Get Out
Mystery, Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jordan Peele
Stephen Root as Jim Hudson
John Wilmot as Gordon Greene
LilRel Howery as Rod Williams (as Lil Rel Howery)
Allison Williams as Rose Armitage
Julie Ann Doan as April Dray
Keith Stanfield as Andrew Logan King
Betty Gabriel as Georgina
Rutherford Cravens as Parker Dray
Caleb Landry Jones as Jeremy Armitage
Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington
Bradley Whitford as Dean Armitage
John Wilmot as Gordon Greene
Catherine Keener as Missy Armitage
Caren L. Larkey as Emily Greene (as Caren Larkey)
Storyline: Chris and his girlfriend Rose go upstate to visit her parent's for the weekend. At first, Chris reads the family's overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter's interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.
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Topical Horror Done Right
Peele's debut Get Out is a far cry from his stand up and Key and Peele days, channeling the goriness, witty plot hints, and over the top evil from classic horror flicks of the 80s. The modern racial twist is the cherry on top, being built up by incredible acting performances and music throughout.
Absolute Garbage. Contains Spoilers
So, what was this supposed to be? A horror? A black comedy along the lines of TTCM? Or a clumsy, poorly written and badly acted and overlong exercise in vanity?

If it was either of the first two then it failed, horribly. If it was meant to be the latter then it filled its remit, and then some.

The entire first hour is pointless, slow, tedious and just bad. The script is appalling, the acting is hammy beyond belief and the pacing is all over the place. There is a potentially decent backstory with a racist smalltown cop showing up, but he gets his one scene and then is written out of the script for good. In fact, that entire segment adds nothing to the plot and serves only to fill a little time and break up the drive to the parents house.

Now, once they get there the whole thing just falls to pieces. From the awkward dinner to the 'OMG I forgot the annual family get together is this weekend' to the slightly unhinged brother who just happens to swing by,the scene is set for a journey into ham fisted am-dram of the very worst kind.

I'm not going to go into much detail here, but there are two elements that ruin the entire story. The first one being the under, or over used comic relief, depending on your POV, and the absurd hypnosis plot device. This put the film firmly in the Billy Drago world of bad movies. In fact, his inclusion might have made it better. Thats how bad it is.

So blah blah blah, white people are evil and insane. we get it. If this had been at least a little bit funny it might have worked, but its just...bad. There was a very funny idea in here, but it was completely wasted. If somebody with a sense of the absurd had taken this idea it could have been a classic, but instead it was stilted, dull and flimsy. The idea of young black guys bodies being taken over by old rich white folk should have been a rich seam of farcical situational comedy. If it had been made in the 70s with Richard Pryor then we would likely be using it as the touchstone of racial comedies today. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and what we get instead is a mish mash of half baked and poorly realised ideas that are never used properly.

Its long been a criticism of IMDb that it doesn't filter out the obvious paid for reviews. Until now I've never given that much credence, but after reading some of the reviews posted Im beginning to think that maybe there's something to it.

1/10, but only because I can't give a zero
a film that cannot do anything right.
I am a big fan of the Key & Peel show; i think they make funny comedy with some genuine brilliance in their approach to social themes, racism, and modern society.

Get Out would work really well as a 5 minute, 10 tops, TV sketch.

The premise is of a black guy who is taken by his girlfriend to see her all-white, suburban parents. Because we live in a modern world, Black Dude is less worried about racism and more about making a good impression with the dad & mum of the girl he is currently plowing.

Once there, there are various very vague attempts at setting a mood of tension. Various unsettling characters are brought in. The main portion of the plot is made ridiculously obvious by this point, and also this section of the film drags on waaaay too much.

Then the guy is finally abducted, because "reverse racism, blacks are actually preferred to whites" and brain transplants. The whole thing carefully exposed because some guy at the back row in the audience didn't already figure it all out.

Once the transplant begins, the ending is pure low-grade action flick, and Guy (tm) finally gets to go home, sans-girlfriend.

I'm sorry, but my opinion of Get Out is not very good. It's fairly well shot, the supporting cast is .. not terrible, but the story is really weak, there is no tension whatsoever (i wouldn't even class this film as a horror), the resolution of the plot if feeble ..

do not bother with Get Out. It's a weak film that lacks in both style and substance.

My final vote: 5.5/10 - very little to watch.
Hollywood does it again!!!
This movie IS RAELly good. It's an absolute JEWel. The director has some high qualitY IDeas. I watched it while drinking home made soda water from my antique gaZOGene. White people are evil and need to be exterminated, and I'm glad this movie taught me that. I love Hollywood!!!
Starts well, but loses its way.
I tried not to find out too much about this film before seeing it, but couldn't help seeing the high scores. It is a great film, to a point... and that point is the final reel, at which point everything starts to fall apart.

The "big reveal" comes 3/4 of the way through the film, and is just the wrong side of plausible to take seriously. We then go through a very rapid succession of brutal kills; we get the clichéd "seemingly unconscious person comes back for a jump scare, surprisingly unscathed"... twice!

And it's all rounded off with a final deus ex machina that really does arrive from nowhere, in transport that really does beg some explanation... but we never get one.

It's a real shame, because everything that precedes is fantastic... it's a creepy, tense film that plays wonderfully on the racism in the on screen characters as much as the racism in the audience (no matter how liberal you might think you are).

Top Tip to writers... endings are so important. Get that nailed and everything that leads up to it will write itself. Mess it up, and people will come away with a bad impression; particularly on subsequent viewings.
So, I saw the trailer a while ago, and thought this film looked dull. But half a year after release it still had a pretty high rating, and a friend wanted to see it. I decided to give it a chance. Waste of time. It's like a bad black mirror episode stretched double the time.


plot wise, the trailer pretty much tells you the whole deal. Really. And if you didn't get it from the trailer, the main characters friend basically tells it to you point blank around half an hour in. No mystery, no twist no nothing. Predictable and boring.


*no, I did not predict exactly that they use the bodies for brain transplants, just the abduction, slavery and that they were all in on it parts. But that whole thing was silly and quite irrelevant(a bunch of rich white man want only black skinned individuals to put their minds in.... really? An odd ball from the writers which seems to be aimed at pleasing specific audiences.)

Besides that there are many logical flaws(so many people were abducted and Chris is the first one that has a friend look for him?? She was with him for 4 months (!) so I'm assuming not much less with the other guys. No one linked her to their disappearance? Really??) and not to mention the whole hypnosis/neuroscience mumbo jumbo..


Not scary or suspenseful at all. Not horror.

Plus it seems like the movie tries to pull in audiences by representing the subject of racism as a main theme, but nothing clever about the subject is presented. Cheap hype and bad comedy lines that come out of the blue.

A good thing: I really enjoyed the opening scene(before the titles), it was well crafted. Too bad it was around a minute out of an almost 2 hour film..

Probably around 5/10, after all plot is not the only thing in a film. I give it a 1 to counter the (maybe fake) hype.

Feeds a Racism Agenda
Bottom line, as a horror movie it was not scary. As a psychological thriller, it was completely unbelievable and devoid of any real world research or knowledge. As a mystery, it was not a mystery and extremely obvious. The allegory (which was intended), was completely racist and not ashamed to say so right to your face... white people are evil and apparently that group likes to exploit blacks. Which, in todays world, is completely bologna. All groups exploit every other including their own (blacks especially), so in other words its not a race problem, its a societal problem (caused by bad economic and social policies but that is a argument for another time).

I think people saw what they wanted to see and not what was actually shown. Most of the reviews are clearly not objective and very emotionally driven because the reviewer agreed with the allegory (the reviewer already had an opinion and the movie reinforced it). Rather than talk about the quality of the movie, they talk about symbolism as if the authors and directors are geniuses of some sort. They aren't and since most psychology is monkey business as has been proved time and again in the real world by psychiatrists (real doctors and researchers) there was nothing left of the movie but a hallow shell.

Skip it if you have a functioning brain. You will be bored to tears and you will spot every statistical and logical error of which there are so many that the movie became comical.
I feel embarrassed to having paid $1.50 for this film.
The genius of this movie was all the hype about it and the sheep who fed the hype. I looked at a few sites to see what it was rated and figured my wife and I like some psychological horror... why not. Genius movie on an epic level for me even though I rated it 1 star out of 10. The true genius of this movie is showing to my wife and I how alone we are in this world/country and that we're surrounded by a minority of actual humans but now a majority of sheep. I am so honored to have watched this movie to now see so clearly this visceral portrait of America's idiocy unfolding.

When the movie ended and it faded to black and those powerful words "Get Out" came up, I knew right then and there that this blockbuster of a movie had finally solidified my mind into knowing I am surrounded by imbecilic sheep out there. I had once doubted and thought maybe it was my age of 45 starting to show through and thinking "Man, am I getting old? Is this how it starts?" but this movie transcends all age restrictions. Stupidity and zombie-like hype needs no age, no race, no culture ... it can shuffle forward slowly like a plague and consume more and more as we tick tock through the years to come.

A horror comedy without jokes
the newest film made by jordan peele lives out to the hype that it made.horror comedy is one of the hardest genres(or sub genres) to make a movie about.some good examples would be evil dead 2 and scream.the film actually takes a subject like racism and makes it into a parody of itself.the comedy of the movie is actually really subtle and your'e not gonna walk into the movie and start laughing as a joke comes along.its a realization that can be made while watching the film or after you watched can't be really called a satire of horror movies because it uses the horror movie clichés more than once but the good part is that i doesn't annoy you like a lot of horror movies of the strengths of the movie is that you don't need to be an American to understand the story.a basic knowledge about racism will be enough.but for the clues and metaphors that are in the movie you need to pay more attention and know a little bit more.there are no jokes in the movie and even the comedy relief character lil rel howery doesn't make jokes but sells its comedy by his performance which makes him actually funny and not just an annoying side character like we see mostly in the movies right now.the performances are great and the character choices are rational and logical unlike most horror movies we see today.allison williams does a pretty good job and actually nails the character far more better than i expected.the cinematography is pretty good but it got distracting in two or three places of the movie but it wasn't boring and actually kept the movie pretty good looking.the twists of the movie will actually kinda predictable but that wasn't what the movie was about and i didn't expected to be shocked since the movie doesn't take itself to seriously but serious enough to keep the plot going.the CGI blood were kinda distracting and the movie got slow in a few places but it had the pay-off and you were rewarded after the scenes.the movie is well made and deserves a second viewing in some time and i would recommend it to horror fans or if your'e a fan of subtle humor and comedy.
Vastly overrated
This movie seems to have gone viral and has gotten an inordinate amount of views and praises, and there is indeed a lot to like, especially in its atmosphere, some little horror details, and how it was filmed in old-school style, but in the end it is just another sloppily written brainless modern movie with huge plot holes.

It is also unoriginal and predictable. It is basically a black version of The Stepford Wives with an added twist.

A black guy and his white girlfriend go to meet her family, and gradually uncover very strange goings on, especially with the very bizarre and creepy behaviour by the black people working for the family.


First there is the idiotic and obviously ego-driven concept that all white people in this movie worship the black physique enough to want a black body for themselves. I'm sure I don't have to point out how this is untrue and awkwardly egotistical on the part of the film-maker, not to mention the well known statistic that black people have a much higher number of health problems. On top of that, this movie drives the point once again of how badly black people are treated in society, so why on earth would a white person want to become one according to its own logic?

Then there's the head-scratching plot point where they transplanted their grandma and grandpa into black people's bodies, except they turned them into brainwashed slaves. Obviously someone switched plots midway through the movie and didn't think things through...

These aren't just plot holes, they kill the whole backbone of the movie.

Not to mention the happy ending that is in denial. The very next day, obviously he would be arrested for mass murder.

P.S. Those of you blindly repeating the complaint about the cotton and how he managed to get it in his ears... This is actually NOT a plot hole. His hands were tied, but his head and upper body clearly weren't and he even visibly bent down towards the cotton at the end of the scene.
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