Ghost Note
IMDB rating:
Troy Hart
April Hartman as Jenny
Justin Duncan as Rodney
Tiana Bratten as Ashley
Kenny Gardner as Eugene
Alexis Viels as Stevie
Martin Ezelle as Lawrence
Alicia Underwood as Mallory
Kim Foster as Lilith
Allyn Carrell as Betty Summers / Grandma
Todd Jenkins as Xander
Storyline: An immortal blues musician terrorizes childhood sweethearts reunited over the Thanksgiving holiday.
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Great story line and pacing. With a steady build in the suspense and a terrifying final show down.
Great story line and pacing. With a steady build in the suspense and a terrifying final show down. The main protagonist is full of teenage angst and defiance, causing herself more trouble then she was first ready for. The supporting characters are well rounded making the story line and the world we are transported to come to life. There are a few minor technical difficulties, but overall a fun yet scary journey.
A bland horror movie that was lacking scares...
When I stumbled upon "Ghost Note" in the horror section, I must admit that I was immediately lured by the cover art. I hadn't heard about the movie prior to finding it by sheer random chance. I must admit that after having read the synopsis for the movie, then I wasn't all that thrilled about it. But still, I decided to give the movie a chance and picked it up to watch.

Most of the cast was non-familiar faces to me, which was essentially good, because I do enjoy watching new talents on the screen. And not being familiar with the actors and actresses often leaves room for impression, especially when the performers do well with their given roles and characters.

30 minutes into the movie and I still didn't really know whom the characters were. Aside from the lead character, which made for a somewhat flaccid character gallery. And that did reflect somewhat poorly onto the storyline of the movie. It should be noted that as the movie progressed I didn't really come to grow attached to any of the characters in any way, and that mean that the character gallery was one-dimensional and flaccid.

"Ghost Note" seems to follow a very old school recipe for making a horror movie. And one of the good things about the movie is that it throws you right into the action, and doesn't waste well over half an hour in order to establish mood and setting, like so many horror movies tend to do. However, the movie sort of stumbles and loses momentum some time before halfway through, and that takes a toll on the enjoyment of the movie.

Certain aspects of the storyline were good and interesting, but the overall coherency and presentation of the storyline was just not an impressive result. For a horror movie, then "Ghost Note" was lacking things that would actually make it a scary movie. Now, I am not saying that it was a bad movie, just don't expect to be bedazzled by something that will revolutionize the horror genre.

"Ghost Note" turned out to be somewhat of an ordeal to sit through. And I can in all honesty say that I am not going to return to this movie a second time.
Ghost Note hit all the right notes for me
If your into the horror genre this is a must see, especially with the ability to stream it on Amazon Prime! Ghost note has a really unique and intriguing story line. Being from Mississippi I love the concept of the blues man that sells his soul to the devil. That is not so unusual in southern folk lore but where it takes you from there certainly is. You have Wicans, Seances, an Immortal Musician, haunted records, etc... Good job with building the characters all the way to the final climax with Eugene. Great score, loved the soundtrack.
I got the badly-cobbled-together-film blues
This film, in some ways, could've been salvaged. I do see a glimmer of hope and attention to detail here and there, but I have not seen such awkward staging and transitions in a long time. Truly the direction and cinematography are sometimes reminiscent of scenes found in MST3k's library. Not that the film it self would be there, as it is hardly kemp or unintentionally funny. The characters were all too simple and wooden, which is too be expected in a horror film - more slashy slashy, less character-building-y. But again: there was very little suspense in this for me. The chase scenes were boring, the buildup for the villain wasn't really all that interesting or scary and the film cuts away any suspense it has built by truly horrible cinematography. It just takes me right out. Add the spooky flash-frames popping up all the time to startle or unsettle the audience and you got a gimmick that gets tiresome quickly. It's even used as a device through the movie.

Some of the actors truly did try here and there. The "leading (young) man" and "the villain" had some truly bad scenes, but again: I think it could've been fixed with proper direction. Some, however, were clearly not actors and it showed. I believe there were some "featured" participants in this thing, but I have no idea who they are - some blues aficionados? Again, the film tells me nothing about them in particular, and quite frankly it didn't incite enough interest for me to actually Google any of the players.

All this combined makes for a sub par viewing experience. My suspense of disbelief broke many times by film 101 mistakes, like bad and awkward cinematography, off putting camera angles and especially the transitions. Some transitions left me scratching my head, wondering what the heck were they thinking on the cutting room floor. This film could've had a creep factor to it, it could've been "scary", but you're taken out of the film so many times the few scenes that actually have some weight are drained of their effect.

I didn't come in to this film with any expectations, but liked the premise of the synopsis. Heck, once I realized it was an indie film of sorts I rooted for the film. I imagined I could've suggested it to my nieces. But my nieces have seen many horror films, including "The Exorcist". They would've been underwhelmed or bored, because they are used to film making conventions that cannot be ignored - or omitted. I see my nieces as the demographic for this film, and if that fails I can't imagine recommending this film to anyone.

In short, without the right angle and right approach to film making, you're left singing the blues about how the film could've been so much better with just following simple movie making conventions.
This movie will make you think twice before strumming an old guitar!
I have never been a person that really enjoyed horror films and all of the typical satanic bloody mess that usually goes along with them. However the Ghost Note is not your typical horror film. As a guitar player and musician I was immediately drawn into the story. The writer/director did a great job of keeping the story line interesting. The movie is an intense thriller with creative spiritual undertones throughout. I really enjoyed the filters, flashbacks/visions, and the music. What really stuck out to me was the distinction and way in which good prevailed over evil. This movie will make you think twice before strumming an old guitar!
Navet Ghost Note
I was expecting a lot when I saw the first scenes of the movie but as it unfolds the bore was taking me over because the movie was filled with holes. The scenery was nice and mesmerizing with spooky music as well as the change of light, but you lose interest in a movie when you can expect what will happen next. Added to that, one of the most important reasons for giving low rates for this movie is the poor performance of Justin whom I think was not a fit for that. The plot was a plain one and nothing new is brought to the world of thriller movie. For first timers, this movie is a good start and it may give you some jumps if you've never watched a movie in this genre before but if you do, you're likely to finish all your corn without even filling that you're watching a movie.
Too slow-moving to succeed
GHOST NOTE is a slow-moving independent horror production that suffers from a hugely uninteresting first hour which is all character work and very little incident or frightening moments. Instead this is an attempted mood builder that simply doesn't build much in the way of mood. The lack of likable protagonists hurts it too. The drawn-out story finally gets going towards the climax, with a cool-looking antagonist spirit, but by then it's too little, too late.
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