Long Shot
Documentary, Short
IMDB rating:
Jacob LaMendola
Larry David as Himself
Martin Pinner as Himself - Detective (archive footage)
Alma Oseguera as Herself - Juan's Girlfriend
Eric Gagne as Himself (archive footage)
Robert Gajic as Himself
Tim Gibbons as Himself
Miguel Catalan as Himself - Juan's Cousin (archive footage)
Marcus Giles as Himself (archive footage)
Sam Fernandez as Himself - General Counsel, LA Dodgers
Melissa Catalan as Herself - Juan's Daughter (archive footage)
Leslie Dunn as Herself - Judge
Tasha Boggs as Herself - Nextel Employee
Todd Melnik as Himself
Juan Catalan as Himself
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HQ DVD-rip 720x400 px 342 Mb h264 1194 Kbps mp4 Download
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