Good Time
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Joshua Safdie, Ben Safdie
Robert Pattinson as Connie Nikas
Astrid Corrales as Bail Bondsman's Assistant
Gladys Mathon as Annie
Peter Verby as Peter the Psychiatrist
Saida Mansoor as Agapia Nikas
Eric Paykert as Eric the Bail Bondsman
Taliah Webster as Crystal (as Taliah Lennice Webster)
Barkhad Abdi as Dash the Park Security Guard
Ron Braunstein as Caliph
Rose Gregorio as Loren Ellman
Rachel Black as Rachel the Public Defender
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Corey Ellman
Storyline: After a heist goes awry, a bank robber tries to free his brother from Rikers Island, all in one night.
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Frantic and Fantastic
If I could ever experience what it's like to be a neon light inside a crowded nightclub, I imagine it would feel a lot like watching Good Time.

This movie exudes intensity, electricity, and neonicity (not a real word, just roll with it). The opening scene provides the movie's blandest color scheme, but it's serious and compelling and important, so pay attention.

From there, the movie leaps fearlessly into a techno blasting, adrenaline surging, rush of mayhem and terrible decision making. Two brothers rob a bank, run from the police, and one ends up in the hospital. Then it gets worse.

Constantine (played by Robert Pattinson, in a career-making performance) lives a life of dysfunction. He struggles to maintain healthy relationships with family or friends or anyone. The one thing in his life that he's sure of is that he wants to take care of his brother, who has intellectual disabilities. He spends a majority of the film frantically (frantic accurately describes the mood for most of Good Time) attempting to save his brother from the trouble that he put him in. The problem is that Constantine can't even properly take care of himself, so helping his brother is far beyond his abilities.

Try as he may, every attempt to help backfires. Despite Constantine's good intentions, he is a powerfully negative influence in his brother's life. He sees himself as his brother's savior, but that's very far from the truth.

It's tempting to sympathize with Constantine. He has real moments of decency. But just when you may think this isn't such a bad guy, he showcases another instance of unsavory behavior. That seems to be the story of his life—fleeting moments of hope, followed by swift slaps of grim reality that are mostly brought on by his own doing.

In the end, his brother, Nick, becomes the more likable character. We want what is best for Nick, just like Constantine does. Because of this shared goal, I want Constantine to succeed. I have never rooted harder for a character that I didn't really want to root for. That's all because of Nick.

Since this is sounding deeply dramatic, let me reiterate, this isn't a plodding sob story. The frantic pace, ludicrously rousing music and color scheme will make your eyes bug out and your hair stand up. Actually, you may literally stand up at certain moments because of the intensity.

See Good Time if you're up for an intense crime thriller. Just don't forget to think while watching. There's more to this movie than neon and techno.
Plagiaristic copy of Martin Scorsese's Awful After Hours
This movie rips everything from Awful Hours (directed by one of the most overrated and terrible directors of all time, Martin Scorsese). The plot is essentially After Hours, the characters are guilty and stupid. Setting is contained within an entire day till morning again. The soundtrack is like a time clock and extremely obnoxious. Only this time, IT'S ALL CLOSE UPS. WOOH Shaky CAM, GO LOW BUDGET. The directors are such idiots that they once again make the mistake of what made their movie Heaven Knows What extremely mediocre. HIRING PEOPLE WHO WORK THEIR OWN JOBS. They aren't acting cause they can't act, you can tell when a police officer is an actual police officer or a nurse is an actual nurse. Way to be so lazy and not hire actors to challenge them to try to be a legitimate police officer or nurse. Where's the ambition? You're gonna use the same piece of crap narcotic crackhead that got real jail time years ago from Heaven Knows What? Really directors? Also, Ben Safdie is insulting to mentally handicapped people. His performance is so wrong in so many ways. Wow, such genuine directors. Way to make fun of handicapped people JUST WOW! Robert Pattinson once again cannot act. What an idiot, he ruins method acting just as Jared Leto. You don't starve yourself in a basement and look like a homeless hobo when the character clearly isn't supposed to look like one or act like one. He literally has a nice apartment and his parents are wealthy enough. This is one of the first times I've seen an actor add plot holes to a movie. The cinematography is pretty bad. It's filled with obnoxious pandering metaphors using neon colors. Oh, when they're in the red. It's danger. When it's pink, it's love. Are you serious? You are going to play the audience dumb because you think they can't process information without visual cues? Who do they think we are? Sunjay Gupta? JUST LET US THINK FOR OURSELVES. OH YEAH, lets not forget about that ending. Holy in god, what a pretentious ending about rehab and therapy.

Robert Pattinson is Brilliant..
After a heist goes awry, a bank robber spends a night trying to free his mentally ill brother from being sent to Riker's Island prison. Good Time was in my Most Anticipated Films of 2017 and i can gladly say that this film is an art of Cinema. Robert Pattinson gives a career defining performance as Connie Nikas and the same goes for actor and director Benny Safdie who plays his brother Nick. The cinematography, the direction and the overall quality of the film it's amazing, with some terrific shots that are up close and some suspenseful and heart punching moments in a Hospital, in the streets during the foot chase and of course the ones in the Fun Park. The soundtrack was also terrific and smooth and fit the movie perfectly and i liked the whole techno remix stuff and the theme song in general plus Iggy Pop's song in the end does bring a heart warming closure to the movie's story. Now as far as flaws go? Good Time unfortunately has a load of an interesting characters and actors in general and some of them are good for example Jennifer Jason Leigh as Pattinson's "girlfriend" or even Taliah Webster as Crystal a young 16 year-old girl who isn't as innocent as she seems but there's one character in particular that was in the movie and didn't serve that much of a purpose to be honest expect being annoying for most of his screen time and that's Buddy Duress as Ray, his entire motivation and character in general seemed off and seemed of bothering Connie mostly rather than helping him in general and he was easily the worst part of the movie also the ending i wish it was a bit "happier" a little bit? But then again i wasn't surprised that much with the direction it took in it's finale. Overall Good Time proves that Robert Pattinson can indeed act and his performance is Oscar Worthy in a lot of ways and reasons and his overall chemistry with Ben Safdie feels natural and sweet and i hope in the near future they get to work together again cause this was an edge of your seat crime drama and the leading men gave 2 fantastic performances and it's totally a big recommendation from me. (9/10)
A gripping tale of depravity and corruption
Good Time was everything I wanted it to be and more. I found it to be incredibly intense and gripping while also being extremely overwhelming, as it was intended and as it should be. It reminded me a lot of Requiem for a Dream in its insistence to not let the viewer take a moment to breathe or gather their thoughts. On a superficial level it works because it's filled with adrenaline that not many films carry and that allows it to be thrilling and entertaining. More importantly, however, it succeeds on a deeper level by showing the way a person can incite an endless cycle of depravity and corruption that manages to affect the lives of so many other people. Beyond the initial thrills and the aesthetically-pleasing elements (like its score, which is so effectively used to create the environment that the characters live in), the film manages to write its characters with incredible care and surprising nuance. It's one of the best recent examples of the crime film that I've seen, one that is completely unafraid of showing you the ugliness of it all. And did I mention that Robert Pattinson is amazing in this? He's shown himself to be quite talented, most notably in The Rover with Guy Pearce. He's worthy of a lead role like this and he's flawless, his final scene being the perfect demonstration of his abilities.
Tough to watch - and tough to turn away from!
Meet the Safdie Brothers, Josh and Ben. Oh, they've been making movies since they were kids in New York City and their films (starting with short films) have been seen in theaters since 2006, but it's the 2017 crime drama "Good Time" (R, 1:40) that serves as their introduction to a significant number of Movie Fans. Their films usually follow the misadventures and misdeeds of morally-challenged characters through various settings in New York's dark underbelly. Josh and Ben (sometimes, Joshua and Benny) often each pull at least double-duty when making their movies, in roles to include producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor and actor. "Good Time" is no exception. Josh and Ben share directing duties, while Josh is also the film's co- writer (with Ronald Bronstein) and Ben (as "Benny Safdie") plays a key supporting role. The end result can be seen as difficult to watch, but it's hard not to be impressed with the skill the Safdie brothers demonstrate in their various roles – behind and in front of the camera.

Nick Nikas (Benny Safdie) is a mentally-challenged man-child who lives with his grandmother. As the film opens, he is being evaluated by an elderly psychiatrist (Peter Verby) after unintentionally breaking his grandmother's arm. Nick alternates between emotional and non-communicative until his older brother, Constantine (Robert Pattinson), bursts into the room and pulls Nick out of the session over the stringent objections of the well-meaning psychiatrist. Constantine (who goes by Connie) assures Nick that he's the one with Nick's best interests at heart. The two talk about getting a place together where Nick dreams that he'll be able to "do what I want, when I want." Connie loves his brother and sincerely wants to take care of him, but Connie can't even take care of himself. He's a manipulator whose moral compass lost its needle long ago – and the kind of guy who might find a four-leaf clover, right before the leaves fall off.

Connie's idea of making his and Nick's lives better starts with the two of them attempting to rob a bank. In spite of impressive disguises and a plan that seems well thought-out (up to a point), the heist goes awry, the brothers get separated and Nick is arrested. Connie goes to see his girlfriend (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and tries to coerce her into giving him the money for Nick's bail. In the meantime, a confused and stressed-out Nick gets beaten so badly by another prisoner that he ends up in the hospital. When Connie learns about this, even though his face is all over the news as one of the bank robbers, he boldly walks through the hospital hallways with the intention of spiriting his brother away. What follows is a series of Connie's mistakes, manipulations and misjudgments which bring him into contact with and endanger a teenage girl (Taliah Webster), a drug dealer (Buddy Duress), a security guard (Barkhad Abdi) and others who are affected by Connie's well-meaning, but misguided attempts to help his younger brother.

"Good Time" is an ironically titled, intense and intelligent crime drama. It's dark in tone and visuals, while the framing of those visuals and the words spoken by the actors make the story uncomfortably personal. It's a raw and engaging window into the desperation of a single-minded, violent and slightly sympathetic loser. Pattinson's performance is disturbingly real, while Benny Safdie's is startling and emotionally sophisticated in its simplicity. Both performances are award-worthy – especially that of Safdie. Watching him on screen, I got the same feeling of awards season inevitability that I had when I first saw Christoph Waltz in "Inglourious Basterds" and Mark Rylance in "Bridge of Spies", both of which won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. But acting recognitions aside, this film is a work of art, like a dark, disturbing and hauntingly beautiful painting that you might wish hadn't captured your attention, but find yourself unable to turn away from until you have experienced everything it has to offer. It's difficult to call such a film "entertaining" (which is my main criterion for assigning a grade to a movie). The viewer won't have a "good time", per se, but will likely be impressed by the film's artistry. "B+"
Good Time (2017, The Safdie Brothers) review
Good Time (2017, The Safdie Brothers) This is a wonderfully gritty crime film that is mostly set over one night. It has the sensibilities of a 70's film and feels like a film Abel Ferrera would want to make is he had any talent. The story follows a bank robber (Robert Pattinson)who finds himself unable to evade those who are looking for him. The acting is superb but the tone of the film might not be for everyone as its a loud, messy world of agitation and intensity that is quite tiring. I personally thought it was great and got a lot out of it and loved the style of presentation from the credits and cinematography to the great synth' score. 7.5-8/10
Intense crime drama
I had heard good things about this indie thriller and found the film suspenseful and enjoyable showing a life that doesn't always receive the spotlight. Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) tries to take care of his troubled brother Nick Nikas (Benny Safdie) who has a learning disability. He takes him out of a learning program and on a heist at a bank. He wears the mask of a black man and demands the cash through handwritten notes. The thieves get away and are picked up by a friend but when they are driving away the bag explodes with red paint. Connie and Nick try to hide by washing off as much of the paint as they can and pulling up their hoods. The cops still question them and Nick takes off running. Connie follows and pulls ahead leaving his brother behind as Nick crashes through a window and is caught by the cops.

Nick is shipped to Rikers Island and his behavior problems lead him to be hospitalized. Connie works to free his brother by negotiating with the bail bondsman but the money is stained with red paint. He asks his girlfriend, Corey (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to use her mother's credit card to pay the bond but Corey's mother doesn't like her boyfriend so she cancels the card before Corey can spend the ten thousand dollars. During the process to bail out his brother, Connie learns that his brother is in the hospital. Connie heads to the hospital to find his brother. He uses his craftiness to find his brother's room and break him out. He sneaks out covering his brother with his jacket and sneaking him onto a medical transport bus.

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A Test Of The Viewer's Patience But OK Overall
I believe many think this is some kind of indie art flick about a gritty pair of insane (one literally) brothers who live a depraved and hard scrabble life in Queens. It's really about the brother who supposedly isn't insane however. Turns out he's the real bad apple. He causes harm to everyone he touches not the least is his mentally challenged brother. A pretty down and dirty wild ride ensues. Is this potentially a very real reflection of something which could happen? The viewer will have to decide. I wouldn't say this is an entertaining movie in any way. In fact it's a bit of a mess in the middle. But, I'd say it returns to telling the story of a empty vessel brother sociopath (the mentally "right" one) who goes off the rails in his convoluted sense of righting his brother's life. The mentally challenged brother comes through it all right back where he was when the movie started maybe none the worse for the wear. The so-called "right" brother...Well, we're left to guess he gets to where he belongs too.
Good Time
In all my life I haven't seen such a pathetic production of what they seem to think is a movie of good entertainment. Rookie actors who can't act to save their lives. Pathetic scripting. Total lack of any quality whatsoever. After watching this movie for 10 minutes, I couldn't stomach watching such garbage again. I have approx. 5000 movies and 3000 other films in my collection. I can definitely assure you that this one will be thrown out with the rest of garbage around here. What a waste of money.

How much did this movie cost to make. My guess looking at the quality of filming, the actors and production, maybe about $100. Because I wouldn't pay any of those actors based on their pathetic understanding of what a really good actor can achieve. Not even one "A" class actor. I have a collection of "B" rated movies. Compared to your production, my "B" rated movies are high class.

Seriously guys, if your going to make a movie, try to come up with something that people can appreciate as good entertainment. Try to find an actor who doesn't think the movie is about him. Trying to act cool on camera is an art, a true talent to get it right. Just look at actors like, "Tom Hanks", "Tom Cruise", "Morgan Freeman". These guys know how to act cool and do it very well. Your people suck.!! Spend a few extra dollars next time and just maybe you may get it right, but I sincerely doubt it looking at the quality of your past work.

My Rating is 0.
It's really hard to tell you about Good Time without giving anything away, because it's stuffed with more twists and turns than a maze. It has one exciting scene after another, with the few moments of quiet solemnity abbreviated by spontaneous paranoia. Each shot is tight and claustrophobic, employing more underused camera tricks than any average motion picture. It all oozes with seediness and atmosphere, but certainly does not achieve its sordid realism through clichés. Everything in the film is built naturally and with total ease. The performances are all pitch-perfect. Every actor possesses their character as if they were real people, to the point that you can identify their personality by one look at their face. For example, there is a scene where our lead, played by Robert Pattinson (in his finest role), comes into a house to make a phone call, and a teenager (played by a magnificent, currently non-professional actor), looks on with innocence but in her eyes inhabits a questionable amount of reckoning. At the end of the day though, the film truly belongs to directors Ben and Josh Safdie, who are obviously fascinated with the dark, grimy side of the ordinary, but two great talents that I hope to see more films from in the future. But overall, the film itself is a moody character piece and exhilarating exercise in existentialism with great performances all around.
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