Looking Glass
USA, Canada
IMDB rating:
Tim Hunter
Kassia Conway as Strawberry Blonde
Rebecca Beckham as Tommy's Girl #5
Barry Jay Minoff as Gas Station Owner
Jason K. Wixom as Gas Station Mechanic
Jacque Gray as Jessica 'Room 6'
Sila Agavale as Detective
Ernie Lively as Tommy
Robin Tunney as Maggie
Marc Blucas as Howard
Storyline: A psycho- sexual thriller following a couple that buys an old motel in the desert looking for a new beginning, but what seemed at first as an escape is soon a thrilling ride through a mysterious world when Ray discovers a two way mirror and witnesses a horrifying murder. In a twisted game of cat and mouse, Ray must race to save his wife and himself from a gruesome secret connected to the motel and the strange people who visit there.
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