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James Cullen Bressack
Jin Calello as Nurse
Erin DeAnna Fierro as Hospital Staff
Chrissy Cannone as Maternity Nurse
Josh Brown as Hospital Staff
Anna Harr as Bethany / Young Claire
Stefanie Estes as Claire
Keith Jardine as Harrison
Kevin Porter as Nurse Foster
Leon Russom as Doctor Merman
Thomas Downey as Young Doctor Merman
Tom Green as Dr. Brown
Storyline: Claire and her husband find themselves moving back into Claire's childhood home only to have the abusive and traumatic memories of her mother come back to haunt her. As her husband starts to get more work, Claire finds herself mixed up in a fog of past and present with a mysterious figure haunting her memories. What is this small figure that is trying to reach out to her, and what does it want?
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Definitely worth a watch!
Although it starts out slow paced, it gets better as it moves along. A few scenes throughout, made lasting impressions with me. I'm still thinking about it two days after I watched it and I can't say that about a lot of movies. Loved the gloomy aesthetics and of course, the Bethany makeup was incredible! I will watch this one again!
Worth A Watch
Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. There were some legitimately unsettling scenes that unfolded throughout the course of the movie (particularly the fingernail scene and the sewing on of the mask). As the movie progresses, we see more glimpses of the abusive nature of Claire's mother. This psychological plot point was handled well. The pacing of the movie was good, and the ending was satisfying. The story of Bethany/Mallory unfolded nicely as well. The main actress, Stefanie Estes, did a great job. Some of the flaws of the movie: Honestly, I just didn't enjoy the acting of Zack Ward. His performance felt one dimensional and unrealistic, and I wish they had gotten someone else to play that role as Aaron was such a central character. There were also a few things that seemed out of place/disjointed. One of my smaller grievances is the fact that nobody seemed the smell the decaying body that was trapped within the house. I can forgive this a bit because it a horror and we are to suspend some disbelief. My biggest grievance would be the death of the psychiatrist. It just didn't fit, and I don't like how it was handled. Very unsatisfying.

Like I said, overall I did enjoy the movie as a whole. It's definitely worth a watch if your a fan of psychological horror/haunted house horror fare.
Well Crafted point for point Psychological horror
"Bethany" is a well crafted Horror title that, unlike most horror, doesn't spend half the budget on fake blood and prosthetics. It doubles down on plot and character development. Aaron (Zack ward) is an easily relatable husband wanting only a family and financial security with his wife Claire (Stefanie Estes) This is put in Jeopardy when the couple inherit Claire's mother's house and Claire starts to experience a psychological breakdown the source of which is explained through the movie. The episodes are believable in what a psychosis looks like, ranging from to the "no way that's actually happening" to the "maybe that is real". Overall the movie is enjoyable, well written and acted. It has the quota of jump scares and uncomfortable shots one would expect but the best part was the questions to the nature of a psychosis and how would people really react to it ? Overall I recommend you watch it if you want a story that has more body than blood.
loved this creepy gem
Really enjoyed James Cullen Bressack latest movie, Bethany. Loved the performances by the whole cast and nice to see a new side of tom green. Shot well with a good score and creepy story. Warning you may be scared if you watch alone....Definitely recommend checking this one out so grab your popcorn sit back and enjoy.
A Claustrophobic Ghost Story
'Bethany' is James Cullen Bressack's most recent film and is a return to his much-favoured horror genre. 'Bethany' is definitely his best film to date, although I really enjoyed 'Pernicious' too.

It's story of a woman returning to her childhood home, which stirs up memories of maternal abuse and fear. The full story of her past unfolds throughout and is not until the end that we find out the truth. The film has a very claustrophobic feel and we can really get a feel of the tension and pressure that the lead character feels.

The only drawback for me was that it is a bit dialogue-heavy in places and some of the genuinely good scares are kept for the final act.

However, it is definitely worth a watch.
Bethany: Truly dire
Starring and co-written by the underrated Zack Ward alongside Shannen Doherty and alarmingly Tom Green in a straight role this horror misfires on all cylinders.

Standard mish mash of common horror tropes, unoriginal storyline and unforgivable boredom Bethany is an utter mess.

It's one saving grace is it's ending (No pun intended) the twist and finale is actually quite clever but they even balls that up.

Do not be deceived by the haunting cover, you will not find scares here in fact you'll barely find anything at all.

The Good:

The twist is decent

The Bad:

Boring as hell

Everything is executed poorly

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Shannen Doherty clearly p*ssed off Hollywood for it to come to this

Tom Green without his usual wacky shenanigans is really bland
She will bore you to death...
As much as I love horror movies, then there was no reason for me not to sit down and watch "Bethany", especially since the synopsis for the movie did seem interesting.

However, I didn't even get to the end of the movie, not even to the half of the movie. I gave up on "Bethany" after mere 35 minutes. Why? Well, because it was some very, very boring and long 35 minutes where nothing, absolutely nothing happened in the movie.

I am not even sure if the movie would have picked up pace at some point after the 35 minutes, and I have no intentions of going back to find out.

There was nothing appealing to the story, as director James Cullen Bressack managed to muster an incredible slow pace that utterly killed the atmosphere of the movie, and there was no tense build-ups of suspense or dread. Essentially, there was nothing aside from Zack Ward and Stefanie Estes sitting around in an old house trying to come to terms with something through means of slow paced dialogue.

As for the acting, well I can't claim to be impressed with what I saw during the 35 minutes that I managed to endure. I am not familiar with Stefanie Estes, so I don't know how she usually performs. As for Zack Ward, well he wasn't really putting on what could be ranked among his top performances here.

For a horror movie, then the only thing truly frightening about "Bethany" was how slow paced and how devoid of anything even remotely scary or frightening the movie turned out to be.

If you enjoy a good horror movie, then "Bethany" is not a great pick.
Worth watching
I don't expect much from any thriller/ horror movies nowadays. I just watch anything that comes out new. When it comes to Bethany, I thought it's a bit slow paced at start but it gets creepy and intense til the end. Well plotted, and casts were pro acted. Totally worth watching I must say 👍🏻
a fine pot-roast that's was marinated for days then placed into a crock-pot and cooked on low for thirteen hours
"Bethany" was one of those slow burns. It was like a fine pot-roast that's was marinated for days then placed into a crock-pot and cooked on low for thirteen hours. Well worth the payoff. This is by far the best film I have seen from James Cullen Bressack. Bressack and Zack Ward did an amazing job with the buildup in this hauntingly tragic tale. Stefanie Estes as Claire was simply amazing and Anna Harr just broke my heart in her performance. I was not expecting the film to tug on my heart strings the way it did. Totally unexpected. Totally awesome. I cannot express enough how this movie is a must-see for any true horror fan. I have watched my share of horror movies and I am telling you, this is the real deal. Solid four out of five stars. I can't wait for the next project from these guys!
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