Going in Style
Crime, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Zach Braff
Morgan Freeman as Willie
Matt Dillon as Hamer
Melanie Nicholls-King as Cary Sachs
Maria Dizzia as Rachel Harding
Lolita Foster as OR Nurse
Josh Pais as Chuck Lofton
Joey King as Brooklyn
Seth Barrish as Dr. Helton
John Ortiz as Jesus
Ann-Margret as Annie
Alan Arkin as Albert
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Legendary actors charm with chemistry
Grade: B+

Rating: PG-13, 97 minutes

In a Nutshell: Face it, the cast is a bunch of adorable, lovable, and legendary guys: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. They have fantastic chemistry and are the highlight of the film. They ARE the film.

Going In Style is a remake of the old 1979 movie, yet the story still has relevance. You'll be entertained and walk out of the theater with a goofy grin on your face.

Uplifting theme: Life-long friends Loyalty, family, friendship "One can't get enough time." – Joe (Michael Caine) "Do you want to drift off into the sunset or go out with a bang?" – Joe "There's always another way." – Murphy (Peter Serafinowicz

Things I liked: Christopher Lloyd has a small role, but he does a great job and steals the scenes he's in. I don't like seeing him get so old, but it happens to all of us. We haven't seen Ann Margaret in a while. I think the first time I ever saw her in a movie was in Bye Bye Birdie. I thought she was mesmerizing. What incredible, long careers all of these actors have had. Pie! It's entertaining to see how they mastermind their big crime. Even funnier is watching them try to steal some groceries to get their feet wet in their new life of crime. Kids, don't try this! Have you noticed that Morgan Freeman has now been in 3 movies with the same theme that he's dying and now needs to do something crazy? Check out The Bucket List and Last Vegas. See? They're both fun flicks too.

Things I didn't like: The movie suggests that all banks are evil and heartless; therefore, it's OK to commit crime. It is NOT OK to commit a crime. When people have nothing to lose, they do bad and/or illegal things. Having challenges in life still doesn't give us permission to break the law. It's always a strange sensation when the audience wants the people in the movie to do something bad. Does that mean we're living variously through them? Do we want to be able to justify or rationalize our own bad behavior? What does that say about us? It's not laugh-out-loud super funny, but it's still charming.

Funny lines: "This isn't an admission of guilt. I'm just tired." – Albert (Alan Arkin) "Take my number. Things happen." – Mitzi (Siobhan Fallon Hogan) My family still imitates her funny accent when she said "sugar water" in Men In Black

Interesting lines: "We're friends, Willy. We're supposed to look out for each other, aren't we? Then, let's do it." – Joe (Michael Caine) "It's a culture's duty to take care of its elderly." – Jesus (John Ortiz)

Tips for parents: Some profanity, including one F-bomb You might have to tell the kids about who the Rat Pack was. Some suggestive material and pre-marital relations. Medical marijuana discussion

If you're interested in seeing the original Going in Style (1979) with George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg, you can actually still get it on Amazon!

Cast of Living Legends
Equal parts nostalgia and endearing, the all-star cast of living legends makes for a delightful afternoon movie. To take a familiar story and tell it in a unique way is the challenge of every creative. Zach Braff, extending his directorial reach, achieves 'heartfelt sentiment' by bringing us a movie with just enough punch to make it savory. 'Going in Style' is a simple story about uncommon responses to life's challenges. Braff turns a fresh spin on people and their everyday struggles. A sweet and sometimes sad story, this is a movie that takes us from the average humdrum to the criminal of everyday life in a nonchalant way. Along the way, we reckon with criminality, social justice, aging, poor health, bad relationships, luck and love all with the breathless ease of a clear sunny day. Reminding us that we are never too old to love anew. And to live each day to the fullest.
An above average entertaining film
With the main cast of this film I definitely had some interest in this film and I have now seen it and i found it entertaining but nothing special at all. The premise of the film sees 3 older men attempt to rob a bank after the bank takes there pensions away from them. Michael Caine is the lead in this film and he is just great in this film, you can see he cares about this role and adds a lot of humour and drama to his performance. Morgan Freeman and Alan arkin are also in the film and the chemistry between the three performers is excellent. You buy there friendship and there chemistry together as old friends going through this ridiculous scenario. However, the rest of the supporting cast don't really add a lot to this film and I found some of there arcs to be a little silly. The story has some real entertainment as You see these three older gentleman practise and plan out this robbery and with the performances it is very entertaining. However, this film is pretty by the numbers and the last 20 minutes aren't as interesting as they should be. The script has some fun dialogue with a bit of decent dramatic dialogue but I don't really feel it hit the drama enough at certain times during the film. The style has some fun scenes especially involving a supermarket heist that I laughed a lot during. But as mentioned before I feel like the last act dragged on and hurt the film quite a bit. Overall this film did it's job and it is a fun film but I don't really care if I ever see it again to be honest.
Get ready for the grandfather of all heist films
Get ready for the grandfather of all heist films! Three old-timers are planning to rob the bank, partly for revenge, partly for having something interesting to do before succumbing to senility. There's still fun to be had when you are beloved male movie star reaching his 60's or even more. There's a ton of age-appropriate roles on offer, such as tender grandpa, dirty grandpa, weird grandpa, or just some senior citizen who starts something unexpected and finds some new life thanks to this. „Going in Style" relies on tender grandpa and still capable senior citizen clichés to offer yet another joyful comedy-drama-lite – it deserves to be called a genre already – where you can watch some of the more beloved actors of our time crumbling away with style. This time, there's even more of them than I expected. We have two true stars (Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman), one well- known and loved actor who's not exactly a star (Alan Arkin) and even some has-beens, such as Christopher Lloyd – still offering some creepy variation on his schtick from „Back to the Future" – and Ann- Margret. So, there's gonna be as much geronto-fun as you can digest AND fun comic relief turn by „SNL" regular Kenan Thompson. This is the only thing in the movie that feels fresh and alive. Caine, Freeman and Arkin are screen legends capable of making every movie a little bit more interesting and enjoyable just by appearing in it. The sad part is, there is so little interesting or truly heart-felt going on that one is tempted to call in „Going in Style" a wasted opportunity. The characters, the relationships, the dialogue, the approach – all is so shallow and bland. But, of course, it was probably never aimed much higher than a pleasant if boring 96 minutes in the company of some of America's coolest senior citizens. Also, this must be one of the most unconvincing bank heist movies of all time. I get it, we are aiming for real here, but the way it plays out is just stupid. Was the writer even trying? It's certainly a wasted opportunity for director Zach Brach. He was a popular sitcom star in „Scrubs" (2001-10) who also surprised us by writing, directing and starring in „Garden State" (2004) – delightful little movie worthy to be called a modern classic. But 2010's have brought little to confirm he's still a player. And „Going in Style" seems more like drowning in saccharine-flavored mediocrity than anything to get excited about. Why do it at all, one might ask. Did he value hanging out with Freeman, Caine and Arkin more than trying to help his career? You can find a bunch of watchworthy movies and TV series about getting old, both artsy and mainstream – it's quite popular topic. With „Going in Style" being mainstream almost to a fault, I'd like to offer a recommendation of same sort – „Men of a Certain Age" or „Grace and Frankie", for example. Senior screen legends should also think about „The Expendables" style all-star-project, where they could also include Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, Kevin Kline, Romany Malco, Sam Elliott, Mary Steenburgen or anybody else regularly willing to do this kind of nice but calorie-free entertainment. The all-star-approach would save us some time of watching most of them doing it separately. OR, they could choose to not endlessly repeat themselves and do non-mainstream movie about getting old for a change. Watch the trailer and save another 94 minutes. Almost all good bits are in there!
Humanity at it's best !
I always read or watch movies for a particular reason. I work in a stress environment so I really want to be entertained in my chill time. I don't ask much from movies but I do some a couple of check boxes and this movie ticks all the boxes. 10 for 10, hands down! It's has heart, humour (it's spelt this way where I'm from !) and a true realism that has enough fantasy to be believable. I was not bored for even a minute. I actually bought the movie and have to-date watch it four times, enjoying every time. Each viewing has enabled me to pick more nuances and subtle humour (yes, it really is spelt this way!) Kudos to everyone behind this story, thank you to all for providing me with 90 minutes of wonderful fun.
Outrageously funny
This movie exceeded my expectations by a very wide margin. I've already watched it twice now, still got good rib-cracking laughs. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin all deliver clean and witty humor. This is a story one can easily relate to, in one way or another and has a pretty good and easy-to-follow plot. This is the kind of movie to watch when you're in for some laughs or when you're in a somber mood; it will definitely cheer you up.
Bad Banks
Lots of political monologue on poor getting poorer; wealthy getting wealthier; legally and morally bad banks/financial institutions robbing everyone such as taking the hardworking peoples' houses from them for a quick dollar or two. All justifying our Robin Hood trios rationale to hit back and take a couple million as compensation for losing their pensions, and, of course, give half to charities (sure!). Lots of jokes about old age with concurrent mental/physical decline to make the task worth a movie's storyline (not that it hasn't been told countless times before). Lots of clichéd banter to try and rescue fairly rote acting. Final message of our predictable happy ending's planning unfolds is that "Society should take care of it's elderly." I wonder if the script, in part, is a gentle slap at Trump business philosophy developed from his inherited wealth and property flipping financial gains at society's expense. At least they didn't pile on his supposed mild bone spurs and multiple student (haha) exemptions to escape service in the Vietnam war.
Fun Movie
It is a fun movie for the older crowd. Three very good actors make good movie better. Being 72 I can relate to their dilemmas. A few good laughs. I would recommend it for the older folks. Young people might not feel empathy for the elders. It's nice to see a movie that relates to everyday problems of real people.
A good enough movie
The story is interesting. It's well written. Zach Braff did well giving life to it. It was funny and heart touching. I personally liked the way Zach told the story a lot.

The three lead actors were impressive in their roles as we expect them to be. I think many of the scenes would fall apart without their acting class. They added a layer of emotion over the jokes happening in the scenes. They made this movie enjoyable throughout.

This is not the best comedy ever but this is good enough. I enjoyed every moment of it.
A Seniors Movie With Laughs For All!!
For those of us who are getting older, and can't jump over buildings in a single bound, like we could in our youth. This comedy is for you! The three gentlemen, played wonderfully by Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin, find themselves in a bad financial position. They are about to lose their pensions, and with financial responsibilities they need to find a new source of income quickly. So they decide to rob a bank! Learning how to do it, the trials they go through preparing themselves for the task, and the final act of robbing the bank. The laughs are continuous throughout. A super comedy with puns aplenty! Ann Margaret, and Christopher Lloyd guest star in this all out fun, fully entertaining movie! "Going In Style", a comedy not to be missed, especially for someone sixty or older! We understand the trials and tribulation of aging!
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