Miss Sloane
USA, France
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
John Madden
John Lithgow as Congressman Ron M. Sperling
Jake Lacy as Forde
Kyle Mac as Moore
Meghann Fahy as Clara Thomson
Alexandra Castillo as Pru Walsh
Sam Waterston as George Dupont
Michael Stuhlbarg as Pat Connors
Ennis Esmer as Brian
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Esme Manucharian
Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloane
Sergio Di Zio as Little Sam
Dylan Baker as Moderator
Alison Pill as Jane Molloy
Mark Strong as Rodolfo Schmidt
Jack Murray as Buzzcut
Storyline: In the high-stakes world of political power-brokers, Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is the most sought after and formidable lobbyist in D.C. Known equally for her cunning and her track record of success, she has always done whatever is required to win. But when she takes on the most powerful opponent of her career, she finds that winning may come at too high a price.
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Mesmerising and gripping
I did not have high hopes for this film. Apart from seeing a less than enthusiast critic review, I'm not a big fan of political thrillers. So why did I watch it? Because I'm a die-hard Chastain fan. I will watch anything and everything she's in (except Zero Dark Thirty because #goreandtorture). I watched this film with little hope. But I ended up loving it.

The sets are gorgeous. The cinematography is excellent, and the costumes are brilliant. I seriously wish I had Sloane's wardrobe; those outfits are to die for, and they looked incredible on her. Chastain's colouring is so stunning, and everything she wears in the film - including her makeup - accentuates that. The dialogue crackles with wit, and is as smooth and sleek as every other aspect in the film. Sometimes it's too produced - just too sharp and unrealistic; but it is irresistible to listen to. And in a political thriller like this, I think smooth, witty dialogue should be a given anyway.

The whole movie is strong and passionate, but the start is extremely powerful. The action begins right away, the cinematography showcases the start of Sloane's day with a seductive anticipation, and Chastain's at the forefront of it all - sleek, sexy, and leading the cast and the plot. It's perfection.

The story is utterly gripping. Well structured, twists right until the end, and it determinedly balances heartbreak, suspense, tragedy, and female empowerment. It's thought provoking, and despite the premise is not so much about the gun-safety issue than it is about the danger of corruption and how far it can take and cost us. I'm not political, so I usually don't follow these sorts of plots in films or books, but this film had me glued to the screen. I really made an effort to focus on the political side and take as much in as I could. The only thing about the film I'm unsure about is the length. I think it's a bit too long.

The cast is terrific. Mark Strong is a reliable strength behind Chastain, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw gives a beautifully tender yet empowering performance. But without a doubt, this film is Chastain's.

She's sensational. Stunning, terrifying, and utterly alluring. She brings Sloane's brokenness right alongside the character's capability, and I was surprised to find myself rooting for the unlikeable heroine right until the end. Yes, Sloane's corrupted - eventually - and yes she's cold and ruthless, but you have to admire her determination, intelligence, and seething tenaciousness. For a women in what was - and perhaps still is - a largely male dominated field, Sloane's an inspiration and source of empowerment. I didn't always like her methods and I didn't like her character (although I frequently felt sorry for her) but I respected and admired her for her capability and foresight. She's a flawed, broken woman and she isn't the nicest person, but she's got gumption and she knows her stuff. But Sloane's brilliance is in no way an excuse for her faults, and although it does come close, the movie doesn't condones her rudeness, cruelty, and downright arrogant persona. Sloane's called out on those faults by the other characters - particularly Esme - and she gradually realises her mistakes and comes to regret things she's done and said. I think that's important to notice.

Sloane aside, characters like Esme and Jane are equally feministic and inspiring. A contrast to Sloane, they have somewhat quieter strengths, and I loved how those weren't overshadowed by Sloane's prowess.

Miss. Sloane is a stellar portrayal of a woman at the top of her game and refusing to fall. It's about the cost of corruption, and is an excellent film in every aspect. Visually it's sublime, and the writing is top-notch. It's gripping, empowering, heartbreaking and something I will certainly watch again.
worthwhile watch, good learning for all adult Americans
simply brilliant.

I think production/direction, all commendable, perfect for the type of movie. Jessica Chastain killed it - amazing work - she carried the whole movie on her shoulders, and she be regarded highly for it.

As for her character - very nicely done. there are many people who put their career before anything, and I don't think we have many women shown that way - though there are women highly married to their work. there were examples like Devil Wears Prada and such, but this is another angle, and knowing how hard female staffers on the hill work - I think this is great to see. her hiring an escort, also a good choice and point to make. I am not saying any of this to promote feminism nor am I woman, this just purely independent of that whole debate.

people mentioning pro NRA reviews, who try to attack the movie. sorry - the movie is spot on, Washington is dirty and for sure, the NRA is. they can totally destroy people's careers and I have seen the dirty they pull first hand.
I think this movie is well worth the time watching it. It's got drama, a little mystery, and even a little psychological thriller going on. I would recommend this movie to people...and I would watch it again!

The plot is believable.

The acting is above average.

And, the overall continuity of the movie stayed on track.

Without giving anything away, there are surprises everywhere.
Confusing, head spinning movie
OMG, this movie left my head spinning.

Jessica Chastain plays Miss Sloane, a highly driven lobbyist who for some reason decides to take on the gun industry.

So many things happen without you being able to follow. I guess that was done deliberately to depict the schizophrenic life these people live, but I just got mentally exhausted trying to figure out who was what, good or bad, what were they doing, where were they, who were they talking with. It all just got too much. I think I mentally checked out half way through.

Chastain is terrific, but the story, jeez, just not my cup of tea. Plus you never get enough info to understand what is driving this person, which leave you exiting the movie disappointed.

If you want a head spinning flick, with some interesting twists, see this movie, but make sure you are wearing your seat belt.
So real and so honest
I didn't watch the movie to support gun control. I watched it because the leading character seemed interesting based on its trailer. It's a hell of a movie! Entertaining, of course; brutally honest, yes; and thought provoking. I was surprised to hear it bombed at the box office. I gave it 10 to correct those politically biased ratings and will purchase it from Amazon to show my support.
Absolutely brilliant! Excellent script
From time to time a movie is made that transcends the sugar loaded, steroid pumped, synthetic garbage that is being fed to the masses on a continuous basis purely in pursue of profit.

Due to the nature of the movie I believe that even the slightest review of the storyline will include spoilers so I'd rather state that this is a MUST see for those with the wit to enjoy it.
Underrated movie worth watching in these times...
The theme of gun control in America is apparent in this original movie from the Studio that brought us Luc Besson's recent movies such as the box office bomb Valerian here in the states. Starring a hot Jessica Chastain in her most recent role and Allison Pill as her rival, this movie is a little slow moving yet keeps the pace ahead.
Oscar for Miss Sloane
This is the best movie of its genre. The script is unbelievable smart and full of surprises. The acting is superb, from the main protagonist all the way to the minor role of the male escort service person. Jessica Chastain deserves an Oscar for her riveting performance. The director and writer deserve their Oscars as well. A film to be watched again and again for not only the story, but also for the direction and performance.
Not half as smart as it wants to be
"Miss Sloane" is a French/American English-language movie from 2016 that managed a solid deal of awards attention, including a Golden Globe nomination for lead actress Jessica Chastain. Other known actors in here are probably Waterston, Pill, Lithgow, Baranski, Stuhlbarg and Strong, but eventually the only one it is about is Chastain's character. It is a really long movie at comfortably more than 2 hours and the focus here is on lobbyism in the United States. We follow the battle between two groups and it is all about gun restrictions here. I am not American, so I guess I can give a fairly neutral observation here and honestly I was shocked by how simply and uninspired this film turned out to be. i am sure it is a feast for everybody who supports more gun restrictions, so most liberals/democrats will have a great time watching it. But it is so black-and-white really. The characters with the exception of Chastain's have absolutely no depth at all. We find out about pretty much nobody from the liberal camp except Raw's character, so the focus won't shift away from Chastain. And of course she knows everything, she predicts everything correctly, she is the shining figure for one party etc. It is fairly cringeworthy.

On the other side, the opponents, the villains, they are depicted as stubborn old men, stupid, antiquated in their beliefs and really incapable of anything creative. The exception is of course Stuhlbarg's character with his age and they say on some occasions that he is pretty effective in what he does, but when we saw his weak performance at the television debate (nice cameo by Dylan Baker though), it was clear that nobody from the writing staff wanted to make this an equal fight really. Oh yeah and then there is the ending. All predicted by Miss Sloane again too. What the other side would do, what story they would find, how corrupt they would be etc. It is pretty cringeworthy. The big showdown at the court room when she waits a bit until she says she still has something to say before she goes all in on Lithgow's character and of course she is the big winner again, even if she has to go to jail in exchange for her victory. But yeah, they show her leave jail in the very last scene, so they really wanted to make sure we get a happy ending somehow with her in freedom and the old filth in jail. Sigh.

This film may seem deep or relevant, but that's really only how the untrained eye perceives it. Neutral observers will be embarrassed by the simple structures, the ridiculous plot lines, the over-the-top unauthentic drama moments (the almost shooting of the Black woman) and then the truly cringeworthy ending. As if the "spectacular" revelation about Pill's character wasn't bad enough already, everything that happens afterward is really just the icing on the cake. It is a very rotten cake I would say. The overall outcome of this film was surprisingly bad to me. Only the easily entertained will see this as a good politics thriller. Oscar nominee John Madden (the director of Best picture winner "Shakespeare in Love") did not get me curious here at all about the rest of his body of work and I don't think I have seen a lot from him, if anything at all. But then again he probably isn't even the problem. The huge problem here may be writer Jonathan Perera and it very much shows during these 130 minutes that this is his very first writing credit. i wish they could have gotten somebody better here, then this movie really could have made a difference in my opinion. The cast includes some really talented guys and actors I like quite a lot. But it turned out a missed opportunity as this is so bad at time that I would almost call it liberal propaganda. Closer to one star out of five than to three stars out of five. Highly not recommended.
Excellent script and acting. Gripping and suspenseful film with engaging dialogue.
The plot is engaging with a few unexpected twists that will keep you surprised and interested. The dialogue is snappy and full of albeit scripted quips (big and smart words, I love them).

High intensity, outsmart everyone atmosphere of lobbying is well portrayed, the music score only deepens the experience.

Outstanding acting and cast add to the quality of the film.

Sure, gun toting rednecks did not like or rather appreciate the movie, it was not surprising at all.

Overall, if you are into the political thrillers, à la "House of Cards" this is a film for you.
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