade or so.

Many of the heist films of recent years have been rather disappointing when it comes to both story and technical achievement, however when something like 'Baby Driver' makes an appearance, it's refreshing to know that indie films are still taking this planet by storm and shunting the blockbusters out of the limelight. To know that certain production companies still trust the creativity of a director over the monetary expectations, and by doing so, unleashing a flurry of fantastic independently "driven" films.

I'm gonna finish with this (partially odd) statement / testimonial... when I went to sleep last night, I had odd dreams of car chases and stunt driving to rock classics, and that is thanks to this film, the fact that it stuck with me even when I wasn't fully conscious. That's how much of a damn cool film 'Baby Driver' is... just go watch it, just throw away your tickets to 'Transformers' and 'The Mummy' etc, and go see this instead.
Starts out great, falls apart halfway through
This movie had a lot of potential. It started out great, but it began to fall apart rapidly just after the halfway mark.

A more complicated plot could have developed, but the second half just seems rushed. The movie could have gone in several different and more fulfilling directions, but it went full cheese instead. Disappointing. It ends up being just a variation of "The Last Ride" (2004).


It's a given that being in debt to a crime boss means your debt will never really be cleared, so that's okay for a movie.

And you can suspend disbelief for driving physics and non-deploying airbags...


Doc sending the third crew to meet with arms dealers was totally unnecessary for the job they had the next day, because they already had all the equipment they needed, so that whole scene was forced just for a plot device.

Bats proved he was willing to kill for no reason, so there's really no reason he would have left Joe alive.

There is no way Buddy would have been able to escape all those cops swarming him downtown. Then Buddy shows up again later after getting shot in the chest. Superhuman villains in a non-superhero movie tend to ruin the whole thing.

Doc remaining in the place from where the heist was launched at risk of being caught for no reason (even though he knew it was botched) made no sense, just like his sudden change of heart in "helping" Baby made no sense.

Oh and Jon Bernthal is only in the movie for about 10 minutes, so not sure why he was given top billing, when he's pretty much just an extra with a couple of lines. Baby's deaf foster dad had more lines (sign language) than Bernthal, yet he's not considered a main character.
Exhilarating! Wildly entertaining!
Exhilarating! Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is an accelerated non-stop action-thriller that will have you in high-gear the entire drive time. Wildly entertaining! It offers up the best car chases, excellent characters, and displays solid writing in this subgenre of action films. During the golden age of Hollywood cinema, grand getaways, robberies, and car chase movies were a staple. Sony/Tristar, et al, demonstrate that one of the foundational plot types that provided audiences with thrills back then can be effectively resurrected today to embody the engine that drove those motion pictures and install it into a new, sleek body design to mesmerize and impress audiences of today. Certainly, Baby drives to the beat of his own mixtape in this movie, but the film itself goes further and integrates the rhythm of action into the sound design of the motion picture. Not to be left behind on the 80s throwback movies and TV shows bandwagon featuring hipsters and mixtapes, Wright crafts a summer film that rises above the all too cliché CGI robots taking to the sky and pirates swashbuckling across the seas to remind us that little can compare to the squeal of the wheel, love, and the witty turning of phrase. In short, Baby Driver is a self-aware pop-culture film but has the soul of a James Dean motion picture.

Meet Baby (Elgort). Yes, that's B-A-B-Y Baby. He's the unparalleled talented getaway driver for Doc's (Spacey) Atlanta crime ring. With earbuds in place, playing classic rock or his own mixtapes, Baby drives, speeds, and maneuvers to the beat of his tunes. No police force is a match for his ability to evade his would-be captors in order to return Doc's henchman (and woman) to the secret lair. As chance would have it, Baby meets Debora (James), the girl of his dreams, at his usual diner. All that stands in his way is one more job for Doc, or so he thinks. With payment in full of his debt to Doc on the horizon, Baby seen this as his opportunity to make a clean break and to ditch his shady lifestyle of crime. But when Doc approaches Baby with yet another job, Baby must decide to whom his allegiances lie and protect those he loves.

Any veteran filmmaker will tell you that it's vitally important to hook the audience within the first three to five minutes of a film. Fail to hook producers at the beginning of the screenplay, and it's file-thirteen for those 120 pages. As a director, it's encumbered upon him or her to grab hold of the audience's attention, creating the urge to want more, to know more. The first scene of Baby Driver is an incredible display of excellence in writing, directing, and the technical elements of motion picture creation. The magic of this scene lies in the ability for Wright to wow the audience without leaving anyone "out there in the dark" (Sunset Blvd) overly stimulated or left with the feeling of utter exhaustion. The scene is perfectly stimulating. It sets the bar high for the film, and continues to keep it up there for the entire runtime. Just like the pace of Baby's driving, the pacing of the film is exquisitely handled and couldn't be better! The biggest difference between this robbery/getaway film and similar films such as The Fast and the Furious is substance. In addition to the incredible cinematography and sound design paired with out of the world car chases, the film provides heart, soul, and qualitative substance that forms the foundation upon which the more superficial elements are laid.

The cast couldn't have been more brilliantly selected. One of the hallmarks of an Edgar Wright film is the charismatic leads that display solid chemistry on screen. Just who are our heroes in this film? You'll just have to watch it and decide for yourself. I love it when films take the more conventional concept of heroes and villains and turns it on its head. For whomever you decide are the heroes, you'll certainly find yourself actively rooting for their survival and rooting for the villains to meet their demise in shockingly creative ways. When Kevin Spacey isn't busy being the President of the United States, or more recently, an ex-President, he is the king pin of an Atlanta- based crime syndicate that stages fantastically wild robberies. And Baby is indebted to him and must reluctantly aid and abet as the best getaway driver ever to hit the screens in recent years-- think a modern-day James Dean. Jaime Foxx plays the veteran head henchman extremely well and adds his own repulsive, yet comedic charm to his role. It would have been far too easy to play off Spacey and Foxx's conventional talents to steel focus away from the central plot, but Wright strikes a perfect balance between his leads and the story. Elgort and Spacey's on-screen chemistry was crafted with strategic precision in order to quickly solidify the frien-emy relationship between the two characters. With Elgot increasing in popularity, Wright could have deflated to playing up the attractive bad boy tropes but instead allows Elgot's Baby to develop organically throughout the film.

If you are seeking a summer film that clearly demonstrates a movie in which all the creative elements work seamlessly together in the manner in which they were respectively intended, then don't miss Baby Driver while it's in theatres. The energy you will feel in this film is nearly unparalleled by any in recent times, and that's because both the major and minor components work together like a well-oiled machine. You will be at full throttle as you are instantly transported from your auditorium seat to the passenger seat in Baby's car.
It was okay but not great.
I was so disappoint with this movie, wasn't impressed with it a tall. 20 minutes in I started to get bored and I thought the idea of the film was good but badly executed. I tired to get into it but I was waiting for something exciting to happen but it didn't. I would have been really annoyed if I went to the cinema to see this and wasted that money.
Do you prefer an old-school American soundtracks? The film concentrates the audience around the music.

Main characters of the film are the best side of the movie.The lead role in this film is taken by Ansel Elgort (Baby). Despite of his ages he worked very good. Kevin Spacey as Doc, the mysterious kingpin after the gang. Lily James as Debora, a young waitress who befriends Baby.

SoB-A-B-Y. He is a driver, though he is not a mediocre one. He listens to music 24/7 and drives as fast as bullet. The plot is trivial, but it's more about cool cars, hot girls, good music and whatever rather than plot.

I would put 8 from 10, because the plot isn't good, but soundtrack, actors play and jokes are really good. Also I liked that the apogee of this film is in the last quarter. I think Ansel Elgort played really good, maybe, 8 from 10, he merges coolness and calmness in one guy. Of course soundtrack is 10/10. But plot is just 5/10.

In the end, i want to say, that the idea is great, but it is implemented poorly.
A good movie
Definitely worth watching but don't think it's worth a 10/10 like so many people are giving it. Overall a good movie. Acting was very good and has a great mix of humor and action. Had good amount of action but was hoping for more robbery scenes. Still worth watching and if I could would give it a 7.5/10. If you like heist/bank robbery movies you will enjoy watching.
Really bad movie
This movie is total trash. How is it even possible it has 8,4/10? Are you telling me this movie is as good as Django, Intouchables, Beautiful Mind or Grand Budapest Hotel? I went to the cinema with assumption it will be on similar level. I would compare this movie more to lets say Step up . This movie has flat characters, completely predictable plot, uninteresting dialogues. I have trusted in you IMDb. But know i see i have to skip to last page of comments to see comments that are made not by paid trolls. GJ.
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