Boone: The Bounty Hunter
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Robert Kirbyson
Lesley Fera as Madam Sylvia
John Hennigan as Boone
Lorenzo Lamas as Walker
Dominique Swain as Olivia
Osric Chau as Denny
Lateef Crowder as Juan Cardoza
T.J. Storm as Benicio Cardoza
Kevin Sorbo as Kevin Sorbo
Storyline: When fame-seeking reality show bounty hunter, Boone, attempts to bring down a drug lord and his empire, he uncovers more than he bargains for and learns that justice means more than ratings.
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Best I've Seen So Far This Year❤︎
WWE has made some horrific films, except 12 Rounds. Although, This isn't a WWE film,I have to say that Boone: The Bounty Hunter was the absolute best thing I've seen so far. While others don't appreciate good action movies, I do. Plus, I'm pretty sure John, being the parkour type did half if not all of his stunts within said movie.I'd rather have comedy with action instead of all the romance involved. I think people should actually take in every aspect of a movie before writing a critique.
Fun, funny & Action Packed
Boone the Bounty Hunter is a fun spoof of reality TV, combined with hilarious cheesy moments, amazing stunts and incredible fights. It doesn't take itself seriously so sit back and enjoy the ride. Star and creator, John Hennigan, is not Al Pacino, so don't expect him to be. But what he is, is a professional wrestler and park-our practitioner who does all his own stunts and fights in this flick- with many moves totally new to the action genre. Guest stars abound, from Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, to Lorenzo Lamas, Kevin Sorbo and even Corbin Bernsen. Think of Dog the Bounty Hunter meets Super Troopers meets Pro Wrestling.
Watchable, somewhat funny flick
There are some funny moments and the premise is funny. Some of the acting is very amateurish and the editing isn't great. The story cannot be much simpler.

I guess it's OK to have it in the background while you're doing some work - it's watchable with some laughs but nothing to write home about.

5 out of 10
A new franchise i can get behind
Boone: The Bounty Hunter is a action comedy movie about a macho man named Boone the main star of a reality crime fighting TV-show about to get cancelled due to the low rating.Whitout any choice he and the cast decide to pull out one last special episode with real crime and real bad people but things don't go smoothly as always.Boone is so full of himself,he likable and not all talk but he living in his own world for too long when all things is just a set up behind the camera so he very naive and can hurt other people feeling without realize it so the movie is the journey about him not only become a better person but also a hero in his fans eyes.The comedy is well done,the fight scene is well handle cause the actors can really fight and doing their own stunts plus for me it nice to see Osric Chau outside Supernatural series.The ending show there gonna be a sequel so let see how it goes
You are fake news
Go ahead and click on the accounts of all the glowing reviews for this movie. They're all a month old and only have one review.

Haven't seen it and never will. However, lies and deception shouldn't be rewarded so I'm going to help steer the public clear.

Boone knows what it is and doesn't shy away from delivering ridiculous laughs
I gave 10 stars to this film because it gave me what I wanted from this genre of movie. It delivers on cheesy one liners, hilarious action, and over the top plot development. You know why? Because it's paying homage to the classic action movies that created these stereotypes.

Actor, John Hennigan, who plays Boone the Bounty Hunter, takes stupid seriously in his portrayal of this concoction of Rambo, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Macho Man Randy Savage. WHO DOES HIS OWN STUNTS!

Throw this on, sit on the couch and crack a beer, because you're about to get Booned.
Great Action Movie
Boone: The Bounty Hunter is an incredibly fun action movie, and I highly recommend it for all fans of the genre. John Hennigan is excellent throughout the movie, and the rest of the cast does a great job. I was really impressed with how good the movie looked, the director and the crew as a whole really did a great job with their smaller budget. Hennigan puts his Parkour skills to use in some really impressive stunt work. If you like movies like Demolition Man, Commando, or District 13, then you will definitely enjoy Boone.
Reviews cannot be from audience members
Come on, what is happening here. Did these reviewers actually see the movie or did they just work on it? I don't buy that this movie which is cheesy with people I have never ever seen or heard of could have a higher rating than The Goonies or E.T. I mean are we really buying that? Don't waste your time or money on this. It is not watchable.
Solid Action/Comedy
John Hennigan's incorporation of pro wrestling and parkour into the movies action scenes are the best part of the film. The comedy, acting, characters and script were enough to keep me entertained. Definitely a beer and pizza movie for guys. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the action comedy genera or pro wrestling/parkour fan.
OK for a rainy day.
This certainly wasn't the worst action movie I've ever seen. The editing leaves a bit to be desired as I think most of the good stuff was left on the cutting room floor. As to the films star, I think he would have been a better Jack Reacher than Tom Cruise. At least as far as looks and build go. If you have a couple of hours to kill, and a good imagination, this is the flick for you.
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