Blade Runner 2049
USA, UK, Canada, Hungary
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Denis Villeneuve
Robin Wright Penn as Lieutenant Joshi
Tómas Lemarquis as File Clerk
Mackenzie Davis as Mariette
Sallie Harmsen as Female Replicant
Dave Batista as Sapper Morton
Mark Arnold as Interviewer
Wood Harris as Nandez
Hiam Abbass as Freysa
Jared Leto as Niander Wallace
Storyline: Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. K's discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.
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excruciatingly slow and morose
The only reason I gave this a 2, instead of a 1 is for the excellent sound editing. This is an excellent example of a horrific lack of good editing. It was at least an hour too long. How this movie got anything over a 4 is mind boggling! People must be judging it on the special effects alone. I disliked this for so many reasons. The story has too many flaws, the pacing is excruciatingly slow, all the characters are one dimensional, there is almost no meaningful dialogue, the violence is unnecessarily graphic, all the women are depicted as either psychopathic killers or prostitutes (with only one exception, the pitiful "dreamer").

I could have had a more enjoyable experience watching an episode of CSI. It was like they couldn't decide whether to be a sequel or a horror movie, sequel won, but horror movie would have worked better. There were so many scenes that would have benefited from a jump scare. It was filmed as such, with the creepy music (again the best part), the character standing alone with vast empty spaces behind them with unknown people chasing them. But they just left the character standing there. It was like a bunch of jokes with no punchlines.

The holographic girlfriend was annoying and pointless and who didn't see her demise coming a mile away. Yawn.

Ryan Gossling gets more unattractive to me with each additional bad movie. If I was Harrison Ford I would have punched him for real too.
Poor sequel. Over hyped, long, slow & boring
What a letdown & massive creative failure.

Good: 1: Sylvia Hoeks as LUV. Good looking, cold hearted, ruthless ice maiden. 2: Dystopian atmosphere & set design. 3: Believable decayed future Earth setting. 4: Visual FX were seamless although not as pretty as Blade Runner (1982).

Bad: 1: Editing was missing in action. Most of the film needed a lot more editing shots ran for ages which needed trimming. This created an overblown excessively long movie which was boring for long stretches of screen time.I feel asleep at least twice due to how boring it was. 2:Directing was very weak from the usually reliable Denis Villeneuve. 3:Story was very weak. Actors were given nothing to work with character wise. 4: Harrison Ford was utterly wasted. He has perhaps 10 min's screen time & about 30 lines of unmemorable dialog. Waste of the actor in an extended cameo for about 3 key scenes only.

The movie just does not work properly either it needed at least 1 hour editing away to pick the pace up. As it stands now this is a very forgettable poorly conceived sequel which adds nothing to the original & even takes away a little goodwill due to how poorly this feels as you watch it unfold at a snail pace.

I cannot believe how badly they dropped the ball either it looks perfect but just feels empty as the actors are given nothing to work with so it does not work at all & deserves to be a massive financial failure as it does not deserve any box office success.

The power of the Hollywood hype machine cannot stop user reviews from telling the truth either!!!
A masterpiece of science fiction and possibly one of the greatest sequels ever made
Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario) and once again based on Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, it successfully recaptures just about everything excellent about the original and is a superb sequel to one of the greatest and most important science fiction films of all time.

Thirty years after the events of the first film, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling) works as a Blade Runner, retiring old rogue replicants (artificial humans) hiding out around the Los Angeles area. One day while on a job, K discovers a long buried secret in the yard of a replicant which leads him on a journey to track down former Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), who has been missing for decades.

Featuring amazing visuals and some of the most philosophical and thought-provoking themes since the original, Blade Runner 2049 is a masterpiece of science fiction and is possibly one of the greatest sequels ever made. I was transfixed the entire time, to the point where I felt that even blinking would cause me to miss something I wanted to see. The cast was brilliant as well, especially Ryan Gosling, who does a fantastic job carrying the film as its lead actor. However, perhaps best of all, is that seeing the original is not a requirement to fully understand everything that is going on, although it would probably still help to have done so beforehand. I'm almost certain that author Philip K. Dick would be proud of this film. I know I am.

I rate it a very high 9.5/10
Being a fan of Blade Runner I was bound to be disappointed. What I am disgusted about is that this inferior sequel currently enjoys a higher rating than its prequel. People, come on (please).

This film is unwanted, adds only convoluted nonsense and resolves nothing.

I am glad I watched it because it was beautiful, the women were pretty and I am a healthy man who appreciates the body of a woman, but otherwise the many reviews here say it all. My telling all these producers and directors to stop with the endless sequels won't sway anyone (in the time it took me to write this Disney released 2 new Marvel films), but guys BR2049 is still disappointing. 4/10 for the women, landscape and it is not as boring as Disney Star Wars.
Commits All The Mistakes Of Original Blade Runner's Theatrical Version
All the problems with the original theatrical version of Blade Runner, which Scott Ridley fought against are here. Ridley has become the studio system.

Blade Runner 2049, likely the least desired sequel in history, is making Philip K Dick roll in his grave. What is the point of this almost three hour-long sequel? Of course, it is to continue the film industry's addiction to sequels and make cash. That is it.

Let me get this straight: the world is devastated and anyone who is anybody moves off-world, but people are living in spacious luxury in a casino drinking fine aged Scotch? There is beautiful white snow falling from the skies and sexy call girls approach you on the street? This world is for schmucks, but the main character has an artificial girlfriend with legs to die for waiting at home for him making dinner and giving him threesome sex? Someone book me a ticket back from off-world to Earth please!

This was the kind of logical misstep that Ridley fought against when the studio released BR to cinemas with a gorgeous drive through the countryside at the end of the original. It makes no sense.

Face it, this is the film that should not exist and by watching all these 'franchise' films we feed the stupidity of Hollywood.

BR2049 is the same as the last 10 marvel films, the next ten Star Wars films and the Ghostbusters sequel, but is prettier and more visual.
Good Atmosphere, but not a good movie.
Blade runner was not an enjoyable movie for me. People are praising the atmosphere. They are correct to do so, however there is more to a movie then atmosphere.

The movie was really slow, even boring. I think it really comes down to three things. The atmosphere was dark and depressing, the plot was very slow to develop, the main character was unemotional. Any one of those things, or even two and it could still have worked, but with all three makes the movie slow and plodding. And that is besides the fact that the thing the bad guy was after just did not make sense, and they covered it up by making him not wholly rational even though he was a CEO of one of the largest companies on Earth.

The original movie was good in large part because of the gray, because of the unknowns in it. Were Replicants machines or not? Was Decker a Replicant or not? Was what he was doing right or not? The new one has a more cookie cutter plot, there are bad guys and good guys and they make clear early on that the Replicants are human.
Great film
That helped me catch up on some much needed sleep.

Otherwise, what is the point of this film?

That the villain is still alive, at large and in control?

The old Blade Runner lives and the new one dies? The world is post apocalyptic, but beautiful flakes of snow fall on the ground?

The girls are sexy, the hookers are available and one can buy holographic girlfriends in short skirts that make men's mouths water? Is that a grim future??

In other words, this film doesn't make sense. It is not as boring as stupid flicks like the new Star Wars or whatever, but despite the praised effects this film was nonsense and definitely too long. Thank goodness for beautiful women eye candy.
Existential Noir For Dummies
There were actually defenders of INDIANA JONES AND THE CRYSTAL SKULL, saying the computerized monkeys and the nuked refrigerator (that just happened to land in the radiation safety zone) were par for the course... "After all, in the other movies he climbed under a truck and..." so on and so forth: But when something looks and feels legit, it's completely plausible for the viewer...

Like in the original BLADE RUNNER where an opiate haze shrouds a corporate, commercialized yet doomed, dystopian future where rain falls on flying-cars jetting through an eternal night sky of bleak neon, resembling Shanghai in an arcade purgatory: Yet all this visual glory served as a backdrop for the job of Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard, a Bounty Hunter Assassin aka "Blade Runner," whose assignment was to find and "retire" five Replicants (androids) that are "More Human Than Human." Most have already seen the classic 1982 science fiction Film Noir directed by Ridley Scott, and anyone defending this sequel will probably say, "Well the first one is long and slow too..."

Yeah, sure... Slow like CHINATOWN, with a purpose and destination — while BLADE RUNNER 2049 has its new youngish Runner... played by a sleepy-eyed Ryan Gosling, whose slim shoulders get lost in the signature manly cop jacket... trudging around without a mission interesting enough to allow the viewer a break from the navel-gazing existentialism, which was also part of the original...

Only this time, that's just about all there is: Save for random scraps that occur few and far, far, far between, leaving the audience to wait, wait and wait some more during snail-paced treks through a murky CGI imitation of the original's groundbreaking special effects. Meanwhile, the side- characters (holograms or robotics) are corny beyond belief: Even a nifty twist-middle wakeup-call quickly comes to nothing: So then, can Harrison Ford pick up the pace and make things whole again. Well he answer is... When in Rome...
Boring Runner
I didn't realise 2049 also was the actual length of the film! It sure felt like it! 3 hours of boring dialogue, hollow characters and an embarrassingly weak story. Hard to believe Ridley Scott really made this!

The first Blade Runner worked the pace of the film brilliantly up to the powerful ending. The story was a rather simple sci-fi noir detective story with a twist. It made some huge comments on humanity and what kind of future we want. It worked on so many levels. It could be viewed as a simple sci-fi detective story or as a great spiritual journey that asked all the big questions. "And what can your maker do for you?".

The first Blade Runner had so many great lines but with 2049 I cannot remember a single quotable line. 2049 completely lacks all which made the original the best sci-fi movie ever. I take the same view as Rutger Hauer recently did. Why even try to do a second one? It would be as painting a second Mona Lisa. Or building another Eiffel tower.

A huge disappointment of a sequel that should never have been made.
Simply another excrescent sequel
Once upon a time a splendid science fiction movie showed up in the theaters, based on the intelligent novel of the great writer Philipp K. Dick: Blade Runner! Although deservedly very successful, this unique masterpiece remained untroubled by any unnecessary sequel for 35 years.

Meanwhile the science fiction genre has moved on. Very nice approaches showed up concerning AI, such as 'Ex Machina' and 'Her'. When the original 'Blade Runner' picked up the subject, long after the godfather of AI movies 'Metropolis' (1927) by Fritz Lang, it created an outstanding breathtaking cutting-edge vision of a future at stake, which needed not a single frame, a single word, a single tone more to have its role perfectly played.

To show up with a sequel to a masterpiece is certainly a high risk. Almost all attempts have failed. This one failed completely as much as none of all sequels before have failed that I have seen. In fact it even has failed to be a mean movie at all when excluding the attempt of being a sequel: Reams of illogical settings and acting, poor dialogues, no pace, unimaginative landscapes, incoherent music, partly implausible roles, a dystopia where the questions of AI are odd an contrived. And, maybe the worst in case of a boring movie is: the length.

To copy a great idea, to staple together some actors, frames and tones doesn't make a movie for a long time yet. This a failing movie as a movie and a disaster as a sequel.

All in all I would recommend to everyone who loved the original and considers to go to cinema for this movie: Save your time! Rather get the original and watch that one, again and again, and you're much better off!

While even after 35 years I still enjoy to remember every scene of 'Blade Runner', the scenes of '2049' will be forgotten next week, at the latest. Fortunately.
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