I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Macon Blair
Elijah Wood as Tony
Xander Williams as Khaleesi
Jeb Berrier as Gearhead
Wrick Jones as Yogurt Man
Lee Eddy as Angie
Cristy Miles as Police Officer (as Cristi Miles)
Jared Roylance as Mrs. Hamble's Son
Marilyn Faith Hickey as Mrs. Hamble
Chris Doubek as News Radio (voice)
Gary Anthony Williams as Detective William Bendix
Macon Blair as Bar Dude
Storyline: When a depressed woman is burglarized, she finds a new sense of purpose by tracking down the thieves alongside her obnoxious neighbor. But they soon find themselves dangerously out of their depth against a pack of degenerate criminals.
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Middle-aged woman with a choice
This was an entertaining dark comedy/crime movie. It was refreshing the lead character was a an adorable middle aged woman -- instead of the typical skinny Hollywood diva -- who is depressed, yes, but going through what many of us face as we age -- the choice to become jaded and let life control us, or to take life by the horns and do our thing. Elijah Wood was perfect for his role, and he did a great job of making his character hilariously quirky and endearing. Even though it made me chuckle and laugh out loud in a few places, it was overall too gory and foul for my taste to be a 10.
Good film, worth a watch
This film will make you laugh despite some quite horrific violence. Melanie Lynskey is terrific as the lead, really felt as if I was on her side throughout. Elijah Wood a very able sidekick, don't rate him outside of Frodo, he's changed my mind there.

Good story, well written and well acted.
Through the Woods...
Just what the nurse ordered. We loved this film, superbly shot and acted... so fresh. This had a hint of Coen brothers, could never tell where the story was taking us. The attention to detail made almost every scene a joy to watch. And both the leads are heroes, we wished we were that brave and determined. Good fun, thank you Netflix.
A no thrills, humorous movie that delivers what it promises
Ruth is one of the world's down trodden but decides to fight back when she is robbed and the police are unable to help.

Whenever I see the SunDance tag I am always a little weary that a film is going to be a bit "arty" and full of shaky cameras and animations.

This isn't. It is a fairly straight forward low-octane action movie. The scope of the film is quite narrow - Ruth just want's her silverware back and the thief to get justice - this works great.

The film is very well made with plain but solid production. The characters are fairly grounded with a twist of quirk. I would say it is a comedy but not a laugh-out-loud comedy.

The acting is great! Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood work especially well together.

This doesn't try too hard, resulting in a movie that may not blow your mind but is very entertaining and I found enjoyable to the very end.
Superior acting, writing, & directing featuring the most badass, unlikely, and lovable heroine!!!
superior acting, writing, and directing featuring the most badass, unlikely, and lovable heroine!!!

This film takes all the best parts of indie filmmaking and puts them into an absolutely riveting and flawless movie, albeit a quirky one!

It was a delight watching Melanie Lynskey meander her goofy self into the role of a badass and reluctant super heroine. The outright honesty of her character is so fresh and fun to experience in scene after scene.

Elijah Wood kills it as the dorky sidekick. His normal presence and past work wouldn't generally bring the word "delightful" to mind upon seeing him on screen. But in this film, he brings the full on charm in the form of a nerdy social reject.

I wasn't expecting this film to get so dark, (ala The Hangover), but it really pays off in so many great ways.

More than just an indie character piece, this plot is extremely well-written to have plausible twists and turns that keep you glued to the screen.

The casting was phenomenal! The director cast two everyday people for the leads, as opposed to glamming it up with stereotypical pretty faces. The quirky dialogue coming out of Melanie Lynskey's mouth was priceless! You just wanted to go into the movie and hug her and give her a nice piece of warm peach pie.

In one word, this movie is FRESH!
An interesting idiotic mess with ordinary origins, A realistic adventure with characters that feel surreal at times.
This movie works so well thanks to the graceful and pessimistic introduction - a prologue that sometimes resembles the nature of an essay about depression (think Taxi Driver with comedy), exposing the evolution of this condition with critical arguments that win the empathy of the people of this century, giving the plot a good degree of credibility. The writer is brave enough to achieve this while making you laugh in the process.

The society depicted here (which is probably close to your reality) effortlessly gave reasons to the main character to be suicidal with a sequence of miserable situations that sometimes result very absurd, yet you can relate with them. The charm of this black comedy is the serious object of discussion: depression - it's not her life that it's in risk but her will to live - all these motivations are explained in the beginning of the movie, neatly presented by the director, accompanied at times (not so frequent) by tasteful photography.

Don't expect car chases or shootouts. The only scene of this kind is near the end and it's one of the coolest and clumsiest (therefore, believable to some degree) actions scenes I can remember... it's just so fresh and unique. The sudden gore and disorder is what makes the shock so memorable - a contrasting personality that I never expected from this movie.

The first scene is the representation of the movie's title, something that I describe as a beautiful poem told in just seconds without using words. And the last scene is so satisfying. This movie contains a pessimistic prologue that amplifies the effect of the optimistic epilogue and the trajectory has congruence.

"I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore" borrows elements of distinct genres to construct the tale - a story that is simple in principle but entertaining and emotional in practice if executed by a skilled director and writer. "Diversity" is the word to describe this extraordinary film.

This independent film is a beautiful and unpredictable balance, something so scarce in the industry of today.

8 estrellas de 10.
Worth Watching.
Started a bit slow, and it seemed like it was trying too hard with the so-called cringe humor. I still enjoyed the photography, editing and music even though I wasn't impressed with the plot. Then things changed dramatically for the better. One thing I noticed towards the ending was the similarities with "The Shining" (1980) both in set and music. Might have been wishful thinking but my I'm pretty sure there's a bit of a reference there.

Fantastic acting, I didn't realise the main character was played by the "Heavenly Creatures" (1994) actress. Never really seen her "black, beautiful little eyes" since then, but her average mid-thirties woman looks were very refreshing for a leading character in a motion picture. Elijah Wood always delivers of course, he was hilarious as a very specific loser type.

Overall a very, very good dark comedy with existential overtones, nice plot turns and a great atmosphere. Loved it.
Nice acting from both main characters, nice plot, I really enjoyed particularly the first half of the film. I somewhat disliked what I felt like a very obvious hint to the film Adaptation (2002) on the second half of the movie . But all in all, nice to watch. Very funny moments.
Fun and actually kinda hilarious
I Don't Feel at Home In This World Anymore is a movie about a woman whose apartment was broken into and when she sees no one will help her, she and her neighbor take matters into their own hands. In a very clumsy way.

It starts off kinda slow and I agree there were some unnecessary parts, but once the plot really kicks in, it's one hell of a ride! It's fast-paced, it's fun, and in all its sick humor it's hilarious! The direction is okay, but the script shines. But I still couldn't help but feel like there was supposed to be more to the whole thing. And yeah, the climax may drag a little, but it was still fine to me. Also, I gotta mention, Elijah Wood. He killed it. He was incredible and he probably offers the most laughs, but he's so into it and it's a joy to watch. All performances were great, but Wood stood out.

So, this is a very nice and fun ride. There's not much to it (and as you see, at least for me, not much to talk about), but it's a very enjoyable experience as messed up as it is sometimes.
It's an entertainer!!!
Ruth lives an unhappy life and when she realizes her home is robbed, Ruth gets frustrated. With the lazy attitude of the police to solve the crime, Ruth teams up with her oddball neighbor Tony, heavy-metal-loving neighbor to track down the criminals who stole Ruth's stuff. Melanie Lynskey provides a genuine performance of a normal nurse who later turns into a vigilante. Elijah was likable as Tony, a comic character. The combination of comedy and brutality makes it interesting sometimes. Overall, it's an entertaining movie with occasional comic scenes.
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