Highway to Havasu
Drama, Adventure, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jeff Janke
Jesse Jane as Jesse
Michael Ciriaco as Cashtag
Amber Goetz as Ms. Tlif
Maddison Bullock as Michelle
Julia Austin as Mindy
Johnny 3 Tears as Ronathan / Jonathan
Ben Edlin as Dylan
Andrew Fromer as Billy
Kayla Compton as Sarah
Alex Hayek as Captain Jack
Saif Xnaydra as Freind
Lily Berlina as Katy / Amber Andrews
Storyline: The last Spring Break of high school is fast approaching and Dylan, a senior from Bend, Oregon, has just been dumped by his longtime girlfriend. His childhood friends Billy and Maxi want to help out but they haven't been as close while Dylan has been in a relationship. So Billy and Maxi kidnap him in a stolen RV and head to the epic Spring Break destination of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
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Surprisingly entertaining (aka watch and enjoy)
Upfront real quick, 1st review here ever, related account to comment on this movie cause no one else had. If your some one who likes movies like American pie, 10 things I hate about you, and all that falls in between then you will enjoy (possibly even love) this movie. While not a major studio release this film completely tapped into the essence and fun of its genre and was fun from start to finish. Everyone who was in this film was IMO on point. I know no ones winning an Oscar here but I also could tell that they all loved the story and had a blast makin this movie.

Everyone who made this film, thumbs up to you all.

Anyone considering watching this, if you made it this far, do your self a favor.... sit back relax and enjoy. It's funny, got some feels, and just a good time.
Very well done and thought out
Don't know anyone who wouldn't think this movie was fun to watch unlike other reviews. We watched it with group of friends and loved it. Really liked the music and the story line. If you want to enjoy a fun night with your friends, buy it and watch it over and over! I recommend it highly. Such fun!
Simply: One of the Worst Films I've Seen in a Long Time
WARNING: I thought I'd watch HIGHWAY TO HAVASU to at least see some shots of a beautiful area where I used to live. I couldn't finish watching the film. WHY? Improbable plot. stupid dialogue. verbal and visual jokes that fall flat and are unfunny. Characters created by terrible actors trying anything to be funny and failing miserably. And most of all: horrific overacting by the leads and most of the supporting cast. LOUSY MOVIE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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