Becoming Bond
Biography, Comedy
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Josh Greenbaum
Jeff Garlin as Harry
Charlie Hopkins as Belinda's brother
Jon Walburg as Belinda's Oxford Boyfriend
Karina Deyko as Amelia
Jason Maybaum as Young George
Sofia Mattsson as Gundel
Roslyn Gentle as Belinda's Mother
Josh Lawson as George Lazenby
Jake M. Johnson as Peregrine Carruthers
Jonathan Slavin as Dyson Lovell
Adamo Palladino as Peter Hunt
Jane Seymour as Maggie
Dana Carvey as Johnny Carson
Storyline: The stranger-than-fiction true story of George Lazenby, a poor Australian car mechanic who, through an unbelievable set of circumstances, landed the role of James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), despite having never acted a day in his life. Then after being offered the next seven Bond films and a $1 million signing bonus, he turned it all down...
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Painful, neither shaken nor stirred.
Has the world become so attention deficit disordered that millennials cannot pay attention to anything without LEDs, mentions of technology, the use of words like Bae, Turnt and Lit to describe their life experiences?

I really like Bond, read all the books in a three week stretch when I was 17, have seen all the Bond films up until they became utterly ridiculous (even saw the last one by accident).

Lo and behold, a documentary about George Lazenby, one of the most interesting characters around. To me, a good documentary is comprised of narration, interviews, good old archival footage. Allows me the viewer to enjoy the experiences and times.

This dud though thought I needed a poor recreation of scenes with horrific acting.

10 minutes was all I could take. Thanks for nothing.
The best ever comedy Bio? Lazenby was definitely stirred but not shaken.
The interviewer asks Lazenby early on in the film, if what he is saying is actually true. I was asking myself the same question, and when Lazenby answered yes, it sealed the deal on this Documentary. As it stands, it is the best comedy bio documentary life story I have ever seen. And quite frankly for all I know, it may be the only one. Really quite historical in a way, since I would think no one could have ever known why he quit after only one Bond film, until this Bio Documentary. What he said at the end really sealed it, which I wont spoil. What an amazing life trip for this man, which seems better than most, regardless of his turning down more Bond films. Its very funny and worth the watch.
Not exactly Lazenby's life story...
This is a made for HULU film. Although George Lazenby's biggest claim to fame is playing James Bond in a film AND walking away from this career for no discernible reason other than he has an oppositional-defiant streak, you only learn a bit about the guy...and what you do learn is his pre-star life. It consists of George Lazenby discussing PARTS of his life as you see actors play out these vignettes. Unfortunately, the film only focuses on small portions of Lazenby's life...and everything that's occurred in the last 47 years is pretty much omitted. So you won't hear about how desperate George was for work that he appeared in some soft-core porn. Likewise, some of the facts mentioned in the documentary do NOT completely jibe with what's listed on IMDb...and I am not sure if IMDb is at fault or if Lazenby's memory is faulty or just very selective.

So is it any good? At times yes...but overall, no. Much of it consists of Lazenby talking about his sexual exploits and he comes off as a bit arrogant and annoying. I find it hard to imagine a guy talking so much about his sex life with all these women considering he is married today...and to me this seems a bit disrespectful to his wife, Pam Shriver (yes, THAT Pam Shriver). Don't expect any deep insights but the film is occasionally interesting.
Warm retelling from Lazenby himself, marred by terrible re-enactments
With the myriad of stories floating around about Lazenby's decision to quit Bond, this appears to be the truthful version - reinforced because of Lazenby's truthful and genuine telling of his story. His reflection on the Bond days in both rare interview footage from the time, coupled with the reflection of his love for Belinda, rings true.

The only downside? Aside from Jane Seymour's casting, the rest of the ensemble during the re- enactments are woeful. Lawson proves he isn't cut out for biopics (again, mind) and Clementi extends her soap opera acting here, disallowing the audience to buy into their relationship. The actor playing Saltzman created a cartoonish depiction of the producer; the portrayal of Hunt was less intrusive, but not necessarily good.

Negativity aside, it was excellent to see clips of the Bond films and interviews interwoven, as well an excellent score underpinning the visual content (with a welcome appearance of the Bond theme).

Informative and honest, funny and warm. But a little disappointed by some of the acting.
Like a Convention Panel in your living Room
The way the interviews are filmed remind me of going to a fan convention and listening to the celebrity tell a story, George gets into the role and is a fantastic story teller, are some of the stories a little exaggerated? Probably but who really cares, the film is entertaining, it gives you some insight into the man, the role and the times. The reenactments are also exaggerated but they are very entertaining, one of the best scenes in the film is when a young George is trying to sell cars and he fails miserable, until he goes to a class and takes one thing away from that class, he learns to listen. Once he does that he starts selling cars. People need to watch the film, listen to the stories and enjoy the reenactments for what they are stories about a mans life and career.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service was possibly the best Bond Movies ever, the story of how George Lazenby became James Bond is not quite as good as OHMSS but it gives the Bond fan something to think about.
Nice Bio Except
Liked the movie well played except I would have thought George would have included why he left Queanbeyan Australia in such a hurry?? The police record is there he was dealing in stolen cars/parts & the cops were on to it. Prove me wrong! I don't think so. The garage he worked at had a secret room at the back full of stolen car parts. When the cops came around they measured the outside of the garage & then the inside & they didn't add up that is how they found the stolen car parts. Good bit of factual trivia!! I am looking forward to see if this is published!!!
Great Film that was Incorrectly Advertised for
This is not a movie about James Bond, it is about George Lazenby. Bond isn't even brought up until 2/3 through the movie (not counting the intro). With that aside, this is a pretty good movie. George Lazenby is very amusing, and most people will at least get a few laughs out of this. Most of the movie follows his love life and if you are looking for a movie about his love life then you're in luck, but if you're looking for a bond movie then look somewhere else.
Amusing re-enactments make this a pleasure
You know the story: Australian male model living in England is selected to play James Bond after Connery quits. After making one movie, Australian himself walks away from Bond, leaving the door open for Connery's return.

What you probably don't know is who this George Lazenby was (and is) and why he turned his back on what could have been a career of a lifetime. Watch this movie and George himself will tell you. Accompanying and illustrating his tale are mostly-comedic reenactments that all in all make the story work.

It's the next best thing to sitting down with the man himself.
A hilarious and touching story
Watched this late at night expecting fully to fall asleep halfway through. Well that didn't happen. Ended up watching the whole thing! The re-enactments of his story was very well done and had the perfect touch of comedy to it that made it hilarious. It wasn't over the top hilarious, but just enough to keep you interested in the story. His life was also rather interesting to hear about. There were so many things that I never knew about him. This exceeded my expectations and so therefore, I'm giving it a 10. One of the most entertaining Biography's I have seen. This is a must see for any James Bond fan.
A wonderful Bond actor in a terrific Bond movie
I did not know about Mr. Lazenby's background (as a model and non-actor), so I'm even more surprised at the great job he did performing as James Bond. He had a smooth delivery and looked right at ease in the role. I never understood why he didn't star in another James Bond movie until this film. It was great listening to his life story, and I'm glad he did well after the Bond role. It's too bad he was black-listed after the Bond movie 'cause he had a great screen presence. Wonderful person and full of life - thoroughly enjoyed "Becoming Bond."
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