Blood Honey
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Jeff Kopas
Gil Bellows as Marvin Heath
Ava Preston as Young Jenibel
Krystal Hope Nausbaum as Linda Heath
Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Therapist
Natalie Brown as Natalie Heath
Matt Gordon as Randal Peters
Michael Hanrahan as Andre Lippe
Kenneth Mitchell as Neil Heath
Morgan Kelly as Bruce Lippe
Don McKellar as Dr. Bert Morrison
Shenae Grimes as Jenibel Heath
Rosemary Dunsmore as Louisa Lippe
Scott McCord as Joe Bananali
Luke McMillan as Young Bruce
Storyline: Tortured by the memory of a childhood trauma, a woman returns after a decade to her family's fly-in hunting lodge to assist her siblings with their dying father, only to find herself stuck in a life threatening nightmare.
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