USA, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Peter Spierig , Michael Spierig
Callum Keith Rennie as Detective Halloran
Shaquan Lewis as Officer Solomon
Sam Koules as Melissa
Josiah Black as Edgar Munsen
Hannah Emily Anderson as Eleanor Bonneville
Matt Passmore as Logan Nelson
Michael Boisvert as Lee James
Clé Bennett as Detective Keith Hunt
Tobin Bell as Jigsaw / John Kramer
Storyline: Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for ten years.
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Jigsaw is a 2017 American horror film and it's a brilliant movie.
Edgar Munsen is pursued by the police, and activates a triggering mechanism. He is severely injured.Five people are held captive in a barn, each with a metal noose around their neck. A tape recording from John Kramer explains they must give a sacrifice of blood and will need to confess their sins. The chains begin pulling them towards a wall of buzzsaws. Four manage to survive by cutting themselves on the blades, but one man who was unconscious during the majority of the game appears to die.

It's a movie that keeps you in suspense and that's why I like it.It's a horror and action movie, which makes you look at it all the time.This film has several parts, so it's worth watching from the beginning. If you want more details, watch the movie.Deserve it !!!
excited , one of the best movies series
when u alone you suggest you to watch this movie :D I've reviewed this movie to 10/10 Because I know this Movie series is amazing and one of best movies in history of Hollywood ,

although this movie be the best of all series and at last

grab the popcorn and be ready to scream !
Bloody Amazing!
Since watching (then all 7 of the Saw Films) back in 2012, I was eagerly anticipating this one on it's release & was constantly checking on Google for a Saw 8 being release with fake trailers, to built up articles on the subject! Highs & Lows & hopes being lifted & dropped on this film ever being made until....it was then on Feb 2016, Jigsaw was on its way to being made! At first I took it with a pinch of salt, but then it grew & it was then known as Saw: Legacy! Casting started, Filming, then the official name, then the trailer! And finally the film!!!

Having got back from a showing I must say this was awesome! The traps were epic! The twist was amazing & the whole story was simply a great tribute to the previous instalments! The 7 year wait was bloody worth it & any Saw Fan or Horror Fan alone should go & see this!

Screw the haters (especially the Saw ones) who are too pussy to go & watch this, it's an awesome piece of film making that should be appreciated!

I won't spoil too much as you should go & see this for yourself! I hope for a 9th entry in this amazing franchise!

Overall, 10/10! Simply ace!
Jigsaw Returns With a Vengeance!!!
I really enjoyed this new Saw movie. A good sequel and welcome addition to the series. It did feel very different than the rest of the series, though. The music, the traps, the nods and Tobin Bell helped it feel more like a Saw movie. Other than that, it felt like a horror version of Law & Order. It was better than most of the sequels in the series. The gore has been toned down a lot in this one, but that didn't bother me too much. There was one scene that I was so 'flabbergasted' that I felt like the last 11 years of my life were a lie. I was literally shivering with excitement during the last 5 minutes when they reveal the big twist, which was pretty cool.

Ten years after the death of John Kramer/Jigsaw, a new game starts up, baffling Detectives Halloran and Hunt. Their only suspect has been shot and put into a coma. Meanwhile, five people wake up in a barn in a new trap. Jigsaw wants them to confess their sins, using all sorts of new deadly traps. Forensic pathologists Logan Nelson and Eleanor Bonnville help the Detectives with their case and try to figure out where the new game is being played. If you've been a Saw fan from the very beginning, you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend JIGSAW!!!
I Saw this and Loved every bit of it.
This saw movie was actually one of the best ones. This movie had its scary moments and its funny moments, I give it a 9/10 because i have been waiting for a long time, I actually got to learn what happened after all these years but disappointing because Gordon and Hoffman weren't revealed. We still don't know what happened to them :(
Good but disappointing
Great story-line for an ordinary horror movie .I always thought the new season of saw/jigsaw will trace back to the previous season when Hoffman was trapped in the room or Dr. Gordon but it didn't. It could've been better if they brought more of the old characters or at least have mentioned their names and to use only the mechanical traps instead of the laser traps
Disappointing for Jigsaw Legacy
For me the best thing about sequel is the unity. Each one of them complete the others missing parts. This one is totally apart from the rest

About movie, thriller wasn't enough, traps wasn't excited, spilled blood wasn't enough.

Storyline seem like rushed, was weak. I expected much more. Was disappointing for me.

At the end i waited for "Game over" with shutted door. At least don't take it away from me right. But they did.

Worst one of the sequel for me . Sorry about that. It is disgrace for John's legacy.

By the way Laura Vandervoort your color is the brown thrust me <3
Zig Zag saw.......
Although IMDb has demonstrated it as a crime , Horror and Mystery movie after finishing the movie i personally think that it is a psycho thriller movie. It has all those elements of madness and violence that a psycho movie has. But still whatever may be the genre it is undoubtedly an excellent movie to watch. One of the best in 2017.

When i first saw it in the upcoming movie list it attracted me with the name. Then i have waited for it to release and finally after a long waiting i have the opportunity to see the film. And truly after so many expectation the movie is quite capable of fulfil those. Always expected movies are not good and sometimes they really fail to hold the audience , their expectation. But this one is exceptional.

The movie is about a man named Jigsaw who has been dead for ten years. But soon he comes to the light as a murderer as many bodies are found all over the town. The mystery around the death of jigsaw and also the causes of mass death is the main attraction of the movie. It leads the movie to a breath taking climax full of action and surprise. You can not predict the ending and this is the beauty of watching it.

Apart from all of its excellent aspect the movie has some limitations also. It is full of some violent and bloody killing scene...Many audience specially female may find it intolerable and nasty. The director has tried to give it a horror flavour but failed to elicite it. This movie has no need to be a horror movie . ..It is a thriller movie..so they should have avoided this horror try.

From all these discussion we can come to a decision that Jigsaw is another success of 2017...
I'm not as impressed with this one as I have been with the others.
At first I was interested. It looked like they are trying to turn Jigsaw into something a little different than the Saw series. While all the elements seemed in play out well, it feels like they slightly changed the genre to lean more towards suspense than horror. Thought it was a good idea. Overall, their attempts are not as cool as the first round of films. It's strange to say this but Jigsaw is not as intelligent as the Saw series, and it really shows.

Basically, It feels like they stretched this film series far too much to the point that it doesn't work as well.

Face it, you came to see and extended R rated episode of CSI.
An R rated extended cut version of CSI. Full of tacky/cheesy lines. All that's missing is The Who saying "YEAHHHHHHHH". Yes, it's entertaining at times, but the acting is basically comical. I'm going to assume that's just the style they wanted to take as in some respects the SAW series is almost a "cultish" film. Wait for it to be added to Netflix when you can be playing drinking games with the boys and take shots for every serious line that makes you laugh. Saturday's are for the boys.
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