John Wick: Chapter 2
USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Chad Stahelski
Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Ruby Rose as Ares
Perry Yung as Doctor
Riccardo Scamarcio as Santino D'Antonio
Tobias Segal as Earl
Claudia Gerini as Gianna D'Antonio
Lance Reddick as Charon
John Leguizamo as Aurelio
Ian McShane as Winston
Common as Cassian
Laurence Fishburne as Bowery King
Storyline: After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.
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What the heck is going on?
This movie was so repetitive and boring but at least it made me realize that IMDb and RT have definitely been bought by some Hollywood conglomerate giving the most terrible movies awesome reviews.

Do not watch this movie and never trust the ratings on here or IMDb because they are obviously a bunch of fake accounts.

It is sad what has become of the internet these days. Very sad.

IMDb has become useless to me ever since they removed the forums. What a nice way to treat its user base.
Builds on the original really well and becomes almost a character tragedy
John Wick 2 picks up right where the first one left off; he steals his car back in a really good opening chase scene. This is a good way to connect the two films together, but from here on out the story takes a much different turn. Basically, in order to "get out" the first time to be with his wife, John Wick made an oath with a "marker" that puts him in debt with a very powerful man in the crime world. And now it's time to repay that debt. So we have John Wick, against his will and better judgment, going back in again.

First of all, of course the action is good. Was anyone expecting less? The gunplay, hand- to-hand choreography, everything is done in beautiful steady cam. Also, shout-out to the cinematographer, the use of color in the film is fantastic. Lots of neon pinks and blues.

What I really want to praise the film for, though, is how the plot works with the world building so well. We have a much more complex plot than the original here, involving intrigue, power plays, bounties, things of the like. And throughout the movie uses this as a way to introduce more lore to this universe where everyone seems to be part of the connected web of crime. There is a "high council" which plays a background role in the film(and I expect they will be a much bigger deal in the third one). The rules of the Continental hotel are played with a bit more, and we see an entire network of assassins later in the film. All this adds layers to the John Wick universe and it's really great how they use the plot to do that.

The characters are all good and the movie is well-acted. Keanu Reeves is good for this role, where he has minimal dialogue and his emoting his restrained. This is a man who is basically empty inside at this point. Common and Laurence Fishburne's characters also really stood out to me; Common and Keanu have two extended fight scenes with really appropriately balanced intensity and humor. Laurence Fishburne isn't in the movie much but he was really fun to watch.

Everyone is praising the surface-level stuff this film offers up and I can't blame them. But I just want to point out that this film is basically a tragedy. It ends with John Wick homeless, unable to return to the hotel, running from basically everyone in New York who wants to kill him for 14 million dollars. Throughout the film, you get the sense that John doesn't want to be here,killing people, and the use of reflection shots throughout the film really punctuates the theme of past choices. It's depressingly ironic that the "marker" John Wick used to get out the first time is the very thing that brings him back in, for possibly the rest of his life. The final action scene is entirely set in an art exhibit called "Reflection of the Soul" which is basically a Hall of Mirrors. This makes for an interesting action sequence but also for a very interesting thematic moment. John Wick is actually a very tragic character. I really hope he gets the redemption he deserves in the third movie.

The flaws I have are basically that the action is a little too repetitive at times, and that the assassin girl who speaks in sign language, who is built up throughout the film, gets taken out in about forty seconds. After seeing Common hold is own against Wick for two whole fights, this was disappointing.

Did I mention that the dog in this film is a REALLY good boy???
Nice Splatter Action Movie
Nice splatter action movie in order to kill two hours of your time. Following the recipe of the first movie, however, I have to admit that I found it superior regarding the scenario. Of course with rationalism you may find the way that John Wick survives is kinda funny, since the "bad guys" come to close in order to shoot and wait in the queue in order to give him time to get prepared...but of course is what you are prepared to see if you have already seen the part 1. Enjoy!
John Wick - Chapter 2: He REALLY is the Batman with guns this time!
Let's say the bunch of good things first, and after I tell some little issues that I have with the movie.

The soundtrack is GREAT! Really, I mean, John's theme song is one of the most bad-ass track's I ever see. Right on the beginning of the movie there is a wonderful scene, with bad-ass fight's, and all that stuffs that we want in a action movie, and the track plays a big role on that.

I said that for the first one, I said that for Matrix, and I will keep saying that for every action movie that Keanu Reeves do it: HE IS A GENIUS!

OMG, really, the guy simple destroys in every action scene of the movie, and is so satisfying to see a good action scene, that is film in the right way, without a billion of cuts! It's really so good to see. Well, besides that, I really think that the first movie had more memorable scenes (like that one on the club), there isn't one specific scene of this one that people will talk forever or something like that. Buut, even though, there are a lot great scenes, with great "OMG! WTF!?" moments, like when he KILLS A GUY WITH A PENCIL! Or shoot in other guy's balls! The action scenes are undoubtedly the best thing of this franchise.

I really don't have much to say about the actors, on the dialogues part, they are, in the majority, fine. Keany Reeves, as we already know, is the best bad actor out there, so, he's fantastic once again. The main villain, I mean, is "fine" too, i don't know, the guy didn't convince myself. The only one that I really thought was great is Ian McShane (he's by far the best actor in the main cast, so that isn't a surprise I think).

There are some silly things about the movie that I think that some people might find it annoyed. Like, HOW IN THE HELL can a guy be a good hit-man if EVERYBODY KNOWS HIM?! Kkkkkkkkk, well, but this doesn't take away the shine of the movie to me at all. In fact, I really thought it was funny for the majority of the time, so I enjoy it a lot (it's like every time that he leaves a place, someone has to say "good hunting, Mr. Wick" or something like that. Literally, EVERY TIME! A M A Z I N G !).

Now, seriously, it's seen to me that they really get out of the box on this movie, and kind of change the vibe of the franchise (well, this time he is really a fusion of the Batman and the Punisher. Literally, there is a scene that he use's his suit like a Bat-cape, to avoid the shoots. In the first movie, the vibe was kind different, like a underground, and visceral action thriller). But, I think that is fine, will probably be more difficult to build a franchise based of on the first one lonely. I strongly believe that they aren't able to do another one good as the first, but, well, it's OK, isn't? As long as they keep doing good movies (like John Wick 2 is), they will have my money, they doesn't need to do fantastic movies (like "John Wick") for that.

In short, John Wick: Chapter 2 is a great movie, really entertaining, and another lesson to a lot of directors out there of how to shoot action scenes.

Lots of Action, Not Much Substance
I really enjoyed the first John Wick. It was stylish, lots of action, and had an anti-hero you could root for. The character was depressed, heart sick over the loss of his wife, and just not interested in being an assassin any longer. Then thugs mess with him and he goes on a rampage.

Chapter 2 takes up right from the end of the first movie. He wants his car back. Then he tries to retire again, but fate won't let him. So, again he goes on a killing rampage. Its the same as the first movie, just less plot development and a lot more bad guys to kill repetitively. The main villain was lame and the mute bodyguard was underdeveloped. The inclusion of Laurence Fishbourne was a bit of a stunt, I guess to give a wink to the Matrix movies. His character is pointless and doesn't have much to do.

Still, Chapter 2, has its moments. The fight scenes are well staged. The car chases were kind of lame, but some of the stunts within those chases were exhilarating. Common as a fellow assassin is a nice counterpoint to Wick. Their scenes crackled with charisma. Hopefully he returns for Chapter 3. Likewise, Iam McShane as the Continental Manager is fun to watch as he directs traffic at his establishment. The fights and stunts, as I said, are fantastic and well choreographed.

The first movie was long on action, so this one should have dialed it back a bit and set up character development for the last movie in the trilogy. Unfortunately, it was just a lot of people getting shot in the head.

I still enjoyed the movie and its running time, while a bit long at 125 minutes, didn't feel too long. Hopefully, in Chapter 3 the stunts will be used to enhance the plot rather than cover up for the lack of one.
worst movie
It's so ridiculous and boring. After the first 15 min, the scenes are all fighting and repetitive. It's not even exciting because you know the hero will not die or injured, although there is thousands of bullets from the enemies. It doesn't have sensible story line. Killing all that people in the start for his car. So what? It's just like that some action scenes and fighting and car crashes and etc. are attached and created the movie. because there isn't any strong story at all. You can easily predict what's going to happen. When I finished watching this, I was like why I waste my time on this movie!
An improvement on the first film
The film picks up right where the last one ended, as Wick attempts to find and take back his beloved car. Overall it's essentially more of the same, great action, plot, music, comedy, actors and acting. However I feel the villain isn't so generic and forgettable this time and this film has higher stakes, along with a real feeling of suspense that hits you in the final act. I disliked the cliffhanger ending, however it left me really excited to see what's next in-store for the third (hopefully final) film. I have to give this a higher rating for improving on the first film and consider both films a must watch for all action loves.
Stupid movie
I always like the main actor but the spelling of his escapes me. I have never seen such bad editing,such bad directing and such a bad script. Script? There is no script it is just flash scenes staring with the 1970's chase scenes with a mustang and then then killing scenes which have nothing to do with any plot. Speaking of plot what is the plot in this movie? I could only watch one hour of this movie as it is just a fast scene after another fast scene with no dialogue and no plot just fake action. How others rated it so high is beyond my understanding. If you have no brain and just get high from watching changing scenes and people being killed you will like this movie, If you actually have a brain and want content forget this movie.
Non-Stop unique Style Action !
Keanu completes his unique style of John Wick character action, he has 53 years and does all of this action as if he is in his middle 20s, You feel the character grieve, loneliness and his ultimate well to revenge from all those who missed up his life and don't want to leave him alone... You should respect the the hard training that done by Keanu to reach that physical readiness to make that action looks real and classic... Also many thanks to Chad the director for taking the shots in the old wide scenes way not the fast moving camera, cropping and crappy new way... Best Action dose ever along with its prequel...
Great Action Movie!
Wow, this is one of the best action movies that I have seen in quite some time. It is really what I was hoping for in a good old fashion action movie that was done entirely on hand to hand combat and gun shootings. This is a wonderful kick-ass movie where the killings were done so brutally with lots of bloody scenes. It also kind of remind me of the various one man army movies in the 80s played by Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you have seen John Wick the original (which I hope you have seen it before you see this one), then you will be amazed with this sequel. It was bloodier, more fighting, more assassins trying to kill John and longer running time. What I can say is this is an even better version than the original movie. Although in term of story, there is a bit of a more complexity in the sequel as opposed to the simplicity of the original movie.

All the fighting scenes were choreographed wonderfully according to my opinion. The guns shooting scenes were entirely cool. I loved all of them and there were no fighting scenes that took too long to finish. Keanu Reeves' portrayal of a retired hit-man who had no choice but to come back was really spot on. There were also some minor characters from the original movie who appeared in this sequel and also new character played by Laurence Fishburne whom I believed would play a large part in chapter 3. Yes, there would definitely be another sequel based on the ending of this movie, which really made me so excited and cannot wait for it to be released.

Aside from the very cool amazing action sequence, the sound effects of this movie was very good such as the sound of cars screeching, guns blazing and the voices of John and Cassian's heavy fight which I thought sounded very original. My recommendation if you want to watch this movie, it should be watched in a theater with good sound system.

Since there were many bloody brutal killing scenes (including 1 suicide scene), the Indonesian censorship body had given 21 years above rating. So yeah, this movie is definitely not for kids. For those of you who want to enjoy a pure action movie with Keanu Reeves as the main star, this one should not be missed. Don't forget to watch the original movie first so you would understand the story line. But for those who do not really enjoy this kind of movie (or cannot stand the bloody fight scenes), then this might not be suitable for you.

This is one heck of a movie and I for one truly enjoyed it and would recommend this movie to any fans of action movie.

for my complete review, pls see
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