Cover Versions
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Todd Berger
Brian Howe as Detective Fairbanks
Vinny Chhibber as Chauncey
Sheila M. Lockhart as Liquor Store Patron
Jonny Mars as Noah
Jennifer An as Lucy
Debby Ryan as Maple
Ashley Argota as Amber
Kevin Dunigan as Piedmont
Jerry Trainor as Travis
Katie Cassidy as Jackie
Drake Bell as Byron
Storyline: Four band members tell varying accounts of a night of sex, drugs, and murder before their first big show at a popular music festival.
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Codec h264
Bitrate 5604 Kbps
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Type HQ DVD-rip
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File Size 1078 Mb
Codec mpeg4
Bitrate 1735 Kbps
Format avi
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1080p 1920x1038 px 3481 Mb h264 5604 Kbps mkv Download
HQ DVD-rip 720x384 px 1078 Mb mpeg4 1735 Kbps avi Download

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