In Time
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Andrew Niccol
Cillian Murphy as Timekeeper Raymond Leon
Will Harris as Ulysse
Rachel Roberts as Carrera
Aaron Perilo as Bell
Elena Satine as Jasmine
Alex Pettyfer as Fortis
William Peltz as Pierre
Ethan Peck as Constantin
Colin McGurk as Citizen
Justin Timberlake as Will Salas
Toby Hemingway as Timekeeper Kors
Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis
Matthew Bomer as Henry Hamilton (as Matthew Bomer)
Olivia Wilde as Rachel Salas
Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis
Bella Heathcote as Michele Weis
Ray Santiago as Victa
Yaya DaCosta as Greta
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Overall Liked It
I liked this movie, for the most part. I guess I felt like something more could have been done with the concept, but in the end it was neat and fascinating and a fun sort of sci-fi crime movie.

I like Amanda Seyfried in it! And Justin is pretty good too. The rest of the actors sort of fade into the background for me, not bad but not that memorable either. I guess that's a good sign of a good movie.

The effects worked well too, the numbers on the arms look great. The practical futuristic locations aren't exactly mind blowing, but they don't need to be for this story to work.

I would probably recommend waiting for this on DVD / VOD, rather than seeing it in the theater, but I certainly wouldn't tell anyone to avoid it. Especially if you like sci-fi!
Very good, recommended.
This film like source code thought of a great complex plot and made it fit together perfectly with no flaws, this film contained great actors such as Justin Timberlake e.c.t, this film had me on the edge of my seat as it contained very suspense packed moments, this film was very emotional as it contained death and courage e.c.t, this film had great effects and was well directed, how you can make a film like such fit together so well is fantastic. I was surprised by how low this film was rated and I believe it deserves more, not for the actors but just for the idea of the film. This and source code are very alike and both have great plots, in my opinion they are both underrated, this film has the greatest plot I have seen yet and I would highly recommend it.
This science fiction thriller is set in the year 2169 and people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 with one year allotted after that.
This science fiction thriller is set in the year 2169 and people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 with one year allotted after that. If they don't keep their time replenished, they are susceptible to "time out" after they use up all their time. Time is used as a means of currency for the world. The main character is Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, and he works in a factory as a way to earn a living in the ghetto, literally. He comes in contact with a girl named Sylvia Wise, played by Amanda Seyfried who lives in a rich neighborhood called New Greenwich, and they run off together. They are up against time and struggle to stay alive. Both have come to the understanding that the rich is stealing time from the poor. The basis of the movie becomes: only the strong will survive.

The theme for In Time focuses on ideas. Will and Sylvia represent figures from two different aspects of life but still, in time, come to trust, need, and help one another as well as others in the film. In a particular scene, Will asks Sylvia to give allow him to borrow some time and she refuses. Fast forward a few scenes, Sylvia becomes the one who is almost out of time and asks Will for some time and he obliges. The mood in the film which the director is trying to display is compassion and understanding for those around us who are from different social classes. The film also displays the struggle for human dignity because Will truly does believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to survive, regardless of their status in life. Through his determination to emphasize this he displays courage, sensitivity, intelligence, and strong individualism as mentioned in The Art of Watching Films written by Joseph M. Boggs and Dennis W. Petrie. (p. 27) The movie is similar to another sci-fi flick, After Earth. The main character was given a few skills to survive, but beyond those skills he had to figure it out to make sure that the rest of the world didn't die as a result of his mistake. He portrayed many of the same characteristics as Will Salas.

The movie had a few other plot points within the man plot. One in particular involves the fact that the ghetto is always being watched by video surveillance. This is true in modern day society. The ghetto represents people who will steal from one another which are represented by the Minutemen; they will kill each other, and go to great lengths to survive. Due to this fact there are always police, represented as Time Keepers, lurking around to catch criminals. The separation of time zones between the ghetto and New Greenwich is also a reality. Such as the rich are separated from those who are poor by different suburbs, housing communities, lifestyles, and social classes. Deep into the movie we come to an understanding of why prices are steadily increasing on a daily basis. The rich are trying to kill off the poor to make space for themselves. The movie also weaves in a romance between Sylvia and Will to show that they are human and have emotions that don't rely on the time they have allotted.

Two techniques that were used in the movie are motifs and lighting. Throughout the film we see each character look at a digital clock on their forearm. The clock represents how much time they have. We see and hear the clock as time adds up, is taken away, or is cleared off and becomes the end of a person's life. There is great emphasis put on the clock because it allows us to see what that person is worth and we see how precious it is to each character. The lighting in this film is great in the fact that there are great scenes when the low-key lighting helps us to understand the mood of the scene. During these moments there is usually a struggle or fight and we only see the defining moments needed to interpret what is happening.
Topical, enjoyable, suggestive movie.
It's possible that the film was not developed to the fullest. It is still a good movie anyway, enjoyable and interesting. Probably is not even easy to deepen all the aspects suggested by the theme. I find it very topical. The scenes in the workplace are certainly suggestive. From the time when the robberies start and the unlikely transformation of the princess into bandit, maybe the movie loses something, going in the direction of an action movie. But probably this was the original intention. There are however many interesting points and some key messages, which allow you to think and that tickle the imagination. This leads to further personal developments, which is at the end a feature in an good film, in my opinion. I think that the film may end with the phrase "you can do anything in 24 hours", since what follows is quite unnecessary and most suitable, in fact, to how the film was developed at the end. But the message stays clear, as it remains a good movie. It is not possible to give less than seven stars to the movie, beyond the development I give eight for the concept and to counteract the undeserved low ratings.
Better than I had envisioned.
Well this film was surprisingly better than I was expecting it to be.. Justin Timberlake isn't a very strong actor in my opinion, but he took the spotlight in this one. Amanda Seyfried looked beautiful as ever with her little bob, and the acting really wasn't too bad.

There's sad and happy moments all with that little bit of constant tension as you'll find if you watch it.

It was a really good concept and an enjoyable film, I gave it an 8/10 as I think they could've thought of a better lead actor but it was enjoyable none the less. I would recommend it to anyone, it doesn't really ever become boring and the tension keeps you focused at all times.
Robin Hood is back on stage!
Andrew Niccol obviously plays with Marxist ideas. What a nice example of how the profit-hungry Hollywood machinery ones more proves its dynamic flexibility by fulfilling the current demand for critical thoughts on our capitalist system.

Bearing in mind that In Time is a sci-fi, one should not be overcritical with small discrepancies, such as Amanda Seyfried always running with high heels. Comparing time with money, however, is not only a creative approach, in combination with surprisingly good (or at least acceptable good) actors and nice pictures this movie is definitely worth watching it.
I totally recommend this movie.
This movie is one of my favorites because it represents very well the reactions of the society in some situations. For example, Will's best friend is a good example of someone that lives in poverty and when he suddenly gets an enormous amount of money, he starts wasting it. I think this movie can be used as a reflection for more than one person.

The idea of replacing money with time is something that really surprised me at first, but later I saw a very good metaphor hidden in it.

The only thing that I didn't like was the surreal affair between Will and Sylvia. It was difficult to believe that something like that could be possible. Even with that, I recommend this movie definitely.
Do you have Time?
From director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord of War, S1m0ne) comes a sci-fi thriller that paints a stark world where time has replaced money. In the real world if you run out of money, you can still survive for a day where you work out alternative means for survival. But in this universe, you have to ration it out so carefully because if your time runs out, your heart stops beating. So your every action has an catastrophic effect on your time. So if you get your head around this concept, you will find that this world has been mirrored in exactly the same fashion as the real world, where there are Ghettos with people who are always struggling to get time and on the other hand are the rich people with eons on their hand to spend. I will not talk about the intricacies of the plot, which i will leave for the viewer to discern.(because as is the case with any good sci-fi thriller, the number of time you watch the movie, the more it unravels its mysteries). Niccol does a terrific job at throwing the viewer in the deep end of the pool, and expects them to swim as the movie progresses. The cast is top notch here with Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, rendering a credible performance. They are ably supported by a supporting cast of Olivia Wilde (House), Matt Bomer (white Collar), Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) and others who keep adding layers to the plot. Special mention for the set design, cinematography & special effects as they paint a contrasting universe which is so real and so different and yet looks exactly like the world we live in and the way it functions. There are a few areas which might stick out as sore thumb, but in the end it will certainly leave you satisfied. This is one film which will certain make you value your time more.
A disappointment
Given the pedigree of the director of this film (notably GATTACA which I'd rate as one of the best science fiction films ever made and criminally overlooked), I really expected more.

The production is very much in the same mould - the 'future' world is understated, in many ways a retro-styled present day bereft of any CGI or flashy special effects. That's in keeping with the high concept underpinnings of the film, which much like GATTACA is based on extrapolating the ramifications on human living of a development of medical science.

So far, so good and it certainly seems to hold promise initially. Unfortunately the subtlety of the earlier film is quickly lost as the plot leads not toward a considered analysis of social implications, but instead a heavy handed adventure thriller which succumbs to a misguided appeal to popularism (or perhaps its stars' vanity), by becoming a melodramatic action-flick.

I can't lay too much blame at the feet of Tiberlake, Murphy and the rest of the cast as the material really doesn't lend itself to credible performance from its cast.

I find myself left to ponder if this is one of those pieces of cinema which started out as something which would have been thoughtfully considered and delivered a genuine emotional resonance, that was then ruined by the desires of producers, actors or other influence to present something which might attract a greater box-office. In the end the effect was just to butcher something of potential into a dog's breakfast of an offering that satisfies as neither a piece of escapist entertainment, nor a work making serious points about serious issues.
time keeping
'In time' introduce us to a new world, the world were the time is something that can be bought. Very good idea, futuristic and interesting, is developing very well and smoothly, if someone can use that word about an action movie. Enough drama and thriller to catch the breath of the audience, followed by strong performances. In the end, it leaves you with lots to think about, even though the ending is not in the same volume as the rest of the movie. The director did a great job in keeping the love story in normal paces and emphasizing in the main idea, the resistance to the unfair time system. Dramatic characters, with passions and strong believes, are combined nicely into the story, which has also heartbreaking moments, such as the scene when Will's mother dies in his hands. All in all, a strong movie that rewards the ones who spent the time to see it.
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