I, Tonya
Drama, Biography, Comedy, Sport
IMDB rating:
Craig Gillespie
Allison Janney as LaVona
Amy Fox as Skating Judge
Mea Allen as Snooty Girl
Maizie Smith as Tonya (3 1 / 2 Yrs)
Cory Chapman as Chris
Caitlin Carver as Nancy Kerrigan
Mckenna Grace as Tonya (8-12 Yrs)
Margot Robbie as Tonya
Bojana Novakovic as Dody Teachman
Suehyla El-Attar as Skater Mom
Julianne Nicholson as Diane Rawlinson
Bobby Cannavale as Martin Maddox
Storyline: From the proverbial wrong side of the tracks in Portland, Oregon, former competitive figure skater was never fully accepted in the figure skating community for not inherently being the image of grace, breeding and privilege that the community wanted to portray, despite she being naturally gifted in the sport athletically. Despite ultimately garnering some success in figure skating being national champion, a world championship medalist, an Olympian, and being the first American woman to complete a Triple Axel in competition, she is arguably best known for her association to "the incident": the leg bashing on January 6, 1994 of her competitor, , who, unlike Tonya, was everything that the figure skating community wanted in their representatives. Her association to that incident led to Tonya being banned from competitive figure skating for life. Tonya's story from the beginning of her figure skating life at age four to the aftermath of the incident is presented...
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