Don't Take Me Home
History, Sport, Documentary
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Jonny Owen
Storyline: Wales haven't qualified for a major football tournament since 1958. When the young national manager, Gary Speed, tragically took his own life in 2011 a youthful side and nation was left devastated. Qualification felt further away than ever and less important. Fast forward to 2015; spurred on by the enduring memory of the late manager Wales have qualified for Euro 2016. But how will they fare?
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The ultimate fan-football team movie
An excellent documentary. Chronicling the rise of the Wales football team around 2016. The most amazing thing about this movie that it successfully conveys the impact a national football team can have on it's fans and nation. It really conveys the emotions of the team and fans alike. The whole movie is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Amazing interviews with Gareth Bale and the team of Wales. This could very well be the ultimate football-fan movie, meaning the ultimate movie that explains the love that fans have for their national team, and the love that players have for their national fans. I wanted to give it a 10, but because it's a documentary and because the subject is a bit shallow (in the end it's just a game (even though I think that is not true), I could not. No documentary can stand up against a Sergio Leone movie, but if there is any, it would be this one, as it conveys a bit of that same emotion; a movie about boys dreams and the reality of life.
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