Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical
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Brett Sullivan
Aisha De Haas as Medda Larkin
Julian DeGuzman as Smalls
Steve Blanchard as Joseph Pulitzer
Kara Lindsay as Katherine
Bill Bateman as Bunsen / Stage Manager
John E. Brady as Weisel / Jaccobi
Tommy Bracco as Spot Conlon
Kevin Carolan as Governor Roosevelt / Nunzio
Mark Aldrich as Seitz
Ben Cook as Race
Jeremy Jordan as Jack Kelly
Storyline: Filmed live on stage at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA, this not-to-be-missed high energy show stars Original Broadway cast members Jeremy Jordan as "Jack Kelly," Kara Lindsay as "Katherine," Ben Fankhauser as "Davey" and Andrew Keenan-Bolger as "Crutchie". They're joined by North American Tour stars Steve Blanchard as "Joseph Pulitzer," and Aisha de Haas as "Medda Larkin," and Ethan Steiner as "Les" along with members of both the Broadway and North American Tour ensembles, filling the stage with more "newsies" and more dancing than ever before. Set in New York City at the turn of the century and based on a true story, Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a ragged band of teenaged 'newsies,' who dreams only of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. But when publishing titans Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise distribution prices at the newsboys' expense, Jack finds a cause to fight for and rallies newsies ...
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Time just flies by
this is a solid musical- really well done across the board, and full of high octane energy. The close ups are great- really makes you connect to the characters. Kara Lindsay and Jeremy Jordan are some of the most talented people to ever grace Broadway, and hearing them rock the rafters is quite an experience!!

Also, the person who gave this 2 stars without watching the whole thing is really unfair (movie junkies that hate the stage adaptation. They exist.) In no way did Newsies fail- this 2017 live version made over 3 million dollars in just 3 days at movie theaters, and ran for 1,000 performances on Broadway. The changes made totally make sense as a whole- adding a strong female arc was a great move as it was desperately missing in the movie,,, and you ask why did they open with Santa Fe- because it's more realistic. It's refreshing to see opening scenes like this. Just two people having a conversation. A lot of Tarantino films are like this as well!
Absolutely Amazing
I am one that enjoys Broadway shows and to combine both the Broadway & North American Tour together to make this show was Amazing. I hope they make this into a DVD like they did with CATS. The stage show personal touch versus a cinematic approach makes the show 1000x times better and easier to relate to the characters.
too much camera movement
It is a good musical but the filming seemed to have too many cameras. The film shots were constantly moving from one camera angle to another. Unlike a play where the audience chooses where they want to focus on the stage, the film dictates the focus. It moved too quickly and too many angles so that the flow of the musical was disrupted. The choreography was lost. Most of the dance numbers where cut away or too narrowly focused. Seldom was the dance number shown to fill the stage and build on the energy.
I've been converted, This show is PURE MAGIC!
Having been a serious fan of the original 1992 film with Christian Bale, I was excited to learn they made a stage production of the show. But then I heard they made some changes to the story for the stage adaption and then I became very skeptical.

Once I finally got to see the show LIVE in person, I was blown away by the entire production and loved the small changes they made. It actually fits better as a live production and the changes were PERFECT.

Once the show and road tour ended, I was so sad to know we'll never get to see this again, but once it was announced that they are bringing the Broadway production to the BIG SCREEN, I was more than excited.

Seeing the cinematic version of the Broadway production gave a whole new perspective on the experience. The drama seems heightened since we now get to see close ups of the characters and every emotional reaction and response. We also get to HEAR every line and word, where on stage, sometimes the lines are run together rather quickly and it's easy to miss certain elements. The lighting, the sound, the editing was BRILLIANT!

Also, the actors were full of extra life and energy and you could see their love and passion for each other and this show. This theatrical experience was OVERFLOWING with Disney magic and I confess, I teared up several times, just because it was SO AMAZING!

If you never saw a Broadway show, or can't get to New York, and if you never saw the Broadway version of Newsies...this is a MUST-SEE! The Music, the Dancing, the Acting, the Performances, the Costumes and Set....everything was SHEER MAGIC and absolutely PERFECT!

I'll never get tired of seeing NEWSIES!
Sensational Filming of the Broadway Musical
Having seen Newsies on stage and in the movies, when I heard it would be shown at our local theater (at an exorbitant price), I couldn't wait. Often these things don't work out. This one did. First of all, the young men and women cast for this are at the top of their game. They have fresh faces and individual character. There are great songs, but they are overshadowed by some of the best dancing ever seen on a screen. The physicality and skill of these guys is beyond the pale. There is a well drawn plot that exceeds the depth of most musicals. We care about Jack and Crutchie and how the other guys respond to each other. Joe Pulitzer is well cast and has frightening power over them. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I would prefer this film over the live performances. The reason is the close-ups where we get to see their emotional responses to each other. Crutchie's character is so kind and so fragile, and the young actor who portrays him captures it beautifully.
Turning an Edsel into a Limousine with an unbelievable energy.
Back in 1992, Disney had an embarrassing flop with the movie version of "Newsies" which somehow managed to gain a cult following with an audience of a certain age who used their influence to cajole Disney into turning this ugly duckling into a golden goose. Not a fan of the original movie, I did not expect much from a fully staged Broadway version, and after hearing that it was transferring from a regional run at the Paper Mill Playhouse onto the great white way, cringed. Ten attempts at winning a lottery ticket went by, and on one frigid winter evening, I finally won a single ticket. I must say, the wait was worth it, the delight at being proved wrong overwhelming, and now with a filmed version of the touring company with most of the original cast out there, it is time to call what was once the little urchin who could barely crawl off of the video shelves the real king of New York.

This is a fascinating, energetic look at one of the toughest times in New York history, when violence, corruption, greed and poverty were everywhere, and just to make a few pennies, teen boys paid up front to get newspapers to sell on the streets. But taking on powerful Joseph Pulitzer is a challenge in itself as they strike and protest for fair treatment, and through song and dance, an extreme energy erupts, and the most unlikely heroes of a Broadway musical steal their way into the hearts of audiences who had never even heard of the original movie. With a book by Harvey Fierstein ("La Cage Aux Folles", "Kinky Boots") and a score by Alan Menken ("Beauty & the Beast"/"Little Shop of Horrors") and Jack Feldman, this show became a limited run that opened itself up to a longer run, and if the number of people begging for lottery ticket entries outside the Nederlender Theater in New York is any indication, this is a show that will continue to be revived and performed in community theaters and high schools, the main reason that this made it onto professional stages in the first place.

Practically all of the original cast is back, including Tony nominee Jeremy Jordan and Celia Keenan-Bolger who are excellent. Actually, all of the cast is excellent. The entire team of young performers are enthusiastic without being cloying, doing difficult dance moves and this production, beautifully filmed in HD and with terrific sound, shows every passionate movement of the Broadway show and its subsequent tour. The set looks better than any other set design I saw in my time in L.A. seeing practically every touring production at the Pantages, and you really feel either like you're actually at a live production, and seeing Broadway as it ought to be done. More shows like this need to be made available to those who can't get to New York, because it will encourage the dreamers to start saving up and those with theatrical ambitions to find the courage to pursue their dreams.
Must see
One of the best movies i've seen in a long time- never boring or slow it kept my attention the entire time and it felt like you were sitting on stage- everything from the cast, plot, acting, singing, the best dancing ever filmed on screen and the smallest details of set design and lighting was the best. Seize the Day and King of New York really brought down the house. All of the Newsies had individual personalities that shone through, especially Ben Cook (Racer), Jeremy Jordan nailed down the protagonist role and I could listen to him sing the phone book, and Kara Lindsay slayed her solo, Andrew Keenan's solo had everyone crying, Steve Blanchard was perfect for the role of the "villain" ,,, I didn't mind paying twice the amount for an Imax ticket because it was so good, From the opening scene in Jack's penthouse, I knew we were in for a treat

Hope this will be put on Blu ray someday
Great Performances & Singing / Bad Dance Photography
Fortunately, the great performances, singing, and the opportunity for close-ups of the actors make this recording of the stage production of NEWSIES well worth seeing. I feared, however, that they would not know how to film the dance numbers, and I was correct. Too many quick cuts, too many close-ups of only a few of the dancers, detract greatly from the dance numbers. While the camera adds some good rear and overhead shots of the dancers that you can't get in a live performance, these too go by in a flash. The dancers have great technique and energy all on their own. The camera doesn't need to add any movement or energy to the proceedings, like it does when you are trying to cover for poor dancers. These folks are great, but the camera-work doesn't allow us to see them for more than a fraction of a second at a time. If the director wanted to see how Broadway dances should be photographed, all he need do is look at any Tony Awards broadcast--mainly longer shots, with a few angle shots thrown in, and close-ups only when a particular step or piece of business needs to be highlighted. But directors and editors would rather show off than respect the dance.
Newsies stop the world in movie of the century
Uplifting and inspirational, Newsies has a plot with depth (based on a historical event) character development (we care about the newsboys, especially the actor who played Crutchie, as he perfectly captured the innocence of that character), outstanding musical score, iconic dancing, and most of all keeping the audience engaged with entertainment,,, the way it's filmed gives you the illusion of having front row seats- every facial expression and reaction is seen- the movie also has very high production value with the staging, lighting, etc. makes this the gold standard for filmed staged production- and the sound mixing was stunning as well- the orchestra blends flawlessly with the actors By the end, you'll be singing along and wishing you could dance like these boys
I Love it!
When people think of a movie, a filmed Broadway musical is typically not something they would think of. However, in February of 2017, Newsies became one of the first musicals to be professionally filmed on stage, which ignited a flame for filming Broadway musicals on stage with other musicals such as Falsettos and Holiday Inn being filmed earlier this year before they closed on Broadway. Using a talented cast, advanced stage work, and intricate sets and costumes, Newsies creates a production that would appeal not only to a theatre buff but also any regular theatre goer.

Based on the newsboy strike in New York 1899, Newsies first premiered as a movie in 1992; being turned into a Broadway musical twenty years later. The script of the show was written by Harvey Fierstein, the music by Alan Menken, and lyrics by Jack Feldman. The original Broadway production ran for about two years, and closed on August 23, 2014, having performed just over one thousand performances. This past year, celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of the original movie, Newsies returns to the stage at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles to be filmed and shown in movie theaters.

With a star-studded cast, featuring many of the original Broadway cast members such as Jeremy Jordan, Kara Lindsay, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and Ben Fankhauser, Newsies returns to the stage with more energy and talent than ever before. By bringing back the most talented members of any company of Newsies, the high energy dance numbers and emotional scenes create a deep and empowered impact on its audiences. Creating strong characters and mysterious relationships, the two leads, Jack Kelly(Jordan) and Katherine Plumber/Katherine Pulitzer(Lindsay) hold a relationship of tension and risk. While Crutchie, portrayed by Keenan-Bolger, is a crippled newsboy, who is like a brother to Jack Kelly, was written a new song for this film in order to deepen his character. In his new song, "Crutchie at the Refuge," Crutchie elaborates further on the terror of his life as a cripple and strengthens his ties to Jack.

Moreover, while the lead roles of the show are incredible in every way, the impact of the show would not be made whole without the astounding support of the ensemble. By taking the most skilled and experienced dancers from the previous productions of the show, the high energy dance numbers are elevated to new heights that were not during earlier productions. Increasing the number of turns from three to four, adding a whole new segment of choreography, or just speeding up certain parts of a dance, each number was intensified in one way or another, which added to the intensity and the severity of the matter of the show. In large dance numbers, such as "Seize the Day" and "The World Will Know" the ensemble creates a mob-like feeling of newsboys uniting for a common goal. Rounding out the company with a completely synchronized ensemble, the cast of the filmed stage version of Newsies is one that will always blow audiences away. Most the story-line was no mystery to much of its audience, with it being preceded by the original movie and original Broadway musical. There were new choices made by both the performers and the creators that held the audiences at the edges of their seats.

In addition to the incredible company of the show, the people offstage are just as remarkable. With Brett Sullivan as the director, the film is nothing short of amazing. Having the characters constantly finding new motives and wants of different characters allows the show to continuously progress even more from its time on Broadway. High energy dance numbers, choreographed by Christopher Gatteli, combined the most talented dancers from each cast of Newsies and was able to intensify the original choreography to a new level that challenged even the most experienced dancers. Furthermore, with costuming done by Jess Goldstein, many costumes from the original Broadway production return the the show, with some being revamped to show deeper differences between characters. With the set and projections of the show designed by Tobin Ost and Daniel Brodie, inspired heavily by the original Broadway production, Ost and Brodie are able to use elements from the original production, as well as more advanced imagery, to create an atmosphere onstage that cohesively blends the reality and severity of the show with the constraints of a single stage.

Although this review may appeal more to people who know more about musical theatre, the film is remarkable nonetheless. Given that there are high risks for turning Broadway musicals into films, Newsies took the risks, and it payed off immensely. After watching the film in the theatre on the first night that it was showing, I was desperate to watch it again and bought it off of iTunes the day it was available. By turning these Broadway musicals into films, the musical theatre business is able to reach new audiences that would otherwise have no interest in musicals, or theatre fans that are unable to make the journey out to New York each time they want to see a new show. Whatever the reason is that one would want to see a musical, the film of Newsies combines all the aspects of a Broadway musical, elevated to the precision of cinematography.
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