Galaxy of Horrors
Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Javier Chillon, Dennis Cabella
Julio Perillán as Alex Talabot (segment 'They Will All Die In Space')
Vin Kridakorn as Man 1 (segment 'Eveless')
Alias Hilsum as The Astronaut (segment 'Entity')
Luke Sorge as Dave (segment 'Iris')
Fabio Prati as Pathos user (segment 'Pathos')
Elle Gabriel as Emily - Flesh Computer
Greg Engbrecht as Man 2 (segment 'Eveless')
Olli Banjo as Olli (segment 'Kingz')
Adam Buller as Mr. Brown (segment 'wraparound')
Michelle Colao as Iris (segment 'Iris')
Francesc Garrido as Dan Atenas (segment 'They Will All Die In Space')
Charles Hubbell as President of Eden (segment 'Eden')
Mathis Landwehr as Mathis (segment 'Kingz')
Rob Kerkovich as Handyman (segment 'Flesh Computer')
Storyline: Trapped in a damaged cryogenic pod, a man is forced to watch a series of horrific science-fiction tales while his life support systems run out. Featuring eight intense stories of the unknown and other-worldly, equally wonderful and terrifying. Visit the GALAXY OF HORRORS, if you dare! Curated from Rue Morgue & Unstable Ground's Little Terrors Festival.
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Like all anthologies...
Like all anthologies, this one has some highs and lows but let's be clear, if you are looking for a "Creepshow"-like coherent movie, prepare to be a bit disappointed: the movie presents itself more like a honest (modest?) themed compilation of short stories from different authors and countries - USA, Italia, Germany and France if I got it right. If some of them strongly lurks in "Twilight Zone" and "Black Mirror" territories, some tries to expand into cinematic ambitions - "Alien", Caro/Jeunet's, "2001" for the most visual efforts - even the Cronenberg's "new flesh" is part of it!

So, "Galaxy of Horrors" unashamedly quotes its inspirations (50 years and counting of sci-fi) and is a work of love from semi-pro to pro teams which blends the most gruesome to the most beautiful parts of the Sci-fi/horror score, from the most clichéd to the wittiest. If you like this kind of experimental project with a touch of risk, get aboard. Not a waste of time (to me) to discover new talents.
Cheap thrills movie, Very low quality in story telling.
Honestly, These short movies aren't worth the bother to watch. there is no time to build up a story line, And the editing so chopped up, that it's almost like watching clippings that don't belong together. This movie also represents everything that is wrong with modern movies. It goes straight for the nudity and gore, And sacrifices credibility as a trade off. I do not recommend it, Unless your into cheap thrills.
Scientists need to watch more Science Fiction
This gives a little bit of insight into how Italians, Germans, and the other Foreign Nation segments think (about the Future).

Over the Decades I have observed lots of Science Fiction becoming Science Fact.

Having had a lot of interest in Space, Space Travel, and some Training with NASA. I really strongly believe that most NASA Scientists really need to watch as much Space related Science Fiction, so that they can create solutions to the problems that they may have overlooked that have been identified by Science Fiction.

Some things that must be "invented", a Space "Lifeboat". A system for Astronauts in a standard spacesuit with minimal additional equipment to reenter the Earth's (or another Planet's) Atmosphere (idea from Popular Science, 1970s). Radiation and Ion Storm protection. Laser and multi frequency communications relay stations. Inexpensive Emergency Expandable Space Stations. Space based factories and manufacturing plants with solar furnaces with space tugs go gather up all the "space junk" to be recycled. Missile sections (stages) with missile motors that instead of falling back to Earth and burning up, go into Space and are used to build with, new space stations, large interplanetary space craft, space docks and or spacecraft yards, more plants and or factories, long range space tugs to gather asteroids meteors to be processed by the space plants and factories. A space to Earth cargo and passenger elevator. Thorium Nuclear Reactors.
Very underrated.
If you are looking for something scary to watch this Halloween see this movie. It is very scary. It has great story lines. It also great acting. It also has great special effects. I do not know why people are giving it a 4. That is just underrating it. This is so mush better then Sinister. This one of the scariest movies I have seen. I give this movie 6. It is very underrated. It is so mush better then The Bride of Chucky. If you are looking of a good horror movie this is the one to see. It is very scary. If it does not scary you no movie will. It is very creative. See it. It is a great movie. It very very scary. Scarier then The silence of the lambs could ever be. If you like science fiction stories you will like this movie.
Absolute waste of time
There are two types of movie genres I hate. One is found footage which, lets face it, has had it's day (if it ever did). Why are morons running around filming things while they are being killed? This film is the second kind, an anthology film. Most of these have been absolute garbage. I can name maybe four anthologies worth watching; the original Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, the House that Dripped blood and Asylum. That's about it. I decided to give this a shot when I saw that Rue Morgue, the best horror magazine around had a part in this. Having sat through this atrocious mess, I have to wonder, what part was that? Did they see a different script? This film is barely better than one of the toilet floating turds that The Asylum constantly cranks out. One stupid, uninteresting story after another (no spoilers, friends) linked by this stupid guy in a failing cryogenic tube is just an absolute waste of time. I'd expect to see Last Chance Lance review this in his column, and I'm pretty sure he won't be happy doing it. There isn't one part of this that's worth watching and I'm wondering if those who reviewed this floater are all relatives of those who made this crap. Final comment: If I were a film professor these 'shorts' would all get a nice fat F. Avoid at all costs.
Bits and pieces...
I was expecting this film to be awful...I'm not a fan of film anthologies, but this came recommended by a friend who knows his movies, so I thought, what the hell, let's do this! 8 little SciFi/Horror films (not just stories, but actual little films) presented in such a professional way, you forget it's all being done on a small Indie budget. Each film feels and looks like it could be a full length feature.

Although I didn't "get" one or two of the pieces, it is all so well done that it kept me highly entertained. Acting, direction, lightning, set is all really good - none of it feels cheap or amateurish.

This won't win any awards, but it's fun. Watch it. I think you'll be surprised.

PS: Don't let the cheap and nasty cover art put you off!
from excellent to boredom
Compilation of 8 sci-fi flicks. All in the horror genre and I must say that they were all different. And well promoted because when you are researching the only picture you came across is a full frontal naked woman. She's in it that's for sure but it's not all glory.

The first story (with the naked chick) and the last story are the best ones. The first one is about some kind of zombies with some nasty shots but it's the last one that has it all. Good story because you can't see what's coming. And it's gory indeed.

Other stories do have their moments but lack of suspense sometimes. Still, the effects used are really well done. But the script isn't always sublime, for example the Italian entry isn't worth seeing.

Just above mediocre.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
some are actually pretty good
This anthology deserve 6 or more stars. I fast forwarded on two episodes ,my choice. I rate it a 7.2, worth watching and interesting . my guess is it is a low budget project and I like one is in Italian and another one in some east European language. I wish for more anthology like this, you are not stuck an hour n half with one story stretched with drama . One story I knew where the ending was going but it was still top notch. it doesn't have to be unpredictable to be good but good cast and tempo, yes. Thanks Rue Morgue to bring this to the public and keep on the anthologies. I would appreciate some sci-fi from Asia included too ,as long its subtitle in English.
Sorry guys...
Black Mirror, The Outter Limits and The Twilight Zone were among the legendary Science Fiction anthology films of all time. Substance and telling stories about human nature from new perspectives.

This on the other hand comes on strong and you really get the vibe from those legendary films but then falls flat after a peak midway through the series of short sci-fi short films.

I can't say much more without trash talking and pointing out that since it is an anthology they could really have tried much harder to perfect the selection (there are others out there that would have made this a top notch compilation of shorts.
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