Brad's Status
Drama, Comedy, Music
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Mike White
Luke Wilson as Jason Hatfield
Luisa Lee as Maya
Adam Capriolo as Chris Kanew
Jon Bernad as Admissions Receptionist
Shazi Raja as Ananya
Karl Graboshas as Admission Officer
Austin Abrams as Troy Sloan
Jemaine Clement as Billy Wearslter
Felicia Shulman as Cherie Parkinson
Michael Sheen as Craig Fisher
Jane Wheeler as Harvard Mother
Jenna Fischer as Melanie Sloan
Ben Stiller as Brad Sloan
Storyline: A father takes his son to tour colleges on the East Coast and meets up with an old friend who makes him feel inferior about his life's choices.
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Superficial & Too Long
A man in midlife crisis mixed with some dialogues/monologues like White Man/Male Privilege - which is mostly nonsense, most white men are not billionaires, I can tell you ;)

Anyway, without going further into the matter of the p.c.-crap, the movie all in all is not bad but imo not an outstanding one. Mostly because all dialogues summarized sound like some self-help book of Dale Carnegie mixed with some basic theologies of the "science" called sociology and the monologues are repetitive drags.

All in all the movie feels also a little long stretched. I would cut at least 20 minutes of the movie, a running time of 100 minutes is too long for the story told.

How someone can compare this movie with a movie of Woody Allen (like another reviewer did) is beyond my imagination.

Recommended if you really really have nothing better to do or your lifetime achievement is to watch all of Ben Stiller's movies.
Days of Whine and Neuroses.
Are we supposed to feel sympathy for a guy who has chosen to start a non-profit, has a loving wife, a nice house, a great son, and then whines about his life for most of the movie? I didn't. He is determined to make himself miserable by seeing nothing, but the lives of his buddies, who have seemingly been more materially successful.

He is taking stock of his life as he takes his smart, talented, decent son on his college tour, which includes his dream school, Harvard. (I am sick of Harvard being deified. Yale, Amherst, Williams, etc. are all viewed as lesser schools. They're not.)

In some ways, this is the modern, neurotic version of, "It's a Wonderful Life." A guy who has become bitter about his missed opportunities has the revelation that he's pretty lucky. But, somehow, Jimmy Stewart was charming. Ben Stiller is just irritating.

On one hand, he doesn't look down the social ladder to see how much better off he is than most people. He has a socially fulfilling job of his own making, not forced to work as a night janitor in an abattoir. And when he looks up the social ladder, he can only see an illusory world of wealth and happiness. It is beyond his imagination that people with more money - which is all he really knows about his old friends - can also be unhappy and unfulfilled. He doesn't know that there is "no there, there."

This is an aggravating, annoying movie. At one point, a young woman points out that his disappointment is really based on his white, male sense of entitlement. She says he should get pleasure from what he has done. I could barely contain myself from saying out loud, "Damn right!"
Well, it's not horrible.
I've read almost every user review for this film. Everyone-- from people who loved it to people who hated it-- posted at least one legitimate thing that I also noticed.

First, yes, Stiller is possibly at his best in terms of acting in this film. To me, he tops even his great performance in "The Royal Tenenbaums." There were so many moments when his character seemed to want to blurt something out, yet he was restrained by forces that even he couldn't quite define. Stiller's facial expressions were so emotive.

It's a REAL film. If there were no cameras rolling as most of its scenes played out I would feel as if I was watching a real slice of life, which is a credit to its acting, directing and screen writing.

But it's difficult to want to follow Stiller's Brad character for an extended amount of time. Although he says many things that are relatable to older people, he also says things that are childish and far too self-absorbed. A marginal amount of self pitying is fine, but when people who are in their late teens and early twenties are telling you to snap out of it, you lose respect.

Although the film has a gritty, real feel, there are moments when the dialogue feels shoehorned and cringe-worthy. When a beautiful young music student lectures Brad about his "white privilege" and how his condition relates to the evils of colonialism it's not just a millennial social justice warrior cliché-- it seems like the screenwriter is flaunting his minor in political science. It's out of place and counter-intuitive because it seems whiney in itself.

The film doesn't stick the landing well. In the end, Brad attempts to comfort himself with the words of the music student-- that he should just feel happy that he is alive. Vomit.

If the director and screenwriter had gone with a less self-pitying and more relatable theme then I'm certain that people would have identified more with Brad. Instead of a quest for riches, they should have focused on something that he says early in the film: he wants *financial security* so he can feel comfortable in his advancing years. I'm sure that even the music student wouldn't call first world white male privilege on that one.
Mind's Status
Brad is the type of guy who doesn't belong in any kind of social circle really. For some he is too low for their class, for others he is too high. While his problems are laughable compared to problems that are solved by the funds he raises, that doesn't make his problem mom existent. People generally tries to classify this type of films as futile attempts by privileged people. But human mind is always in a fight with itself to achieve more in life and whatever the world around is going about ultimately it's your mind that decides if you have failed yourself or not. Even though the film deals with familiar themes the script is powerful enough to keep you uncomfortable throughout the film. Ben Stiller again proves his best characters are dramatic roles with a light touch of comedy.
So relatable it hurts
"Brad's Status" is a comedy-drama from the co-writer of "The Emoji Movie". Notice that the marketing for this hasn't led with that.

But Mike White has done his penance here; this belongs up there with some of his best work like "School of Rock" and Jennifer Aniston's "The Good Girl".

The hero is Ben Stiller though, who plays the title character, whose reached a point in life where he can't help but find his life lacking when compared to others, particularly his friends.

And we've heard about movies that shine an uncomfortable light on us all; I know i've heard people say "mother!" does this, although many of us still have no idea what it's shining a light on.

But here it's actually very clear and very brilliant the way this film looks at things like achievement and idealism in America and how the striving for success and to put that bumper sticker on the car shouting it out can have an adverse affect.

Much of this film is Brad going through an inner-monologue with himself so be prepared for a lot of narration, but the fears he has are never ones you can't relate to and his hopes always something we feel the American dream should be, even when they're ridiculously selfish.

The best part about the film is that Stiller always feels like a character who has lived in the real world and who has had a natural progression from the way he thought in his youth to the way he feels now.

There are a number of profound moments here- one scene between Stiller and a young college student one of the best of the year. It's a slow moving movie but always compelling.

So I go 8 out of 10 guys. If you liked this, check out Craig James Capsule Reviews on Youtube.
Ben Stiller delivers
I've been a fan of Ben stiller for a while so I was excited for this movie. I love the fall season for two reasons: one, the nice crisp air, and movies like Brad's Status. This is a good movie. The IMDb user rating might say otherwise but this is good. Ben Stiller is great in this role. He plays a father who is taking his son on college tours and interviews, while thinking back on his life, going through kind of a mid life crisis. The acting is great, the camera work is actually quite good. It brings in a chill vibe to it and not a sci-fi action, blow up everything in your face feel. This movie uses the narration queue to move some parts of the story. Now, I understand that might be a cut off for some people if it isn't done properly. Good thing is that in here it is used well and isn't used that often. If you're looking for a nice movie, with great performances, especially from Ben Stiller, I highly recommended Brad's Status
Great story but a bit slow
I hadn't seen a Ben Stiller movie in a while and this one kind of came out of nowhere. Very little marketing and promotion meant that when I saw it was released I was surprised, but it is reflected in its low budget. The movie follows Brad (Ben Stiller) who is disappointed with his life, since all of his friends became very rich and successful in life. The plot revolves around him going to Harvard with his son, who is trying to get into the university.

The rest of the plot if filled in with learning more about Brad and his successful friends, whilst his son is really only there to move the main plot forward. It all felt a bit slow, which was not helped by the sweeping camera shots with no speaking and Brad's narration that is a bit too frequent.

However, when things eventually happen in the plot it is good. It made me feel sad for Brad at times, yet happy when he realised what was truly important in life. The key message, of course, is that money does not equate to success and this movie certainly delivers that well. What I also enjoyed was that although this message has been littered in numerous movies, Brad's Status delivers it in a refreshing format.

Although Brad's Status will not wow you, it is certainly a good movie. The plot is nothing new and it may feel slow at times, but it will bring a smile to your face in the end. Regardless of whether you like Ben Stiller's previous performances or not, this will be a worthy addition to your watchlist, especially at this time of year when it can be chilly!
This movie is SO AWFUL lost ALL respect for Ben Stiller
Honestly just lost all respect for Ben Stiller. This is the worst movie I have seen in so long I can't remember a worse film. I kept watching because I thought he was going to go into a crowd and mass murder people with a gun and this was a dark commentary on white male privilege. But I think this film was made because an AI algorithm told the studio it would make money because white men will relate to the fact that they have no gratitude, no empathy, no perspective, no actual compassion or insight for anyone except themselves. This movie was a complete and total nightmare. Actually now that I think about it, maybe it's the greatest horror film ever made: to think that so many men are out there with this horrid, sick, disgusting privileged mindset. EW. Just so much ew. This guy has everything any of us could ever hope for - much more than I'll ever have. I'll never have a spouse or children or a house or a business... or the ability to be a WHITE MALE who seriously complains about not being able to get 1st class on a plane or the best table in a restaurant. This normalizes sickness. This normalizes Trump. This is beyond grotesque.
Better than taking a sleeping pill
This film is on my list of the worst I have ever seen. The main character has angst to the nth degree. My wife and I both wanted to walk out multiple times but we kept thinking it would get better. It doesn't. Both my wife and I left the theater feeling very annoyed. Painful to watch, no redeeming factors. I don't understand the positive reviews. Don't waste your time or money.
My status after watching the movie: Hopeful!
Oh, man. It's been a while since I saw a movie getting complicated feelings and relations so right. Some of the things that are brought up here are extremely true and honest. To tell you the truth, it moved quite a bit. The simplicity of it is almost genius. We follow Brad as he helps his son find a college. He questions what he will leave behind and what his connection with his old friends has truly become over the years. The film takes a very down to earth approach, with us reaching into the mindset of the main character. I enjoy Ben Stiller in comedies, but he is excellent in drama roles like these. It's a sympathetic character with good intentions, but he also has his problems. Mainly his fear of being forgotten because he didn't dare to take risks. Stiller plays it all so authentically real. Mike White's writing is on point. It's a shame that he doesn't direct more often because he has some potential. The cinematography by Xavier Grobet beautifully captures the mood of the early autumn with a wonderful use of colors.

I love it when I see a film with some hopefulness. But what hit me the most was the question of your life choices. Everyone has surely had a moment when you feel like you didn't make it, but other people who are close to you did. The thought of you growing envious of someone who is close to you can be horrifying. How do you deal with that and how honest can we really get with our friends? The fact that this movie presented this subject in such a real way was very heartfelt to me. It's not a perfect film, but I found a great connection with the story. I commend it for not being an Oscar bait, but just a small crisp diamond that I will look forward to revisit again. Highly recommended!
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