Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
IMDB rating:
Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck
Alan Tudyk as Duke of Weselton (voice)
Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (voice)
Santino Fontana as Hans (voice)
Chris Williams as Oaken (voice)
Livvy Stubenrauch as Young Anna (voice)
Eva Bella as Young Elsa (voice)
Patricia Lentz as Additional Voices (voice)
Ciarán Hinds as Pabbie / Grandpa (voice)
Idina Menzel as Elsa - Snow Queen (voice)
Stephen J. Anderson as Kai (voice)
Josh Gad as Olaf (voice)
Kristen Bell as Anna (voice)
Robert Pine as Bishop (voice)
Maurice LaMarche as King (voice)
Edie McClurg as Gerda (voice)
Maia Wilson as Bulda (voice)
Storyline: Fearless optimist Anna teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven and sets off on an epic journey to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. From the outside Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved, but in reality she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret: she was born with the power to create ice and snow. It's a beautiful ability, but also extremely dangerous. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, spending every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her mounting emotions trigger the magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter that she can't stop. She fears she's becoming a monster and that no one, not even her sister, can help her.
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Frozen – Flawed Masterpiece
Frozen is a legitimately great film but also a flawed one.

First, let's look at a few flaws, then admire its successes.

Frozen's biggest shortcoming is in not making Elsa, its most interesting character, the main protagonist and main heroine of the movie. As it is, she is a co-protagonist, but Anna is given far more screen time.

Yet Anna's story is nowhere near as interesting as is Elsa's. Where Anna merely seems bored and a little lonely at the beginning, we know that Elsa suffers terribly throughout her young life, in being forced to inhibit her emotions, live with the guilt of nearly killing her sister, and seclude herself, in order to protect Anna from the danger that her magic poses. Yet we barely see Elsa's side of the story.

But when Elsa transforms into the Snow Queen during her Let It Go sequence, that's when we especially wish and expect to see more of her. That feels like a great beginning, a launching point for the character, from which Elsa will go on to have an exciting storyline in her new identity.

But instead, the movie relentlessly keeps us down with Anna on what is a not very original or interesting road trip.

It would be as if, in Beauty and the Beast, the movie spent most of its time not in the Beast's castle, but with Belle and some villager on a road trip to and from the castle (and the castle would lack any magical objects, and Belle and the Beast would never fall in love).

Think of how much poorer a film that would have been, compared to the Beauty and the Beast movie that does exist, in which the very BEST moments are the moments in the Beast's castle and the scenes involving the Beast.

Frozen deprives itself of those very scenes, which would have been the best in the film, for no reason whatsoever.

But one could even forgive Frozen this, if it wasn't hindered by a second missed opportunity: It doesn't give Elsa a love interest, no prince to win her heart, no man to love, who would love her back.

This is baffling and unforgivable. Countless Disney princesses have been given stirring love stories when they didn't particularly need them. But in Elsa, Disney created a character of aching solitude and isolation, one for whom a love story actually would have mattered. It would have been as beautiful and rapturous to see as is the Beast's love story in Beauty and the Beast.

But it didn't.

The ending of the film feels very disappointing for that reason, giving Elsa at best a glass-half-full conclusion, showing Anna (the sister who has suffered less) blessed with both sisterly reconciliation and romantic love, while Elsa's reward for a lifetime of self-sacrifice and pain is...merely survival, and a touch of equilibrium.

On the other hand, the movie does a number of things very well.

It keeps the setting in Scandinavia and populates the story with actual Scandinavians, instead of making Arendelle look demographically like a modern American metropolis.

The animation is breathtakingly beautiful throughout. The depth of attention to detail, incorporating authentic Norwegian culture, is admirable, and one hopes that it might inspire Europeans and European-Americans to better appreciate their own heritages.

Making Elsa the heroine of the story rather than the villain was truly inspired. This is the film's one, true claim to greatness. In fact, throughout the movie, Elsa is actually the moral center of the story. Every one of her actions is selfless and noble, even as other characters make morally questionable choices. Added to that, she is traditionally feminine in appearance and demeanor, so this film redeems such essential feminine qualities (which are otherwise often vilified or erased in modern culture) by giving them to its most popular character.

Even more subversively, at many points in the story, the roles of the sisters reverse and it is actually Anna who becomes the antagonist to Elsa (as Elsa never is).

Anna is the one who causes the accident in the girls' youth by goading Elsa into playing the game and not stopping when Elsa told her to do so.

Anna takes Elsa's glove and refuses to give it back at a state function, throwing a tantrum in the middle of an important diplomatic affair, selfishly thinking only about her own wishes instead of how she is humiliating Arendelle itself. (It would be like the brother of the U.S. President throwing a tantrum toward the President on Inauguration Day.) And when Elsa tells Anna to leave the ice palace, Anna stubbornly refuses, agitating Elsa and causing the blast of magic.

Time and again, Anna is Elsa's antagonist, a situation that only changes at the end of the film, when Anna finally makes a selfless act – the kind of selfless act that Elsa has been making her whole life, in sacrificing her happiness for the safety and well-being of others. Finally, at the end, Anna learns the lesson that Elsa's example has provided to her.

Beyond that, the Hans twist is unnecessary, and the scene of his turn is incongruously melodramatic, his monologuing almost self-parodic.

Nevertheless, Elsa's "Let It Go" sequence is among the finest moments ever created in Disney history, and as a whole, the film is visually breathtaking.

Frozen is a magnificent move even as it is, but with a re-emphasis on its most captivating character, Elsa, it could have been a true masterpiece.
This movie is the reason why parent didn't go watch movies with their kids for so long. It was insanely annoying. I've paid for the 3D and gone there with my 5 yo nephew. We had to leave. He was complaining there was too much song. Even him. I was really annoyed after 15 min. What s the idea of selling 3D movie if this is plainly defined as a music disk?!?

A total waste of money. I can also say that this is a movie for little 6 yo girls and only those kind of people.

Don't go watch this if you're not a fan of EXTREMELY childish princess themes and music. Because part without music in this movie are... non existent.
I wouldn't watch it again even if I were paid to do it.
I was so angry after watching this movie that I had to make an IMDb account just to write this review. This is HANDS DOWN the WORST Disney movie I have ever watched. Why is it getting so much praise? Beats me, but it seems that today's moviegoers are extremely easily pleased. I, on the other hand, am embarrassed for Disney for having released such a terrible movie. I am even MORE embarrassed for the Academy Awards which presented this terrible movie with TWO Oscars. Do people even have standards anymore?

The animation for this movie was wonderful (but so is every other Disney movie's), but there was absolutely nothing else about this movie that was enjoyable. The worst part of the movie was the plot twist, which was not only unnecessary, but extremely cynical. Why did the directors feel the need to put down other Disney princesses who fell in love? It's not like they were bad romances. Prince Hans was probably my favorite character (especially after finding out that he was a villain). He was a terrible villain and the twist seemed like it was put in just so that Anna could end up with Kristoff without having to dump Hans. Well, I say, if Hans wants to rule Arendelle, LET HIM. He's a much more caring and compassionate ruler than both Elsa and Anna. The townspeople haven't seen either of them in years and both of them desert the kingdom and leave it in the hands of a stranger, without a second thought. Meanwhile, Hans hands out blankets to the people and treats them kindly. I know if I had been a commoner living in Arendelle, I would've been so disappointed and upset that Elsa and Anna came back.

Speaking of Anna, that girl got on my nerves to no end. What was with the outright awkwardness? I understand having a slightly awkward princess (like Rapunzel) but Anna's character felt forced. I don't know a single person who could relate to her level of awkwardness. Plus, that girl is so boy-crazy, it's absolutely ridiculous. What other Disney princess dates two different men in the course of two or three days? Absolutely disgusting. This is such an accurate reflection of modern society's morals. Disney princess movies are supposed to be FAIRY TALES. Of course, in reality, girls probably aren't going to find their dream guy on their first date, but what's wrong with portraying that ideal in a FAIRY TALE? If Disney is really trying to make their movies imitate real life by creating an evil Prince Charming, then shouldn't they also create a movie about a tone-deaf princess who CAN'T sing? What about an acne-riddled princess? Disney princess movies portray an idealized version of life for kids, which is why they're so enjoyable. Stop being so cynical. Unfortunately, I ended up paying to watch a movie that ended up being about how you shouldn't marry a guy you just met, because that's definitely a moral that we didn't already know (* rolls eyes *). I don't think any person who watched old Disney princess movies ever thought, "Hey, you know, I really think I should marry this person I just met because it worked out so well for Snow White!" The moral about loving your family was sweet, but could have been done without making fun of romantic love.

And, ughhh, the songs. Songs are what Disney movies are known for, yet the songs in this movie ended up being mediocre at best. They were so repetitive. Blah blah blah love. Blah blah blah door. Blah blah blah gate. Blah blah blah anymore. I feel like those words were in every. single. freaking. song. The voice acting, for the most part, was decent. Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) had a surprisingly princess-like voice. Prince Hans' voice was equally wonderful (if not more so). Unfortunately, Elsa's voice did not match her animated character AT ALL.

My issues with Frozen.
• Idina Menzel was miscast. Her speaking voice was almost acceptable, but singing-wise, it didn't suit Elsa at all.

• It's not okay to fall in love after one day, but two is okay? • Elsa was extremely one-dimensional. Despite being the most interesting character, she is deprived of screen time and development.

• The story was overly simplistic - not at all deep and multi-tiered like Wreck-it Ralph.

• The Hans twist was underwhelming and unnecessary. The story lacked a good villain. It was also rather predictable.

• Too much of the movie is spent road-tripping to Elsa's ice castle in a rather trite manner. The most interesting parts seemed rushed, especially the ending, which was anticlimactic and unsatisfying.

• Anna was the same character the entire movie except for her realization of love's definition, which she had always embodied. Everything she did in the movie was out of love. She shouldn't've been susceptible to being frozen, because metaphorically, it makes no sense. Elsa was the one with the frozen heart. I half-expected Anna to have summer powers or something.

• Elsa had the world at her fingertips, and created an entire ice castle out of nothing, and yet she struggles to stay alive against dudes with wooden crossbows and her own falling chandelier. Impenetrable ice cage, done. Also, you'd think being alone in that castle with nothing else to do, she'd've learned to control her powers better.

• The trolls had no recollection of Anna. Neither did Olaf.

• The visuals were a little cold and lifeless and too computer-y; not nearly as breathtaking as Tangled's lush, painterly animations and sceneries. It feels like a lot more work went into Tangled, whereas Frozen was merely a mini-story.

• The movie as a whole didn't feel as fully fleshed-out as Tangled in terms of characters and plot, despite being the same length. It would've been much more satisfying if it were given an extra 20-30 minutes.

• "It's easier to change your head than your heart." First of all, I dislike the false dichotomy between head and heart; they're one and the same, and it's nonsensical correlate them to the actual physical components. If the head is taken to mean reason, and the heart means emotion, then the latter should be more volatile.

Overall, it's a fun trip with great songs and likable characters; I only wish they had spent more time weaving the story, capitalized on their strengths, and not missed some great opportunities.
Incredible animation
At my school everyone makes fun of frozen, but it is absolutely incredible. Disney animation is making leaps. The snow to so realistic that I was in awe. In addition I loved how they made the villain a little more unclear. I did understand that Hans was the villain but I really liked how it wasn't as clichéd as previous movies. I also loved how the love story wasn't love at first sight. Anna fell in love with time. I cried during the first twenty minutes of the movie. It was amazing how they made me care for the characters so quickly. I liked Anna more than Elsa but I thought both of them were very well developed. The songs were amazing, some of my favorite Disney songs. it might be a little obvious how the movie was going to end but Frozen was a milestone in my opinion. Absolutely amazing. you could tell that the animation improved from Tangled which itself was a huge success for Disney. The design was also amazing, but Disney usually does have amazing color schemes and design.
An astonishing disappointment
(Spoilers) At one time, sisters Elsa and Anna knew of and loved to utilize Elsa's (unexplained, apparently genetic? even though no one else in her family has them) ice powers. Then an accident and a warning by the (ostensibly) wise troll – that fear will make Elsa's powers dangerous – prompts her parents to fearfully seclude her, shutting her away from everyone and isolating her from her sister. The trolls erase Anna's memory of Elsa's powers. (No one apparently considers the implications of seclusion and terror regarding the power). The girls grow up. After their parents die at sea, Elsa becomes queen. For her coronation, the kingdom is opened. Prince Hans and the Duke of Weselton are among the visiting dignitaries. Anna promptly falls in love with the prince, and agrees to marry him. When the queen refuses to condone her sister's impetuous match, they argue and Elsa accidentally reveals her powers, prompting the Duke to demand that she be arrested. Elsa flees, accidentally shrouding the world in "eternal winter" and leaving in power Anna, who promptly follows after her – appointing Prince Hans to rule in her stead (!!!). Apparently in this world, chains of command, diplomatic decorum, and other such trifles cease to exist. Anna loses her horse, and then teams up with a poor boy named Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. They all end up working with Olaf, a quirky snow creation of Elsa's, to find her sister. A romance blossoms between Kristoff and the fickle Anna. Meanwhile, Elsa has embraced her "bad girl" image (complete with sultry walk/slit up the thigh), building herself a lovely snow palace. The girls talk. Things don't go well, and Anna ends up with "ice in her heart" (which the trolls, long ago, had warned would kill her but for an act of true love). In the meantime, Anna's horse had returned to the city, and Hans and a group of soldiers go looking for her. They arrive just after Anna, Kristoff and co are expelled. Weselton's men attack her, a fight breaks out, etc. Elsa is captured. Kristoff, meanwhile, reveals that he had been adopted by trolls – the same ones, coincidentally, that had offered their advice to her family years before. The trolls explain that only an act of true love can save Anna. Kristoff and Anna race back to Hans, for a Kiss of True Love (TM). Kristoff delivers her and leaves. Hans reveals – gasp – that he has simply been after the throne all this time, and locks her in a room to freeze to death. He then claims to the ruling council that Anna is dead, but that they had been married before she expired (witnesses, marriage certificates and funerals apparently don't exist in this world either) that makes him king. They welcome him with open arms. Thankfully, there are no other heirs, distant relatives, or people who remember that they still have a queen alive (!!) around. He (with no explanation) believes he can get Elsa to turn back winter. Meanwhile, Kristoff and Sven are coming back because, true love. Elsa, in her grief at learning of Anna's supposed death, accidentally unleashes a tornado-strength blizzard. Kristoff and Anna are going to kiss, but Anna sees Prince Hans about to murder Elsa. She intervenes, and almost freezes; but, that being an act of true love, she is saved. At this point, Elsa figures out how to recall winter ("Love!" - that's it, no explanation).

Pros: - Pretty. Frozen is very pretty, very glitzy, full of beautiful landscapes, amazing snow shots and glamorous gowns.

- Different. It has a different feel, architecturally and culturally, from many of the preceding princess films, which is nice.

Cons: Pretty much everything else.

- The story was inconsistent. If you read about the series of "development hells" that preceded its release, it makes sense. They had no clue where they were going with this, and it very much felt like it at times: these were different ideas, different takes on the same story, all jumbled together.

- Character immaturity/stupidity. If you, like, can see this being a classic, then, like, whatever, because classic Disney princes and

- Plot idiocy. This ties into the first point. If fear is the enemy, why do you seclude/terrorize the princess with insecurities? How/why does "love" recall winter? Didn't Elsa love her family all along? Wasn't there "love" present all this time? There was zero explanation for how this worked. Just "love". Not to mention the flouting of anything like court customs, diplomacy, etc.: random foreign dignitaries are giving orders to arrest and kill the queen, foreign princes are left in charge of the kingdom, etc. Or the cringe worthiness of the trolls, and their irrelevance to the plot; and the fact that Hans never mentions having witnessed the royal family's first encounter with the trolls/how Anna's memory was wiped (Elsa also ignores this). The list goes on.

- Predictability. The scene where Anna and Hans meet was terribly predictable, and just...terrible. The scene where Anna and Kristoff meet was equally predictable. The betrayal was predictable. The conclusion was predictable despite being completely unexplained.

- Music. The music was of an exceptionally poor caliber in this film. The singers were overpowered by the instruments, the lyrics were indistinguishable, the songs out of place and silly, and often-times just cringe inducing (it's pretty bad when you're cannibalizing themes from your own previous films, like the troll rip-off of Hunchback's "A Guy Like You", and you completely, utterly blow it...)

Little kids will enjoy the prettiness of it all. Anyone who thinks about the plot, though, is going to end up with a headache. Certainly anyone who listens to the music. (And don't get me started on the rape-y Mickey/Minnie/Pete short that preceded the film. Yikes.)
Total waste of money and time
I can tell that this movie was made for a good cause, but do the producers really have to make it so cheesy? I mean, sure, the little kids like it, but WHAT ABOUT THE OLDER GENERATION? Do you really think that a 13-year old would want to sit in a theater with a movie that is cheesy and has WAY too many songs that are useless?

Okay, Olaf was cute, but he was the only reason that I gave this movie 3 stars. He was adorable and funny, but Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel had such a singsong voice, like oh no! what are we gonna do! I like Anna and Elsa's kid forms, because they were so sweet. Oh God, am I praising this movie too much?

Lastly, the part that really got on my nerves was the fact that Anna and Kristoff HAD TO KISS. Blech! There's only like ONE Disney movie that didn't have any kissing or romance, Moana. Now that was a good one. But seriously? I was actually liking the end until Anna and Kristoff kissed. WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING LITTLE KIDS????????????

Overall, I disliked the movie (don't even get me started on the music), and I think that the only things worth praising are Let it Go and Olaf. Even Let it Go is getting annoying.
Pretty bad...
This is one of the worst movies of the entire season! The storyline was not well-thought out. Considering they shelved the project multiple times and only picked it up again after the success of Tangled, they should have shelved it again until they further thought out the storyline! Frozen's singers don't cut it. I don't mind pop singers like in Tangled, Princess Frog and Brave, but these ones were just bad! You literally struggle to hear them over the instruments that are playing during the songs they sing. During some songs, it sounds as if the singers sometimes practically give up on singing altogether and just shout. There's a duet of the sisters in particular that I'm referring to (For The First Time in Forever (Reprise)). The animation and audio quality did not match the songs. This is most evident in the song Let It Go. The words don't match the lip movement, and the audio sounds out of place.

*****WARNING!!! SPOILERS!!!******** Due to Elsa's inability to properly harness her powers, she nearly kills her little sister. The king and queen take both sisters to some wise trolls who heal the little girl and then warn the parents that the powers will grow. They tell them that if she doesn't learn to control them, there will be grave consequences. The trolls then explain that fear will be her enemy. It can hinder her ability to cope with these powers. These wise and caring parents come to the brilliant conclusion that it's a good idea to completely seclude the princess from everyone. Of course it never occurred to them that this might cause her to be more fearful than ever.. They even seal off the castle. Then they leave the two fearful, confused children on their own (with no precautionary measures in place to help the cursed princess should they perish) while they go on a little cruise… and drown. This absurdity continues with Elsa (the ice queen) accidentally revealing her powers in front of a foreign dignitary from a small kingdom who then orders her soldiers to arrest their own queen. I mean, do I really need to explain how stupid that is? The young princess then searches for her fleeing sister and leaves the kingdom in the charge of a young prince she has a crush on… rather than a trusted aid or prime minster or any other sort of government official. After a typical Disney "love conquers all" moment, the curse of eternal winter (the winter was inexplicably determined to be eternal after about one night) is lifted by the ice queen who before was unable to remove it. How? They don't really explain. They merely have her exclaim, "Of course! Love!" That makes no sense of course because she always loved her kingdom and her sister. If love is the cure then it would have never happened in the first place. Whatever.

Now my biggest complaint. The way women (and the ice queen in particular) were portrayed. There were only four women that had any prominence throughout the movie. Number one: the ice queen's mother. Remember those really stupid parents I talked about earlier? She was one of them. And it was the father who did the talking, who spent the intimate moments with both the children, etc. She might as well not have been there. There's the troll mother who embarrasses her son and generally acts like a hare-brain. Then there are the two sisters Anna the princess and Elsa the ice queen. Anna is a ditz who falls in love with- and determines to marry- a guy she's only known for a few hours. Elsa is a strong girl… who's actually highly emotional and perpetually frightened like a mouse. But don't worry. She later turns against the way she was raised and determines to stop being a good girl. She then proceeds to walk down the hall like a Victoria's Secret model with a large slit in her dress deliberately placed to show as much leg as possible. Nearly all other women shown are intentionally made to be fat and unattractive. So what can we gather from this? Women are mostly undesirable, and those that are desirable are only desirable for their bodies… or raising your kids. Do you remember Beauty and the Beast? I remember Belle for being brilliant, beautiful, and brave. But hey, Anna and Elsa are both beautiful. One out of three ain't bad, eh? *face palm*

The trolls were predictable and uninspired. The way the characters talked, in this, like, totally, like modern teen, like way, was like, yea…not cool.

All in all, 1/10 stars. They should have shelved it until they had worked out their story more instead of releasing it prematurely to make a quick buck!
If you don't like musicals do not see this!
I don't usually feel the need to write reviews on any films that I watch but this one evoked such frustration from me I felt compelled to put my opinion into the mix of reviews on IMDb.

I, like most peopleprobably saw this film advertised in a trailer whilst watching another. As far as I remember the trailer showed nothing of this film being a musical. Now I'm one of those people who just cannot stand musicals. If you are reading this and that includes you too I urge you not to waste a penny on seeing this film. Not only is it practically back to back singing the actually storyline is just recycled Disney garbage. The heroin, the quirky character and the obligatory serious character. It's a rehashed and poorly made Shrek and not a patch on any of the Disney Pixar films like Toy Story. The adult humour you usually find in animated films these days which always appeals to me is virtually none existent and is in my mind plain and simply aimed at young children and/or musical lovers.

Now I'm aware of all the critic reviews by all the big papers and magazines. A couple of snippets I saw plastered across the cover art about this being "Disney back at its finest" and "The best film this year". Who are these people that right such utter rubbish I ask myself. Were they watching the same film as me!? There is no way this is Disney at its finest and unless it's the only film I've seen in a year it most certainly isn't the best.

If it wasn't for the fact I felt so utterly robbed by going to watch this film I probably wouldn't of written a review but as movies get more and more expensive to watch at the cinema with their high FPS footage, 3D viewing and D-Box force feedback seating I felt it needed mentioning to help the unwary avoid the same mistake.

In conclusion, if you are unsure about this then simply wait till it's out on TV or borrow it from a friend. Then realise you'll never get those couple of hours back in your life that you've just wasted watching it.

The only thing that stood out in this movie was the stunning visuals. Unfortunately, stunning visuals alone do not a good movie make. The songs were all too alike and not catchy at all in my opinion, not to mention their lack of strong vocals. I grew up watching movies like Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King with musicians such as Celine Dion and Elton John contributing to their scores. I won't be rushing out to buy the soundtrack any time soon! Another way 'Frozen' contrasts with these classics was the lack of a truly dark and evil villain. Only at the end of the film were we introduced to the antagonist and I felt he was little more than just a misguided jerk who at times could be quite likable (a charming prince). Finally, I thought that some of the adult 'humour' that was added to the movie was unnecessary and not very funny at all. I can laugh (and have laughed) along with many a children's' movie where there was no obvious attempt at adult jokes. A movie that is similar to 'Frozen' that had better music, a better villain and funnier humour is 'Tangled'.
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