Gaga: Five Foot Two
Biography, Musical, Music, Documentary
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Chris Moukarbel
Lady GaGa as Herself
Mark Ronson as Himself
Florence Welch as Herself
Joe Germanotta as Himself
Bobby Campbell as Himself
Storyline: The documentary pulls back the curtain to introduce the woman behind the performer, the costumes, the glitz and the glamour. Off-stage, in the studio, unplugged and at home, audiences get an unguarded glimpse at Gaga through a series of personal highs and lows and the culmination of a year's emotional journey. From struggles with relationships to health issues, from finding solace in her inner circle to conquering her insecurities, Gaga: Five Foot Two navigates the divide between life as a superstar and life as an everyday woman.
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ridiculous and she is making the victim and she not is a poor girl
There are two things fundamentally wrong:

First is the The "teenage attention span" ADHD editing. The concert

footage is heavily mixed with video clips that were running on big screens on stage. Most of the time the sound does not match the picture. You can clearly see lips don't sync with the sound. And that's not only because of overly artistic editing. It's also because the sound is not form that visuals:

Second, the sound is for the most part is not from the concert. It's

obviously not live recording which is especially evident by vocals. Only some slower songs retain the original vocals.

So this is not a concert video because it does not have concert sound, no atmosphere, you can't watch it as a concert because of the cuts every 1-2 seconds.

Why watch this? If you want to watch music videos you will be better watching music videos for songs in album. If you want to watch the show itself you can find much better "pirated" videos from the tour on Youtube.

Overall, if pirated concert videos on Youtube represent the show better than your movie, you've done it wrong.
Gaga Rocks!
9/23/17. This is the way to do a music biopic! Non-fawning, warts and all look at one of the biggest stars of today. Beneath all the glitter, meat dress included, she is a down-home NYC girl. She has her moments and she has her pain, but so far she has managed to balance her life, expressing herself in her music and outrageous fashion statements. She does appear to have some mental health issues that hopefully will not overwhelm her. As for her feud with Madonna? Lady Gaga is by far the better person and much more talented than Madonna. (Like she actually plays instruments!) Madonna thrived on shock value. While Madonna was a good concert performer, as a person she was condescending, petty and overbearing. Just watch Truth and Dare. Keep in mind that most artists start off imitating their heroes as homage than intentionally ripping off the works of people they admire. This is what Madonna accused Lady Gaga of doing. Well, Gaga has found her voice early on and it's a beautiful one.
My first ever review. Completely worth the watch if you're a creative type. Even if you're not....
I've never reviewed anything on IMDb before. Let's gets that out of the way. This documentary was absolutely amazing. I can't say I have particularly loved Lady Gaga but after viewing this, I see her in a completely different light. I cried at least 3 times throughout. When she was singing at the Tony Bennet event, her voice was so full of emotion that I couldn't help but tear up. I didn't realize how much pain she is in either. Every artist makes music for a certain reason. Most make it out of necessity just to stay sane and feel alive. The amount of emotion in her voice can't be described in words, only music. And yes I realize that lyrics are words but the timbre of her voice says sooooo much. I can't imagine having a spotlight such as hers either. Seeing how much she cares about her fans is unreal as well. There's one scene with a young girl who was interviewed as saying how Lady Gaga has saved her and seeing how Gaga reacts to the fan is priceless. Like I said before, i haven't teared up as much in a movie since Marley and Me. I hope you take as much emotion away from this as I did.
An investigation into ego
This documentary is interesting but seemingly not for the intended reasons. I love documentaries because it allows one to people watch without feeling bad about staring. Even when a documentary feels ham handed and like it might have an agenda, the truth of a person comes through by watching their interactions and mannerisms. There is the narrative that is attempted to be told, and then there is the truth of the person underneath the narrative. I suppose being a rock star and being a narcissist kind of go hand and hand, but some rock star narcissists are humorous and some are god awful annoying. Gaga is annoying. Her talent is impressive, whereas the person she is, is not. Her narcissism poisons any likability potential. This becomes so obvious to me in the scene with Florence Welch of Florence of the machine. The scene only lasts a minute or two but immediately one can see Florence is down to Earth, awesome, talented and a person who is a person. All her mannerisms and the way she holds herself point to Florence's awesomeness. She seems to be a person one would want to hang out with and ask questions to ... a person one can learn from and be impressed by. On the other hand, Gaga is all ego. The more ego the less impressive someone becomes. Too much ego makes a person a vampire. A person with a huge ego takes from any person they interact with. Gaga gives the world amazing music but after watching this documentary it makes one think she does it for the benefits she reaps ... to feed the ego. Her talent creates and gives us all so much, yes, but this doc makes one think Gaga's intent is to feed her ego as opposed to feed humanity. It made me feel sorry for Gaga, but also in the end mostly just be annoyed by her. Who knows if this is really how she is. But this documentary definitely made me think so.
Just watched #GagaFiveFootTwo and it's very touching and it such a pleasure for myself to see Lady Gaga behind the aura, Lady Gaga behind the prejudice, an artist and a hard working soul behind the meat-dress and all of that things and bling that always covered you up and make the whole public forget that you're a rock-star. you're an amazing artist, singer and an amazing person too.

it's really break my heart to knowing that you suffer from an illness such as #fibromyalgia . the connection and your relationship with your fans, your team and your family is just amazing and beyond. You put so much passion in your works, the way you handled your trouble and talking to your team has shown me what the true leadership and professionalism really is.

p.s: recommended 😉 it's so emotional and raw and realistic and simply incredible.
A Disappointment
Not a fan of her music, but after hearing her on Howard Stern and viewing the Tony Bennett doc, I was very impressed with her talent and found her interesting.

So I was eagerly anticipating this doc on netflix and convinced my DH to watch it with me.

Now I owe him, big time.

Suffering succotash, but this was the most boring doc of all time. It did not do justice the woman or the artist. I dutifully sat through the whole thing, what a waste of time.

If you want to see music cocoon Netflix done right, check out the Tom Petty.
Lady Gaga shows her real self - Unimaginably boring
1 hour and little over 30 minutes of boredom. I always knew that Stephany is not a big character, but I could never imagine how boring she really is. Dcumentary follows the singer around, and most of the time she is crying. Whether do to a pain ( she suffers by Fibromyalgia, which is a condition, through history was seemed as mental disorder, characterised by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure.), or by loss of her friends, or for no reason what so ever. There is not even one fun moment in the film that is not followed by snoozing. Being so, well kind of short, it's even more shocking how can anyone direct such dull movie about, at some point, such popular singer. But as the times goes you realize that it is not director's fault. The photography is nice, artistically very well done, narrative is good but that is all.In 1:30 she even managed to squeeze a made up feud with another pop singer, and claims that she called her reductive, and as I was searching for the facts on line , I realized that it's a false claim, and that the singer was only referring to one song that really resembles a lot of her own.There is a touching moment when Gaga visits her grandma letting her hear the song she wrote about Joanne, her deceased daughter ( Gaga's aunt) who died from lupus – a chronic disease of the immune system that Gaga also suffers from. Gaga never met her. The worst part for me personally was that the song wasn't really good, but i am not music critic. Going through her old stuff, Gaga was reading her poem, showing us her paintings, but the whole situation seemed a little staged with the lack of emotions on her grandma when she heard the song for the first time about her dead daughter.All in all incredible boring documentary that shows the star humble almost to the grotesque point, I wish I could recommend it, but I simply can't. Only for a die hard fan.
If You Like Hearing People Say "like" Constantly - SEE THIS MOVIE!
I do love the irony that in the beginning of this infomercial/promotional video, she's STILL griping about Madonna calling her unoriginal, reductive, etc. as though this wasn't highly influenced by Truth or Dare. So we get to see HER version of Madonna's pretending to be vulnerable, HER version of Madonna's being all upset, HER version of Madonna's hissy fits. And people on cell phones... texting and texting. Fascinating stuff. I get that she wants to be an actress - she's got enough pull now - go act in movies. Don't pretend this is a documentary when you're clearly constantly putting on a show the same way all celebrity reality shows are. I don't know how many times I thought to myself 'How is she different from Mariah Carey?'. But I suppose she has earned this level of self-indulgence but, like everything else, it's purely derivative and is kind of dull if you've seen any of the many other versions of this.
Not sure why this was made
A reviewer above said this:

"What I AM impressed with is how Gaga manages to talk about herself for the entire 2 hour duration, yet by the and of it you have learned absolutely nothing about her other than a vague fact about breaking her hip 3 years ago and that she's reinventing herself since she's decided the world is tired of seeing her being so glamorous. Seriously."

This is 100% correct. Even when she's talking about how her 'best friend' is dying, her commentary is basically "Everyone keeps leaving me!" instead of "I feel so bad for my friend" or "I wonder how my friend's family is feeling" or even "I can't imagine how she must feel."

(And afterwards I looked it up, and discovered that Gaga's 'eulogy' when her friend ultimately died was basically "When she died she took all the memories of my early career with her - poor me!")

I guess you have to be pretty narcissistic and self-absorbed in order to be a pop megastar (otherwise how on earth would you have the drive or courage to get on a stage in front of 50,000 people?) but usually we can forgive this because the person is An Artist. The Gaga we see here isn't much of an artist: Her songs aren't musically or lyrically ground-breaking; she's not making some kind of political or social point or changing the world; her stage production is about the same as everyone else's (P!nk's Grammy performance was every bit as good - or better - than Gaga's much-hyped Superbowl show, for example).

It was also staggering to see the record and production company people nodding and smiling at Gaga's ideas ("I need to do something different, you know?") as though they were pearls of wisdom, even though every junior marketing assistant could tell you that pop stars need to do 'something different' with each new album. These weren't exactly Deep Thoughts.

This didn't make me hate Gaga - it just left me feeling that she was sort of all-around average and kind of boring. Which I think is probably worse.
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