Kung Fu Yoga
India, China
Action, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Stanley Tong
Jackie Chan as Jack
Yixing Zhang as Xiaoguang
Amyra Dastur as Kyra
Sajjad Delafrooz as Rich man in Hotel
Miya Muqi as Nuomin
Kevin Lee as Hit Man
Fatih Ugurlu as Randall's Man
Joel Adrian as Hit Man
Tomer Oz as Hit Man
Aarif Rahman as Jones Lee
Sonu Sood as Randall
Damian Mavis as Mercenary
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No...Please Jackie WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
I can't believe it, Jackie Chan is a LEGEND, he knows how to make action, he knows how to make a good story, but this?!

THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM IS THE CGI, look, I know Jackie is trying to go new school with the CGI because he is getting older but honestly this is NOT the way to do it, this was some of the WORST CGI I have ever seen especially considering that Jackie Chan is pretty much considered an "A List" actor.

Here is what gets me though, Jackie Chan knows how to make a good story, want proof? Well he directed "Police Story" and "Project A" movies like that way back in the 80's and even more recent "Who Am I" in 1998...

After that I feel like he's been trying to depend on CGI just too much, I don't really know what to say, it's like the movies he's recently made feel too rushed? Skiptrace, Railroad Tigers, and Kung Fu Yoga ALL FELT LIKE RUSHED HALF ASSED MOVIES...

I don't know what Jackie Chan is thinking... Before around 2010 and below it felt like his movies were perfect, no rush but now since after that it's almost like he's just pumping out movies just for the money and little to no care is gone into them...

Jackie you are from the golden age of cinema, DO NOT ADAPT the CGI, I say just go back to how you used to make movies in the 80's and 90's EVEN THOUGH you can't do the stunts you used to be able to do just use doubles when necessary... YOU CAN STILL DO YOUR FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY, there is nothing stopping you from doing that, people just want to see you doing your stuff and you have a lot to offer just in hand to hand choreography anyway that does not require CGI or any doubles!

But what the hell do I know? We are living in a CGI world now unfortunately...

P.S the only reason I rate this 2 out of 10 is because there were quite a few good fight choreography moments
Good to all family.
I always have been a Jackie Chan's fan and in this movie I felt like when I was a kid watching the Jackies' old movies. If you want to have a relaxing moment and give some laughs, go to watch with the family, in special that person who liked Jackies' classic movies.

I watched in a movie theater in China, so I enjoyed even more with the reaction of the Chinese audience that laughed a lot hahaha.

But If you want a something serious and realistic, go elsewhere. There a some special effects that are not so special and it seems that they made it on porpoise to reinforce the idea that is just fun and is not trying to be an remarkable movie but just one modern version of the old Jackie(that is in a good shape, despite the age)
Not really my type of movie, but I had to accompany someone to watch this. The story isn't all that great, as it is quite predictable, and the characters themselves are quite shallow. The kung-fu part takes up the majority of the movie, which is no surprise. However, the 'yoga' aspect of it isn't so much there in the literal sense. I gather that the 'yoga' was just there as a nudge to the joining of the Chinese-Indian cultures and stars.

Jackie Chan plays mostly the same roles in movies like these, and he's OK for the most part. He has earnest expressions, but I feel pretty neutral when it comes to him. I neither like or dislike him, and he is still able to perform stunts pretty well. Other cast members did their parts well enough, and the story was easy to follow along with. However, Patani, Dastur, and Muqi all look like participants in beauty pageants, a very specific type of female casting going on in this film. Zhang as well is a member of K-pop group EXO-M, which is the Chinese sub-group of EXO, and Rahman (Almost Malaysian represent!) and Sood, also all look like they can be in various modelling competitions. Not unpleasing to the eye, but the lack of diversity (in regards to looks) make this movie seem quite fake.

In addition to that, I am unsure if this happens to all Chinese made films, however, there always seems to be trouble with audio syncing. Not only do voice speeches sound unnatural (too smooth), the rhythm and timing of the speech in accordance with the mouth motion is out of sync. This happens throughout the whole movie, and is very disconcerting to watch. You can tell that the audio itself is not taken at the same time as the video filming.

As well, while the story itself isn't very engaging, it can be forgiven given the genre of the movie. However, the script is quite poorly written as there are many instances of abrupt changes in topic. What's more, a lot of the time there is no flow in the way the conversation progresses. A person would say one thing, and then the other person would respond by saying something that doesn't seem to relate to what the first person actually said. But after awhile, the conversation kind of circles back, which is quite an odd way to hold conversations.

One thing that I enjoyed in the film, was the landscapes. Some are obviously green screens - or maybe they all were, but they give off the intended effect. There was no problem with diversity in landscapes. Cinematography wasn't bad either. And there were some successful comedic scenes, mainly to do with a lion.

Overall, a plain story with unsettling audio, but great scenery.
dumb but quite fun
This is a fairly dumb action movie, but it is entertaining, with a betrayal or two, and there is fighting, danger and several women being pretty. So . . . OK!

Jackie Chan plays a professor of archaeology who also happens to be good at his kung fu, with a friendly acquaintance who is a treasure hunter. There is a woman who claims to have a treasure map, and there is a bad guy who wants to steal and own everything, based on the idea that the gold treasure they are about to find belonged to an ancestor of his.

It turns out that the woman with the treasure map is not who she first appears to be . . . and one of Jackie Chan's character's friends turns into a betrayer for a while and then is helpful again. There is fighting and fun.
you typical jackie chan action comedy
So i pretty sure Kung-Fu Yoga is the sequels to the highly anticipated jackie chan movie The Myth in 2005 that also directed by Stanley Tong featuring Jackie as an awkward and funny Chinese archaeologist but also very good at kung-fu.This time the journey takes place in India with a missing crystal that lead Jackie and his gang to discover a history mystery between the china and India.If you a hardcore fan of Jackie you will sure enjoy this movie because it has some very beautiful cinematography,a fun energetic cast members that delivery good slapstick comedy,many well choreographed martial arts fight scene and cool stunt sequences delivery by Jackie as always but but the thing that ruin the whole movie for me is the overuse of animal GCI attack scene,some very bright and colorful scene that make my head dizzy and a ridiculous final arc when during the final showdown between Jackie and the main villain it suddenly turn into a genetic Bollywood musical scene that make me very angry
We might be closer to finding the answer to the question, Which is the worst movie ever made?
Jackie Chan movies while never really good are always fun to watch. The comedy elements in the fight scenes always make them fun to watch. I recently saw a Jackie Chan movie titled, Railroad Tigers which was actually quite good.

With Kung Fu Yoga, Jackie Chan has undone all the good work that he has done in the many decades that he has been active. To say that it is a bad movie would be to insult all the bad movies that have been made.

Kung Fu Yoga is a monstrosity of epic proportions. Its like the director has a rich father and one morning he woke up and decided to blow up a few million of his fathers money. I doubt he is held a camera in his hands before. I am certain that when he started shooting he must have shot a few scenes with the lens cap on till someone told him that its supposed to be taken off. I bet Ram Gopal Varma is a better director than this clown who made Kung Fu Yoga.

Disha Patani & Amyra Dastur look beautiful but by God they cannot act. It is a sad testimony to your acting prowess if even Jackie Chan is a better actor than you. Its like that scene from Oprah....you get a car! you get a car!. Its like there is someone in India going around finding good looking women and telling them, you are an actor! you are an actor!You all are actors! I don't know if this classifies as a Hollywood movie but if it was, Disha Patani would be walking away with the Razzies for worst female actor. She might even get a lifetime Razzie. If she gives up right now she still has time to learn a new trade like carpentry or lathe work. By God she is terrible at acting.

All in all an hour & forty minutes of mind numbing movie making. If you liked the movie then you need to get yourself medically evaluated by a professional. You cannot be normal and like this movie.

Might just be the worst movie ever made.
several issues
In 647AD India, leader of the elephant legion Arunasva revolts against his ruler Magadha. Magadha sends General Bhima with treasure tributes to guide Wang Xuance back to the Tang Dynasty to request for military assistance. Bhima and his men are lost with the treasure. Wang makes it back to China and returns to India to rout Arunasva. Professor Ashmita is from present day India. She arrives in Xi'an to recruit Chinese archaeology professor Jack Chan (Jackie Chan) to find Bhima and the lost treasure. The group finds the lost army in an ice cave only to be attacked by Randall leading mercenaries. He's trying to clear the name of his rebel ancestor and steal the treasure.

This movie is problematic for several reasons. The action is OK but the movie struggles whenever the action stops. The movie starts with a big CGI battle. It looks too video-gamey. The inferior CGI is excusable but it's not a good start. It's also a lot of exposition to unpack. It doesn't need to be when the audience is willing to follow a lost army without learning the Sino-Indian history.

There are some beautiful people but there are also some limitations on the acting. It doesn't help that the writing gets stale at times. I love Jackie Chan but he should be more Indiana Jones. Starting as a professor with all the tech gadgets make him less appealing. Instead of an action hero, he starts too much as a bookish techie. Then there is the treasure hunt. It goes from one place to another on flimsy excuses. There's no reason why Magadha would send a key to the underground treasure to China. The movie ends in a Bollywood dance off. I understand the attempt but it sucks out any remaining tension. This has the potential of an action adventure but it suffers from ongoing stumbles.
Jackie Chan does Bollywood
I looked forward to watching this film as it was partially filmed locally in Dubai but sorry Jackie this film was a mega-cheesy disaster.

The characters are 1 dimensional and acting is dreadful its more like a live action cartoon than a grown-up feature film. The villain is ridiculous and the obligatory song and dance scene was the final straw.

Please don't wast your time doing another Chindian movie
A movie with not a single redeeming feature
This film is quite possibly one of the worst ever created. The story is non-sensical and often seems written last-minute to fit around whatever nonsense or unnecessary stunt the producer and 'star' Jackie Chan wanted to include at that moment. Some reviews seem to praise the cinematography, however I saw no discernible skill either behind or in front of the camera. The acting is dreadful, even below amateur level for the most part, and the editing is just as atrocious, hindered even further by cheap gags and untidy special effects and cgi that often sticks out like a sore thumb even in this catastrophic attempt. The film may see various exotic locations over the course of its painful 107 minute run-time, however even that potential positive only serves to make the actual film and everything else about it seem even worse in comparison. One particular scene involving a car chase sums up this film; overly long, choppily edited, terribly acted (Chan's constant indistinctive wailing especially) and awful special effects (numerous virtually cartoon-level animation cars flip unnecessarily, as well as an unexplained and unneeded clearly and poorly animated lion). Save yourself the time and don't watch.
No story and bad acting
Terrible movie. I wouldn't even recommend it for kids. The actors are terrible, the story doesn't add up, the characters are bad cartoons... so many bad things. I don't say this often, but seeing this movie was definitely a waste of time. The only good thing are the "fights", which are entertaining, though unrealistic.
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