Fifty Shades Darker
Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
James Foley
Max Martini as Taylor
Rita Ora as Mia Grey
Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele
Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey
Eloise Mumford as Kate Kavanagh
Eric Johnson as Jack Hyde
Andrew Airlie as Carrick Grey
Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey
Robinne Lee as Ros Bailey
Bruce Altman as Jerry Roach
Victor Rasuk as Jose
Marcia Gay Harden as Grace Trevelyan Grey
Storyline: Christian and Ana decide to rekindle their relationship, except this time there are no more rules or punishments. As they begin to get used to their newfound relationship, Christian's past begins to haunt Ana as Christian struggles with his innermost thoughts.
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WTF is this!!!
Nothing in this film makes any sense. WTF! The story line - trash, acting - trash, ending - trash. It's like they try to come up with a "story" to thread a few cheap sex films together. Wasted my time and insulted my intelligence. This review should be summarized in ne word - trash!!!
Not what i expected
OK so the movie was completely awful, the actors don't share any chemistry between each other, and for a moment there i totally felt like they didn't even like each other.

I gave it 2 stars because the only moment i felt chemistry was when the Leila chick was going to shoot Ana, (a thing i was really hoping to happen). I don't know if it was only me, but between Jamie Dornan and Bella Heathcote the tension was palpable, and guess only lasted about 15 seconds.

So to sum it up...THEY REALLY SHOULD LET THE LEILA BITCH GET MORE SCREEN TIME, ALSO JACK HYDE, the blond guy really had potential.
More of the same for no apparent reason
So, they make a movie based on an erotic book (when did that end well?), hire two actors nobody ever heard about, both possessing zero personality and even less chemistry between them, and it's a solid flop, hated equally by viewers and critics. Even the trailer looks extremely boring. And it's about sex!

Then they come back for a second helping with the same exact result? I don't understand how this works and what's the point of making sequels to crappy movies. Does it make sense financially? Tyler Perry, please help!
Wow what a shame
Wow what a disappointment !! I personally loved the books ,i saw the back story behind all the sex of a broken man finding and learning to love really beautiful. The movie , well there are so many things wrong with it starting with the cinematography ,it's just all too perfect Hollywood and not enough rawness and realness to it and i hate it .Next is the cast i mean i love Jamie Dornan and Dakota is OK but they were so not right for this movie!No chemistry or heat between them and very wooden analytical acting.Jamie Dornan in The Fall was awesome by the way i am not a hater.Other cast also was wrong from Elana to Mia and so on.The movie also seems very rushed ,I know it is an adaptation of the book but not done smoothly in my opinion , It makes me really sad as these movies could have been great if only they had gotten it right ,Take a page out of "Nick Cassavetes" book because he directed The Notebook perfectly.
Better Than the First, but That's Not Saying Much...At All
I firmly believe that if Fifty Shades of Grey had a good writer, director, and good actors, it could have been an awesome, sexy, psychological thriller. However, the filmmakers instead went for the romance angle, and the finished product was a painfully bad mess. With its sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, I went in with an open mind, hoping that maybe the filmmakers learned from the first movie, and possibly could make a decent movie. Sadly, that's not the case. Fifty Shades Darker is a laughable, piece of garbage.

Before I get into what's wrong with this monstrosity, I have to admit: like the first one, I enjoyed the soundtrack. That's the one positive that this movie has.

Now it's time to talk about why I hated this movie. First of all, the romance between Ana and Christian is not interesting or immersive. I honestly never felt a connection between the two of them. With the bad acting and the poorly written behaviors of both characters, it was hard to believe that they had any sort of feelings for each other.

Speaking of which, let's talk about the writing. More specifically, how utterly baffled I was by how bad it was. All I could think was "How did a script like this go through so many people and still be this bad?" For example, there is a part where Christian discloses something about his early life to Ana, and she says "You never told me that." To which Christian replies "Yes I did. You were asleep when I told you." I literally snickered out loud in the theater when he said that. And that was just one of the many cringe-inducing lines in the film.

The film also has no structure whatsoever. It felt like the writers just made the events of the story up as they went along without an outline or plan as to how the story was going to go. For instance, there is a random scene that lasts less than five minutes where Christian is involved in some sort of accident, then comes back from the accident completely unharmed and the event is never mentioned again. It was utterly pointless and only served to tack on a few extra minutes onto the run time.

And of course, with this being a Fifty Shades of Grey movie, I have to talk about the sex scenes. In short, they're bad. Just very bad. From what I remember of the previous film, there are less sex scenes in Fifty Shades Darker. However, that doesn't stop them from being completely abysmal, awkward, and painful. The sex scenes are very poorly edited, shot, and put together.

All in all, Fifty Shades Darker gets a 2/10 from me. I have to admit: I am a little disappointed that this movie turned out so bad. I will not be duped by the Fifty Shades of Grey series again. Among seeing the first and second film, I have lost all hope in any sort of redemption in the final film and I most certainly am not looking forward to it. Please do not give this movie any of your precious time or hard earned money. Fifty Shades Darker is not worth your time and should be avoided at all costs
Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) has left tycoon Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) who is still obsessed with her. They decide to reignite their affair. She works for a small publisher under demanding boss Jack Hyde. Christian is looking to buy the company. They are being stalked by Christian's former sub Leila. Anastasia is slowly allowed into his family.

I had low expectations before watching this and I'm not eager for it. It's either a low bar to clear or a preconceived notion. There is a bit of both. Johnson is a perfectly appealing actress but she's not allowed to do much. Dornan continues to be a stiff actor. Despite the promise of the edgy sexual matter, their romance is as boring as heck. Leila could have been a compelling thriller villain but she ends up as a secondary plot. The family drama is hinted at but delivers very little. There's a ridiculously undramatic helicopter crash for very little result. I don't hate this but I just find it boring.
So little (or too much?) in so much
"Fifty Shades Darker" is a new American film from this year that runs for a massive 2 hours and 10 minutes in the uncensored version. It is the sequel of course to "Fifty Shades of Grey" and experienced filmmaker James Foley took over here as director and he will also return in making the final(?) third film. The writer is Niall Leonard and it is surprising to see him in charge of such a prestigious movie script, but then again maybe they did not get anybody better to adapt the work by E.L. James as many thought this project was doomed from the very beginning and the bad literary work cannot be turned into a quality film. But I haven't read the book, so who knows. Anyway, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan return of course playing the central characters and so do some of the others like Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden. But there are also new characters like Kim Basinger's, yep another Oscar winner. However, the story is a mess. Let me explain my title now. For huge parts of the film, nothing was happening at all and then they rush in gunpoint scenes, plane crashes, marriage proposals etc. as if there was no tomorrow. Focus and balanced story-telling are completely nonexistent.

Overall, the film is not a failure, but equally forgettable as the first. As a heterosexual male I cannot deny that Johnson is still pretty gorgeous, even if I had some doubts about it in the first half. But sadly, the film is never on par with her looks. It's the same like the first film with the two protagonists trying to establish a relationship that satisfies them both with his desire for domination and her desire for normalcy. And then there are moments when she wants to be dominated and moments when he is normal, so trouble and conflict are simply inevitable. But these scenes are not enough of a foundation to construct a good film on. And the character writing is also disappointing as the ways in which they depict former lovers as evil, potential lovers (the boss) as evil and friends and family as good. Even Mr. Grey has zero shades and the title is a lie. His actions are so predictable for example that he only accepts the men in Ana's life who don't pose a danger from the romantic perspective. Then again, of course she wants nobody other than Grey anyway. The film is a kitschy movie with the only difference to romantic garbage films that it depicts some extremes. But none of it is handled competently and the result is a very bland 130 minutes you don't want to check out. Clearly a thumbs-down from me. Not recommended.
Watch Psychopath and Plain Jane Date the movie
If you are a basic looking chick looking a movie about a rich, hot dude dating a plain chick, then this the movie for you.It doesn't matter whether he is a psychopath, controlling, possessive, dating you because you remind him of his dead mother, and gets off on abusing you. As long as he is rich and good looking, then it's worth it to you and you will enjoy this movie. This movie is designed for you. There is nothing special or interesting about these characters or the one dimensional background cast. You're watching them date for an hour and a half with an vanilla sex scene for every ten to fifteen minutes of talking. There is no conflict or problems in this movie. All the scenes of potential conflicts of the trailer are resolved within minutes after they happen. Anastasia has no backbone in this movie. She gripes and complains about not doing what he wants, then go ahead and do whatever he wants anyway.So if you want to see a movie about Anastasia and Christian date for two hours and have sex, then this is the movie for you.Pros: I liked the first movie because it was so bad it was funny and the soundtrack was good. This movie is literally the two of them getting back together and dating and the soundtrack was okay.
Lost my time and self respect as a girl by watching it
Frankly, do you call this a movie or soft porn that promotes male domination and humiliates women? Wasted my money and time by watching this movie just because some of my friends wanted to watch it badly. This movie just pollutes the minds of our younger generation. Everything from dialogues, sex scenes and acting is poor. The music was a bit good for which I gave one star. Honestly we women are not like this. We also like to have good, clean and natural relationships in our life. We don't always want to get wet and indulge in a submissive relationship. Fifty shades of grey started it and now this title made it worst further. Please come up with some good story-line. Thumbs down. It only frustrated me and nothing else.
Bad and not in the good way..
There was no story. It was sex scene after sex scene. Ugh. So much potential that they wasted. No wonder so many folks involved with the first film declined to participate in the second or third movies. Jamie Dornan is easy on the eyes as Christian Grey but with no story the movie just falls flat.
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