Logan Lucky
Crime, Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Steven Soderbergh
Katie Holmes as Bobbie Jo Chapman
Sutton Johnston as Levi Chapman
Boden Johnston as Dylan Chapman
Farrah Mackenzie as Sadie Logan
Eric Perez as Construction Worker
Adam Driver as Clyde Logan
Riley Keough as Mellie Logan
Tom Archdeacon as Max's Non-Tourage #2
Jim O'Heir as Cal
Rebecca Koon as Purple Lady
David Denman as Moody Chapman
Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan
Seth MacFarlane as Max Chilblain
Storyline: Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.
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Hillbilly heist feels a little long in the tooth
Steven Soderbergh is no stranger to a crime caper having made the Ocean's trilogy, a series of films so slick they'll have you thinking it's the easiest thing ever to steal from a Las Vegas casino. With the tagline 'See how the other half steals', Logan Lucky feels like a companion piece to Soderbergh's earlier works, though replace the slickness with slackness.

The Logan brothers, Jimmy (Channing Tatum) and Clyde (Adam Driver), hatch a plan to pull of a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina. Needing to recruit help for the job, the brothers turn to notorious safecracker Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) in their bid to steal a fortune.

Soderbergh's Logan Lucky really did have a lot going for it; an interesting setup, some far from average characters and a pretty impressive ensemble cast being the key features that had me anticipating the film greatly. These were the things I ultimately ending up liking the most about Logan Lucky however, the sluggish pace feels as if it stops the film from being great.

This is a quirky story about oddballs pulling off a daring heist but it's almost as if the film doesn't understand this, dragging out its narrative to the point where it all feels far too long. The characters are interesting and their exchanges are mostly entertaining but this film should have moved along much quicker than it did, the final twenty minutes almost reaching a state of stagnation.

The father/daughter relationship that drives the narrative is one of the highlights of the film, culminating in a rather touching moment involving a beauty pageant and John Denver. It's a moment that surprised me, something I can't say about the moments of humour in the film, having had literally all of them shown in trailers for the film. It's a trend that just simply has to stop.

Coming to the performances, Logan Lucky features an ensemble cast of varying experience but similar quality, from Riley Keough's white-trash Mellie Logan through to Daniel Craig's Joe Bang, characters from other ends of the scale but both performed well. In fact, this is Craig as you've never seen him before and he shows why he's so highly rated as an actor here.

Logan Lucky is another Steven Soderbergh film performed with plenty of capability and kept entertaining enough through the characters and narrative, even if it runs the risk of outstaying its welcome. I'd happily watch Channing Tatum and Adam Driver star alongside each other again, so I suppose that's not a bad thing to come out of this film.
A calm summer breeze
The marketing would make you think that this a funny heist caper kind of movie like "Ocean's Eleven" but more of a southern version of it. Just know that there's no laugh out loud moments at all. I'd describe the humorous vibe as amusing and laid back. It's the story of the Logan's who team up with the Bang's to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a race. The story is classic with a neat concept. The characters are all unique and feel like living every day folks. That's perfectly alright and I also feel like the film emphasizes that by letting the shots breath a lot. Many scenes play out in long takes with few cuts, and that makes it look like you are watching real life on screen with characters who don't seem to be in a hurry. But given that the movie is so laid back it made it difficult for things to get moving until about half way through. It struggles a bit tonally by the mid portion. It does get better, but you can't deny that it's slow at times. I don't mind an easier pace that takes its time. That being said I unfortunately felt the run-time ticking in this one. Once the plan of the heist starts getting into motion the story picks up.

Some odd camera shakes were noticeable on some instances. It seems like they maybe had an unsteady dolly or rail. I can't decide if that added to the charm or if it distracted me from the movie. Otherwise there are no issues technically and it looks neat with all the wide shots. I just had that problem of not really understanding what type of movie it wanted to be. Did it want to be more of a nice drama or more like crime thriller? It's shifty with it never being one of both. It's sort of its own genre. I find it difficult to recommend it and yet I don't really mind it. My thoughts are basically somewhat mixed. I enjoyed the character interactions and the score, but if only the pace had been better. I'll say this though; there is a part of the movie just nearing the final act where I felt strong sympathy for the people behind the heist. One shot in particular just really got me out of nowhere. I had nothing against the characters, but an emotional connection for us to care more about them was missing. Until that part that happen that is. So it got me by surprise. My final thoughts are that the end result is just about OK. Underwhelming at times, but I saw nothing flat out bad. The best thing I can say about the film is that it plays out like a pleasant summer breeze on a slow day.
The film has some big laugh lines and a lot of cleverness, but it is implausible to a fault.
Logan Lucky: Sometimes You're too Clever Logan Lucky (LL) is too clever for it's own good. The film has some big laugh lines and a lot of cleverness, but it is implausible to a fault. Sure, it's a work of fiction, but it has to pass the the credulity test. LL fails several times. The film involves a heist, a divorce, a prison break out and break in, car swapping, money swapping, wife swapping. Well, not the last one.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is a laid off worker looking for a score. Jimmy Logan's ex-wife played by Katie Holmes is poorly written and poorly acted. Holmes, in fact, is the worst part of the film.

The characters in the film are stereotypes. Jimmy's brother, Clyde Logan played by Adam Driver, has a missing arm from fighting in Iraq. So the film makes a series of arm jokes that are funny at first and eventually play like bad schtick. Give it a rest. We get it!

Daniel Craig is hilarious as Joe Bang, a munitions expert. However, his idiot brothers were so over the top as "stupid mountain people" that it balances out the hilarity of Craig's performance. Seth MacFarlane made a funny appearance, and I didn't even know it was him. That's a good thing, frankly. Talk about tired schtick.

While character stereotypes can be funny, they can also be cliché. The cops in this movie were too stupid to believe and not funny. If you are going to make a believable heist movie, making the police impossibly stupid isn't the way to go. At least the FBI had some balls, so to speak.

One of the funniest bits in the film involves prisoners rioters who can't have their demands met because certain books have not yet been published. It's a great homage, and that's all I am going to say about it. I am sure a clip of that seen will appear online in a a few months.

The film is both irritatingly illogical and surprisingly clever. Another run through on the script would have helped, but then again, it wasn't trying to be Game of Thrones or something. If it was, someone would have had to die. Or did they?

Rating: Rent it, if only for Craig's performance. See "Hell or High Water" or "Heist" for a better written and more entertaining heist experience. .

Peace, Tex Shelters
Another Cookie Cutter Heist Film
Once again I'm not really all that sure why I saw this because even though it is a heist movie, it pretty much follows the cookie cutter script that seems to be the standard for heist movies. In fact I saw another heist movie earlier this year that was almost identical except that the main characters were pensioners who had been diddled out of their retirement as opposed to a bunch of hicks whose injuries have resulted them being left on the scrap heap, and when I say almost identical I actually mean literally scene for scene.

Okay, I was going to say word for word, but that doesn't really work considering the previous film was set in a major city (New York I think) where as this is set in Charlotteville, North Carolina. Okay, they also have a prison break, and they robbed a speedway as opposed to a bank, but the way the film progressed, especially with the police investigating it and then coming up empty, and the protagonists (anti-heroes if you will), getting away with it. Mind you, it was pretty clever what they did, and how they covered their tracks, but the funny thing is that these guys didn't actually come across all that smart. Also, there were some pretty cool laugh-out-loud moments, at least for me.

One of the things that did stand out was the setting – Charlotteville, and it was rather ironic that the whole protests occurred the week or so before I saw this film because it really gave me an idea of what the culture is like down there – very working class. In a way it created a picture of a region of the United States that had been ravaged by globalisation, and a world where if you are injured then nobody wants to touch you, or hire you. In fact our hero was basically told that he could no longer work because he had a pre-existing injury, which was the catalyst for the whole heist.

While I would suggest that it was a fun movie, the reality is that there wasn't really all that much different here than the film that I saw earlier in the year (Going in Style). Sure, the setting was slightly different, and the way they went about committing the heist was different, but in the end it seems like it simply came out of a cloning factory and really had little to no substance, or thought, to actually making it an individual film (except for a couple of really cool jokes that is).
Ocean's with ......
A heist movie with NASCAR, pageants, and pool of pig's feet: sound like a good idea? This is not a rhetorical question. Theoretically I could provide insight, but truthfully, after the analysis I am just going to deliver a verdict that is basically my number out of 10 answer to this question. Yes, there is going to be the rest of the review, but if you're deciding on whether to see Logan Lucky backtrack to sentence one. Your answer is more important than anything I have to offer.

Logan Lucky is an Ocean's with rednecks. Normally critics use comparisons of this format out of laziness. Movie is other movie, but with other stuff. Ingenious. I only stoop to this since Logan Lucky bludgeons you over the head with the blunt end of this premise and to ignore this fact is to be negligent. Steven Soderberg might have had déjà vu when he first read the script. An ensemble cast, long set up, the job, failure?, and, with the benefit of a flashback revealing new perspective, the sting. Ocean's and Logan Lucky are not similar because they are both heist films with the same director, it's because they have the same structure. The West Virginia vibe, a façade.

Jimmy Logan (Tatum) is latest recipient of the Logan curse. Although content to live simply (without cellphones), his life is threatened when ex-wife (Holmes) wants to move taking their daughter with her. Jimmy is unemployed and desperate. Auspiciously, Jimmy's recent construction job has allowed him intimate knowledge of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, including the subterranean network of pipes transporting cash. Jimmy enlists the help of his younger brother Clyde (Driver), convincing him to get incarcerated so Clyde can conspire with locked up explosives expert Joe Bang (Craig). Together with sister Mellie (Keough) and Joe's bumpkin brothers, the team hopes to break the pair out of prison, pull of the heist of the century, and return the pair to the prison unnoticed. It is a solid plan, but unexpected advances in construction prompts immediate action. The team is forced to give up or tackle the mark during a Memorial Weekend race, the grandest event of the year.

So the bluegrass rift is clearly a creation from someone who has only interacted with Boone Country through TV. Our protagonist is a down on his luck ex-football player with a bum leg, recently divorced, has a daughter in beauty pageants, a veteran brother, daisy duke wearing sister, and his favorite song is, of course, Country friggin Road. Clearly an exploration of the Appalachian experience this is not. Silliness abound, still Logan Lucky is a charmer. I say this knowing that there are those who will never fall for country charm.

Now let us look at the salespeople. With the possible exception Adam Driver, every actor here is clearly playing a part, but loving every minute. Authenticity is out the window, but the magnetism is everywhere. Hillary Swank shows up in the third act as an FBI agent, the closest thing we get to an antagonists, and even her exaggeratedly stern character is likable. Charming potato Channing Tatum has performed variations of this shtick successfully his whole career. Even country pioneer Dwight Yoakam gets in on the act as a warden maybe possibly perchance inspired by Cool Hand Luke. But Daniel Craig is king. He plays the anti-Bond. Totally unrefined and downright bubbly, he is clearly having more fun than any other cast member, maybe even most audiences. The scene in which this convict hick pauses the robbery to explain the chemistry of his explosions is the best of the movie.

I initially referred to the players as salespeople because such slickness aimed at amiability might be occasionally disconcerting, but possibly the only option for the material. The essence of Logan Luck is hockey beyond belief, but never is this pile of clichés painful. If there is anything more to enjoying Logan Lucky then the premise, its understanding the premise is a total fabrication. There is a line describing the events as "Ocean's 7-11." These characters might eat at 7-11, but to suggest this is more real than Ocean sophisticated team is ridiculous. This is a totally contrived fantasy world from people who watched too much Beverly Hillbillies. And I love it.
Losing streak? Commit a serious crime to change your luck.
A disappointingly mild crime-comic caper yarn which didn't sound all that intriguing to me when I first read about it.

My only interest was in who directed it: Soderbergh, whose stunning debut "sex, lies and videotape" enthralled me in the late-80s and continues to, today. "Logan" has a plot that sounds more up the alley of someone noted for directing rom-coms, and wanted to "mix things up" a bit. Surely Soderbergh would elevate this material, right?

Sorry, Steven; you've done better and far more intelligent fare than this blah farce, rife w/ dingbat stereotypes. Devoid of much emotion, "Logan" has little to recommend it despite a willing cast.

Suffice to say, the plot centers around two brothers, the younger of which masterminds a crime involving a former job-site at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. THAT is as far as things go, interesting-wise. It will take you about two seconds to solve how the crime will be perpetrated.

As help, an inmate w/ the unlikely and silly name of Joe Bang is enlisted, who in turns enlists his brothers (I think; characters are given almost no back-story or explanation in this.) Bang sports a blonde crew-cut and the information he imparts could have been passed along via a napkin drawing. Yet the brothers agree to a plan where (1) one brother sends himself into prison (2) Bang and Brother Elder are smuggled out during a "riot" diversion and (3) Both enter back in before anyone's the wiser, following the heist.

The problem I have w/ this unsalted dud is the lack of build-up to anything that happens. Everything comes off w/ almost no hitches; the few "uh-oh" moments are defused by stupid track employees or convenient plot-devices. The audience is expected to believe CMS has no cameras, scant Security (despite CMS having its own Police force, we're told) and that Charlotte is just over the state line from West Virginia, among other ridiculous machinations going on.

I give this 4 stars out of 10 for some attention to detail; when the heist is over, we see via time-jumps the lengths the crew went through to pull off their crime and cover their tracks afterward (a trick Soderbergh showed us in "Ocean's 12.") Dwight Yoakam and the young actress playing "Jimmy Logan's" daughter were a delight.

But everyone else...meh at best, and miscast badly at worst. Much like Soderbergh's "The Informant," his newest feature is really bland, underwhelming, undernourished; I've a sharp sense of humor, and this one's barely worth a couple of chuckles.

There's little in the way of action, or grit, or wit to keep your mind off the fact "Logan" drags on and on...and on, past it's deliver-by date.

There is a charming scene ripped right from "Little Miss Sunshine," which doesn't hold water: a little girl singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" in West Virginia will have PLENTY of company at a pageant.

Nope. Not getting those suspiciously great reviews. "Logan" doesn't make me feel lucky at all. More like someone whose best game at Bingo night netted him three numbers in a row, counting the free space.
Third best to date of 2017
This film sneaks up on you, starts out with just enough character development for you to buy in, adds a little red-neck humour and charm, and then, "BANG", it turns into a cool and intelligent heist movie. Subtly done, Mr. Soderbergh! The best film of its' genre since Inside Man. P.S. 1. Wind River. 2. Baby Driver
The Logan curse (sorta) continues from family to film.
As sad as it is, this movie is pretty decent but its few flaws make this movie lose a lot of value in the long run. Although I thought this film had some merit to it, it's honestly one of those films that's worth watching when it comes around to basic television. Although Logan Lucky has a decent story and good acting, it pacing struggles to provided a memorable ending like that of Ocean's Eleven and other movies alike. With all that in mind I decided to give Logan Lucky an "Alright" on theVade Review Bar or a 5 out of 10. The Logan curse continues from family to film, as the unlucky issues of pacing, drawn out endings, and spoiled comedic content make this a film that will have you wishing you could steal back your money and time.

Read more at theVade.
Never gets out of second gear
On the surface, Logan Lucky has a heck of a lot going for it. It's got a zillion-dollar cast. Everyone loves a good "lovable outcasts pull off the heist" tale. It tries to tap into the Appalachian quirkiness that made "Justified" such an institution. It's almost worth eight bucks just to see if Daniel Craig can act all "muricann." And yes, Channing Tatum is actually pretty convincing as a hard-workin' country boy down on his luck. And there's plenty of John Denver references!

But in the end, the movie goes nowhere, and in this summer of wretched movies, we're left with another stinker. Almost nothing is funny, and nothing is interesting. The movie goes way too long as they spend the last half-hour "unraveling the mystery" while Hilary Swank glowers incessantly. And their attempts to capture some of that Boyd Crowder-esque, crazy hillbilly lifestyle just fall flat every time.

What's even more remarkable, is once again, the IMDb user review/metacritic machine has awarded a ridiculously high rating to a very mediocre movie. I am getting tired of it, and am increasingly wondering why I'm wasting my money in the theater when I can be home streaming Game of Thrones, or a zillion better movies than this one.

4/10: Slow, confusing, unfunny, weak.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Logan Lucky
Remember when a great actress gave a bad performance? I do. It was in 2013's Elysium with Jodie Foster projecting acting 101 as a humanoid, secretary of defense. In Logan Lucky (my latest review), Hilary Swank does the same thing. The multiple Oscar winner delivers her lines in a robotic manner playing Special Agent Sarah Grayson. Now was her screen time in "Lucky's" last twenty minutes completely necessary? I'm thinking no.

Anyway, Logan Lucky's story involves two brothers (played by Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan and Adam Driver as Clyde Logan) attempting to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Tatum's character has a limp in his leg and Driver's character has one arm. They are almost broke, they are down on their luck, and they really need the money. Tatum and Driver on a quest to secure many garbage bags full of dough, are surrounding by a host of troupers. You have an unrecognizable Daniel Craig (safecracker), an unrecognizable Seth McFarlane (British businessman), an underdeveloped Katherine Waterson (love interest), and a goofy Dwight Yoakam (prison Warden). Everyone sort of fades in and out of "Lucky" making it the equivalent of a holed, cinematic blueprint.

Steven Soderbergh is the director of Logan Lucky and well, he can still do pretty much anything. His Out of Sight is different than his Solaris. His Traffic is dissimilar from his Full Frontal. Finally, his Erin Brockovich is much more disparate from his 1999 picture, The Limey.

On a different note, Steven is also a director who hasn't made a film in four and a half years. Supposedly, Side Effects was gonna be his swan song. Now in present day, he comes back with "Lucky" which for all things southern, is a drawled crime caper. Yeah it all feels too little, too late.

Punch-drunk on the success of his Ocean's Trilogy, Soderbergh shoots "Lucky" in the vein of his Magic Mike. You can spot similar degrees of sliding camera-work and relaxed story-boarding. He then projects Logan Lucky as an Ocean's Eleven for the hick nation. Jotting between the settings of North Carolina and West Virginia, "Lucky" is like a less complex and certainly less drawn-out version of "Eleven".

Logan Lucky's only hook mind you, is that it trades George Clooney and Brad Pitt for the middle class or should I say, the rural working class. You get to see (and hear) toilet seat horseshoes, John Denver tunes, dudes bobbing for pig's feet, and decorated cockroaches. At the same time, you leave "Lucky" wondering why it was even made or better yet, why Steven Soderbergh came out of retirement to make it. Heck, what was the point of it all really?

Now I'm not saying Logan Lucky is a bad film because while watching it, I realized that Soderbergh hasn't lost his touch. His direction is streamlined and assured. Added to that, his actors for the most part, deliver and he keeps the proceedings moving with a nifty, breezy soundtrack (courtesy of mainstay David Holmes). In the end though, it just feels like his "Lucky" is a design for a flick as opposed to an actual feature. I suppose that's why things are left open for a Logan Lucky sequel. Based on "Lucky's" mediocre, opening weekend at the box office ($8 million), I just don't think that's gonna happen. My rating: 2 and a half stars.
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