Beauty and the Beast
Fantasy, Romance, Family, Musical
IMDB rating:
Bill Condon
Ewan McGregor as Lumière
Ray Fearon as Père Robert
Luke Evans as Gaston
Haydn Gwynne as Clothilde
Dan Stevens as Beast
Gerard Horan as Jean the Potter
Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts
Emma Watson as Belle
Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza
Josh Gad as Lefou
Hattie Morahan as Agathe / Enchantress
Audra McDonald as Madame Garderobe
Kevin Kline as Maurice
Ian McKellen as Cogsworth
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everything wrong with this movie (note: just my opinion)
I went into the movie expecting an uninspired, yet beautifully animated movie that is exactly like the old animated one, just remade as a life action. Nothing exceptional, but nice to look at and maybe to get a bit nostalgic. If you expect that, you can forget it.

What i got was: Strange CGI: the characters, especially the servants looked plastic and almost creepy.

Some new information about the characters background stories (Belle's Mom) that were nice but didn't go into dept at all.

Old scenes remade, often they took all the atmosphere out of them, (like in the final battle, remember how epic it was, it rained and Gaston hit that statue while trying to find beast, and beast was moving around like a shadow, in the new version it lacks the suspense)

Bad singing technique: It often sounded rushed, emotionless and too serious. Also auto-tuned :((( is it so hard to get experienced singers that you need to make the computer do the trick? I was prepared not to be overjudgemental, but as the first singer opened their mouth, all I could do was shake my head. That is not good quality. (I am referring to the German cast)

Rushed moments and sloppy dialogue,

Bad humour: Some jokes were funny, but most of the time I was like, "that was the most stupid thing I heard today, oh wait, it just got topped"

Emma Watson, who could kill a bear with her bare hands in a movie and I'd believe it, but her longing look at the end and her being a dreamy person... I don't buy it.

This was my impression, but hey, we all have different views on the world, so check it for yourself, if you don't believe me :p

something positive at the end: I liked LeFou, this actor was a great choice.
Very ambiguous
This is bad, I mean real bad movie. How can Disney make Beauty and the Beast this awful? I mean, watch the movie and you'll know that it's clearly don't have atmosphere (genre), the cast just dance around and singing I think this'll end up as one of toddler bluray's movies collection, but shame this is not funny at all. This is not a drama, I can't feel the comedy, and the beast don't give me a thriller too (I thought this movie is gonna darker than the 2014 french version, but it's too light!). So what exactly is this movie genre? It feels empty, non atmosphere cause Disney make the people who watch became so lost and find it boring. Except for the toddlers.
Walt would have loved it. Rated 11 stars and a box of tissues!
An almost perfect adaptation with many subtle changes that many people will probably miss. What I dislike is the obvious "gayness" of LeFou. A magnificent marriage of live action, animation, and CGI. "Agathe" is the "enchantress" who changes the Prince into the Beast, and yet this is never quite obvious to the townspeople. Additional songs and reworked lyrics, plus a more complete "background story" about Belle's and the Prince's parents. Only one or two scary spots and a rather pleasing interpretation of the Beast in "human" form. Belle's father is portrayed as a very clever man and not as an absent-minded buffoon. Gaston shoots The Beast several times and it's "almost bloodless" Hollywood violence. In 1991, he stabbed the Beast to death. Gaston dies as he traditionally should; never by the hand of the Disney hero or heroine. When a film or stage-play is "reborn" it's impossible to please everyone, but this one tries very hard to do so. Amazing cinematography, costumes and art direction. An outstanding cast and very well performed. I thought Emma Watson was just fine. I want that White Stallion with his built-in "GPS"! I miss the (extra) song "Human Again" and it should have been there! Enjoyable and entertaining ending titles. A great marketing idea would be the packaging of the 1991 animation and this 2017 version as a double Blu-Ray? For almost everyone except extremely small children. Curiously reviewed, as people either totally loved it or hated it!
Wow. Where to begin? I really wondered why the studio spent so much on pre opening publicity. Had they done nothing, sales would be enormous. I expected so much more from Watson. She may have done better with la la land. Had the studio not made so much of the homosexual pass no one would have noticed. One commenter said she liked be our guest, the musical number. I found it a strangely mishmash of the original movie and some new stuff. It was horribly confusing. The best part is without makeup Dan Stevens bears a striking resemblance to the picture of the Prince in the original version.
On point with the Disney animation + some.
I loved it. It held true to the Disney animation that three of my girls have loved (10, 14, 18). My oldest daughter is 18 years old and my youngest is 10. I have watched the Disney animation for 18 + years(to include the the story lines I was exposed to as a child). The 2017 version was exceptionally brilliant. It held true to the old Disney version (plus some) and evoked many memories of watching the animation with all three of my daughters as little girls. This particular version added some extra lessons/themes needed to be addressed and taught relevant to this time and age/generation (though not directly stated great minds will draw the conclusions to the underlying theme). I loved it!!!!!
I loved this film!
Very much like the cartoon! The singing was really good ... Emma Watson ... what a star! The acting was great. I was in two minds about seeing this as it's my favorite fairy story and my favorite Disney cartoon. I was in tears at the end, even though I knew the story backwards. Why didn't I give it 10 ... The thing that let it down a little for me was the make up of The Beast, I thought it was a little too scary for the film and the wolves were quite a bit nastier than the cartoon version. Young children may be scared by these things.
Miscast of Belle, bad acting is distracting
I wish they had chosen a real actress to portrait Belle - not just someone who is there only because she is famous. I wish I had seen an actress who has talent and can actually act, sing and show emotion and some effort into the role.

The original movie was amazing, and it has always been one of my favorite Disney movies! Disappointed.
Obviously I was watching a different film to a lot of the other reviews here as I completely enjoyed the film. I loved the characters, Loved the music. Thought the cast was great and that the film flowed well.

Thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end a True Disney treasure. The special Effects were great and the musical sequences were fantastic and well sung, really enjoyed and cant wait the buy the Bluray.
Many misses
The director hit the targets he was aiming for, it's disappointing that a quality film was not on the list. It seems the movie just assumes that you will care about the characters. I found very little to like in the character development. The times where the creators thought he was driving home a successful point the scene stinks of silly politics and I heard giggles throughout the theater. A bright spot was beast's sad solo which was a great (albeit unintended) comic touch. I am pretty confused about the higher ratings online. As a lifelong Disney fan I really can't think of a more poorly made Disney movie. To be fair the visuals were absolutely stunning, visually this was a real treat. I very much appreciated the that the set was stylized to perfection. It's very ironic that there is such a tip of the hat to reading when the illiterate are perhaps the only ones that will truly appreciate this poorly timed mess. The one save for the loss of my evening is that I did now have expose my 4 year old girl to this mess.
Not as Good as the Original but a Fun Film Nonetheless
So this is Disney's latest attempt at making one of their animated classics a live action classic, and while it doesn't reach the incredibly high bar the original set I still found it pretty enjoyable. What really impressed me about this film were the visuals and the acting. This movie is just gorgeous to look at, the sets are just so grand in size that you can't help but become mesmerized by it, and the effects for the Beast and his servants were very well integrated into the live action. It also didn't hurt that the movie had an amazing cast; Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and Josh Gad just nail each of their characters and I never thought of the characters as being played by actors, I thought of them as the same characters from the original and that's impressive acting right there. Do that's what I liked about Beauty and the Beast but there are two flaws with this flick. Alright so remember all the positive things I just said about the film because I'm about to say something that will make most people really mad, Emma Watson's singing was dull. Watson did a nice job in the acting category but when it came time to sing it didn't sound like she was really getting into it, it sounded like someone with little musical background reading the lyrics and trying way too hard to prove she can sing, not bad singing just dull singing. With that being said the rest of the cast did do a nice job with the musical parts, I hate to single out Watson as the one singer who didn't nail the singing but that is the case, and because she does the majority of the singing in the film it does bring the movie down a notch. So overall I really did like this film, it had good acting and nice visuals, and even though it might have lacked originality and not all the songs were masterpieces it is still a fun adaptation that respects its source material, and I would definitively recommend people see it if they haven't already.
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