Monster Trucks
USA, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Wedge
Daniel Bacon as Technician
Aliyah O'Brien as Jr. Scientist
Jordana Largy as Tenneson's Secretary
Jane Levy as Meredith
Faustino Di Bauda as Roughneck
Samara Weaving as Brianne
Candice Zhao as Female Exec
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All around great movie!
What an awesome movie! I loved it! Terrific cast! Great story concept! The creatures intelligence was amazing! Hopefully a part 2 is being considered! The best family movie since Free Willie! A little bit of everything, endangered species, monster trucks, romance, family and fun! This is a movie I recommend to all my family and friends of all ages and all genders!
A Friendly and Underrated Family Fun for the whole Family..
A young man working at a small town junkyard discovers and befriends a creature which feeds on oil being sought by a fracking company. Although Monster Trucks did received a better amount of reviews than anyone was expecting it to it still wasn't enough and personally after all those things that i have heard i had to see the film and judge it on my own and honestly i think that the movie did it's purpose and it was a hell lot of fun. What surprised me the most was how good the acting was and since it's a Nickelodeon film it really did surprised me a lot. Lucas Till, Jane Levy and Barry Pepper were pretty great and their performances did sold the movie for me, the characters were also very interesting and even tho Meredith (played by Levy) was kinda useless if you think about it she did save the day at the end. The movie also has some pretty good and decent cgi mostly with the monsters themselves who although scary at first they do get pretty sweet and funny as the film goes along. Overall Monster Trucks knows it's purpose and although it does get kinda over the top at times and it does have some mindless action sequences it's still a fun family film that kids will definitely enjoy and maybe just maybe even their parents as well.
A lot of money spend on a boy and his dog that transforms into a car.
This movie targets a very limited audience and according to me does it badly. I think this is for boys age 6 to 9 and it is strange that they spend a 125 million budget on this and dropped it in the worst month of the year.

It felt like in some ways like an old Disney feel good movie with some really odd choices in character development. A lot of the more famous actors are not convincing in their roles or just have to little to do to really add to the film. The 2 main characters played off and on dumb and that really annoyed me in the first part of the movie a specially the guy who came across like a jerk who everybody just seem to like for no reason other than he's the main character.

The creature or "monster" was to cute for it's own good and knowing it sucked up oil as "food" I found it strange it actually had sharp teeth. I guess this was an attempt to make it more look like a monster but I found it to be quite silly.

Also I felt the guy and the girl were to old for these roles and it would have been good for them if this movie got rated PG-13 and they took the high school bit out of it.

The best thing and scene is with the monster trucks and the action scene of them going down this mountain was the most fun but don't come close of saving this film and all the problems it has.

The writer for this also worked on Kong and I think he has a real problem with writing characters unless it are creatures or monsters that don't talk to much.

For half of it it was a nice feel good movie for young kids and sort of succeeded as that but it definitely bombed spending all that money on this premise.

Strangely enough this made me think of "passengers" where they also spend a lot of money on a weak story and not that exciting when it actually ends and again not nearly enough to spend 100+ million on.

Both films are also not bad but really too lame to leave an impact and appeal to a mass audience as a classic or a movie at least worthy of watching twice.

I don't recommend it or maybe some time when it's on T.V. and more as background.

On to the next review,thank you.
Communism anyone?
Just another in a long line of movies aimed at ramming anti-capitalism down the throats of America's youth. Once again, the "evil" company is out to destroy the world, your life, all animals, and any other thing that stands in their way of absolute world domination.Plus, almost everything else about this movie sucks.....acting, special effects, plot....garbage.
The future holds a tiny piece of the past
This movie was a trip to memory lane. It's a modern version of movies such as E.T., Bigfoot and any other eighties and nineties movies where a kid finds and protects an alien (or other kind of creature) from a government or any other association. So it's not anything new, story wise, but it brings a whole new take to the genre.

I really loved Creech and its childlike behavior and the chemistry between Creech and Tripp and Meredith.

The action scenes looked great! The scene where they are chased through the town and make their escape by jumping the train was great to look at.

It's not a movie with great depth but it doesn't require to be. I've seen movies with more depth that really sucked. This one is so underrated and deserves more credit!

Great job, Chris Wedge!
OK, but leftist Hollywood cant help themselves (SPOILER)
The movie was a very simple story line. Yes, kids might enjoy the movie. The following may be seen as a spoiler. Make a big look creature that has an appearance of being cute, kinda looks a lot like the monster in the CG animated movie 'How to train your dragon', only instead of flying, it rides underneath the hood of a truck, hence the term 'monster truck'. The parts of the movie that I despise is how Hollywood can not seem to make a movie where they have to interject their twisted hatred of something, or anything that that they seem to act on the surface that they hate. In this movie, it had to be the 'mean oil companies' that they just had to make the 'bad guys' who want to kill all the cute monsters to make a buck. Hollywood loves to make either conservatives in government the bad guys, or oil companies, or hunters, or gun owners,or any other group they choose to make look bad. It just gets under our skins when they can't even leave it out of a kids movie. They have no end to how low they won't stoop, or how far they won't go to show they have no shame. Next, they'll make a movie with little pink knitted hats and they'll be the superheroes.
Could do better
So I saw Monster Trucks... (reasons OK) and its actually quite a technically well made kids movie that steals shamelessly from other better kids movies. The casting is weird and at times its taking itself a bit too seriously, but what gets me is the unnecessary plot holes joining the stolen bits together. Plot holes that you see coming a mile down the road, easily avoided, but they just drive on in. I get that its "just a kids movie" but if they put a fraction of the effort they went to with the FX into the script... it would still be a kids movie I guess... just more of a How to Train You Dragon movie as apposed to a Transformers movie.
If you like Dodge commercials, this is the perfect movie for you
I would have given it 4 stars if they at least made the bad guys' trucks Ford's. Aside from this basically being an overly extended Dodge Ram commercial, the acting was so terrible, the plot so unbelievable, you would have to have the IQ of a turnip if over the age of 12 to think this was a quality movie. I can appreciate suspending your disbelief for a certain genre of movie, but only to a certain extent. For example, having a high school character portrayed by someone who looks to be in their mid twenties working in a junk yard in the middle of the night, operating heavy machinery up to a car crusher. Or having a drill site go boom without an investigation that would reveal 3 giant underground sea creatures came up.
A Lotta of 80's Fun in a 2017 Teen/Adventure Film
First, I read and heard all the insanity and hate for this film by movie reviewers and they are wrong. If they said this movie was bad, quit reading and watching their reviews.

This movie is in the same vein as the Goonies, ET, Super 8, and so buddy comedies where friends are all you can depend on when no one will listen to you. Essentially it's a good film, with fun teen characters who are searching simply to NOT be complete losers and the plot ensues.

It's a refreshing plot involving monsters in trucks and a very likable cast. It has the likable hero you pull for and an easy to follow plot. All the characters play there roles and this movie is well acted top to bottom.

9.5 out of 10. MUST WATCH if a Fan of films like the Goonies, ET, Super 8...
A fun movie for all ages
Why do some people criticize this movie so much? They find fault with holes in the plot, poor acting and a host of other reasons, forgetting one thing. This movie does exactly what it is meant to be. A fun movie for all ages.

If a movie entertains children and adults alike, it certainly succeeds as a family movie. Sure, I found the beginning a bit slow which may stop tiny tots watching, but once the monster truck gets to work the fun really begins, thrilling the whole family.

Not all movies are only for adults. Check the genre which will give an indication what to expect. I purposefully avoid comedies, which I find mostly silly, but a movie classified as a mixture of Action/Adventure/Animation/Comedy/Family/Fantasy/Sci-Fi has never failed me to enjoy.

I give this movie a solid 7/10.
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