Crime, Drama, Thriller, History
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Kathryn Bigelow
Anthony Mackie as Greene
Ben O'Toole as Flynn
Algee Smith as Larry
Jack Reynor as Demens
John Boyega as Dismukes
Kaitlyn Dever as Karen
Hannah Murray as Julie
Will Poulter as Krauss
John Krasinski as Attorney Auerbach
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Movie sucks
Saw the movie, lived thru it, box office agrees the movie sucked. It could have played on the Lifetime Network or straight to home video. Boogie Man gonna get you.. As Krauss stated in the movie "You don't talk about this to anyone, ever." And apparently he was correct, as the budget was $34M dollars, and the studio received only a portion of that, we should have been paid to watch this I rest my case
This is Detroit. We don't bluff.
This film is s docudrama about the Detroit 1967 riots. It is mostly composed dramatization from eye witness accounts and also includes clips from the era.The film opens with the after hours club raid which fueled the rioting. It didn't include Tiger's Willie Horton appealing to the crowd. It then turns to the incident at the Algiers hotel, focusing on the life of Larry Cleveland Reed of the group "The Dramatics." It ends with a trial over the raid.

The film had excellent acting and I thought the recreation was good, although I have no knowledge as to what happened. Interesting from an historical viewpoint.

BTW the Dramatics hit song "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get" was released in 1971 and appears to be anachronistic for the 1967 incident.

Guide: F-word. Very brief nudity
Emotional & Moving
I saw "Detroit", starring John Boyega-Star Wars:The Force Awakens, 24:Live Another Day_tv; Will Poulter-The Revenant, We're the Millers; Kaitlyn Dever-Last Man Standing_tv, Bad Teacher and Anthony Mackie-The Captain America & Avengers movies, Real Steel.

This is based on a true story that took place in July of 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. It's directed by Kathryn Bigelow-Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker & Point Break, the original 1991 version. It tells the story of police brutality, racism and riots, all of which happened much too often during this time period. John plays a security guard that gets involved with local police, state police and the National Guard in a shooting incident that happened at the Algiers Motel-it was an eleven dollar a day motel so most of the clients were hookers or drug dealers. The local police-mostly white-had just raided a bar and arrested almost everyone there-mostly black. This led to riots throughout the city, which led to the Algiers incident. Will is the racist white police officer that leads the charge on the motel after hearing gun shots-he thinks it's a sniper-and rounds up the occupants-mostly black with 2 white females. Kaitlyn is one of the females. Anthony plays a returning war vet that was in the motel. If you are unfamiliar with the incident, it had several deaths, brutal police beatings and a trial. Oh yeah, they never found a gun. It's rated "R" for violence, language and sexual content-including nudity-and has a running time of 2 hours & 23 minutes. I don't think I would buy it on DVD. It is an emotional and moving story but one viewing is enough. It would be a good rental.
'True Story' yet feels false
I don't criticize the movie on PC or 'racial' grounds, but, on how it works - doesn't - on screen. Unfortunately, the backlast TO the backlash paints just about anybody who doesn't like DETROIT as being PC. I strongly support Bigelow and Boal's 'right' to make any movie they want, but, it's also a person's right to disapprove and not have one's motives questioned. My full take:

Director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal's THE HURT LOCKER and ZERO DARK THIRTY are two of best movies of the millennium. Because of that, it is doubly difficult to write that their current effort, DETROIT is such a disappointment.

The movie takes place during the Detroit riots of July 1967. It begins with a wider overview of the situation, complete with archival news reports, photos and audio.* Interspersed are a few on the ground perspectives of various characters. It's not terribly involving, but not bad. Some of these characters begin to gather in and around a motel. At that point, it becomes clear that the events at that motel will become the centerpiece of the movie.

Those events became known as the infamous and horrific Algiers Motel Incident, complete with a contemporaneous best-selling book of that name by John Hersey. It is here where the movie failings emerge. If there is one thing that the various witnesses can agree on - is that there are few things they can agree on. In addition to the book, there were several investigations, court cases and a myriad of stories written and recorded over the four decades since. Bigelow and Boal said they did not use the book when making DETROIT.

However, the movie-makers made the decision to depict a single narrative viewpoint as if it were "the truth". While the incident may not have exactly been a Rashomon situation, it was certainly a chaotic one where no one person was witness to each and every event that happened along the way. That is Bigelow and Boal's artistic decision. But, it becomes disastrous if not downright distateful on screen. For, despite fine performances and strong production values, the sequence never quite rings true. It seems Written. Directed. Coerced. Co-Opted. Manufactured. It's a 'true story' that feels false. Without truth. Without insight. The brutality and inhumanity is so unremitting that it takes on the feel of an exploitation movie. I fully understand that exploitation was the last thing on Bigelow and Boal's mind, but the screen does not lie. Yes, these incidents did happen, but did we need to see all the blood,bruising and nudity? It further complicates things that DETROIT's narrative of the events is contradicted by much of the sworn testimony of the witnesses - both at the time and subsequently**. Again, Bigelow and Boal's artistic perogative, but to what end if not to further belief in the portrayal of events??

DETROIT's last act is a long protracted court-room drama. It's supposed to bring context and some closure to the events, but, like the bulk of the movie it feels wholly unsatisfactory and unfullfilling. Whenever a 'true story' about barbarous events is brought to the screen by such a clearly talented cast and crew the term "powerful" is often used (indeed, there were several audible gasps in the screening I attended). But, a production can be both "powerful" and "empty". DETROIT, unfortunately, ends up on the lower end of that scale.

* Kudos to Bigelow for preserving the proper aspect ratio for the vintage footage

** Without getting into spoilers, I will just mention a relatively minor example. The musical band portrayed in the movie, The Dramatics, are depicted as newbies who are seeking a first break. In actuality, they had been together for four years and even been a recording act for at least two years Prior to the events in DETROIT. I don't criticize Boal & Bigelow's movie because of a few fudged facts, but, because it undercuts the drama even further, making it feel false.
Very uncomfortable viewing but powerful movie-making
There are far too few female film directors and probably none as commercially and artistically successful as the American Kathryn Bigelow. Her two previous works, "The Hurt Locker" and "Zero Dark Thirty", were both outstanding and showed men in uniform under pressure.

"Detroit" has the same essential theme but, as the title makes clear, this time we are on Bigelow's home territory of the United States. Indeed we are in the midst of actual events, the race riot which took place in one of the country's major cities over five days in July 1967 when 43 were killed, 1,200 injured, 7,000 arrested, and 2,000 buildings burned down.

As the film unfolds, the focus constantly narrows, starting with a quick animated history of black migration in the USA, moving on to the rioting throughout the 12th Street area of Detroit, then closing in on the Algiers Motel, and finally remaining in real time in an annex to the motel where we find ourselves in a kind of horror movie.

This is a long film and the final segment jumps forward a couple of years, with glimpses of the court case where all the accused were acquitted, to conclude with short text advising the viewer on what happened to the chief characters in the incident.

If this is a cinematic tour de force by Bigelow, it is a tribute too to writer Mark Boal and cinematographer Barry Ackroyd, both of whom she has worked with before. The inter-cutting of contemporary news footage and the use of hand-held cameras mean that the viewer is drawn into a seamless exposition that, from the beginning, induces anxiety and, during the interrogation sequence, is some of the most uncomfortable viewing outside of the horror movie genre.

The acting is excellent across the piece, but the stand-out performances come from two British actors: John Boyega ("The Force Awakens") as the black security guard caught up in the events and Will Poulter ("THe Revenant") as the white Detroit cop who orchestrates the whole macabre, and ultimately murderous, shake-down

I saw Bigelow interviewed about her latest movie on "The Daily Show" and it is clear that she regards "Detroit" as not simply a 50th anniversary commemoration of a dark period of American history but a call to today's America to recognise that race is still a bitterly divisive feature of society that continues all too often to witness young black men being shot down by white policemen who are rarely called to account at a time when the current occupant of the White House is adding by word and deed to the already toxic atmosphere.
Worth to watch ! Good storytelling with drama crime genre movie !
First, you need to know that this movie is not an action crime movie, but its a crime drama history movie. So it makes this harder to be the movie that liked by the audience. Many people prefer crime movie with action and stunt style, but this movie is different. It based on true event, and believe me, this crime drama movie really blows your mind !

At the first 15 minutes, it shows us some background character, and background story with some documented photo or news that was related to terrible happenings in Detroit. Some people may not know about this event and these facts really helps you to know and understand some background story.

And still, Detroit still gives you many intense scene that makes you curious what will happen next. The interrogation scene with some bad police is really good and with deep emotional feeling. This scene has become one of my favourite in this movie and i like it a lot, but at some point i feel it is too long. The other good scene is at the court. Personally, I always like the court scene about the lawyer vs prosecutor, it really feels like the big war with your mind and words !

On the other hand, i think this movie duration is too long and somehow can be boring if you not really like this kind of movie. And i think it will be better if you add a bit of comedy into the script. But believe me, this movie is worth to watch and gives you a lot of knowledge about the Detroit event.
Great retelling of a dramatic event, but it drags.
Detroit is a movie that is based around the events of the Algiers Motel Incident during the African American rebellion. During that incident, a group of African American males and two white females are taken in as victims who threatened police officers at the Algiers Motel. When the incident unfolds, the men and women involved would have their lives completely changed.

For what this movie is, it's fine. It's executed well enough even if it isn't completely historically accurate. It does have its intense moments, mainly towards the second act and the movie is very well acted. Algee Smith does a fantastic job with his character, Larry especially. Larry, admittedly is the main highlight of the movie for me. He is able to show so much through just his facial expressions and gestures, and I really admire Smith for executing that so well. There is a lot of political talk throughout this narrative. Some viewers may not understand all of it.

Either way, my main issue with the movie is that it feels like it drags on for too long. This movie is almost two and a half hours long, and I feel like the running time could've been reduced by about 15 minutes. I mean, the majority of the first act does do a good job at setting up the catalyst of the plot, but since this movie is about Detroit's Algiers Motel Incident rather than simply the fall of Detroit itself, I feel like there's a good chunk in the beginning that could've been taken out.

Even though Detroit feels like it drags on for too long, it's still a well acted and well written telling of a tragic event that took place in the city of Detroit. Sure, it could've been better, but it's at least a decent movie.

Loved it but man it was long
Detroit was a very deep documentary. Its amazing to see that it was based on only 50 years ago. And how the police state was when there were riots. And its sad to see times hasn't changed that much! Police Brutality has never ended! The thing I didn't like about the movie was how one of the main characters gave up his singing career to join a church. It seems every black movie has black people riding god the whole time! Also this documentary showed me that there is no such thing as a good cop.
Good Movie sensible issue
You will be amazed with the performance. Surely It will win at least 1 academy award for 2018. At no point of time you feel like that movie is going in wrong direction or misleading the audience. The guy who acted in the police role is familiar face to you if you watched Breaking Bad Series on Netflix.
A clinical autopsy of a riot 50 years later
'Detroit' won't be a money maker, judging by the poor receipts after opening in America. Worldwide it may do better. Katherine Bigelow is a creative film maker and 'Detroit', her cinematic homage bears this out. Teamed up again with writer Mark Boal (Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty), she, at 67, shown she is the leading woman director of her time. Working against a handicap: the estate of John Hersey who wrote the best seller 'Algiers Motel Incident' who wrote strongly of the incident in July 25-26 1967 that occurred during the rioting that rocked Detroit and many say hastened the decline of city during the sinking fortunes then of America's car makers, during the declining fortunes of an America engaged in a failing undeclared colonial war in Vietnam. Bigelow and Boal and their team of researcher performed a yeoman's task of researching, rummaging archives, finding old photos and newsreel footage, and more than that finding the people--police and victims--of the incident at the Algiers Motel. And from that intense labor of 'love', they made a powerful film of police brutality and the craven behavior of the Michigan and National Guard sent in to quell the riot. Not only that, they assembled an ensemble of black and white actors that breathe life and tension and energy and artistic passion into top shelf acting that they might not of had, especially the black actors. John Boyega gave a nuanced, sturdy performance of a security guard who looks to save black lives until the safety of dawn; Anthony Mackie is no stranger to Bigelow films, and Algee Smith whose career and life the riots sent into a direction he least expected and ended his dreams of a singing career on the Motown label. The undisguised racism of the police force is not varnished in the least, The young British actor Will Poulter gives an over the top performance of a racist cop with a taste for brutality and murder. And 'Detroit' cannot have come at a better time in today's America where the president encourages police violence against dark skinned Americans and sojourners; where the incidence of police killing blacks with impunity have engendered the 'Black Lives Matter', to protest the endemic, seemingly pathological torrent among the police who can shoot, kill and main blacks and other minorities and whites who challenge authority. 'Detroit' resonates to that condition which is being pandered to by a Republican administration, an administration that seeming reimposed old rules and behavior that draws sharply between citizen and second class citizens, which the country had thought had been put behind it. But how fragile it the illusion, especially the ill will and outright hatred of Obama, the first black president. And the Republicans openly playing the racist card as America slouched to a more open society demographically and racially. And yet the violence and brutality Bigelow's camera captures, left this review ice cold. It was as though I was witnessing coldly and clinically a medical examiner's autopsy of a corpse. And yet, I would recommend this film highly. Many won't see it--too violent they might say. But they must, turning one's eyes away won't make the systemic police and racial ugliness disappear. Of course at Oscar time, 'Detroit' will receive nominations but hardly garner a statuette. Too bad.
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