Daddy's Home 2
IMDB rating:
Sean Anders
Mark Wahlberg as Dusty
Dylan Wise as Griffy
Kyle Tristan as Christmas Pageant Kid (as Kyle Tristan Wakefield)
Connor Wise as Griffy
Owen Vaccaro as Dylan (as Owen Wilder Vaccaro)
Didi Costine as Adrianna
John Cena as Roger
Andrea Anders as Principal Hayes
Will Ferrell as Brad
Mel Gibson as Kurt
Storyline: Having finally gotten used to each other's existence, Brad and Dusty must now deal with their intrusive fathers during the holidays.
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Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.
Daddy's Home 2 starts off exactly where the last one left off. This time it's time to meet the fathers from each side of the family. The film is exactly like the first one...everybody trying to outdo each other and always proving to the other party how heir way of life sucks etc.

John Lithgow plays Don (Brad's Father) and Mel Gibson plays Kurt (Dusty's Father). Lithgow and Mel are very funny in different ways. Lithgow is very in your face and gross kind of funny, where as Gibson is more very dark and menacing and a tough guy kind of funny. As an example taking the his grand kids hunting to not make them "pussies." The problem here is that the script doesn't allow Lithgow or Gibson shine as much as they could. It all feels wasted in a way.

All in all there are a lot of jokes that work and a lot that fail. Without spoiling too much there is one joke that involves the kids drinking alcohol and getting drunk. If we had similar jokes to that this film would have been comedy of the year, but oh well! It's a Christmas movie and it's always a fine message that it's always about the family gathering! See it maybe cheap at the movie theater. 2.5/5 stars. Jay And Nick- The Autistic Reviewers.
I needed a good time and this film gave me that..
Having finally gotten used to each other's existence, Brad and Dusty must now deal with their intrusive fathers during the holidays. If you ever read my review for the first 'Daddy's Home' you would know that i absolutely hated it but with Mel Gibson and John Lithgow being added to the sequel i said to myself "why the hell not? it might be good this time around right?" And it was even better than i expected and don't listen to the haters or the reviews for this film. Is it ridiculous? Of course it is but is it a lighthearted and fun movie too? you betcha. The jokes land for 99.9% of the film and their delivered mostly from the Main actors (Ferrell and Wahlberg) but the kids as well who steal most of the spotlight even from the veterans, Mel Gibson playing a kind of d*ckhead dad made 100% sense and he was amazing from start to finish, Lithgow was hilarious and John Cena? The man does a great job in comedic roles rather than dramatic or action ones. The kids as i said are also amazing with Scarlett Estevez who plays Megan having one of the many great scenes in the movie. As for the main duo? They were amazing especially Will Ferrell which i haven't seen him in anything great since Anchorman 2. The jokes never seem to fall flat and the perfect casting for each character seems to fit quite well and the actors seem of having a great time this time around. Overall Daddy's Home 2 is an incredibly hilarious sequel with some of the best jokes i've seen in a while and actors who seem of having a great time doing their job. (A+)
VIEWS ON FILM review of Daddy's Home 2
Daddy's Home 2 is my latest review. It's a follow-up to 2015's surprise hit, Daddy's Home. The first outing wasn't great to begin with. Guess what, "2" is even worse.

Remember when Chevy Chase got into all kinds of shenanigans during National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Well Will Ferrell does the same exact shtick in Daddy's Home 2. Ferrell's gifts as a physical comedian are evident. The difference is that Chase's movie was done with a bit more craft. Heck, it had an actual story mind you.

"2", with its clips of kids getting drunk on eggnog, a nativity scene being destroyed, Xmas lights getting caught in a snowblower, and captain "Sully" Sullenger making a small cameo, is a yuletide cash grab just like A Bad Moms Christmas (released ten days earlier). The films are eerily similar with Daddy's Home 2 being the gender-flipped version of "Christmas". With A Bad Moms Christmas, the males are reduced to forgotten caricatures as they harbor minimal dialogue and fade into the background. With "2", the females don't have much to do either in terms of the overall plot. They are merely around for decoration (ha-ha, get it?).

Listen, "2" may be PG-13 (as opposed to A Bad Moms Christmas having a hard R) and it may be more slapstick in nature. Don't be fooled though. These flicks are mirror images of each other. They are both using the holidays as a hook to capitalize on the success of the originals. Yup, Daddy's Home 2 isn't a "home" worth saving.

"2's" director (Sean Anders) sans production values and trouper, conflict coherency in favor of sloppy editing, too many characters (stepdads, stepmoms, grandpas, stepchildren, etc.), and perennial, movie star wattage. His "2" isn't an actual motion picture. It's more of a series of set-ups, designed to get the viewer to chuckle occasionally. Almost every scene in Daddy's Home 2 is manipulated (or inserted) onto the screen without a true reason for being. Oh and by the way, Ferrell's pseudo-clumsiness here is definitely not rooted in reality.

In the realm of casting, Anders brings in John Lithgow and Mel Gibson to play the weirdo dads to Mark Wahlberg and Ferrell. Gibson, who has always been a favorite of mine, has obviously not been forgiven by Hollywood yet. In his heyday, he would've never agreed to star in something as shambolic as Daddy's Home 2.

All in all, the final sequence in "2" involves everyone snowed in at a movie theater on Xmas day. As the whole cast belts out "Do They Know It's Christmas?", I realized that I need to picket the resurrection of every sequel from hear on out. Rating: 1 and a half stars.
Age-appropriate ridiculousness
Daddy's Home 2 is silly and over-the-top, and much like the first film isn't short of a few eye-rollers and missteps; there may not be a dance- off, but they don't shy away from that level of comicality. This sequel contains more slapstick humor, but in turn that also means more laughs. It never got me rolling on the floor so to speak, and most of the comedy was provided through actions rather than words, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a good time smiling throughout either.

The themes of relationship sabotage and reclamation continue here, with less satisfying results than its predecessor. I do kind of wish that Brad and Dusty weren't too bothered with harboring internal conflicts as that is what the first film was all about, but it did connect to the overall story so I understand its necessity. Character involvement is plenty spread out with highlights from Mel Gibson, though due to a short run time there is a lot of underdevelopment juggling ten characters. The absence of Hannibal Buress was also noted (and hey, where were the dogs?).

As far as PG-13 pure comedies go this may near atop the 2017 list, though that's not saying much. Even if the film's quality might not be worth all of your hard-earned dollars, its value is still best served as a theater viewing experience with the family (age not being a factor), especially as we near the holiday seasons.

Minor note: There is a short after-credits scene that is not worth your time. I don't know what it was there for.
We've Been Naughty This Year: Here's the Proof
For those still looking forward to Christmas, know that this week's forced Holiday pabulum, Daddy's Home 2 is proof that we've all been naughty this year and you should probably batten down the hatches before Santa Claus comes to your home and s**ts underneath your tree. This movie is a horrid, rage-inducing, ill-conceived exercise in dead-horse beating that's so on-its-face repulsive, that its obligatory last act koombaya resembles an upside-down diaper that's been left on someone's windshield.

Daddy's Home 2 takes the broadly-drawn animosities of the first film and gives them a wider birth as Markie Mark and Wimpy Willy are visited by their like-minded fathers played by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow for Christmas. Looking for a way to get underneath everyone's skin, just because, Mel Gibson AirB&B's a rustic snow-swept cabin and eggs everyone into a blended family blowout. As you would expect the movie then devolves into clichéd comedic hijinks not funny since the Reagan Era to relay a message (I guess) not relevant since Archie Bunker was still on TV.

On its face, this movie has every glaring, stupid, simpering problem the first one did. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are still cardboard jumbles of male insecurity and chauvinism stuck in an ever-escalating game of one-upsmanship. The kids are still lingering afterthoughts who chime in only when the plot needs a shift in tone. The story itself still plays out like a tour of loosely connected contrivances laboring to maintain a PG-13 rating and Linda Cardellini still plays a feckless, inconsequential support figure. Admittedly, Cardellini does have a tiny bit more to do here but that comes at the expense of having her play opposite the wooden Alessandra Ambrosio – ouch.

What makes this movie so much worse however is the inclusion of Mel Gibson's character which somehow takes the tired affectations of Wahlberg's Dusty and strips them of everything resembling an adult. The actor may be pushing sixty-two but Gibson's toxic grandpa (or padre as he insists on calling himself) is a terror on the level of The Problem Child (1990). Never has there been a more irredeemably terrible character worthy of being pushed out onto an ice flow. Yet, the movie somehow thinks Dusty and Brad (Ferrell) are the ones that need to be emasculated, electrocuted and pelted with snowballs. Gibson does get shot once - so that's nice.

The film's big climax takes place in a movie theater. An interesting choice since it only serves to highlight the woeful fact that if you've gotten this far without walking out, you're definitely won't get your money back. The movie then ends in a syrupy sweet crescendo of sing-songy holiday cheer so forced it should be arrested for assault. The Song "Do They Know It's Christmas" was never played on heavy rotation at my house during the holidays, but after watching this monstrosity, I wanted to buy the record just so I have something physical to destroy. Maybe if I'm good all next year, I can treat myself to skeet shooting the Blu-ray of this derelict piece of bat droppings instead. Yes, I'll probably ask Santa for that.
A short letter to Hollywood
I love Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlburg and will laugh at just about anything in a comedy that they do, I really loved Daddy's Home one and spent hard earned money to see #2 in the theater instead of waiting to see it for free in a few months on TV, but for the love of all this is holy, please leave politics out of film. I almost walked out after paying big $$. The parts that bother me were:

**Men repeatedly kissing each other on the lips, the first five times i got it

**All conservative characters were gun toting load mouths that were unkind All the progressives were sensitive educated thoughtful and kind (in red shirts)

** A line of little girls waiting to kiss a boy character - thats OK, but a little boy in the same line waiting to kiss the little boy - not OK - gay children in movies - please stop!

The only reason I have 4 stars is that I did laugh and they poked fun of both sides, but there were lectures galore for the right along the way. I go to the movies to forget my problems, not to get a lecture from the left. Just leave me out of it and stop forcing your "progressive" agenda down my throat - please give it a rest!!! You guys in Hollywood better get it soon or you are going to repeatedly lose money.
Daddys Home 2: The CO-DUDS at Christmas
This is a sequel with some slapstick comedy.

The co-duds want to give their kids the perfect Christmas so they decide to celebrate together in one household (hooray!). The surprise is the grandfathers (Tough Mel Gibson & Sensitive John Lithgow) both arrive to join in the fun (hooray!). They all decide to go on a holiday to resolve the problem of whose house to have Christmas dinner at.

The film had moments of humour and I found myself laughing here and there, but I have an IQ of 30 and found it mainly boring.

Be aware that most of the best jokes were shown in the trailers (booooo!) It's a Christmas nonsense film (that time of year).

No out-takes! (Really?!)
I bit like a cartoon, nice ending, yet nothing exceptional.
I don't want to be the one to ruin a Christmas spirit with this, but I cannot say this movie rocked the stage. Here are few of mine reasons why.

At first and foremost at some point in time I genuinely felt like I was watching a lame, musical, child's cartoon. With that childish background music... just awful. I just could not keep an eye and ear shut on that.

At 2nd place of my spiting, sorry to say but it really looks like it, what is with this movie and freaking weirdness? I felt awkward just by looking at them kissing each other like there is no tomorrow. "Hey dad, look, i washed my hands." "Gooood boy!" *Kiss him in a mouth just because* I may sound a bit homophobic, which I am not, but still,wasn't that a bit TOO MUCH?? But it doesn't end there. Oh hell to the no. They went from weird to weirder. Like those 'manly kisses' weren't enough, they ad some brother-and-sister-'roooomance'. A good old Game of Thrones style. Without hesitation, that boy went for his goddamn sister... I didn't laughed too much on that.

With a few more small objections that didn't effect my note greatly 5 was more then fair from me. I couldn't deny their expertise to make us laugh, to give us a great pre-holiday time, and believe me or not, to blow are mind with an emotional, deep, quality message at the end, which i highly appreciated in terms of movie rating.
Too frenetic to feel
There's a scene early in "Daddy's Home 2" where we watch a car fast-forward to a stop. There's no reason for the footage to be played at an accelerated speed.

The scene could serve as a metaphor for the entire movie.

There is a great deal to like about "Daddy's Home 2": Some truly bend-over laughing comedy, a look at legitimate family dynamics, and some heart-warming (and heart-breaking) moments of relationships being formed, damaged, and mended. But all of it happens too quickly.

From the movie's beginning, the frantic pace serves most of the comedy well; but in the film's most important scenes, when both the characters and the audience need a moment to consider what they/we are involved in...ZZZIIIPPPP, the pace just keeps on racing.

"Daddy's Home 2" is a good movie; a solid kick-off to the holiday season. I want to like it more, but I can't find my way to rate it higher than a 6 on a scale of 10. It could have been better, but the manic pace doesn't reward the impressive acting.

Especially good is Linda Cardellini as Sara, the wife/ex-wife of the two main protagonists. She keeps the borderline silliness grounded and provides a necessary character for the audience to identify with; she projects the perfect sense of exasperation, bemusement and affection for the two dolts she loves.

Especially unpleasant is Mel Gibson as Kurt Mayron, father of Mark Wahlberg's Dusty. He is so singularly boorish that even when the film tries to redeem him, his character is too far gone to like.

There are a couple of scenes that may suggest "Daddy's Home 2" is inappropriate for preteens. One, involving the two daughters getting drunk, is mercifully brief but just too wrong for my comfort. The other, involving younger daughter Megan (played by Scarlett Estevez) learning to hunt, is simultaneously chilling and one of those "bend-over laughing" scenes I mentioned.

As it was finishing, I felt the movie tried too hard to give me a cheerful holiday ending. A bloated production number was unworthy of the goodwill the rest of the movie had earned, although the cast's rendition of "Do They Know It's Christmas" is, despite the horrors of auto-tune, a contrivance that works.
Now, let me ask you...
A group of heavy hitters, one way or another. Mark Whalberg starred and produced "The Fighter" Mel Gibson gave us "Braveheart" and "The Passion Of The Christ" John Lithgow is one the best actors we've got, from the transsexual in "The World According To Garp" to Winston Churchill in "The Crown" and Will Ferrel one of the most popular comedians around for over a decade. All together in a comedy! Now, let me ask you. is this the best they could come up with? Lazy, opportunistic without a single original idea. Is this movie going to make any money? I'm asking because if it does, I should shut up and dedicate myself to gardening or something like that. Clearly, money is the only reason behind this enterprise and I'm giving it a 2 and not a 1 out of respect for the crew and all their hard work.Phew.
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