King Charles III
Drama, History
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Rupert Goold
John Shrapnel as Archbishop of Canterbury
Katie Brayben as Diana
Parth Thakerar as Spencer
Ian Redford as Speaker
Max Bennett as Coottsey
Priyanga Burford as Mrs. Stevens
Oliver Chris as William
Margot Leicester as Camilla
Tim McMullan as James Reiss
Adam James as Prime Minister Tristan Evans
Tim Pigott-Smith as Charles
Storyline: Prince Charles' accession to the throne following the Queen's death. When he refuses to sign a controversial bill into law, political chaos ensues: a constitutional crisis, rioting on the streets and a tank in front of Buckingham Palace.
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Dreadful is being mild. Absolute Shite!
This was a dreadful series. Only if you like watching someone show dysfunctional people could it possibly be of any interest. The series, while fictitious, is so terribly done it is a waste of your time. There were several times where they employed breaking the fourth wall which was complete crap. This is where the actors break out of their role and talk directly to the audience while in character. Always hated this, and while some things it's artsy I simply found its use here as an attempt to make a horrible show somewhat better. Well, it did not work. This series is just garbage, or as the Brits would say Rubbish. But I think a more appropriate British description for this show is "Absolute Shite!"
iambic pentameter
FINALLY, capturing on camera THE GENIUS WORK of the British stage. We are so fortunate to have preserved Pigott-Smith and cast for generations to come. This is writing, acting, costumes, lighting and direction at a brilliant level that demands at least three viewings, maybe four. There are turns in the plot which are unpredictable. There are issues regarding race and sex and class and politics which illuminate. The sightings of Diana just right. nice work!
Total Crap and not based on the rules and customs of the Monarchy.
This was horrible, yet I couldn't turn it off. I just laughed and I did it often. It wasn't the blank prose that annoyed me. It was (Spoiler alert) the most ridiculous premise. The author didn't do any actual research on the monarchy. I'm an American and I know that the whole thing was crap. Kate wanting to rule was so ridiculous. She will be Queen consort not a co-ruler. The King entering the house of commons, ugh yeah no that is illegal. They never discussed his constitutional role and he has no real advisers. The PM speaks to him like a child. The list goes on and on. The actor who plays the King was great and I liked when he broke the fourth wall. I hated it when the Duchess did. Good actors, but the movie is horrible.
Finally-a return to form for the BBC
A bit of a curate's egg, this one… Some wonderful acting from an especially well selected cast, who had all obviously studied their respective characters carefully, as was evidenced by some particularly effective body language and posture, and, in some cases even looked rather uncannily like their personas-particularly worthy of mention were the wonderful late Tim Pigott-Smith (who will be sadly missed), in the eponymous lead, and, in a much lesser role, Margot Leicester as Camilla. I felt Charlotte Riley (Kate) was rather over-egging the pudding at times, presumably to illustrate her overarching ambition, but Richard Goulding, as Harry, was simply wonderful, and eerily familiar… I shall gloss over the plot, as it's difficult to criticize without giving too much away, but, although somewhat 'dumbed-down', as is today's fashion, it was probably the most cerebrally challenging new drama I've seen in quite some time-lots of food for thought, and 'what if's?'… Well filmed, although this wasn't really too difficult, as most of the shots were interior, and beautifully dressed, this was a good return to form for the beleaguered BBC, which begs the question-why bury it in the midweek schedule, on BBC2?..

I do have some criticisms, however-my perennial complaint about diction and vocabulary (with the exception of TP-S), a few foolish throw-away lines (the Duchess of Cornwall telling the Duchess of Cambridge that 'we don't have a constitution'-well, actually, we do, it's just not a written constitution), and some procedural errors: although Charles would be referred to 'His Majesty' by courtesy immediately upon the death of his mother, his son would need to be invested as the Prince of Wales, and would not, therefore, refer to himself as such until then, nor would he be addressed as 'His Royal Highness' until after his father had been crowned (you can see why they were simply credited as 'Charles' and 'William')-I thought the inclusion of a ghost was juvenile and preposterous-a silly device to allow the author (Mike Bartlett) to hammer home the characters' thoughts- but these are mere semantics… On the whole, it was a well thought-out and well written piece-perhaps a little clumsy and obvious in places, but most enjoyable nonetheless… If you missed it, I should recommend catching-up as soon as possible-don't be put off by the fact that it's written in blank verse-Shakespeare it ain't, believe me, and the rather peculiar mix of flowery prose and C21 slang is initially rather grating on the ear, but as the play progresses, you soon learn to ignore it. Enjoy it as it is, if only as this was T P-S's last performance…

Oh, and I thought Tamara Lawrance was simply delicious…
What the hell did I just watch?
Where did this fantasy "reality" drama come from? It takes real living people and turns them into farcical characters with evil or untoward motivations. Yet, like a train wreck, I couldn't look away. I guess it's interesting to watch but I'm not sure why. We all have our opinions on the royal family and what we think makes them tick. It just seems a bit irresponsible to commit those notions to film, which has the unfortunate effect of being interpreted as having a basis in fact.
Absolutely Disgusting
The regressive-left producer of this trash ought to be facing a law suit for this socialist wet dream.

In just the first few minutes this disgusting production sabotages everything and everyone based on regressive fantasies:

Charles is shown as an Evil man who has been plotting to kill his own mother to become king and tramples over people for politics.

The prince Harry is shown as a desperate loser who hates his family and clambers for the attention of a (typically, for the left) black, unemployed, socialist because he has no dignity.

The prime minister is shown as selfish and attacking the media for personal reasons. Typically again, his opponent is however a saint through virtue of not being white.

The rest of the British people of course are all violent, rude, substance abusers.

Conclusion: Unless you are a BLM member, you'll definitely see this for what it is and fail to find anything to enjoy
Wonderful acting but a deeply flawed concept.
The day has finally arrived. Charles is at last king and without the restrictions of his mother. Almost immediately he finds himself at odds with his prime minister and refuses assent to a bill passed by Parliament.

In typical Shakespearean style Charles then finds himself tangled in political intrigue and family betrayal. The politicians seek his abdication. William is portrayed as a rather weak character entirely under the ambitious thumb of his ruthless wife who lusts for power. Harry seems more obsessed with finding love somewhere in an East End council flat than the duties of his birth whilst Camilla does her best to keep everything together.

So far so good. All the characters are entirely believable and extremely well cast although perhaps Prince Harry is somewhat better looking than his stage counterpart.

But sadly there is major flaw in the script. The bill in question would restrict press freedom and the plot suggests that public outrage at the King's refusal to allow this is sufficient to cause 'bloodletting' in a virtual civil war. Such is more than unlikely. Moreover both William and Harry turn against their father as the crown is wrestled from him by force with their support. Such is even more absurd. Eventually Charles accepts the betrayal and crowns his own son with bitter sentiment. Never can one imagine that the ancient rites of kingship would be so trampled simply because the king would protect free speech. And were that to transpire I am certain that Charles would invoke the Plantagenate curse that saw the Tudor usurpers extinct in three generations after their treachery at Bosworth. Now that would have been a far better ending as Charles crowns the son that stole his throne. What a pity the writer did not compose with greater imagination and less absurdity.
Far-Fetched Fictional Farce
This film got off to a bad start for me by having Camilla explain succession law to her princely stepsons. Since they're in line to inherit the throne it would not have to be explained to them at the queen's funeral. A good film tells a story one can believe and what follows is a script that suspends belief on too many occasions.

As a play one can accept the high drama as a fictional account of Charles's future reign; the audience pulled in by an intimate view of the royals and various perfidies. Its attempt to give personality to other royal family members with far-fetched characterizations however made it more farce than drama. As a film it presents as false and cheaply melodramatic.

I can praise the sets and some of the performances, but the story line was more laughable than intended.
Dreadful. If you were a fan of the monarchy, you might not be after watching this
I will open by saying that I'm not a fan of the monarchy, anywhere. It baffles me that taxpayers in the UK and elsewhere are willing to have billions of their funds wasted on a bunch of people who simply by an accident of birth get to live lavishly on the backs of the taxpayers, for almost no return. Maybe it's for tourism, who knows.

I also will say that I've been a big fan of Tim Piggott-Smith for many years, and was saddened by his recent death. It was his presence in this mess that got me to watch it in the first place.

The play is so self-consciously trying to ape Shakespeare that it's embarrassing. Much of the dialogue is stilted as a result of the writer trying so hard. The palace intrigue had potential but was badly handled. If you want great British political drama go watch the original "House of Cards."

I found the acting, aside from Piggott-Smith, to be poor. To be fair, the actors had to work with what they were given as a script.

Overall, it's a bad soap opera dressed up by pretensions to classic drama and the royalty. It simply didn't work for me.
What rubbish! I'd be highly offended on Royal Family's behalf and I am from India.
What utter piece of crap is this telefilm! Worst aspect of the film is the casting. Except for Camilla perhaps, none of the actors looked the part. None of them had the 'Regalia' or look of that would make one feel them as a part of the Monarchy. None of them had the elegance.

The Direction, whatever shoddy little there was, was totally inapt and crass. I simply hated they way they 'utlilized' Late Princess Diana in shitty 'surreal' sequences. Have the makers so shame and respect for the dead? Why was it necessary to raise the issue about who Harry legitimacy? By doing so they did nothing but insult Princess Diana.

And then there is the Prince Harry's affair with young Black woman. I am sorry to say but she wasn't as pretty as Harry's character was making her to be. He hardly spent one night and couple of days with her and he was willing to give up all so quickly! Rubbish! Pathetically rubbish!

BBC has miserably failed with this telefilm, in an attempt to be seen as 'Politically Correct' they have intentionally 'utlized' people of color in situations which look highly contrived and unreal.

The body language of the actor playing Prince Charles was sadly rubbish. When confronted by the family to force him to abdicate, his body language was an immature child.

I am quite, quite disappointed with the story of this film. Charles was doing the right thing but for some reason everyone has seemed to opt for betraying him. There really isn't a story or any conflict to resolve in this film. The only decent scene is where Charles dressed up as a Monarch entering the House of Commons and his speech. Everything else is utter nonsense!

BTW who gives a crap about what Catherine wants or thinks? How dare her character walk in demand the King to abdicate?!

I hate this film! I hate it! I really hate it! For technical reason, for aesthetics, for art and for the sheer stupid insulting story.
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