Happy Death Day
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Christopher B. Landon
Laura Clifton as Stephanie Butler
Cariella Smith as Becky Shepard
Tenea Intriago as Student Protester
Brady Lewis as Frat Brother
Ramsey Anderson as Keith Lumbly
Rachel Matthews as Danielle Bouseman
Ruby Modine as Lori Spengler
Phi Vu as Ryan Phan
Jason Bayle as David Gelbman
Rob Mello as Joseph Tombs
Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman
Charles Aitken as Gregory Butler
Israel Broussard as Carter Davis
Jimmy Gonzales as Police Officer
Storyline: A teenage girl, trying to enjoy her birthday, soon realizes that this is her final one. That is, if she can figure out who her killer is. She must relive that day, over and over again, dying in a different way each time. Can she solve her own murder?
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Happy, sad, funny, and scary all in one!
I was pleasantly surprised by this film! I went in expecting it to be a repetitive storyline incorporating a mad man in a stereotypical doll mask. I can truthfully say it definitely surprised me! As seen in the previews, Tree is reliving her birthday over and over, trying to figure out the man behind the mask. While the movie is a thriller, it was really the surprising pop ups that get you. I really recommend this movie to anyone finding themselves wanting a fun movie that isn't only going to make you spill your popcorn, but also leave the theatre thinking about everything you just watched unfold on screen.
"Happy Death Day (insert name here),Happy Death Day to you."
With Halloween coming up, I started taking a look at what Horror movies were being shown on the big screen. Finding Vincenzo Natali's Haunter (which has the same "hook",but a darker tone) to be superb,I was excited to spot a film on the big screen with a similar set- up,which led to me joining in the Death Day.

The plot:

Waking up with a killer hangover on her birthday, Theresa "Tree" Gelbman pushes fellow student Carter Davis to the side,and spends the entire day being grumpy to everyone,from binning a birthday cupcake her roommate Lori makes,to ignoring her dads invitation to meet up (Tree's late mum had the same birthday.) Going to a party later that night,Tree is stopped in her tracks by a masked stranger,who gets out a knife and kills her. Expecting to be dead,Tree instead finds herself re-living her birthday (where the same person kills her.) Caught in a time-loop,Tree starts trying to find out who the masked killer is,in order to stop her unhappy death day.

View on the film:

Setting the timer,the screenplay by X-Men Comic-Book writer Scott Lobdell spends the opening 15 minutes cheekily ribbing the clichés of the Slasher genre,via Davis being the well-meaning pretty boy,Tree being the popular,mean "it girl", and Tree's entire clique being based around showing the nerds who really is too cool for school.Catching Tree in a time loop,Lobdell gives the shiny Slash shocks sharp, underlying psychological terror, as each time she is murdered,leads to Tree getting increasingly raw fears that she will never escape the loop. Along with slicing up over a dozen, weapons- grade "Final Girl" battles, Lobdell takes an excellent stab at Horror-Comedy, that shines in each attempt Tree makes to survive the day,from Tree walking round the campus care-free and naked,to the headache Tree gets of having to re-live a deadly morning routine.

Perfectly stepping in time with Lobdell, director Christopher Landon & cinematographer Toby Oliver turn the Slasher Knife with an irresistible Pop-Rock atmosphere,of whip-pans around the campus,and neon lights over the killings that creates a party mood. Backed by a jumpy score from Bear McCreary and a great mask designed by "Ghostface" creator Tony Gardner, Landon gets into the Slasher groove with ultra-stylised tracking shots following Tree and the psycho,and overlapping slo-mo eyeing the wear and tear Tree experiences in the loop. The only one aware of what is happening, Jessica Rothe gives an excellent performance as Tree,whose sarcastic dry-wit Rothe hits with a real relish,that transforms into a tough, thoughtful confidence,as Tree wishes her killer a happy death day.
Derivative half-comic slasher flick proves you can't go wrong when you steal from the best
Jessica Rothe is amusingly pithy and savvy playing a selfish college beauty, a spoiled sorority sister who rules the school until she is stabbed and killed on her way to a surprise birthday party by a masked lunatic. But fate plays this campus cutie an unusual hand once she discovers she's living her birthday over and over again, each time attempting to cheat death but always running into her attacker. Screenwriter Scott Lobdell isn't trying to sneak a slasher variant of "Groundhog Day" passed us--he's upfront about the similarities, even exalts in them, while toying with all the possibilities such a scenario can offer. It takes Rothe three tries to fully comprehend what's happening to her; once she formulates a plan (creating a suspect list), Lobdell mixes things up, so that the movie rarely feels repetitive. Our heroine, snarky to start, follows Bill Murray's example and becomes a better person on her twisted journey (reestablishing contact with her father, apologizing to her roommate, even causing her own demise on one occasion to prevent the cute nerd from the boys' dorm from losing his life). Director Christopher B. Landon deserves credit for delivering a modern-day thriller with lots of action but no gore and no nudity. If it isn't quite a family-friendly slasher flick, it certainly is a squirrelly, sassy one, with some big laughs counterbalancing the suspense. Good show! *** from ****
A joke of a horror movie....FOR REAL!!
Some friends invited me for a horror mystery thriller movie, so all fine by me.

But then, the film started.... This was no horror film. Most of the movie felt like American Pie having the naked scenes replaced with some serial killer slaying again and again the same person without any obvious reason(or any reason whatsoever as I realized in the end).

Anyway, the actors were not memorable. Their acting skills were okay. I guess they would seem as something more to a teenager and this is why I am amazed by the number of good reviews this film got. The plot moves along in a totally predictable manner. We see repeatedly the same day of a rich sorority girl waking up in the room of some guy who was kind enough to pick up her pieces after she got wasted the night before. Then she goes on her day and gets killed in slightly different manner every night. Then wakes up at the guys dorm again and everything starts happening again until she finally realizes that she is trapped in a triangle-like situation. The theme is one we know all too well,so nothing much to expect there(so much for the thriller and mystery). The protagonist tries to explore some ways of solving the "mystery" but drops them all really fast so we see pretty much more of the same with tiny variations,while she tries to act all scared and panicked. Each morning finds her more screamy than the one before and the in- the-mean-time- reactions make things a bit funny or cringy. Certainly not scary or thrilling.

The main problem with this movie is that it tries to pass itself as some horror,mystery film while it's a comedy- crime/light mystery, if it has to be called something. It's a total joke of a horror movie. And it would be amusing if it was advertised as such. You cringe,you laugh but you certainly don't feel any threat at any point. And that's understandable since you have little time to learn anything about any of the characters. What do we know? She dates and sleeps around,not surprising for a sorority girl. She gets scared when they try to kill her, but that's a normal reaction for any human being. After reliving the same thing over and over she decides to stop repeating her actions and explore other possibilities, so nothing really interesting here either.

In the end we had a movie with much more laughter than the amount justified for a horror film,no plot,not a deep mystery,in contrast to what we expected and no interesting characters. But we still managed to have some fun with this thrash dialogue film. Not really worth seeing.
Honestly these fake reviews need to stop
I am 45 and i have been watching horror movies since i was 12. My first being Halloween 2.

No horror movie score a 6.7 right there the rating is fake and people who post all those positive reviews are fake too, this movie is rated PG13 for god sake.

I have seen fake reviews compare this from ground hog day to scream... really hey no not at all sorry.

First of all you take a bunch of annoying people, the lead its hard to have pity for her, yes i remember my teenage years and women like her treating me so bad, so i could care less about her character getting killed like 20 times in the movie. You have to give the audience something to care about the lead this one does not. Or all her annoying friends.

Pretty much so called actor in this movie is annoying from start to finish. I am glad this was a double feature and i did not pay full price for this garbage.

I really hope that people get this movie close to a 3 or a 4 which is what it deserve.
Happy Death Day (2017)
The trailer for this film accompanied by 50 Cent's "In Da Club" looked incredibly dumb, but that didn't mean that the film wasn't going to be a stupid good time. These types of repetition of a certain day films are somewhat popular with recent incarnations being completely forgettable. Groundhog Day gets it right, and I was curious to see a college slasher drama try to take a different spin on the idea.

The film is about Tree Gelbman, a typical short fused sorority girl who loves to party and get drunk and her trials against a day that keeps repeating. On her birthday she is murdered and the day keeps resetting until she can figure out who her killer is. The daily death takes a toll on her body and she gets physically weaker each time. its a tough task having to try to figure things out when everything around her resets and the killer and his/her motivations remain unknown.

Jessica Rothe was just perfect for this role. She's an attractive lead who played the college girl role to a tee. Her character grows by the end of the film and you start to feel a better connection with her as she becomes a different human being when her constant death teaches her about her own life. Other than that, there aren't really many fleshed out or identifiable characters, which is fine. This is a cheap thriller and should be treated a such, doesn't mean it isn't entertaining.

The repetition surprisingly doesn't overstay its welcome and keeps itself fun. This film is barely a horror because its so stupid and the film knows it. Its more of a comedy with killing than anything else. Which is perfectly fine. The killer reveal is kind of obvious despite the writers trying to twist you away from it. Overall, you won't have much of an impression from this picture but it makes for a good time in the cinema.

Happy Death Day
It was a fantastic coincidence this film came out close to when I was celebrating my 30th birthday, the trailer for this scary movie looked great, a cross between Groundhog Day and Scream, "Groundhog Slay" if you like, from Blumhouse Productions (Insidious, Whiplash, Get Out), so I was really looking forward to it. Basically Teresa "Tree" Gelbman (La La Land's Jessica Rothe) wakes up on her birthday, Monday 18th September, in the dorm room of classmate Carter Davis (Israel Broussard) following a heavy night of drinking. Tree leaves and spends the day being self-centered, dismissive and condescending to her fellow classmates and previous hook-ups, ignores calls from her father, throws away a cupcake made by her roommate Lori Spengler (Ruby Modine, Matthew's daughter), and is having an affair with her professor Gregory Butler (Charles Aitken). That night, Tree is heading to her "surprise" birthday party, when she is lured into a tunnel, there she is murdered by a hooded figure wearing a baby mask, the campus mascot. Tree wakes up in the morning, in the same dorm as before, and the previous day's events repeat, unnerved Tree relives the same day again, but avoids the tunnel. Instead she returns to the sorority house for her party, Tree enjoys herself and quickly hooks up with her classmate Nick Sims (Blaine Kern III), but the masked killer is there, he murders Nick, then kills her. Tree is terrified to find herself repeating events all over again, she is trapped in a time loop, she avoids her death this time by barricading herself in her room, but she is murdered again when the killer was hiding in the bathroom. During the next loop, Tree tells her story to Carter, he suggests she take advantage of the loop, make a list of all the suspects to figure out who is trying to kill her, she spends the next few loops following suspected students, all of which end up with her murdered as she stalks the wrong person each time. Tree also takes advantage of her situation and enjoys the reactions of everyone seeing her walk around the campus completely naked. On the next loop, Tree passes out following her previous death, being bludgeoned by a baseball bat, she is taken to hospital where she finds she has retained damaged from her other murders. Then she finds herself chased by the killer again through the hospital, until she escapes in Butler's car, while driving at high speed she is pulled over by a police officer, she volunteers to be arrested to avoid being killed, however the killer shows up and blows her up with leaking gas and a match. Waking up in Carter's bedroom again, Tree convinces him of the predicament knowing a number of events before they happen, going to a restaurant, she admits she doesn't like who she's become, including being distant from her father, since the death of her mother three years ago, they shared the same birthday. Tree sees the local news broadcast report, that serial killer Joseph Tombs (Rob Mello) is being held in the hospital, she concludes he is the masked killer. Tree races to the hospital to warn of Tombs' escape, the killer breaks free and nearly kills her, Carter follows and ends up killed by Tombs, Tree is chased into the bell tower, realising Carter will remain dead if she doesn't restart the loop, she hangs her from the tower. During the next loop, Tree spends her time righting the various wrongs she has caused, ending her affair with Dr. Butler, and meeting her father David (Jason Bayle) to resolve their situation. That night, Tree prepares to stop Tombs, he has the upper hand, but uses the knowledge of a blackout to disarm him and shoot him to death, she relieved to finally be free, and celebrates her birthday in her room, eating Lori's cupcake. However, the next morning, Tree is horrified to be waking up on her birthday again, killing Tombs did not stop the time loop, she is distraught and returns to her room to run away. Lori is there to offer her the cupcake again, Tree realises she died in her sleep, she never consumed the cupcake before, she realises Lori is the real killer, the cupcake is poisoned, and had access to Tombs with her job in the hospital. Lori confesses that she was jealous of Dr. Butler having an interest in Tree, the two fight, Tree manages to stuff the cupcake into Lori's mouth, before kicking her out of the window, she falls to her death. Tree and Carter reflect on the day's events back at the restaurant, he offer her his room for the night, and comments that her situation is the movie Groundhog Day. Tree wakes up the next morning, she believes she is in another loop when the first few events repeat, but then Carter tells her it is Tuesday 19th September, he pranked her, she is mad for a moment, but then they relax and kiss. Also starring Rachel Matthews as Danielle Bouseman, Phi Vu as Ryan Phan, Laura Clifton as Stephanie Butler and Ramsey Anderson as Keith Lumbly. Rothe is well cast as the college student who has so many flaws that there are plenty of people who would want to kill her, the time loop format has been done before in various genres, thrillers like Source Code and sci-fi like Edge of Tomorrow, this is one of the first in the scary movie category. It is not really that scary, it has the odd small jump and creepy element, but it is very witty, satirical with the campus setting, and making obvious jokes about its own slasher movie format, it is just an enjoyable popcorn movie and crowd pleaser, perfect if celebrating your birthday as well, a fun horror. Good!
Surprisingly better than I expected!
This type of movie has been done many times before and rarely succeeds, but this one was a hit for me!

Jessica Rothe's performance is what kept me interested... she nailed her character and was convincing and funny as well.

I don't want to give too much away, but the twists towards the end were a nice surprise and earned a few extra points from me.

It's classified as a Horror, Mystery, Thriller but it's also a comedy as I found myself laughing a bunch of times.

Certainly a must-see entertaining film produced and executed very well, much better than many other films in this genre.

It's a well deserved 9/10 from me.

Directed by Christopher B Landon{Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse}

Starring Jessica Rothe{La La Land} and Israel Broussard{Flipped}

Plot Overview: ​When a young University student awakens in the dormitory of a complete stranger, she must move through her day until she inevitably gets killed off. The catch? She must relive this same fate ever day until she can stop the seemingly omnipotent and omnipresent killer.

Going into this film, I expected a low rent slasher with a silly premise that I could write of a garbage. Well it certainly wasn't that. I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It's a very fun Halloween movie. Don't go into it expecting the next big thing in terms of horror, go in expecting a fun comedy with horror elements and I think that you'll enjoy this movie very much.

What can I say that I liked about this movie, specifically? Well the tone was excellent. At the start, very few of the jokes hit for me so I got a little bit worried. But as the film progressed, it became a genuinely good comedy. I tend to like Horror-Comedies because I don't like the feeling of being scared, and thus a joke or two helps calm me down. The way they blend the two genres in this movie is almost effortless. It definitely leans a little more onto the comedy aspect than horror, which will definitely turn off those who EXPECTED this to be a horror movie. It's maybe a 1/4 horror movie, 3/4 comedy? The creepy and jumpy moments worked, but they were infrequent. With the exception of ONE, jump scares were also non existent in this movie. Thank the lord God for that! But to be fair, the one that they DO use was pretty effective and worked well. So as a whole, the tone for this movie was pretty darn excellent.

Another aspect of this movie that absolutely deserves praise, is Jessica Rothe's performance as a Tree. Sorry, the character's name is Tree; the character is unfortunately not a tree. She is, actually, far from it. Most horror movies just substitute in a stereotype of a character and expect that to work but this movie doesn't. She's the pretty girl but she's also the deluded, sociopath. Seriously! At the start of this movie, the character Tree is about as likable as the plant one. But Rothe portrayed this character undeniably well. Even in the latter half of the movie, she portrays the character exceptionally well and really sells the character's growth.

Another actor who appears in this movie was Israel Broussard. Broussard also gives an excellent performance as Carter. Not only that, but I also REALLY buy the romance between Tree and Carter. It doesn't feel forced in the slightest and that is rare for a movie nowadays. It usually feels wrong when two characters get together in a movie because I just cannot see it happening in real life. But thankfully, I did buy their relationship, and found it to be a very fun and goofy one to watch.

Alas, I do definitely have some flaws with this movie. The final 15 minutes and the grand reveal were my two main issues. I won't spoil either of course, so you can still enjoy this film. But personally, I found the final 15 minutes of this movie to be COMPLETELY unnecessary. So much so that I was getting ready to leave at the climax of the scene before that because I thought the film was over. But no. They drag it on an extra 15 minutes and reveal what I predicted to happen. Which was my second issue. I predicted the ending BUT only because I was paying REALLY close attention to a scene and, while it may have bee accidental, they reveal the ending by use of a prop. This may be just me being smart and interpreting it a weird way, or it may have been intentional, in which case then well done to those who were in charge of that. It was a very clever way to reveal it, and the people I saw this film with didn't catch on and I had to tell them about it afterwards. Despite that, I did figure it out so I can't really credit the reveal as being that good.

Something that personally didn't bother me but will bother other people, is the fact that this is not a horror movie by definition. It has elements of horror movies, yes. But it is still technically a comedy movie, which is NOT what the trailers suggested at all. So I can completely understand if horror fans felt mislead, therefore I do think that they should've either completely changed the marketing campaign OR included a LOT more horror elements and creepy scenes.

But aside from those flaws, I found this to be a very enjoyable movie. It isn't going to win any awards but I can see it gaining a cult following. It was certainly fun and entertaining and I will definitely recommend you go and see it. I'll rate 'Happy Death Day' 6 'Creepy Masks' out of 10!
Reward isn't real, so that the avoidance of dominance is real
Eternity and time are diametric forces. Eternity can't have an origin, and it can't have an ending. Time has an origin and it has an ending. So there is a conflict of interest.

Since time is the ownership, of origin and ending, it stands to reason that eternity owns nothing. Ownership is time. No ownership is eternal.

Ownership is a disparity. No ownership is equality. The disparity is time - it has a beginning and an end. The equality is timeless.

The disparity needs to be cancelled - time needs to be cancelled. Eternity needs to cancel time. However, eternity can't cancel time without acting against eternity.

The definition, of eternity, is the censorship of equality in order to perform action. In turn, this makes the definition of time the censorship of equality in order to perform no action - the destruction of balance in order to do nothing.

Time, is the destruction of symmetry so that inertness is possible. Eternity on the other hand is the destruction of symmetry so that movement is possible. Time ends symmetry so that symmetry exists. Eternity ends symmetry so that difference exists.

Time creates difference to create symmetry. Eternity creates difference to create difference.

Time is difference: difference creates difference to create symmetry. Sameness creates difference to create difference.

Difference creates symmetry to destroy difference. Sameness destroys sameness to destroy sameness.

Time will recreate itself, so that it can then destroy the recreation. Eternity will end itself, so that symmetry isn't possible. Time is copying itself so that the copy gets annihilated - eternity is trying to avoid its own existence because that means that avoidance isn't possible.

Time creates time, so that the former time gets to prove its dominance over the latter; eternity is sacrificing itself to prevent dominance.

Dominance - or status - is when a reality is deliberately created by itself. Equality is when a reality deliberately sacrifices itself.

Sacrifice is impossible knowledge. The only knowledge that's possible is dominance.

In order to be pure, sacrifice has to be something which means no reward
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